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A Jellie Christmas - Part Three - basched — LiveJournal
A Jellie Christmas - Part Three

itle: A Jellie Christmas -Part Three
Characters/Pairings: Ellie, Casey, Morgan, Greta
Genre:  Humour, romance 
Rating: Its fine. Mostly.  
Summary:It's Christmas Eve, Morgan is in a pickle and he needs the help of only one man. John Casey. He doesn't want to, but Ellie could come to his rescue! 

AN: Again tis beta-ed by kuryakingirl  Nothing else to report in this, basically any mistakes are mine. John Casey doesn't belong to me (though I do have some plans involving bribes...might work. Have to see.)  Anyhoos...hope you all like. 



Everything stopped. The shouting, the screaming, the arguing, the petty recriminations that reverberated back and forth, all of it, just simply stopped. Even the other customers in the Buy More halted in their browsing of the merchandise, as the most stunning woman strode up to Santa. Teens, geeks and bachelors began milling around the families, their eyes watching the most gorgeous "Mrs Santa" they had ever seen.

Morgan's mouth felt as if it could have been touching the floor. His first ever love, the woman he crushed for but now gazed on like a sister (okay not quite like a sister…) was wearing a short Mrs Claus outfit that showed those amazing toned—and lightly tanned-legs he had seen earlier. The shape of dress hugged and shimmied over the beautiful curves of her body and showed her bare luscious neck line. Morgan dropped his eyes just a little, to catch the tempting peak of the tops of her breasts but he instantly looked away. Ellie looked smoking hot, especially with the boots and the hat point that trailed and sat comfortably over her chest, but there was innocence, a hesitant nervousness in her stride and in her smile.


Morgan moved away from the horrible kid's mother and instead looked to John Casey and at the wide glassy eyed adoration and attraction that peeked out between the beard and hat. This was not the scary, hard-ass, or furious Marine Morgan knew. There was no lewdness or perverted pleasure upon his face, as there would have been on Jeff and Lester—where were they anyhow?-In fact, the expression was an amazing sight to behold. Casey looked as if he was in love. Nothing else mattered; nothing else could even exist to him except for Ellie as he was oblivious to everything. Not even to the girl, Jennifer, who was holding his hand.

"Santa be happy!" Jennifer tugged sharply on Casey's arm. He couldn't respond.


Ellie's voice was timid, shy and Morgan could see the pink blush darkening to red on her cheeks. She was shaking a little and her pupils were skittering back and forth from Casey and to where she knew everyone else was watching them.

Casey just mumbled something, it might have been an attempt to say hi back but it wasn't anything coherent.

"Could you use some assistance, Santa?" Ellie asked, crouching down and then addressing the little girl. Jessica nodded. "Did he get into a bit of a temper?"


Casey shifted in the chair, tensed, as if to protest or say that it wasn't his fault, but he clamped his mouth shut. Everyone around had clammed up, even the bratty kid and his mother, though neither of them were astounded by Ellie's presence, they looked extremely pissed off.

"Santa not been jolly." Jessica patted Casey's arm. "He is okay, you're here."

"He is?" Ellie looked up to the Colonel, who had a confused and scared expression like that of a deer in a car's headlights. Casey nodded, a sharp single jerk of his head followed by a curious childlike mumble of "yes". After some deep languid breaths Casey gained control over—some—of his fear and embarrassment. Though after realizing that he was actually happy she was here, he smiled, sincerely and genuinely back at her.

"I am." The smile broadened and Casey held out his hand to assist Ellie back to her feet.

Morgan was beyond fascinated, as the gruff Marine rose and touched a hand politely, delicately to Ellie's back and took hold of the other hand, directing her to the space next to Santa's armchair. He scowled when there was nothing for Ellie to sit upon. In a matter of seconds a chair was placed there by a quivering female Buy More employee, who then scarpered away quickly. Casey then lightly aided Ellie down in the chair in a pure gentlemanly fashion, and Ellie gracefully smiled back her thanks.

"You didn't have to do this." Casey said, softly muttering into her ear. Her eyes briefly closed at the wisp of his warm breath on her skin.

"Yes. I did." She shyly responded, her fingers stroking over his arm as it slipped from around her waist. "You needed some help…the children…"

Ellie and Casey were snapped out of their moment when Jessica took up his other hand, the uninjured one and began gnawing on a finger. Her drool slithered over his knuckles and tiny teeth nipped at his skin, causing Casey to growl. Jessica growled back, again.

"Sweetie…" Ellie looked briefly round and then reached out to take a small candy cane from the Christmas tree. "Why don't you have this? It will be tastier than Santa's hand."

The little girl looked over her shoulder at her mother and Morgan, before gently easing Casey's finger out of her mouth, taking the cane from Ellie's hand and stuffing that between her lips.

