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Where Chuck Went Wrong, Some More Of Chuck's Greatest Mistakes & Who Is This Chuck Person Anyway?

Spoilers for season 4 and 3 if you haven't seen it. Don't read if you don't want to know stuff. :)

After watching the recent episode of Chuck, I thought that I would put down in words my growing concern.  Okay this is me venting….

When I first saw Chuck, I fell in love.  Yeah, not just with John Casey--although that's a given--but with Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and all the characters. It was a great inspiring new show that was vastly different from all the other pap on our screens. The idea was amazing and so cool! A computer nerd gets all of the government secrets downloaded into his brain and essentially becomes a computer himself and from then on is looked after by two of the coolest spies ever to have existed in fiction (amongst a few others..) thus in the process he slowly becomes a spy himself.  Great concept with a great cast of actors and for the most part great scripts.  Though recently...I'm beginning to question why I'm still watching it. (*coughAdamBaldwincough*)


Chuck Gone Wrong:


I am aware that the show is called and should be about Chuck. I get that. Though it pains me to see the other characters suffer. It pains me when writers seem to forget what made us love these characters in the first place.  What pulls off a spectacular show rather just than just a good one, is the involvement, growth and support of all the characters, not just the main leads. The writers and creators and whoever has been coming up with the storylines recently have made the mistake of neglect and they continue to do it. It’s this that is making Chuck into something completely different to what pulled us into it in the first place.


More Mistakes:

            Yes there are extremes in it, but the extremes had—most times--fit in with the characters. Jeff and Lester are a prime example. The two are meant to be over the top and wiggy, it works for them but seriously…what the hell were Morgan and Alex doing in this week’s episode?! (Chuck vs The Masquerade) The coupling of “Malex” is a great favourite of mine, but it made me cringe and not in the good ha-ha way I do if Jeff or Lester do something gross. That scene was embarrassing and well…..I didn’t like it.  Morgan and Alex are better than that.  There have been endless extremes (I won’t go into) that were so out-of character it makes you wonder what the hell the writers were thinking. Was it just to be funny?! I dunno…but sacrificing the traits and characteristics of any of them just for a laugh…don’t do right by me. 

Chuck has great potential. It’s unbelievable how much it actually has. Take a look at the endless fanfiction out there! Okay some of it is worse than piss poor but the writers certainly could be taught a lesson or two by the fans who write exceptional stuff! The plots and twists to the Chuck stories I’ve read are outstanding and I have preferred them over the ones that have recently transpired on the telly. Honest. But I know Chuck has lost a great deal and the opportunities its missed makes me sad. 

For what reasons she left....I don't know...but the departure of Anna Wu after the second season really affected me. I was miffed, I had loved that character from the get go. Julia Ling played her well and Anna Wu could have become so much more! It would have been great to have seen Miss Wu come back...not in the way she did in Season 3 (ugh that was horrible and awful!) but as many of my good friends agree: As a kickass agent under the guidance of Casey. But no. Josh and Chris? You missed out on something that would have made Chuck exceptionally great there. Really. Fans would have loved it! Julia would have loved it! (I know because she said it to me and my friend at T2!)

Then there’s Captain Awesome...he was awesome. He was in the first season and some of the second as he had a brilliant blend of jock dudeness and intelligence (after all he is a surgeon, right?!) but from then on he became a bumbling idiot that really made you want to scream and smack him in the face. He'd probably cry if you did. Again don't get me wrong, Ryan Mcpartlin is Awesome, but such potential for this character was lost. What happened to that idea of Awesome being the bad guy?!  It became a wasted opportunity and that is so sad. Devon can be deliciously evil—I can imagine it—heck I’ve read him being bad evil guy, but he was ten times more awesome! If this idea had been done it would have also done more for Ellie's character as well. To have Devon be a bad guy spy dude, would have affected everyone and made future stories incredible instead of just okay. Really, the scenes he's in now are far and few between...it's like it’s not even worth him being on the show, especially when the scenes he is in aren't nearly as good as what they used to be.  Devon deserves to be awesome, not an utter fool.

Now. Ellie. Here is a woman who, in my opinion outshines Sarah Walker. Or well, she damned well could if her strong character and personality were respected more. What the hell has happened to her? Reduced to bit parts and given scenes that I feel are totally contradictory to the woman we were introduced to in Season 1! Take this week’s episode for example. I understand she’s at her wits end and hasn’t had sleep…obvious reasons sure. But stealing?! Even considering distracting Jeff and Lester like that? Please…Ellie has more respect for herself! She would have asked those two for the cuddly toy, or she could have brought a new one and upped Jeffster’s ego and asked for a recording for their own! Okay, the lack of sleep might have made them a little doolally…but stealing. No.

