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Title: Kitty
Characters/Pairings: Casey, Chuck, Sarah
Rating: It should be fine. No worries.
Summary: Casey makes a new friend.
Author's Note: This is for    [info]raevon0206    . I had actually comeup with this idea quite a while ago and it was going to be for Amy as well. Since then I've come up with a good Chuck plot to go with it.  So this is a strange idea of "Chuck" meets "Monsters Inc." hope you like it Amy. Happy Birthday!!


“Casey! Buddy!”


Being called “Buddy” usually meant bad news for the NSA Colonel who smiled and said goodbye to the customer he had just helped serve a Beast master to. When the “Buddy!” cried out again, John Casey muttered angrily under his breath and turned to face the problem head on, with a scowl he hoped would send the moron in the other direction, away from him.


Charles Bartowski came rushing up to him with his usual goofy grin on his face, despite that he was more than a half decent spy. In his hand were some papers. He flapped them annoyingly in John’s face and the growl Casey gave back didn’t even deter him.


Chuck wasn’t scared by his threats nearly as often now. He had to do something about that.


                “Buddy! I need a favour! Can you file these install papers for me? I’m finishing early today…IE…now…because of the big date with Sarah! I’m running late, so I don’t have time to do it myself. Big Mike will not be happy if they’re not done. So the pink copies go to accounting at Head Office, fuchsia is filed in the big green folder and the gold coloured ones go to Big Mike! Leave the puce! Thanks Casey! I owe you one!”


Before John could threaten the Intersect with the necessary removal of his man parts or ask what was puce, Chuck thrusted the papers directly into his hand and ran off.


Casey took only a moment to calm down and then realized he was standing looking a little bewildered in the middle of the Buy More. Some passing customers looked at him in a strange manner but they too ignored him and so reluctantly Casey headed out the back to file away Bartowski’s papers.


The stock room was, as usual, a mess. He had made it spotless only a few hours before and it was so tidy that dust would never dream of settling in here again. The Buy Morons had somehow screwed up his system and ruined it all, which was typical. The cage was a tip with broken computers all scattered over the floor. He wasn’t going to start tidying up again, because in a few hours’ time, his own shift will have finished.


                As he walked over to the shelf filled with folders and misplaced papers, and for a brief moment he paused. Casey smiled at the thought of his impending free time away from the Buy More, it was not often he got invited round Eleanor Bartowski’s apartment but she had requested his presence to try a new dish. Being in good company and with excellent food would be a welcome end to his day.


                He pulled the green folder from the shelf and watched a load of papers fall to the floor as the broken clips in the folder couldn’t hold them in place. He looked down at a couple in particular and raised an eye brow.


                “So that’s what puce looks like. Huh.”


                He was about to pick them all up when a tiny sound from within the stacked boxes made him become alert. His hand reached for his gun at the back of his pants and he listened for further sounds.


It came again, a scraping and shuffling near the stored washing machines made him pull out his gun and he stealthily crept towards them. He scanned the room, in case he was mistaken or whoever it was had moved and he sided up beside the boxes. Casey flattened his back against them and checked that his gun was loaded and ready. He listened once more.


                There was a pop, pop, pop. It was the sound of bubble wrap being played with.


                Several morons in this place liked to burst the plastic air bubbles, yet he recalled that Morgan and those few individuals were still out on the shop floor.


                Casey took a couple of breaths and then came from behind the washing machines, his gun pointing at, what he hoped, was an intruder.


                All there was was a bundle of bubble wrap. Casey scowled.


                There was another sound, a clatter of DVD cases behind him.


                Casey spun round and headed over to the DVDs, determined to find out who the hell was playing around. There was no one there.


                His patience was wearing thin.


                Casey once again looked round the storage area, listening but finding nothing. He was about to pick his phone from his pocket and call Walker, when he got the sensation that he was being watched.


                There was no sense of danger, Casey could feel it. Whoever was in here, was not a threat and wouldn’t be carrying a gun. These “senses” didn’t happen all the time, but when he felt no threat, Casey was usually right. He put the gun away, tucking it securely in the waistband of his slacks and when another scan of the room failed to reveal anything, there was only one more option.


                He looked down.




                John’s eyes widened in shock and he staggered back and away from the tiny toddler gazing up at him with wide eyes and a big happy grin. He hadn’t been expecting a little kid, but seeing her there, tugging on one of her ebony pig tails and waving a chubby little hand at him, made Casey recoil in surprise. 


                He impacted with the wall behind him and for a moment was speechless before the girl.


                She was very small, tiny, her long black hair was scrunched up into two ponytails either side of her head and she wore a pink dress and white sandals. She was looking up at Casey with adoring brown eyes and jiggling on the spot with her arms open wide. She was laughing, and muttering incomprehensible words and she was obviously wanting Casey to pick her up.


