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Make An Exception - basched
Make An Exception

Title: Make An Exception
Characters/Pairings: Jayne/Inara  Mal, Kaylee, mentions of zoe and Wash.  
Genre:  Romance/Humour 
Rating:  15 for swearages and sexual references.
Summary: Serenity has a new merc and he is more than pleased to learn that the boat has its very own Companion! 

Author's SPECIAL NOTE:   This is the very belated birthday fic for the dude of dudes... Mr [info]bigbadjayne 

This is betaed by the wonderful [info]brandywine00 who also likes Jaynara. Thank you for doing it for me. Means a lot. Xxx Any mistakes are entirely mine.

Also I borrowed the icon from  [info]imashark (Hope you don't mind)  



The boat was a heck of a lot nicer than the last junk heap he lived on. A firefly was a good old class, his pa had mentioned them often when he came back home. Never had Jayne Cobb thought he would actually get to fly in one, but here he was.

The offer from the Browncoat and his woman sidekick was too good to pass up…a ten per cent cut and a bunk of his own, absolute bliss. At last he could sleep without having to endure the awful stench of Sweaty-Beardface next to him; he could have more coin for his weapons and be able to get his own grub when he wanted.

The other members of the crew didn’t seem so bad, though the first mate was giving him the suspicious evils as he hauled his belongings onto the ship. She didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic about his employment as the Captain, but both the Browncoats were wary of him. Sensible… but he wasn’t gonna try anything. Not yet. 

The coin would prove his loyalty. Or not.

The pilot of the boat proved to be more annoying than originally suspected, the guy played with dinosaurs for gorram’s sake, but what really surprised Cobb was that the pilot and the Zoe woman were married. Well that was a strange and unsettling coupling to be sure. How could a short crazy person—who spouted gibberish--and a tall silent killer type have such a relationship? Jayne didn’t want to think on it much.

The mechanic was most certainly a chirpy little thing. From the rim like himself, Kaylee was pretty, and judging by the way she smiled and beamed up at him as Mal introduced them—fluttering her glassy eyes and twirling her hair—she was a possible sexing partner. If she was willing.

Then he learnt about the Companion. Jayne couldn’t believe his luck when Mal mentioned that they also travelled with a legitimate and respectable Companion. They had themselves their very own whore?! This was the best thing ever!

At hearing this amazing piece of news, Jayne had immediately taken advantage of the shower facilities Serenity had.  He scrubbed every inch of his skin free of the dirt and sweat that had covered him…he even shaved away the stubble and trimmed his beard. He had to look his best…you always did for whores. His pa said that was important. Had to be clean and look good for the women if you were gonna use their services. And vice versa.  

When the dino-bloke Wash announced that the shuttle had docked, Jayne took a few more minutes to finish stacking up his guns, climbed out of his bunk and headed for the bay. He saw the Captain emerging out from the shuttle door. He seemed overly cheerful and Jayne weren’t quite sure about that cheerfulness increasing when they met on the stairs.

“Just the man I was hoping to bump into.” Reynolds gripped at his braces and rocked in a smug manner on his feet. “Jayne Cobb, I’d like to introduce to you…Inara Serra.”

Jayne looked past the smug-looking Browncoat and his eyes widened, as did his smile, at the most beautiful whore he had ever seen. She was so stunning that already he could feel himself getting hot and hard for her. The gold and red dress she was wearing showed a good damned lotta leg and ample cleavage, but it was that face—framed with dark black curls of long hair—that strangely had him captivated. He knew what Companions were,  his pa had told him plenty about the fancy, sophisticated whores from the Core. They were supposed to be trained in all manner of sexual pleasuring and could do things most people wouldn’t have thought of. 