However, I’m still amazed that she lasted this long in a relationship with Devon being as he has been in the show. They seem so different, the “dude” aspect of Devon irritates Ellie a lot, we’ve seen it, so how did she stand his boy childishness for so long? I know…I have my own preferred partner for her *coughCASEYcough* but alas any hope for J/Ellie has been dashed and crushed by the very miss-matched Awesome and Ellie.  She deserves more. Sarah Lancaster is a beautiful talented woman, more of her should be shown, not just Sarah Walker.

Then there is the main reason why I am still watching Chuck. Yeah, I’m biased, but for good reason. John Casey portrayed by Adam Baldwin was one of the reasons why I started watching it. Having loved Mr Baldwin in firefly, it was absolute joy to see him in this show. And what a wonderful character—he had Jayne like qualities—but Casey is different in a lot of ways. But what a shame he has been the most underused character in the whole programme. Considering he’s supposed to be a part of the main trio, Casey has been largely ignored and poorly treated. He’s been beaten up, knocked out and ridiculed so many times its horrific. Sure Casey is great for comedy and sure getting a knocked out from time to time is acceptable in the fight but for god’s sake, the guy is a marine!! He’s supposed to kick ass, surely someone with his training and his expertise can stand up to whiny punk asses and give what for! As the more experienced agent out of the three, why is he lumbered with such shit?! In season 3, it was lovely to know he had a daughter and it gave a lot to his character, but surely the guy deserves some happiness? Not just in the matters of female loving (If he’s not going to be with Ellie, bring back Ilsa! Please!) but let the guy do what he does best! Yes, he got a chance to this week…I’m pleased…I just hope in the future we’ll see more of him in action rather than sitting on the side lines. Let Casey use his guns, blow shit up….please.

Sarah Walker.  Well…I have no objections…no tell a lie. I know it’s for the fellas, and she’s a lovely and beautiful woman, but do we HAVE to see her take her clothes off nearly every week? Do us wimmin have to watch another slow mo sequence of her batting her eye lids and walking provocatively like that?  I know she’s beautiful and the other women in the show are too, but jeez…there are female viewers! Can there be nice slo mo scenes of Chuck, Casey and Awesome? Can there be more guy totty shots? Not that I need totty shots to enjoy a programme, I just getting fed up with Sarah Walker being slo mowed all the time.


Who is this Chuck?:


This is me ranting. This is me writing away what comes to my head and voicing my opinions on this show. Chuck has changed, but not necessarily for the better. I still laugh at it…I do enjoy the snippets of pure greatness that pop up every now and then, but can the episodes be less predictable now? Can those moments of greatness be entire episodes which meld all the characters together and not just smother us with endless Charah mush? It can be done, Josh and Chris…we’ve seen it.  You want Chuck to be saved for a fifth season…surprise us. Surprise us well, make Chuck great again as we all know it can be! Do the unexpected, not the predictable!

Okay....I feel a little bit better now.  Off to write Jellie goodness for my soul. It needs it.

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kuryakingirl From: kuryakingirl Date: February 23rd, 2011 12:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well said, my friend. Very well said.

I was talking just last week with a friend who also watches Chuck and he asked me if I thought Chuck would be back for another season and I told him I honestly didn't know, but if we're supposed to mount yet another Save our Show campaign... I'm not interested.

I'm done with that.

I've done a couple in my fandom tenure. I co-founded the Save the Sam Seaborn group, when Rob Lowe was leaving the West Wing. After he left, I continued to watch... after Aaron Sorkin left, however, I was pretty well done.

Supernatural has been difficult after Kripke left. I think that a network should respect the creator of the show sometimes... Granted, some of the episodes this season have been shining stars, others have been very difficult to watch...

But, at this point, I really don't want to have to try to get excited about sending emails and tweeting incessantly or trying to see if I can go to the random Chuck-inspired flash mobs. I'm over that completely. Either respect the show enough (from all angles--writer, producer, network) to give us another full season... or don't.

Worst case scenario, I know all of us Jellie gals can write a better Season 5 on livejournal and ff.net than the show will give us.

