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A Jellie Christmas - Part Four - basched — LiveJournal
A Jellie Christmas - Part Four

Title: A Jellie Christmas -Part Three
Characters/Pairings: Ellie, Casey, Morgan, Greta
Genre:  Humour, romance 
Rating: Its fine. Mostly.  
Summary:It's Christmas Eve, Morgan is in a pickle and he needs the help of only one man. John Casey. He doesn't want to, but Ellie could come to his rescue! 

A/N: Okay here is my last chapter of this story. Always word to Kuryakingirl for the beta stuff but suffice to say I'm still not entirely happy with this. Also, word to Night Lotus for the food stuff. I don't know, it might just be me aching to add more and more to the end scene and I may very well do so at some point. I don't know. But anyhows, do read and let me know what you think. Does it need more or is it fine as is?


Eleanor Bartowski's Christmas Eve party in Echo park was like all other parties before it, popular and lively and there was not one person there who felt left out or awkward. Ellie always made sure that everyone got something out of it. It her was responsibility as hostess. All the guests, Ellie's friends, Chuck's friends, the neighbours and even the folks from the Buy More had put a lot of effort into making their fancy dress-which had been mandatory for the evening—and Ellie loved it. She announced a competition for the best costume and naturally all wanted a part of it. The vast variety of coloured costumes ranged from the adorable to the outright bizarre and it gave the atmosphere a positive buzz.

Chuck knew that the party would be in progress when he returned. He and Sarah had stopped off at Castle to report to Beckman and they had even managed to release a very thankful Jeff and Lester from their restraints before getting their own costumes.

The party was in full swing when they walked beneath the archway, and every one—drunk or sober—greeted them with wishes of Happy Christmas and statements of "Where have you been?" Sarah relayed the cover story whilst Chuck grabbed some drinks. Some alcoholic refreshment was welcomed after everything they'd been through. He chipped off the top from a beer bottle and took a swig, gasping with pleasure as the refreshing beer slid down his throat. He chipped the other one off and handed the second bottle to Sarah. They clinked glasses and drank a sip together. Chuck barely had time to swallow when something small and bearded shot straight into his back.

"Dude! You made it back in one piece!" Morgan grabbed Chuck in a friendly hug from behind. He grabbed hold of Chuck tightly as large thick antlers-decorated with tinsel and lights-unbalanced Morgan. "Nice costume! Love the greenness of it! Suits you! I hadn't expected you to turn up in this, but cool homage to the Doc!"

"Thanks buddy." Chuck winced as one of the antlers poked him in the ribs. He turned round and saw a big red nose on top of Morgan's own. It was pulsing with a red flashing light and along with Morgan's big soppy grin; Chuck couldn't keep a straight face. "Those antlers might be a safety hazard though."

"What? These things?" Morgan looked up at the towering antlers and lost his balance again. He swerved and spun in a circle, forcing Chuck and Sarah to jump back to avoid being hit.

"I've been telling him they're unsafe and I've keeping a distance."

Chuck and Sarah thought Alex looked absolutely adorable in her pink fairy costume, with the gloves and the way her makeup was done, they saw she had probably been watching a certain Bill Murray film recently. Chuck hoped that Alex was simply adopting the look of this Christmas fairy ghost from Scrooged and not the temperament.

"Sarah, Chuck! You look great… Cindy Lou and Grinch…not many people would think of that! Doctor Seuss is always a classic!"

Agent Walker bobbed her head and thankfully the vertical stalk of blonde hair that rose above her head never faltered. Along with the hundreds of hairclips pinning it up, red ribbons decorated her golden blonde hair and the pink on her (night?) dress gave her an innocent and childlike appearance, which was very different to who she really was.

"So, are you going to steal Christmas, Chuck?" asked Morgan, staggering again under the weight of his costume. Chuck grinned and shook his head and hands.

"Me? Steal Christmas? Be mean? Nah I'm the reformed Grinch! I'm the good Grinch, the one with a heart several times too big? Besides-!" He wiggled his eyebrows and flapped his hands by his painted face. "Green suits me!"

"It took you a while to get prepared then," said Alex, as she looked in fascination at Sarah's hair. Sarah nodded.

