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The Colonel Versus The Sister- Chapter Seven - basched
The Colonel Versus The Sister- Chapter Seven

Title: "Do You Want Something More Out Of Your Life?"
Characters/Pairings: Casey, Ellie, Chuck/Sarah, Morgan/Anna, Shaw, Ed "Porky" Rawlins (OC), Alex McHugh, Keller, Reece (OC) 
Genre:  Tragedy, humour, romance, angst. 
Rating: At the moment, nothing too bad, but later chapters will make it higher. 
Summary:  Anna finds out a secret when she goes on a job to help Chuck at a museum. Alex McHugh is given a mission of her own.  
A/N:   This is MY version of "Chuck vs The Mask." Essentially, Anna replaces Hannah! XD  Do enjoy this, I had fun writing it.

Major thanks to [info]kuryakingirl who beta'd this for me! xxxx and to imashark  who made my icon! Thank you!


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