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JC Carmicheal Chapters 29 & 30 - basched
JC Carmicheal Chapters 29 & 30

Title: JC Carmicheal
Chapters: 28 "The Spark" 29: "The Injured Marine
Characters:   Casey,Ellie, Chuck, Milligan (OC), Barker, Dawlish (OC) Devon 
Genre:  Humour/action/romance.
Rating:  PG.  
Summary:  Chuck makes a proposition to Janet. Devon finds out that Casey and Ellie are more than just neighbours.     
Author's Note:I don't feel that these are my best, but that's just me getting all picky. I can assure that more missiony chapters will be on the way afterwards...I just had to do another Jellie chapter. Not beta'd. 

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5997272/29/JC_Carmicheal


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