"I had some help from my hairdresser." She whispered nodding in Chuck's direction. Chuck heard her and even underneath all the green face paint there was slight embarrassment brought on by the revelation of him helping Sarah do her hair. Seeing the two women smiling at this little joke, Chuck stood to attention, sticking out his chest and lifting up his head in a clear manly posture.

"So where is our hostess?" Sarah asked after Chuck was nearly knocked over by a large Christmas present. Skip, confined in the box costume, apologised and then spent a good long while trying to pick his drink up from a nearby table.

"She's…" Morgan didn't have to say anything when Ellie herself emerged from her apartment, wearing the same luscious Mrs. Claus outfit she had done at the Buy More. "She's right there."

Chuck smiled. Of course Ellie would choose this outfit because she looked great in it. This was her costume, she chose it every year despite saying she would choose differently. She had worn it at all of the previous Christmas parties, everyone knew that it was her alone who could wear it and so no woman dared to turn up in the same dress. It was her trademark and for Chuck it wouldn't have been Christmas if Ellie didn't put it on. He had been concerned that she wouldn't this year, but something had changed and seeing her come back into herself was enough.

The siblings spotted each other and Ellie came walking over, laughing with joy at what her brother had chosen for his costume. Ellie hugged him with all her might and he did the same back to her, kissing her cheek as they parted.

"I'm so pleased you could make it!" Ellie exclaimed, stepping back to adjust the slight crumples in her red dress. Once her Mrs Claus outfit was straightened and looking pristine as possible, she fully took in the fancy dress of her brother and his girlfriend. "You both look wonderful! Amazing!"

"You look amazing, sis." Chuck said.

"I feel it!"

Chuck could see. She was lively, vibrant and it was wonderful to see her as such. Ellie looked a little flushed, but that was probably due to the wine she was drinking. However, Chuck suspected that it was more than just a little bit of wine that was making her so ecstatic. He was thrilled that she had come out of her stupor and no longer sat in her home being miserable; Chuck finally had his sister back.

Music started up, thanks to the DJ who was dressed as Christmas pudding, and the majority of the guests at the party starting dancing around the fountain. Alex took Morgan to middle of the courtyard, she cleared a space for them both (mainly Morgan) and they commenced dancing. The others around them gave them a wide berth, or else risked being poked or even skewered.

"Well, enjoy yourselves! Celebrate! Food is inside and there's plenty to go round! John and I have been slaving away; experimenting on different foods…he's been an absolute sweetheart!"

"Sweetheart?" asked Sarah in disbelief and hiding the smirk behind her hand. She cleared her throat "Casey? Really, Ellie?"

"It's not a difficult thing to believe, Sarah." Ellie sipped at her wine as her fingertips began to stroke around and across her neck, playfully, suggestively. "He's been wonderful."

Chuck couldn't quite agree with his sister. Casey was honourable, brave and Chuck trusted him implicitly. Over the years both the men had changed, Chuck had hardened to become the spy he was now and Casey…well he had mellowed. He'd softened thanks to Alex, yet he was still essentially Casey in Chuck's eyes; the hard-ass, no nonsense, tough gun lovin' Marine.

What was Casey to his sister? They were simply neighbours to begin with, acquaintances, and then friends. Chuck was aware that Casey was more at ease around his sister, it was because of Casey's attitude of respect and chivalry and the fact that Ellie was able to bring out the best in people.

Her eyes weren't focused on Chuck or Sarah or even at the mass of people dressed in festive fancy. Ellie was staring back to the apartment with anticipation and eagerness, now clutching the wine glass to her chest, expecting something to happen. Was it to do with Casey? Chuck became a little apprehensive; for he hoped that his big sister wasn't going on the rebound to John Casey. Perhaps taking the wine away from her might be a good idea.

"I am fine!" she said when she saw the concerned expression on Chuck's face. She read her little brother like a book and knew instantly what he was thinking. "I'm not drunk, tipsy or intoxicated, Charles! Nor do I need to be! Christmas tomorrow is going to be just as glorious as today…well hopefully better after what John had to go through today."

The two agents were about to ask what had happened, even though they both suspected Morgan's earlier plans had somehow come into play, but when he spotted the very tall Santa Claus filling the doorway to Ellie's apartment, he choked.