"Fank oo messa Fanta." With her mouthful of candy, the girl grinned—drooled some more—and then went scurrying back to her mother. The woman hugged her daughter and bobbed her head in thanks.

With the acceptance and satisfaction of this mother, others appeared more at ease with the situation and became eager, anticipating what this new store Santa could bring.

Morgan noticed that the children were also pleased with the change in "Santa" now that his "wife" was here. There was hope.

Morgan sighed and the pain in his head and chest, brought on by the stress, began to ease. Ellie had saved them, she had soothed the savage Casey and now as the children eagerly went to greet Santa and Mrs Claus to receive their presents and have their picture taken, the Buy More returned to normal.

Well almost.

"Just because you got some pretty young piece in a Mrs Santa outfit to distract the others, I'm not being fooled! That Santa insulted my son!"

Morgan turned and he was hit in the face with the big round breasts and the many gold chains which belonged to the horrible woman. Morgan closed his eyes, cleared his throat and stepped back, before looking back up at her.

"Ma'—ha!—Ma'am…" Morgan jumped in mid-sentence when the brat of boy glared at him evilly. He glared back and brought forth the confidence and attitude Casey and the CIA had helped develop within him. "I think I can say that I completely agree with Santa's comments about your son. Little children who behave like that don't deserve nice presents. Your son is spoilt, ungrateful, rude and frankly he treated Santa, myself and my staff very poorly. He's not going to be on the nice list and all he'll be getting is an itty bitty bit of coal, like it says in the song! Which is a shame, he's only like that because of you."

There was a snort of laughter behind Morgan, who turned and saw the approval that now glowed upon John Casey's face. He held his thumb up and so too did the laughing child on his knee. Morgan gave the signal back, but when he turned to face the woman, he was confronted with pure rage, and a kick in the shins.


"I am going to make a complaint to your superiors! I'm going to sue that cretin, you and your staff!"

"YEAH!" sneered the boy who had kicked him. Morgan sneakily stuck his tongue out at the boy before his mother could see. He straightened up and put on his best managerial pose.

"Well, that is your right, madam." Morgan felt the presence of someone standing behind him. He knew instantly who it was. "If you wish to make a complaint, by all means, do so. My colleague here would gladly take your details and document your grievances before letting my superiors know."

"If you would like to follow me, ma'am, I can hear your complaint."

The woman didn't know how to respond to the sweet smiling pleasantries of the elf woman with the Greta name tag. The woman could see Greta was eager and sincere about taking the complaint but behind that smile, behind the toner smeared cheeriness, there was something that sent a chill of fear up even Morgan's spine. The CIA woman was extremely deceptive, for the rude customer and her son lost all of their angry bravado.

"I will not be handed off to some subordinate."

"I am far from some subordinate, ma'am." Greta said, holding out her hand towards the front of the store. "I can see to it that the highest Buy More executives know how mistreated you and your son were."

Morgan observed the CIA agent take the woman away from the grotto, behind her back Greta was clicking a biro, slowly and the smile she shone back to Morgan over her shoulder made him tremble. He hoped that she wasn't going to do anything drastic with that pen…surely she wouldn't. Would she?

"She won't harm them." Morgan nearly jumped. Whilst Greta's approach was intended to have been detected, Alex's sudden appearance at his side caught him off guard. Her father had the same habit. She laughed at his surprise and gave him a hug. "You…you needn't worry, Morgan. My dad's not mad at you anymore, well not much. I think his day has improved, considerably."

She wasn't wrong. The children weren't crying, the adults themselves were pleased to see the happier Santa Claus as he gave out presents and smiled for the photographer. It wasn't perfect, there were tense moments when the Colonel's patience faltered again (one child jumping on his knee was in serious danger of igniting the old dislocation injury); however, he was calmed simply by a mere touch of a soft hand on his arm or leg.

It was fascinating to see a man such as John Casey to be behaving like this. Morgan thought they were both like smittened teenagers, so shy and tentative and thinking that their attraction wasn't as obvious as it was. Morgan witnessed the occasional brush of their hands and of their legs when they got too close, he saw the flash of excitement in Casey's eyes and the nervous but pleasured way Ellie bit her lip. This was way beyond huge.

"You're seeing this?" Morgan whispered to Alex as a small red haired girl hugged Casey and then Ellie before running off with her new present. Alex nodded.

"Isn't it great?"

Morgan had been bewildered and shocked to see such closeness between them back at Echo Park. Yes, he knew the two of them had always been courteous to each other and did enjoy one another's company, but Morgan had thought it just that. They were friends, neighbours. It was more than that and he decided that it was also…a very good thing.

Ellie had burst free from the shell of misery she had been keeping herself in ever since Devon left. She was smiling again, laughing again and her face had that wondrous life and colour to it instead of paleness. She was alive and being Ellie again. Everyone had missed her.