The best part about finding Chuck and writing for Chuck, for me, hasn't been the episodes (though, I do have my favorites). It's been finding you, A, and all the other Jellie girls. (And BBJ...) If Chuck were to end tomorrow, that's what I'll always remember about it.

basched From: basched Date: February 23rd, 2011 10:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

I find it so heart wrenching when something I love and enjoyed goes so....yugh....I do love the characters and I'm still going to carry on with the fanfiction, the stories need telling, even if the bloody writers etc don't come up with any good ones.

I agree with you...I'm not going to be saving Chuck again...because for me, my story is going to be canon for me.

But you're so right...its been finding you and everyone else here, the fellow Jellies who believe as I do that Casey and ellie should be together. But...its can only be with our fics.

Love you too E! I hope this friendship will last a long long while! XXxx
kuryakingirl From: kuryakingirl Date: February 24th, 2011 01:10 am (UTC) (Link)
A, I heartily imagine we'll be tweeting and writing and reading each other's work clear into our twilight. Little ole ladies in our rocking chairs, with big, thick glasses, fanning ourselves at the smut. ;D

...maybe by then I'll be able to write some, lol!

basched From: basched Date: February 24th, 2011 08:45 am (UTC) (Link)


Now that would be wonderful! That certainly painted a picture in my head....let's make it happen! XD
sunshineali From: sunshineali Date: February 24th, 2011 01:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey, I'm kind of butting in here, but I agree with everything you said. The Jellie gals can write so much better and we have no limits. The fanfiction has become more fun than the show (it always has been that way) and it's been fun meeting the other gals and guys so I too am done with the "Save Our Show" stuff too. :)Ali
kuryakingirl From: kuryakingirl Date: February 24th, 2011 01:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Not butting in at all, Ali. :D

Thank goodness we have no limits! We haven't bound ourselves to the absolutely rigid constructs the show has fallen prey to. (I still say Awesome should've been evil... like Goddess's impressive interpretation)

sunshineali From: sunshineali Date: February 24th, 2011 01:31 am (UTC) (Link)
I hold out a tiny, tiny hope that in the next few episodes it will be revealed that he is actually evil and Schwedak were just fucking with us (or changed their mind after stupidly making the statement early in the show that they "were" going to make him evil initially and then backtracking on that....dumb move IMO) It would be the ultimate twist and put all of the characters on high alert and would provide for great drama and pump it up. Awesome would be beyond awesome as a bad guy and Ellie would grow a pair and stand up to his shit. I'm still going to have this little hope until the very end. :)
basched From: basched Date: February 24th, 2011 08:41 am (UTC) (Link)

That would be the ideal way to go...devastated Ellie ends up in the arms of Casey.

I digress.

It is but a dream, Ali. I know it is. Thier dumb move had ruined everything.
From: cedelede Date: February 23rd, 2011 06:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
I completely agree. On every aspect. It's like the writer's have turned to writing a bunch of one-dimensional Mary Sue's.

I know the show is a comedy but they miss SO MANY opportunities to give the show even an ounce of depth. The death of Ellie and Chuck's father - skirted around completely. Nothing annoyed me more than that.

What about Ellie's pregnancy that lasted like 3 episodes and now Clara's 3 months old already? WTF?

I hate that the supporting characters are given these completely pointless parts and aren't even attempted at giving their characters any complexity anymore. It's just sad.

I think the only reason I'm even watching anymore is because I feel like I've invested so much time in it that it would be weird not to see how the story continues. Even if it does drive me crazy. And I kind of feel like this might be the last season so I don't feel like I'm going to have to continue to endure the things that annoy me for a lot longer.

I love the actors and I hope they can continue on to better shows/movies that will give them an actual opportunity to use their skills.
basched From: basched Date: February 23rd, 2011 10:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mary sues! That's what I was trying to remember when i wrote this! lol! Thanks.

But sadly its so true. Yeah, Chuck and Ellie got over their dad's death so quickly and Clara is three months already? Way too many loop holes and the characters are just nothing as all the focus is put on Chuck and Sarah.

I'm watching it to see how it turns out...but heck if Casey goes or his character is negleted even more.....I might give up and it pains me. Really does.

I hope the actors do find something else better.

sunshineali From: sunshineali Date: February 24th, 2011 12:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Word! I've kind of given up. I wanted to think (in the beginning of the show) that it was not just made for males 18-29 but for everyone to enjoy. Now, it does seem that they are pandering strictly to young men. I guess that is how they plan to get renewed. It's sad as the show is cast so well that the characters used to appeal to everyone. Now, as you mentioned, poor Yvonne is dressed in silly costumes for maximum exposure (again, young men dig this which is fine,) but it's at the expense of the story and the other characters.

