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A Brother's Secret Chapter Two - basched
A Brother's Secret Chapter Two

Title: We Know Already (Castle)  
Pairing/Characters: Ryan, Esposito, Castle, Beckett
Genre: Humour, friendship, romance
Rating: It's safe.
Summary:  Ryan talks to Castle about Esposito's new relationship.  
Author's Note: Nothing much else to say about this, except that its beta'd by  [info]bigbadjayne Mistakes are mine, not his. I don't own Castle, Esposito or Ryan (which is a big bummer.) Do enjoy. 



They got the work done. Any information Beckett requested, they retrieved with no problems, for the duo were the best. Given any task—even if it was the dullest, most tedious job of all—Ryan and Esposito came through, mostly giving Beckett the chance to follow up on a new lead. They were utter professionals despite the fact that both of them were hiding something from one another.

Well most of the time they were professional.

"Looks like someone's got a secret." Ryan hadn't intended that for his partner at first. As the two of them watched Castle muck around with the x-ray specs, he had been referring to Castle's doomed relationship with his ex-wife and current girlfriend. Esposito's response however allowed for more coaxing. Kevin tried really hard to keep a straight face. His friend's outburst of "How did you find out?" provoked an immediate inner monologue of "Because seeing it now, the pair of you are so damned obvious." Instead Ryan whacked the newspaper into his friend's hand and showed him the picture of Rick Castle and Gina.

"So that's what he was talking about this morning."

Ryan was hugely intrigued by that comment. Did Castle know as well or was he too wrapped up in his own failing relationship? Ryan sighed and decided to-very sneakily-get the answer as to why Esposito was being like he was.

"What I don't understand is why he'd try to hide it from us. I mean, we're like family…"

He looked to his friend out of the corner of his eye and saw the sombre and deep thoughtful look creasing Javier's face.

"Maybe he's just afraid of what we'd think."

So that's why. Did Esposito really think that much of him that he wouldn't understand about him and Lanie? Course there was the whole sleeping with someone you worked with-it doesn't work out—it can cause confrontations within the team, but for his partner, "brother", and for Lanie of course, he hoped that it did work out.

Seeing those two behave like teens, sneaking around and pretending it was only their secret, was amusing. It seemed genuine to Ryan but Javier's paranoia about everyone knowing was evidence enough that it was serious. Kevin may have only found out by seeing the pictures on the phone, but as he thought back on the least few weeks, he recalled the couple's usual banter had been a little more flirtatious than normal. He couldn't have been the only who had noticed this new behaviour. Ryan was interested to know how long this relationship had been going on for and who else knew?

"Yo, dude…can you call the brother of the deceased again for us?" asked Espositio, rising to his feet and jerking a thumb towards the door. "Gotta visit the little boy's room."

"Course, but do you need me to come along and hold your hand?"

"I don't need you holding my hand, Ryan."

"Okay…but make sure you go properly because Jav…the others really don't like it when you spray everywhere."

"I know how to pee, bro." Esposito smirked.

"Okay, then don't forget to wash your hands."

Javier paused for a moment, frowning as he tried to remember something. Then he clicked his fingers and rubbed his hands together, smiling as he went along with the joke.

"Oh…is that what the soap is for?"

"Well done!"

As soon as Esposito left, chuckling to himself, Ryan got up from his desk and rushed over to where Castle was still looking round wearing the ridiculous x-ray spectacles. Beckett had gone off somewhere—foolishly leaving the novelist unattended and thus allowing him to gaze at the female officers walking by with a grin on his face.

"Hello ladies!" he crooned, jokingly of course. Everyone knew that he only ever really had eyes for Beckett. Ryan tapped Castle on the shoulder to make him turn round. Rick's arms immediately rose to cover his face and the specs. "No! Too much information! My eyes! My eyes!"

"Very funny, Castle."

"It's hideous!" Castle ripped the glasses from his face and threw them on the desk beside him. He shivered in pretend fear. "Tell me Detective Ryan, how does sweet Jenny cope with having to see that every day? Oh…she does…see it every day, does she?"

"You really are on top form today, aren't you?"

Castle beamed at such an ego boost, though his eyebrow quirked up at the following silence.

"No witty comeback? Are you wanting to ask me something serious?"


"Ah!" Castle nodded in complete understanding. His head bobbed like one of those novelty geisha dolls the four had come across last week during an investigation. There had been crates of these strange yet fascinating dolls, but none of the detectives ever managed to find the crew who had transported the order. Castle leaned back in his chair and adopted a pose of utter smugness. "I was wondering when you were going to talk to me about this."

"So…you know? About Esposito and Lanie?"

"You didn't know?" Castle sounded surprised.

"Well…I always thought those two might have had something going on with the way they've been bickering, but I didn't actually find out until today. How did you know?"

"Saw them out on a date together. She looked stunning! Well so did he, but the doctor was far more fetching. It's quite the news isn't it?"

Ryan smiled. Of course Castle knew and as he went to just about every fancy restaurant in the city, it would naturally have been him to have spotted the couple out on the town.

