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JC Carmicheal Chapters 31 & 32


Title: JC Carmicheal
Chapters: 31: "The Idiot"  32: "The Top Two."
Characters:   31: Walker, Barker, OC. 32: The Bringer, Ellie.   
Genre:  Humour/action/romance.
Rating:  PG.  
Summary:  Walker and Cole interview the man who beat up Casey.  The Bringer start his deadly game that doesn't just mean the death of the person he's hired to kill.    
Author's Note: I'm quite surprised at myself, for not actually putting my two main characters in either story. But they are mentioned! XD  Not beta'd all mistakes are proudly mine! 

Walker had doubts. They were getting stronger by the minute whilst she stood watching the man protesting at the nurses. He looked to be a very unusual sort, geeky way beyond the likes of Morgan, in fact if Sarah was to make a guess, the man was what Skip Johnson from the Buy More would look like if he had bulked out considerably.

This was the man who had attacked and kept up a fight with John Casey? It was clear from the beginning that he wasn't the Bringer, so what was his motive for attacking the Colonel?

Sarah and Barker approached the bed and as the nurses backed away, the man's protests died down as he took in their formal appearances. Sarah had read this man's file and despite his geeky outlook, he was far from feeble and helpless. Matthew Alsop worked as a tech advisor for a hardware company and loved—to the point of unhealthy obsession—sci-fi and role play fantasy games. He didn't live at home with his mother or have trouble making friends, but he did have extensive knowledge and expertise of hand to hand combat.

"He knows kung-fu." Barker whispered and pointed to the section on the man's file. He brushed up against Sarah, his arm against her back.

"I can read, Cole." She hissed back and nudged him away gently. "But even with his skills, he was still unmatched against Casey and I can say a bit of an idiot for trying to take him on."

"Yeah, why did you decided to attack him?" Barker lifted his head to address the man who looked more than afraid and shameful now. "Did he look at you funny? Does he whiff of body odour?"

"You're cops?" Alsop muttered. "Or are you that Carmicheal's security?"

"You attacked him. Why?" Sarah asked, firmer in tone. She and Barker gave each other a look, instead of cops or revealing their agencies, Carmicheal Security seemed a good cover.

"Look, I have problems!" Alsop began to blather. "That's why I go to see Janet. She's helping…was helping me. I have anger issues, especially when it concerns…what your boss has done to his wife, to his children is despicable! He's a pig that deserved everything I gave him!"

"You physically assaulted James Carmicheal because of the affair he was having?" Sarah shook her head in disbelief.

"Not just that! His son has suffered because of his actions and I wasn't going to let a smug arrogant ass like him just get away with it." Alsop wasn't very good at concealing things. He may well have known kung-fu and he was fairly good at it, considering he lasted beyond a few seconds fighting Casey before being knocked unconscious. The way he shook, the way is eyes flicked nervously between Walker and Barker, it was evident that he wasn't nearly as disciplined as the Colonel.

"So because you had issues with our employer's personal life, you decided to give him a beating?" Walker tried to hide the smile forming on her lips, but all she could to was stammer a little. "That wasn't a sensible thing to do…as your own injuries attest to. What did you hope to achieve?"

"To make him see sense!" Alsop replied loudly, wincing at the pain of his injuries as he tried to move. "Surely he can see what anguish and hell he's putting his son through! Besides…it's not all my fault!"

"His face getting in the way of your fist was a terrible thing." Barker retorted sarcastically. "He shouldn't have done that."

"No!" Alsop's voice was frantic and a little shrill. Walker saw the sweat beading on his bruised face and the nervous jerking of his foot. "I meant that…yeah okay I was pissed. I was angry at him but I did it for both of us. He convinced me to do it! It was his idea!"

"His? He? Someone else told you to do it?" Sarah asked, nearly chocking on the shock. She started towards the bed, her movement so sudden it made the man cower deeper into the matress. "Who told you?"

"This dude."