As he stepped forward, holding his hand out, he smelt her. The subtle aroma of jasmine oil and sex drifted up his nostrils and sent warm tingles across his neck and down his back. He saw in those dark eyes gazing back at him, experience. This was a woman who had seen and done much, far beyond just any simple whore. This woman could do wonders but probably wouldn’t be easy to please for real. Any woman like her would need someone who could show her something new and Jayne Cobb reckoned he could be the man to do just that. 

She smiled, and Jayne saw her look him over. It was a slow process, she was summing him up, taking in his physical appearance and reading his body language. Jayne smirked as he noticed she lingered on his crotch just a second longer than anywhere else, but when she looked back up at his face, his smirk faded and things became serious.

Normally he was used to three reactions from people. Fear, because a man of his height and brawn generally was intimidating; attraction…the wimmin loved a good solid rim fella; or there was disgust. When you hadn’t shaved or showered in a long while, that was generally the look you got…which was what Mal and Zoe had first shown him when they were ambushed. Wash showed the fear, Kaylee the attraction…but Inara…?

He wasn’t sure. There wasn’t any of them three reactions from her. In fact, Jayne couldn’t read anything beyond the usual false pleasantries that people adopted when meeting someone for the first time.

“Mr Cobb…pleased to meet you.”

Ta ma de! Her voice was like sex for his ears! Jayne definitely felt something harden.

“Yeah. Same goes for you.” He shuffled a little on his feet and he could have sworn he saw something falter behind those eyes of hers. Was she really pleased to meet him or was she just saying that? Course Companions and whores had to say such things if they wanted customers, so for Jayne it was just a matter of getting those pleasantries out of the way and onto the negotiation for sexing. “It is surprisin’ that you’re on a boat like this.”

“It has its advantages,” Inara said, flashing a quick look to Mal, who was still grinning like an idiot.

“I bet it does.” Jayne’s voice dropped low and he edged closer to the Companion. Again normal people would have stepped back and looked afraid but she didn’t. Inara continued to look back up at him, unafraid and unperturbed. She was reading him some more, but then he was doing the same to her. She had barriers up for sure. She was hiding something behind that Core breeding.

“Not just for me, but for the Captain, too,” she said, that voice lilting softly in his ears.

“So you and he have a business arrangement, huh?” Jayne allowed a brief acknowledgement of Mal, whose grin was still plastered on his smug face. “You an’ me gonna have one too? Mebbe more n’ one?”

Something flashed behind those eyes of hers. He noticed a slight hitch her in her breath, a momentary intake of excitement or hope? It was so little it could have been easily missed, but he had been waiting for it, just like she had been waiting for him to proposition her for sex.

“Mr Cobb, I’m afraid that you and I cannot do business together.” Inara stepped back from him and smiled a real gorram beautiful smile. “The captain obviously didn’t make you aware that I do not service any of the crew.”


“Did I not mention that to you, Jayne?” Mal gasped and held a hand to cover his mouth.  “I’m sorry!”

No, he ruttin’ weren’t.  Normally, Jayne would have been angry at that, and he gave the captain a scowl to show how much he didn’t appreciate not being told. But through the years of being on different crews and ships, he was all too aware of the “newbie” initiations.

So the Browncoat was playing a little joke on him? Well, it was nothing compared to the ones which had been played on him in the past, and besides, he could still come out on top…so to speak.

“Well, despite what Mal told you... or didn’t tell you,” Inara edged around Jayne, those captivating eyes flashing a disapproving stare at Mal before locking intently with Jayne’s. “There are no exceptions to that rule.”

“Fine.” Jayne grinned and puffed out his chest. “No business arrangement, no payin’. Gotcha. So do ya just wanna have sex then?”

The Captain choked and spluttered at such a direct and outward proposal, though Jayne couldn’t help but grin as Inara appeared un-phased.  The corner of her mouth curled upward slightly in amusement and before Mal could protest, she started to play the game. The womanly game that Jayne knew her folk played.

“We’ve only just met and you’re asking if I want to have sex with you…willingly?” Inara didn’t fold her arms or do any of the usual defensive body postures, Jayne noticed. She was still playing open and he liked that a lot.