As for Casey himself, it was nice to see a mellower, more caring side to him. Morgan knew he wasn't a tin man without a heart, that deep beneath the mean exterior there was a part of him which was capable of compassion, warmth and love. Having Alex in his life had been a big change; he was a father and was a damned good one according to her, but with this closeness with Ellie, Casey was opening up. He wasn't so lonely any more.

"They make a lovely couple." Alex said proudly.


Alex raised an eyebrow in curiosity to such a meagre and lacklustre response. Her eyes narrowed as she scrutinized him.

"You're worried about something?"

Morgan nodded.

Chuck. Sometimes his best friend and bro didn't always see things he saw and vice versa. Casey getting romantical and close with his sister? Chuck got very emotional when Ellie was concerned and Morgan didn't blame him, however, the prospect of Chuck learning about this, did worry the bearded man.

"He'll be okay." Said Alex, reading clearly what was going through his mind. "When he sees how happy they are, he'll be pleased. I assure you."

If she said Chuck was going to be okay, then it was going to be so.

It had been tough, really tough. Having Ellie by his side, helping him through the ordeal was more than he could put into words. It was because of her that most of the children left smiling and full of joy and it was because of her that he was feeling so uplifted.

After the last family left and as the photographer was packing up his equipment and talking to Morgan about his payment, Casey stayed sitting on the chair gazing at Eleanor Bartowski in wonderment. She was beyond stunning in her costume, a sight of loveliness which evoked such turmoil within him that he couldn't move. His mind began to think back on when their friendship had changed so drastically, when she had broken through his steel barriers and allowed him to have these feelings he had denied—for any woman—for so long.

He couldn't pinpoint it. He only vaguely remembered being there for her after Devon left, bringing round some of his homemade pecan pies to cheer her up and the times they had conversed after family dinner whilst they did the dishes. Ellie had always been lovely, he thought her beautiful from the moment he met her, but he still couldn't remember when he allowed himself to show his feelings.

"That went well." Ellie folded up the empty sack that had once contained presents and looked back at him with a pleasured smile.

"It only did so, because of you." John looked about, scanning the store for any children, before taking off the damned beard that was starting to itch. "Thank you. Thank you so much."

"You're more than welcome, Mr. Casey… John." The sparkle in her grey eyes flashed and triggered the forgotten memory within him.

"They" had started on the day Casey had helped her back to her apartment with her shopping. When she took the bags of groceries from his arms, she had thanked him and smiled just as she was doing so now. They had lingered for a long time on her doorstep, staring into each other's eyes and when she tore hers away, looking down…licking her lips…it was then. That moment, that was when he had allowed himself to grin. "You're more than welcome, Miss Bartowski."

The two of them were staring again. Casey felt himself warm, his face burned and his blood was screaming in his veins as his heart began to pump faster and faster. The urge to take his hands, cup her face in his palms and kiss her was so strong, and if he interpreted her deep heavy breathing correctly, Ellie was equally flustered and aroused. He saw the tiny beads of moisture forming on her brow and across her neck and he couldn't help but smile at the inward curl of her lips as she tried to restrain herself.

"Do you have a party to prepare for?" he asked when Ellie forced herself to look away. She rose to her feet and began to hastily clear up the grotto in the Bartowski frantic cleaning manner.

"Yes. So much to do…" Ellie stammered over the words and looked in horror at her hands as they shook. She coiled them together in an attempt to get them to stop shaking, but it was useless and Casey acted upon instinct. He leaned forward—as far as the plump padding of his costume allowed—and grabbed her hand, pulling her back. Ellie let out a startled gasp which caught the attention of some of the lingering customers and she felt the air escape both of her lungs when her bottom fell down onto a warm and very comfortable lap.

From her lips came a startled squeak, like a mouse.

"Sorry to startle you," he said, his words growling sensually deep. Ellie shook her head, implying but not conveying that he hadn't. She shifted position a little and almost slipped off but Casey caught her by wrapping his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to the point where he could feel her breath upon his face, and taste her upon his lips even though they weren't touching.

"Will you…" her voice caught in her throat. "Do you want to come back…help me with the…?"

He replied with an affirmative rumble, the vocalizing was enough to make her eyes flutter close and her body tremble on top of him. She leaned forward, her weight ground more into his lap and the heat emanating from her, from both of them was becoming more than Casey could bare.

"What-?" He felt her breath whisper painfully in his ear and her arms lace around his neck. "What…what are we doing, John?"

They were doing something very private in the very public Buy More store. The Buy More store which was a CIA base and had cameras everywhere. They had to leave, before Casey ended up making a fool of himself, because right now, his hand was no longer supporting her around the waist. His hand trailed down the shapely bareness of her leg, his palm squeezing at her flesh but his fingertips were caressing her skin and causing excited goose bumps. It was when he moved the hand back up her leg, pushing beneath the hem of the dress. Feeling the softness of the white fringe and the shudder of her body that he abruptly shot to his feet.

