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DOWNLOAD 2009 - basched

Well, the metal festival of Donington for 2009 was a great success! Not perfect......but damned well near it! No police took my phone, no crazy mishaps, except the funny ones. Not only did Slipknot head the Saturday on the mainstage, they were AMAZING! A performance like no other and certainly one for the history books. Yeah I got hayfever for the first time in my life and nearly missed them....(blasted fucking pollen)...but thankgod for medication and those cool guys in the medical tent! I do wish I could have been at the front though...and that my digital camera hadnt of fucked up making me replace it with the cheap shit throwaway piles of crap I used for my photos.

 However, the main thing I have to point out, was that I walked past, mere inches, from my idol and my perfect man. Corey Taylor. OH MY GOD! I had to fucking bite my tongue just to keep my lame mouth from calling out to him. If I had...I think he would have been pissed off! I thank all the gods of my imagination, that I kept my cool. I'll never forget it. Pity I didn't have a photo of the occassion. But then again, the shitty disposable camera wouldn't have done him justice.

Well. The whole festival was great. I saw so many bands this year, including Lacuna Coil, Facecage, Static X, ZZ-Top, Parkway Drive and many more. Although the weather did piss down on the first day, the rest of the week was scorching hot and I got some tan and sunburn too! 

I went originally with three others...my friend Rachel, Chris and Karl. Rachel got ill and had to go home, and well Chris and Karl often went off to do their own thing. After the days, it was all back to the tents for major drinking and we were never short of booze and crazy awesome people to party with. Staying up late....to sometimes six in the morning...people joined me and provided some great memories. Which is the joy of Download! They're all crazy...but they're metallers and I loved them all! (Well 99% of them.)

I simply cannot wait until next year. 

Here are just a few of my favourite photos of those times. As mentioned before, the shit camera proved completely bloody useless in capturing any of the stage events. So next year, the digi camera is going to damned well work!!! 

  Johnny from the tent next door, prepares for Slipknot later in the evening. 

 Main stage off in the distance there....I think I might have been drunk, which was why I wasn't closer. 

 This picture is basically the view from my tent. On the first day, when it rained, this was way worse! But you can see Karl's tent right by the most amazing thing ever to have been created. That tree was a god send. That tree....is my Pee Tree. There were no portaloos in emergency distances and yeah there were loads of other tents around, that tree saved me plenty of times! Bless that tree! Especially first time in the morning when I had a hangover.

 These guys...(I can't remember the girl's name) were cool. (She was too....)  Dave is the young lad on the right...he was totally spaced most of the time, but real sweet. He didn't have a tent near us, but he joined our evening parties and knows his metal. The dude in the middle is Frank. He is Welsh and his pose here definately shows it. Insane and a bit more so. Rhys. The guy with the sunglasses...another welshman who looks a bit like Edward Norton. VERY funny, charming and completely goofy. Great sense of humour and loved to mosh. Matthew is his friend and just as crazy. He was just as funny and it was his first festival..those two could simply crack a person up with their wise drunken words. 

 Photo taken by Johnny....we were all really smashed. I have no idea where that hat came from, but I suppose I had to wear it. Tom (from the tent next door) obviously couldn't stop looking at me...but then again the traffic cone hat does look ridiculous. 

 Another shot of the mainstage! At night...a truly wonderful sight with the lights, but this must have been friday....Slipknot was WAY more packed than this! And I had gotten a little bit closer than this one. 

Anyhoo....that's just some of the photos I've taken. Not brilliant, but next year...it will be different. I may post some more in another journal update.  

Current Location: Still at home, on a couch. Not at Download any more. :(
Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: S.E.X Nickelback

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From: teh_feeny Date: June 28th, 2009 07:50 am (UTC) (Link)
I see you got the pictures working =D

Sounds like you had a blast!

And oh god...the traffic cone...*cackles* *Looks at it again* It's slanted...The traffic cone was more drunk than you! *SHOT*

And yesh, Hayfever sucks *huggles*
basched From: basched Date: June 30th, 2009 07:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks Feebs!!! XD

It was an amazing time! I am still getting over the fact that it's finished, for I wish to be back there!

Yeah..the traffic cone hat! The guy sitting next to me told me to put it on and well I did! AND the reason why it's wonky is I already had my other hat on underneath! It was slipping off I think!

Yeah it was crazy times...everyone drank and that night was amazing! I hope to post up some more of my photos in another update!

See ya soon Feebs!

2 comments or Leave a comment