“Well…don’t see no sense in messin’ round…less yer inta that. But yer real pretty like and well mebbe sometime later you an’ me we can…get t’know each other bit better. With sexin’. Whadya say?”

She didn’t say anything. To him anyways. The Companion brushed the ebony ringlets of her hair behind her shoulders and whilst she still looked at Jayne, Inara addressed the Captain as she took small little steps away from the two men.

“He’s a lovely new addition to the crew, Captain. Well done.” The sarcasm was all too clear in Jayne’s ears. However, after she walked—or rather, glided—away from them and down the stairs, he saw her look over her shoulder and up at him. The game was still on.

She hadn’t said no. There was hope for him yet.


                He was a pig.

                At the dinner table, he had all the manners of such an animal, as he stuffed the food into his mouth. He belched. He spoke showing the contents of his mouth as he chewed, and Inara couldn’t believe that Mal had actually allowed him to become a part of this crew.  

He sat there, responding to the others in grunting short sentences about his past and his appreciation for his new home/job, devouring the food as if he had never actually eaten before.

While Inara knew that mercenaries weren’t often the nicest of peoples or the intelligent, she quickly came to realise that Jayne wasn’t as stupid as he was making out to be. He was watching everything, getting a sense of the ship and of the people around him. The long sniffs between mouthfuls, which made Mal and the others grimace, weren’t due to any tickles in his nose, nor was his nose running because of a cold.

He was getting accustomed to the scents of the ship, what belonged and what didn’t…as any good tracker would do. Inara watched his head turn a couple of times after he sniffed, his face frowned at something no one else could make out and then—after another more subtle snort through his nostrils—he seemed satisfied and carried on eating.

Jayne Cobb was deceptive, he was projecting certain characteristics to throw them all off guard which seemed to be working for the others. Inara was a little confused herself as the mystery of this new crewmember kept on twisting.

Then there were his eyes.

Every so often, those ice blue orbs flickered in her direction. The glances were brief and accompanied by sly, suggestive smiles, but they were incredibly intense. They burned when he looked at her, his attraction towards her anything but subtle. But then again, Inara figured attraction and desire weren’t something he would ever want to hide.

Unlike her. Being physically attracted to someone wasn’t unheard of for Companions, it helped in her profession. Inara had been and did find many men physically appealing, even women but this new addition to Serenity wasn’t what she would normally respond to. He was a pig, but her body was reacting to him.

Jayne’s broad muscular frame stretching out beneath that—grubby—t-shirt, was impressive, a well-toned body was always something to be appreciative of, but it was his eyes and the deep rumble of his voice that were curiously chipping away at her defences.

“So…you got family?” asked Kaylee as she poured some more water for the new merc.

“Some,” he grunted, flashing Inara another one of his intense smiles.

“No Mrs. Cobb?”


“No kids?”

“None that I know of.”

“No sweethearts…or a girl waitin’ for ya?”


Kaylee went to open her mouth and a spoon jabbed in her direction, stopping her before she could even ask the next question. “I ain’t sly. Dong ma?”

Kaylee nodded her head.

“So….you gonna be our merc then?”

“You want me track somethin’, t’shoot someone or hurt on anyone…then I’m yer man.” Jayne bobbed his head in response and shoved another spoon full of food into his mouth. He continued to chew and talk at the same time. “You need me on jobs? Don’t pretty much care what it is, s’long as I get my fair share of the payload. I get drink, food and plenty of sexin’ from time to time, I’m okay. ”

“Oh.” Kaylee’s big beaming smile faded somewhat but in the few months Inara had gotten to know her, she knew the mechanic wasn’t completely despondent. “That’s nice. Well, welcome to Serenity, Jayne! Sure you’ll fit in just fine. Won’t he?”

There were murmured and generally polite responses from the others, even though the fitting in part wasn’t exactly agreed on. Mal had brought him aboard, and this man might well be good at certain things, but Inara was anything but comfortable in his presence.

