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It's Not Softball - Jellie Shippers Smut Fic Challenge - basched
It's Not Softball - Jellie Shippers Smut Fic Challenge

Title: It's Not Softball
Prompt: Undercover.
Author: Me.  
Characters/Pairings: Morgan, Casey/Ellie, Chuck, Walker, Beckman, Big Mike, Jeff, Lester, Bunny.  
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the dudes who created them.    
Rating: 18. :) 
Genre:  Humour/Romance.
Summary: A certain undercover mission of Casey's could be in trouble of being revealed and not in a nice way.
A/N:  A big word up for goddessofbirth for beta-ing this for me and hi fiveages as well. This is not what I call my best work. I think if I didn't have a deadline I might have made it even more heated and worded things betterer. Anyhows, I might go back on it or I might even make this more than just a oneshot. I haven't decided as yet. But I hope you likes and that it will also make you laugh.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6377817/1/

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