"Santa Casey?" Chuck snorted as some of the bubbles from his beer shot up his nose.

The towering Santa walked over to them, other guests scampering out of his way but edging back cautiously when they saw what he was carrying. The delicious smell that followed him was hard to resist and they were curious as to whether they would get a taste. The low growl from beneath the beard made them back away again.

"You went ahead with Morgan's request?" asked Chuck, watching Ellie intently as she gazed adoringly at the marine. "Wow, I'm amazed, Casey. Good for you! I'm betting those kids were tough work huh?"

"Yeah. They were, and your sister was of great help, she kept me calm and…so I offer my thanks…and these."

Casey wrenched himself back and with his arm around Ellie's waist pulled her out of the way of some jerking antlers nearly sticking in their faces. Morgan was sniffing and salivating at the individual cups of sweet golden goodness.

"Crème brûlée? Oh heavens this is divine!"

"Back off, Grimes! The lady here gets first taste!" Casey still with his arm round Ellie's waist offered the tray towards her. "They're actually individual creme brûlée cheesecakes laced with caramel."

Ellie picked one up from the tray along with the spoon and cracked the edge of the spoon through the crisp surface. It sunk in and she pulled out a small sampling of the gooey dessert and closed her eyes before slipping it between her lips. The sound that emerged from Ellie incited a curious reaction from Casey. Chuck saw his eyes widen and the normally sturdy and unshakable man actually swayed as if his legs had grown weak.

"Wow!" Ellie gasped. "John…they're…wow! I have never had anything so delicious in my mouth before! This is amazing!"

"You came up with the recipe." He whispered back. "It's only right that you should get a first try."

"Everyone, you've got to try these!" Ellie gestured for the others to take an individual pot. Morgan snatched two and handed one of them and a spoon to Alex. Sarah took one and when Casey thrust the tray into Chuck's hands, he was bombarded by others as they tried to get the remainders. He could only gawp as Ellie scooped up some more of her pudding and hold the spoon out towards Casey.

Chuck's mouth opened and closed with astonishment and confusion when both of Casey's arms wrapped around Ellie, pulling her into his puffed out belly. She laughed, or rather giggled fiendishly as she directed the spoon into his mouth. Chuck had never seen Casey act like this so publicly, it was unlike him to display such affection in the open and especially towards his sister. He heard a purring and a delighted gratified moan come from beneath the beard, thus in turn evoking a lilting moan from Ellie.

"Oh." That was about the extent of Sarah's reaction to her partner's amorous display with the Intersect's sibling, that and the startled expression on her face.

"Morgan?" Chuck couldn't look away when Casey whispered something in Ellie's ear. Whatever it was that he had said, it made Ellie cling to him with a fierce excited hold. She nodded like an ecstatic child and before Sarah or Chuck could say anything further, Ellie quickly excused them from the group and they walked back into the apartment. Chuck felt an irritating and pulsing twitch in his eye and in the hand holding the tray, for Casey's own hand was now lingering on Ellie's bottom as they walked away. "Er Morgan? Buddy! Do you have something to tell me?"

"Oh! Yeah, Chuck!" Morgan tapped his spoon on the now empty tray in Chuck's shaking hands. "This crème brûlée is to die for!"

"That's not what I meant!" Chuck pushed the antlers away from his face.

"Oh…well all the mince pies are gone and so have the mini-quiches, but I do believe there's some Strawberry Pavlova left. Won't be for long, Greta has a sweet hankering for strawberries apparently."

"I think Chuck meant Casey and Ellie," Said Sarah, taking the tray from Chuck's hands and holding them steady with her own. "They were unusually…they were flirting, Morgan."

"Is something going on between my sister and the Colonel of Badass?" asked Chuck. "Because I'm a little wigged out by…by those noises and the touching they did…in front of all of us!"

"Ah! That." Morgan grinned and took several licks on his spoon. Alex then came to stand by his side and Chuck got the distinct impression they had been wanting to talk to him about this very subject. "Chuck, let me tell you something…don't be a Grinch."


"Chuck…don't try to ruin Christmas, pal. Not for Ellie…you know what she's gone through. Casey, he's a good guy. So believe me when I say you have nothing to fear or worry about."