She wasn’t sure if it was a good or a bad uncomfortableness, all she knew was that she had to leave.

Seeing Jayne fill up what could have been his fourth or fifth bowl of protein, Inara rose gently to her feet and smiled at the people she already knew and liked.

“Please…excuse me. I’m going to retire to my shuttle for this evening.”

Mal and Wash rose from their seats as well, very gentlemanly as they wished her goodnight. Kaylee and Zoe smiled and wished her a pleasant rest of her evening. Jayne carried on eating, but before she did leave she saw him smile at her again.

Jayne Cobb was going to be a problem. A big one.



The sponge squeezed in her palm, letting droplets of water to slide over her shoulder and down her back. Inara dabbed at the trail where she could reach and then delicately washed the rest of her body, wetting the sponge in the bowl by her knees when needed.

She could use the ship’s shower to wash, but the small cubicle didn’t allow much room and it was much more comfortable here. In the privacy of her shuttle, she was assured that she wouldn’t have Mal or any of the crew interrupt suddenly…most of the time. With Mal it was never assured, despite her conditions to him when she first came aboard.

The sponge stroked along her neck, releasing water down across the curves of her breasts and into the juncture between her legs. The water was turning a little cold now, for the wash took time and had to be done in a certain way, but it felt good. The slow trickles seemed far more refreshing than an actual shower. It was a shame that there were no baths on this boat…that would have been preferable.

Before she could finish her routine, there was a knock on the door. It wasn’t Mal, because he rarely knocked. So it had to be Him.

Inara glanced over her shoulder and placed the sponge back in the bowl. She let out a frustrated sigh, for it had to be now that he would call. Inara lifted the silver sheet up over her body, fastened the clasp on each shoulder to hold it in place and rose to her feet.

The knock came again as she walked to the door and opened it. Jayne was standing before her, wearing a rather hideous looking-striped shirt. He had smartened himself up since she saw him at dinner and was certainly trying to make an effort to please her.

“Yes, Jayne?”

The merc stood to attention and smiled. He noticed the glistening sheen on her skin and the tip of his tongue poked from his mouth and ran across his dry lips. Then he shuffled a little on his feet and cleared his throat.


“Good evening,” she politely replied.

There was a long pause. Jayne didn’t do anything except smile that annoying smile.

“Well…aintcha gonna invite me in?” asked Jayne, after a few more minutes went by.

“I’m sorry, Jayne….” Inara knew already the answer to her next question but she was going to ask it anyway. “What do you want?”

Those broad shoulders sagged a little and a confused, almost childlike expression took over from the smile. He was playing…pretending to be hurt.

“Hey nows, I thought you an’ me were gonna get to know each other better.”

“I’ve already told you…as you’re now under the Captain’s employ, I will not be servicing you.”

It didn’t take a Reader to know exactly what went through Jayne Cobb’s head. It didn’t even need any of Inara’s training to know.

If he wanted and desired something…no….there was no hiding.

“I thought perhaps I could do the servicin’.” 

His eyes widened, his eyebrows wiggled suggestively and once again there was the rumble from within his chest, the sound which resonated pleasurably in her bones. When she didn’t respond, the new merc took to staring at her. Those dazzling blues lost the playful lust behind them and they heated up with a deadly serious intent and desire. The stare burrowed deeper and deeper into her, looking for the very thing she had wanted to keep concealed. The corner of his mouth curled upwards and it sent another warm excited quiver all over.

It was uncanny, no one else had ever provoked a variety of emotions and sensations within her, no one had ever riled her up so much….with one exception.

But unlike Mal, Jayne wasn’t going to resort to word games or run circles round her.

She should bid him goodnight and close the door, giving him  a clear indication that she didn’t want him to be here, but she didn’t.

“I’m sure you think you could service me,” Inara said, quite calmly. “However, I don’t make a habit of lying with men I don’t know on just a whim.”