I am forced to watch it because of Adam (I'd watch him in anything) but I don't like it. And the most important fact you made was the obvious. Casey is a fucking Colonel in the MARINE CORP. He, by nature kicks ass and takes names, then on top of that he's an NSA spy. He DOES NOT get beaten down by girls and made the fool. This is what irks me the most. It almost treads on disrespect to the military, but I won't go there yet. I do realize AB has wonderful comedic ability and the writers are trying their best (dismal) to utilize his skills but they just fall flat.

So, again, word to everything you said. "If" Chuck gets cancelled, I'll mourn for "what could have been." And, I'll wait with baited breath for AB to land on his feet (as he most likely will) and find a cool show that will utilize him to the fullest.

basched From: basched Date: February 24th, 2011 08:43 am (UTC) (Link)

Yeah..the show seemed to be for everyone! Now its all for the hot woman of the week to draw in the spotty teenaged boy who can't get any.

This show has lost all integrity. I will mourn if it continues and if it finishes.
From: truthmaker Date: February 24th, 2011 01:51 am (UTC) (Link)
First thought:

Second thought:
I'm kind of wondering if they whole "Casey gets a New Job" subplot might be a setup for the future. After all if the show gets canceled they can always have Chuck & Sarah retire and then shop around a "Casey the Badass Super Spy" spinoff.
I could almost seem them toying with the idea of the spinoff either way. They seem to be grooming Morgan as the "sit in the van" guy. It would be relatively easy (bite my tongue, I know) to write Casey out if he got something of his own.
basched From: basched Date: February 24th, 2011 08:39 am (UTC) (Link)

Casey to get his own show, that might be interesting. I would certainly welcome it....if they promise to look after him. It will probably be more actiony and blowing shit up. Right? :) XD

*somehow it feels like only a dream.*
night_lotus From: night_lotus Date: February 24th, 2011 07:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey, A.!!

Thank you for putting into writing what we're all thinking, and what has been churning in my head for such a long time now.

It is so sad to see a show change so much for the worse that it feels like your best friend got sick and died. I have been mourning the loss of Chuck since the end of Season 2.

I am all for character growth, and I know that change is inevitable, especially with a dramedy like Chuck. However, the characters in season 4 hardly resemble the characters from the first two and part of season three. They are merely hollow, stilted shells that just happen to resemble the characters physically.

I could rant for pages and pages about the injustices (and very out of character) that Casey has suffered at the hands of the writers. Yeah, he makes a funny occasional comic foil for Morgan, but not all the time, people. Enough is enough with that gag.

And, c'mon, a 6'4 250 pound marine getting his shit stomped by just about everyone? That's just plain unfeasible. It just makes Casey look incompetant rather than the badass Marine/NSA super spy that he is.

Also, don't even get me started about how the show is completely under ultilizing Adam Baldwin's range and acting talents, as well as Yvonne Strahovsky's. I don't begrude the show capitalizing on her physical beauty, but Yvonne is an excellent actress and should be allowed to actually act upon occasion.

And, why, oh why have they nearly banished Big Mike (makes me want to cry).

And, by the way, I completely agree. The Valentine's Day scene with Morgan and Alex made me embarassed for both of them and physically uncomfortable.

Sadly, I have to agree with what KuryakinGirl said. If there is another rally to save Chuck and beg for a Season 5, I don't think I will be on that band wagon, and that truly breaks my heart.

The very best thing to come out of Chuck is meeting you Jellie girls (and, BBJ of course). That I will always treasure, as well as the knowledge that our friendships and fanfic will outlast and outshine the show.

basched From: basched Date: February 24th, 2011 08:34 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey N.L

I know, it's physically painful to see this show crumbling like this. I hurts to see Casey so badly mistreated and yeah Yvone reduced to nothing but eye candy for honry young teens. It's like the writers aren't even trying. If only Josh or Chris or the other writers could take a look at fanfiction and get inspired by that!

Ugh...Morgan and Alex...that was WAY over the top. They haven't even been going out for that long, and what was there in their personalities that hinted they would even do such a thing?! Ugh! If I had been Casey I would have done a heck of a lot more than just sneer! So damned embarressing.

Yeah...maybe if if give Josh Swartz the link for this, he might read it and see how pissed off were are. Then again....I doubt that anything would happen. *sigh*

We shall carry on with fanfiction, we shall give the characters the respect and life they deserve!
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