"Was she wearing this low cut red dress?" Ryan asked.

"No…she was wearing a black slinky number…" Castles hands gestured suggestively over his own body.


"Almost a month ago. I would hazard a guess that it was their first official date. It was all very awkward. Wine…good wine I might add…was spilt." Castle sighed and feigned sorrow. "Her dress was ruined."

"So what do you think about it?"

"It really flattered her! Showed a little bit of back and leg…"

"I meant my best friend and Beckett's best friend dating! Not the dress."

Castle adopted his pondering look and after a while did seem to be contemplating it, instead of pretending.

"Work relationships seldom end well."

"Like you and Gina."

"Yes…well…" Castle shook his head, his face scrunching up as he clearly didn't want to talk about that situation. "This isn't about me and Gina. For our little Spanish friend, it all depends on what his motives are. He has a great deal to lose. If he gets her hopes up and then decides to end it, not only will Lanie be pissed at him, but Beckett will as well. It's not wise to get on the wrong side of those two…unless pain and suffering is his thing?"

"No. Not really."

"Good. We can assume Esposito has thought of this and wants a lasting relationship, which is lovely, considering he's not the normal relationship type of guy. I sincerely it hope it does work out for them, they seem very happy together. However, if they ever reach Esposito's "pancakes for breakfast" stage, that's when we have to be cautious. "

"I think the pancakes have already been made and eaten."

"Oh really?" Castle leaned forward in his chair, wide eyed and fascinated at this new piece of news. So the writer didn't know everything. "I suppose I should have known with the way he's been behaving this morning. So? What's the verdict?"

"I would say it went well." Ryan inadvertently thought back to the picture he'd seen on Eposito's phone. Unfortunately, it wasn't any of the ones of Lanie. Dammit! He cleared his throat and pretended to look at the coffee machine. "Yeah…very well."

"Excellent!" Castle rose to his feet, smacked a hand on Ryan's back and grinned proudly. "Then we can relax and let the two have their moments while they last."

"But Castle…what I don't understand is why they're both pretending nothing is happening!"

The novelist shrugged his shoulders and then wrapped an arm around Ryan's shoulders.

"Detective…there are a number of possible reasons why your best pal in all the world hasn't told you about this new relationship. It's personal for starters. Or it might not be his idea, could be all down to Lanie. Esposito could be keeping it a secret because the whole element of being discovered and found out, is a real big turn on."


"Of course! It's risky, dangerous! It's more fun if there's a chance of being caught."

"No, I meant are you seriously trying to talk to me about what turns on my partner?"

"You two have talked about it before…in front of the whole office, if I remember rightly."

Castle was right. Ryan pushed the other man's arm off his shoulder and slowly walked over to the coffee machine. Castle followed and the two men did the little coffee machine dance, swopping places and avoiding bumping into each other as they made their own espressos.

Once the drinks were made, the two of them leaned against the table and took synchronized sips of their coffee. They both gasped a pleased "aaah" at the same time and then there was a little silence which provoked Castle's elbow to nudge Ryan and his eyebrow to rise again in question.

"So…how did you know about the pancake breakfast?"

"Truthfully?" They sipped more coffee. "I borrowed his phone and I saw the photographic evidence."

"Oh! Care to tell me about it?"

"You really want to know?" asked Ryan scrunching his face up.

"I really want to! Were you being sneaky?"

"It was an accident!"

That eyebrow rose again and Ryan didn't like it. He shook his head.

"No…don't go with the guilt thing. It was a plain and simple mistake and the touchscreen was a little smudgy…"

The author wasn't believing him. He simply nodded with a "yeah, sure!" sarcastic expression on his face and took a long slurp at his coffee.


Beckett's voice yelling from the other side of the bullpen jerked the men's heads round. The female detective was waving at Castle urgently, a clear signal for him to join her. Castle drained his espresso and dumped the cup by the side of the machine before whacking Ryan on the back again.

"The screen was a little smudgy? Really?"

Ryan cringed again when both of Castle's eyebrows rose and wiggled suggestively.

"You are so wrong, you know that?"

"I never said it, you thought it! Anyway, must dash! You can tell me the full story later." Castle grinned, turned round to face the impatient Beckett and slipped on the specs before running off after her.

The lone detective sighed and finished off his coffee. The buzz from the espresso did little to alleviate the chaotic thoughts going through his mind. It was going to be a long day.

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ludzu_alus From: ludzu_alus Date: April 19th, 2011 07:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hahahha! This was hilarious! You've got those three (four if you count Beckett) down just right! Love!!!!
basched From: basched Date: April 19th, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
Cheers lass!! XD i'm so pleased to know that I got the characters right!

Next chapter is still in progress. Ryan talks to Beckett! XD
goddessofbirth From: goddessofbirth Date: April 19th, 2011 07:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Love it! You've really weaved the actual episode in very well with the original parts of the fic.
basched From: basched Date: April 19th, 2011 08:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
Cheers G!! XD Much appreciated!
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