"This…dude?" Cole chuckled mirthlessly. "That narrows it down. Be more specific."

"Er…what will happen to me?" asked Alsop.

"You'll be handed over to the authorities." Sarah replied, noting the defeat and sadness on the man's face, but not really caring, especially after what he did to her partner. "That won't happen until you tell us everything about this man. Everything."

There was a growl behind Walker and it was that sound, along with the threatening squeak of a wheelchair's wheels that made the man spill all.


Chapter 32: 

 The mission was going to be easy now. He was weakened and soon so would the others. There were and had been plenty of opportunities for the take out but for some reason 'R Bringer Chan Addoed wanted to see how far this could really go. These people were supposed to be the best and he had always considered himself to be that. Pushing things further would make for an exceptional challenge.

There was the risk of losing, it was unlikely, but he would be a fool to think he was undefeatable. Granted he had weakened the most dangerous member of the team—for the moment—but John Casey was fun to mess with. The Bringer hoped that sometime soon, he would get the opportunity to go up against the Colonel. The moron Alsop wasn't good enough, but there was a better chance of killing Casey if he did it himself.

The Bringer looked at John Casey/Alex Coburn's file and everything typed on those pages proved how dangerous he was and that a quick death would not be the way out. For that Marine, it was going to be a pleasure to see him suffer.

Then there was the other man, the one they called Chuck. What he possessed inside his head made him a risk, but it was his attachment to his emotions that would be his undoing and there would be no doubt at all that he too would suffer if this mission succeeded. A single gunshot would bring his world crashing down, but the Bringer worked in a different way to other assassins, it was never enough to pull the trigger and end it. So just as it would be for John Casey, Chuck Bartowski's demise would be deliciously painful.

He wasn't going to forget the others either. For the Doctor and the little irritating bearded one, a bullet through the brain would be sufficient. For the blonde CIA agent, slitting her throat and gutting her was tempting, however when she filled her part of things, Sarah Walker will be ended just as Morgan Grimes would be. The Colonel's daughter would need a single shot between those pretty eyes of hers and then her body left for Casey to find would serve greatly for the Marine's suffering. The 49.B agent Dawlish…he was of no consequence, it seemed a waste to use a bullet on him, but it would have to do.

Cole Barker. Now, he had something special planned for that bastard.

The Bringer grinned and watched as Alsop was taken away by the cops, his attention quickly returning to the trio talking in low voices by the bed. If his employers had a problem with his methods, if they kept hassling him to do things quicker, then too it was just too bad for them.

He was the best.

"Sir? Are you okay? Can I help you at all?"

The Bringer turned and smiled at the woman behind him. He faltered for a moment as he realised she was more beautiful than her picture. How had an old man like Casey ever manage to win this gorgeous creature's desire?

"Yes thank you, Doctor…" he made a play by reading her name tag. " Bartowski. I'm a bit lost. I don't suppose you could show me how to get to maternity…do you?"

"Of course!" she beamed. "I was heading down there myself."

As Eleanor Bartowski led him away from the others, he noticed how enchanting her smile was, how lush and so tempting her lips were and for a brief moment, he ached. The need to get out a knife or scalpel and make that smile wider, boiled inside of him, but his mission would end too quickly for if he acted. Let Ellie Bartowski have the pleasure of being responsible for the deaths of the two important men in her life…let her be the one to give 'R Bringer Chan Addoed great and unwavering satisfaction.

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sunshineali From: sunshineali Date: January 21st, 2011 06:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
This Bringer guy must go, and fast. His evil plans, especially for Alex, were horrid. You write a good baddie!
basched From: basched Date: January 21st, 2011 07:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you liked.

Thank you very much! Xx

(pst! I'm also working on the next CW chapter. Will you be wanting to beta for me?) pwease?
sunshineali From: sunshineali Date: January 21st, 2011 09:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi, Sure I'd love to beta. I love your stuff, it's always the right mix of fun, fluff, sex and excitement. :)
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