"No butts, Chuck!" Morgan looked round, found two new bottles of beer and handed one to his friend. "Come …you and me we can talk about any concerns you might have. Sarah, you can join us…but you'll have to find your own beer. Sorry."

Alex allowed Morgan to take the two bewildered agents to a more secluded and quieter area of the courtyard so they could talk. Chuck looked anxious and she noticed how like Ellie he was as he began to have a mini Bartowski freak out.

Allowing Morgan and Sarah to settle him, Alex took to wandering around the courtyard, briefly engaging with the other guests, before stopping at the front door of Ellie's apartment. Taking a few steps inside she looked round the corner and saw Ellie and her father in the kitchen. Her dad had taken the beard off and was now cradling Ellie in his arms, her back resting against the padding, whilst at the same time feeding her some strawberries and gooey meringue pavlova.

If Chuck could see them now, if he could see how happy they both were, then everything would be all right.

Alex turned round and let the new couple have their moment. It was Christmas Eve and if anyone deserved to enjoy this night it was those two.

It was Christmas.

Ellie opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling, listening to the comforting silence all around her. The party had been a success and all who attended left praising her efforts, though the courtyard was a mess as it so often was after one of these gatherings. She had wanted to start tidying up then, but Alex and Morgan had said they would do it and that she should get some sleep.

She didn't get to sleep straight away, she couldn't. The family dinner had to be prepared and thankfully she had some help in doing so. He stayed and his assistance, his company, it was more than she could have asked for. The day had been beyond all of Ellie's expectations. When Casey called round after his morning run, it was comfortable and pleasant to talk to him, it felt right. She loved making breakfast and eating with him and while she still felt a little guilty for goading him into helping Morgan, the hours spent at the Buy More with the children was incredible.

Though it was nothing compared to now or to the few hours before she had fallen so blissfully asleep. Ellie turned her head and was greeted by a barely conscious smiling face. A hand lazily drifted up the side of her body and rested on her cheek, a thumb stroked her face before a warm forehead pressed against hers.

"Do you hate me now?" Casey's groggy and tired voice murmured against her lips.

Ellie closed her eyes and shuffled herself closer to his naked warmth.

"Why would I hate you?" she asked, trying not to smile as their legs entwined together.

"Because I'm here, because we…."

"I had asked you to stay." Ellie brushed a kiss against his lips and then picked his hand away from her face. She noted the bite marks little Jessica had left on his fingers and she gave that a kiss too. "I don't regret anything. Do you? You don't think we went a little too fast last night?"

Casey managed to shake his head and then it dropped into the crook of her neck. With his arms curled around her, he squeezed her body tenderly before proceeding to kiss along the length of her shoulder. Ellie trembled at the sensations he was giving her, she felt herself coursing with desire and so she squeezed back, urging him to do more.

"I have so many regrets in my life, Ellie." He groaned as he rolled her beneath him and gently wiped her hair from her face. He looked down in wonderment and awe and then planted a long passionate kiss on her lips that left her panting for breath. "You and what happened last night are not any of them."

This was the best Christmas she'd had in a long time.

The end.


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xenaclone From: xenaclone Date: January 13th, 2011 04:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
basched From: basched Date: January 14th, 2011 05:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
From: cedelede Date: January 13th, 2011 10:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I loved this! Chuck's eye twitching was HILARIOUS. Liked everyone's costume ideas as well. Casey's "Do you hate me now?" was kind of sad. Like he expects everyone to hate him. :(

But then the whole she was not one of his regrets thing? *happy sigh*
basched From: basched Date: January 14th, 2011 06:02 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thanks C! Glad you liked it. As for Casey saying that, its not that he's expecting everyone to hate him. I think he was expecting Ellie to regret what they've done and resent him for rushing things.

I was thinking of adding more, but I've been told it's okay! XD

Thrilled you liked it and thanks so much for leaving a comment.
sunshineali From: sunshineali Date: January 14th, 2011 12:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Very sweet! I liked it the way it is. I don't think you need to add anything else. But, I'm so hungry now after reading about all the treats. :)
basched From: basched Date: January 14th, 2011 06:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well Jellie does tend to make one hungry! XD The food is an important element to Casey and Ellie's relationship! XD

Glad you liked. Thank you.
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