“You like to talk then, do ya?” he crooned, taking a slight step forward. Inara stood her ground, perturbed by the heat radiating off of him and by the awful shirt he was wearing. “I can do the talky thing, if you want.”

This was dangerous ground, especially when his intentions were so clear. Perhaps a friendly chat with the merc would be beneficial. It would give her the opportunity to lay certain parameters down, to put things straight about what would be acceptable and not, from now on. Jayne would be expecting nothing less.      

“Very well, come in.” Inara stepped aside to allow Jayne to enter her shuttle. He edged past and looked around her home a mix between a mischievous little boy and a lone wolf scouting for his next meal. Or a mate?

 Inara wasn’t surprised he’d be like this, but she was certainly intrigued as he walked round, wide-eyed and inquisitive into all her belongings and finery. He was impressed with the layout, and proceeded to touch at a few of her belongings. His fingers gently rubbed and felt the texture of her silk sheets, which made him smirk again. He noted and catalogued in his mind--with approval--the bow she hung on her wall and he accepted that the majority of her open displays of tapestries and other knick-knacks were the norm in a Companion’s dwelling. Inara couldn’t help but smile as he picked up from a small china vase, her incense sticks. The look of disgust and the vocal hiss was astonishingly endearing, something which Inara never expected.

She was slipping and that scared her. A lot.

“Please…” Inara held out her hand to the chair by the door and smiled. “Sit. I’ll make us some tea.”

A grunting of agreement replied back to her and Jayne sauntered over to the chair. Inara walked over to her tea table and began to make some. The loud “thwamp” of Jayne slumping into her chair was followed by straining squeaks as he tried to make himself comfortable.

“So…this is where you do your whorin’ then? A bit fancy ain’t it, just for sexin’ folk?”

“This is not a brothel, Jayne,” Inara said as she measured out the right amounts of tea for each cup. She didn’t turn around, because the smug tone of his voice would surely be showing on his face. “Nor am I a whore. This is a place of union, not just for physical joining but for spiritual as well. My clients need to be comfortable.”

Inara placed a small pot of water on to boil.

“I sure am comfy!” 

“You are not a client.”

“You made that clear enough.”

“And you have made your own intentions abundantly clear as well.”

Inara set the cups on a tray along with some milk. There was another squeak from her chair followed by an amuse chortle of laughter.

“Way I see it, if you wanna sex someone…it ain’t gonna happen if you don’t do somethin’ ‘bout it. So I’m doin’ somethin’ ‘bout it.”

The tiny teaspoons clattered on the saucers. The tea water was now boiled, so Inara picked it up carefully with a cloth and poured some of the water into each cup.

“Not everyone is as open about their feelings as you are. Nor do they appreciate such forwardness.” Inara laid a black napkin beside one of the cups and began to fold it.

“Are you one of them, ‘Nara?” The companion closed her eyes briefly as the tone of Jayne’s voice deepened again, the sound immensely arousing. “You ‘preciate me bein’ forward?”

Damn this man. Inara bit her lip and attempted to keep her calm. She pretended to be preparing the tea, but it was difficult. This pig…this man was doing what countless of men had failed to do in the past. She was one of her House’s top Companions, she had surpassed all her trainers on Shinon and now…this scruffy, muscled ruffian was putting all her training—years of her life—to waste just by uttering a few words! 

“What I would appreciate is--!” Inara turned and nearly jumped out of her skin as she almost collided into Jayne. She hadn’t heard him get up from the chair or cross the room. She hadn’t felt his close presence, but here he was, so close to her that she could practically breathe him. 

Gun oil…mixed with a powerful scent of male that made her stumble. Strong, calloused hands gripped her shoulders to steady her and in that instant she felt him shake. Inara looked up at Jayne Cobb and saw no lurid expression or a dirty smirk, but instead there was a smile. A genuine and pleasant smile shone from behind the scruffy goatee and his eyes lightened somewhat, though the want still flared behind them.