Ellie shrieked and clung to him to prevent herself from falling on the floor and on her bottom. Casey eased her gently down, though his hands refused to let go of her when she was standing tall on her feet.

"I think we should get out of here, go someplace a little less…open." He murmured, closing his eyes as he knew how that had just sounded. At the touch of her had against his face, they opened and thankfully she didn't look offended. "I mean…if you want to…get out of here that is. Or I could leave…er…I could."

"I could too. We…we both could. Together?" Ellie bit her bottom lip. Casey was entranced by such a little thing she did-Ellie did this often when nervous—it riled him up. The desire to kiss her again in front of everyone was so strong that he had to resist leaning forward and biting that lip for her.

"We should." He groaned, remembering just what he was wearing. Holding her this close was making him like this? Casey dreaded to think how he would be reacting once the damned Santa costume and the fat padding was taken away. He let go of her, he heard the upset mew that involuntarily escaped her mouth when they parted and Casey couldn't help but smile.

It was another good ten minutes that Santa and Mrs. Claus stood in the middle of the grotto, oblivious to the staff taking it down around them, before Casey held out his arm to her. Ellie slipped both of her hands around the arm and she allowed him to lead her toward the exit of the store.

"Are we going to go out still wearing this?" Ellie stopped short of the sliding doors and looked at herself and then Casey. He was still wearing the Santa costume minus the beard. Casey cussed under his breath that he had forgotten even for a few seconds that was what he had on.

"I'll go and change." John nervously grinned and scratched the back of his neck as he shuffled on his feet. "Shall I meet you in the parking lot or…your place?"

"I've got to change as well." Ellie said, folding her arms across her chest and shyly looking up at him. She looked away quickly. "Yes! I have to change…"

"We both do."

"And I've got some more shopping to do!" Ellie began to babble and where he hated Chuck doing it, hearing Ellie do so was adorable. "Shopping! For the party tonight and the Christmas dinner tomorrow, I have a few things that are needed…fresh cream…marshmallows for Morgan and some more avocados for my guacamole."

"Guacamole?" Casey coughed and his eyes widened in delight. "You're…you're making your Guacamole?"

"Yes. Alex likes it…do…..do you?"

He could only nod, still wide eyed and now his mouth was beginning to water.

"I can make some more for you, if you'd like." Ellie heard the reply from Casey's stomach, which rumbled in longing and she laughed. "I take it that you do, as it was you who told Alex about it in the first place."

Ellie took up Casey's hand and squeezed it affectionately, before walking away. He watched her leave and was as enamoured when he first saw her in that gorgeous dress. What was he doing? Apart from standing in the Buy More, wearing a Santa Claus outfit and gawping at Ellie, Casey was getting himself into something very serious. Beckman wouldn't approve and god knew that Chuck wouldn't. Though right now, he didn't give a good god damn what either of them or anyone else thought about it, because he was going to spend more time in that gorgeous woman's company and there was going to be food. The world would stop turning for him, when Eleanor Faye and food were involved.

He couldn't wait until they got back home. The thought of cooking with her made his tummy rumble and now the large baggy red velvet trousers he was wearing felt just that little bit tighter.

Morgan received a big shock, but the surprise was replaced by a huge grin and the uncontrollable need to laugh. His hand clamped over his mouth as he approached the cage but it did little to stop the guffaws smattering and drooling over his palm. His eyes saw them and he wondered, marvelled at how they got there.

Their muffled protests, or rather his muffled protests sounded pitiful and pleading but Morgan already knew what had happened and why they were there. He stood in the middle of the cage watching them with great amusement. This was no doubt Greta's doing and it was a great way of punishing the two biggest Buy Morons.

For their uses of Mammary cam, as well as other unsavoury pursuits, Greta had somehow managed to staple, tie and secure Jeff and Lester to the metal walls of the cage with Red Christmas ribbon. While Jeff didn't seem too adverse to his current position, Lester was struggling and screaming through his gag to be released. It was just perfect.

But what was even more so, was the conveniently placed digital camera on one of the boxes. If there was a way to make Casey's day even better…Morgan couldn't resist.

to be concluded...


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sunshineali From: sunshineali Date: January 13th, 2011 05:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Cute. I loved that Morgan told the shrew and her son what idiots they were and that Casey approved! I also loved how awkward Ellie and Casey are, both being professionals who work in stressful situations now losing their shit over each other and not sure how to behave. Very cute. :)
basched From: basched Date: January 13th, 2011 12:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you! XD

The last chapter is up now. Hope you enjoy that! XD
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