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Title: Dastardly Crime (part two)
Characters/Pairings: Rayne. Jayne, River, Mal, Kaylee, Simon
Genre:  Humour/romance 
Rating:  It's not too bad. A little bit of sexual mentioning.
Summary: Jayne does fiendish crime. 

Author's Note:  A belated (forgive me) fic for [info]dtsguru She gave me a prompt and this was the result. Hope you like it lass. Beta'd by   [info]ultra_fic   and[info]bigbadjayne 

Again, cannot put into a link. I dunno why! 


No one knew exactly what happened to the pair while they were finishing off a deal. All the crew did know was that Jayne had a score to settle.  They didn’t question why or how he was covered in scratch marks and his clothes were all torn, but his bad temper and River’s amused smirk hinted at an interesting and hilarious reason, a reason that was bound to be revealed.  

It had something to do with the very large and heavy sack Jayne was holding in one hand.

“You were laughin’ at me!” Jayne growled into River’s face. “You screwed up my op and then laughed at me!”

“Should have brought a gun! I told you! Your plan was all wrong!”

“No, it weren’t! If I had taken out the fat one first, they wouldn’t have noticed! Instead ya tell me to take out the Leader and make them lose their gorram ruttin’ minds! I could'a been killed!”

“Your death was very unlikely! I surmised that the leader was the most dangerous! His extermination would have lessened the risk of my Jayne-man being hurt! It was a logical course of action, but I was wrong. They did not behave logically.” She shrugged her shoulders. It infuriated Jayne even more. 

“They ain’t ‘kin logical! They don’t think logic! They near as dammit took ruttin’ chunks outta me! Came at me from all angles! Take that gorram smirk off ya face! It ain’t funny! ”

“I helped you, did I not?”  She cooed.

“Yeah, only after laughing at me!”

“But don’t worry now, bao bei.” River cuddled up to him and pretended to take several bites out of his side. “They were dealt with and we came away with a plentiful prize! I shall now keep my promise, to make up for your suffering.”

The anger vanished and a crafty, dirty look, complete with smirk came over Jayne’s face. Such an expression did not make Mal or Simon feel good at all. They went to protest, but Inara held out her hands in front of them to keep them back.

 “Ya... y’will?”  He dropped the bag he had been carrying and gathered River up into his arms, dragging her legs round his waist. Their foreheads pressed together and she nuzzled at his neck, making the merc purr with delight.  His anger at River appeared to be forgotten.

“I promised. With the boots as well!”

“Hell yeah, girl!”  Jayne let loose an excited chuckle and began to hurry over to the stairs. River laughed as well and clung tightly to him, as his hands wandered low and up beneath her dress. “We’ll be in my bunk!”

“No! ” Simon cried out desperately as the merc carried his sister up the stairs. “River! Captain…stop them please!”

“I--!” Mal was speechless. He shook his head. This had been a long time coming, though the Captain was impressed that it had taken Jayne this long before acting.

“What about this?!” asked Kaylee picking up the bag Jayne had dropped.

The couple had reached the doorway. Jayne was staggering a little and pushed River up against the frame, his hands clearly gripping at her bottom beneath the red fluttering material of her dress. He looked down at the bag and then gazed at the scratches and marks all over his arms and at his torn t-shirt.

His eyes darkened and for a brief moment he looked almost ashamed.

“Foe was defeated!” gasped River, patting Jayne proudly on his head. “Enemy vanquished and the rewards are plentiful! The brave thief is going to be treated well!”

“Too ruttin’ right I am!”

There was a whimper from Simon’s direction.

“Don’t worry.” Kaylee chirped, waving him away. “I’ll deal with it. You two go and have good sex!”

“Kaylee!” Simon gasped.

“What?! Nothin’ in the ‘verse is gonna stop them now! Let them, its ‘bout time an’ all!”

“That’s my—!” There were crashes, bangs, and booms and shrieks of laughter and Simon slapped his hand over his eyes and shook his head. “That’s my sister.”



 Jayne collapsed to the floor, panting and gasping for breath. He rolled onto his back and looked up at the rutted silly expression on River’s face as she peered over the edge of his bed. She  could barely move, or keep her eyes open, but that satisfied and pleasured goofy grin on her face made Jayne do his own.

“That…” Jayne could hardly speak, he was so tired. His sweat drenched body was still shaking, jerking for more of her, “was…so…worth…the….”

“Worth the wait.” Her weakened voice replied. “A long time coming.”

“Yeah, we did.”

River’s giggle even sounded tired. Her arm rose a little bit and with little strength she had, she tried to slap him, but only succeeded in swiping the air.

“Silly! Not what I meant!”

“I know whatcha meant.” Jayne wiped the sweat from his face and grinned. “So glad you kept them boots on though.”

“Great Gallus gallus domesticus killer deserved it.”

Jayne growled and forced himself to sit up. He swayed a little and then rested his arms on the side of his bed, so he was face to face with River.

“I was gettin’ that wang ba dan wot owned ‘em, back for calling my girl a crazed loon!”

“You call me a crazed loon.” River snuggled up to him and rested her face in the crook of his arm. “You call me lots of names.”

“I’m allowed ta. Your mine.”

River hummed an agreeing note.

“And the chicken killer is mine.” 

“Would’ve preferred to have smashed his face in.”

“I know you would have.”

“But you….”

“I apologise for being wrong and for laughing at my chicken killer. It was funny to see big muscled man screaming like a girl as they flocked around him. You should have brought a gun.”

“All right already! Just don’t be tellin’ the others what really happened.  Dong ma?

Shi.  I will tell a story befitting for a brave and daring mercenary around the dinner table when we eat your kill!”

 “Good. Now move over…I’m wanna sleep in my bed not on the gorram floor.”

Jayne hauled himself up and after three attempts managed to slump his body down onto the bed. River had to move and was nearly squashed up against the wall, but she slipped on to him—and nearly off him and onto the floor—and lightly patted his face. His eyes were drooping.

“I do not want to sleep now. We must continue.”

“Again?” One eye opened and glared back at her. River nodded. “Well, I am still pissed off atcha.”

“As you should be.”

Jayne grinned and placed his hands on her hips. That grin faded at hearing the one sound from River he never wanted to hear, especially in this situation.

Her chicken impression wasn't funny.

“Oh… now you’re gonna pay.”

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