“How’s this fer bein’ forward?” he whispered, stroking his thumbs over her wet skin. “You are the most beautiful woman I did ever see in my life an’ I can tell you are likin’ what you see in return. How ‘bout we stop this talkin’ and get on with what we both really want…huh?”

“And you think you know what I want?” Inara scowled, concentrating more on the horrible striped shirt than Jayne’s bulking body. There was a purring growl. 

“I can see it clear as day. Not anyone would mind…yer good. Hide things real well, but I can see. You want me. You wanna taste of the Rim.”

“Preposterous.” Inara wasn’t even convinced of her lie and it angered her. “I did not ask you into my home to have sex with you!”

“Yeah... it’s against your rule ain’t it?” His fingers trailed down her arms and he took hold of her hands. “You’re shakin’.”

“I’m angry. How dare you--!”

Inara gasped as the thin material that had covered up her body slipped down and fell to the floor around her ankles. She was never afraid of nudity, her own or others’…but now as she stood before Serenity’s new merc, she was definitely feeling uncertain…and very excited.

“Sorry….my hands slipped.” Jayne murmured. “Now….’bout that rule of yours?”

Jayne stepped forward, his hands loosened from hers and snaked achingly slow around her waist before pulling her up against him. She could feel his desire, hard and hot, and as her whole body swelled against his, her head fell back.

She felt his lips touch against her neck.

Inara supposed she could make this one exception.

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thefriskyfire From: thefriskyfire Date: April 3rd, 2011 11:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Ok, now you know me, I'm a Rayne gal, staunchly so, through and through. Nonetheless, this was a fabulous character study!

Loved Inara noticing what Jayne was doing, testing the air, the scents, recognising that it was what any good tracker did. I thought the dialogue was spot on - I can totally see their first meeting going exactly that way. Seriously, this was excellent, really really in character and well suited. Inara is such a sharp bunny, she would notice anything and everything, and I liked that she was drawn to him despite his obvious shortcomings.

Brilliant writing!
(Deleted comment)
thefriskyfire From: thefriskyfire Date: April 3rd, 2011 01:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
LOL! Agreed, I must say I like that version the bestest!
bigbadjayne From: bigbadjayne Date: April 3rd, 2011 10:25 pm (UTC) (Link)


This was a wonderful piece, lively, well written and an excellent character study. It stopped short I'm certain because you felt the bile rise in your throat.

The rest of my reply is far too long, and I've decided to make it a post of my own. Do not think I don't appreciate what you wrote, I absolutely do, it's wonderful. But really, this whole Rayner hatred of my ship just makes me wonder-
basched From: basched Date: April 4th, 2011 04:27 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Again, my friend I so sincerely apologise. :(

I never meant to disrespect you or your ship. I was supposed to be your friend and I messed you up. :(
ludzu_alus From: ludzu_alus Date: April 3rd, 2011 11:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
That was sexy. I also very much liked the description of Jayne's testing the smells of his new place. He is smarter than most give him credit for. :)

Good stuff!!
basched From: basched Date: April 4th, 2011 04:55 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you. Pleased you liked it. :)
night_lotus From: night_lotus Date: April 6th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC) (Link)
I enjoyed how this piece played upon Jayne's skills as a tracker. He certainly does know how to stalk and capture his prey, doesn't he? I always so enjoy the hunt when Jayne is involved.

While Jayne and Inara may appear to be a study in contrasts on the surface, at their cores lies very similar desires, which you did an excellent job of portraying. Your characterizations of both of them had depth and feeling.

I'm very pleased that Inara decided to make an exception.

Cheers to you my friend!


basched From: basched Date: April 6th, 2011 09:24 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thanks Lotus! (Your reply worked btw! LJ isn't totally down)

I'm pleased that you liked it and that it came out okay.

Mwah! much love.
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