                Casey wasn’t good with kids. Yeah he had one of his own, but she was over twenty years old and could speak quite clearly. He never saw Alex when she was this age, (this kid was-what?-two or three years old?) he never even knew of Alex until last year, and he was uncomfortable with her as an adult.


                How was he supposed to behave with this one?


                Who was she?!


                How did this girl get back here and where the hell are her parents?!



                “Na-nah-na!!” the girl really wanting that hug. Casey didn’t do hugs very well.


                He got his phone and was about to call Walker when he felt the tiny thing impact with his leg and wrap her arms around his calf. The squeeze she gave him wasn’t strong but it sure was uncomfortable for him. The girl hugged his leg and then rubbed her cheek against the material of his pants, humming pleasantly. Casey lifted his leg to try and get her to let go, but instead he only lifted her up off the ground and made her laugh again.


                “Kid…let go!” he growled. The vocalization made her laugh even more, high pitched and squealing and it made Casey frown. “What you doing here? Where’s your mom?”


                He gave his leg a shake but it was only when he put his foot back down that she released her grip. However the girl opened her arms wide, wanting to be picked up.


                Casey growled again, however it was more of an uncomfortable purr and the sound seemed to fascinate the girl. She glared up at him with an open mouth and blinked a couple of times before letting out another laugh. She jumped up and down waving her hands and clapping them with absolute glee.




                Huh?! Hell no! Did she just call him--gulp--kitty??!


                “No! I ain’t a…” Casey moved away from the boxes and edged backwards towards the door. The little girl followed him and he tried to move again, but she just scurried after him. She was persistent but then Casey was too. He got out his phone and pressed the speed dial.


                “Walker! It’s Casey.”


                “Casey, is there a problem?”


                “Yeah there’s a problem!” Casey edged towards the cage. “There’s a kid in the Buy More.”


                There was silence on the other end of the phone and then in the back round Chuck’s voice was clearly heard asking if Casey was being serious. The girl tried to grab at Casey’s leg again, calling out for him in a jibber jabber of toddler speak, but Casey managed to avoid her and even shoved a few empty cardboard boxes in her way. She was curious at these obstacles at first but after nearly falling inside one and noting that they were empty, she put her focus back on Casey.


                “Casey, lots of kids go into the Buy More.” Sarah’s voice said, rather loudly, but her attempt to hide Chuck’s sniggering behind her wasn’t fooling him. “It’s a family store.”


                “Yeah, like I don’t know that, Walker!” Casey looked down at the girl who was now chewing on a finger and dribbling a little. Casey’s face screwed up with slight disgust. “I’m saying that there is a kid, female, IC1, approximately three years old, in the store room of the Buy More. Unsupervised!  No sign of parents, no indication of where she came from!”


                “And you think she could be some kind of security threat to Chuck or to the country?”  


                “Walker, I don’t have time for your--!”


                Walker controlled her mirth and cleared her throat.


                “Casey, she’s probably a little girl who has wandered off from her parents and gotten lost. Have you taken her to the front of the store and looked for her parents?”


                “Er…no.” Casey cursed himself. It was clearly the obvious thing to do. “I’ll get on to it. You and Bartowski carry on with the rest of your date.”


                “There’s no need to be afraid. It’s just a little girl.”


                “I’m not afraid of little girls, Walker!


                “Kitty! Um ba!! Da da DA!” 


                Walker clearly heard the little girl’s call for Casey and was now laughing as she tried to tell Chuck what had happened. Casey snarled and cut the call off.


                Walker had been right. This little girl had wandered away whilst her parents weren’t paying attention--damned idiots--and had gotten lost back here. It would be just a simple case of going to the front of the store and finding out who she belonged to.


                There was no security threat or danger.


                Casey decided that he would take her to the front of the store and use the intercom to find the parents. A lost child announcement should be easy enough.


                He looked down and there was no sign of her. What the hell?! He spun round only to glimpse a flash of pink scurry behind him again. He could hear her laughter and the slapping of her sandals on the floor, but when he turned, she disappeared from his sight again.


The three year old was running circles around him.


“Quit it!”


The sound of a wet blowing raspberry made Casey spin faster and finally he was able to snatch up the toddler by the scruff of her dress and lift her right up to his face. She cried out in elation, giggling and flapping her limbs, obviously thinking that she was flying.


                “Right…let’s get you to your folks.”


                “Ri dit! Wan ri dit!” The toddler blurted out something he couldn’t quite make out from the laughing, but as she was still held in his hand, she was pointing at his back.


                No. Casey shook his head and carried her out of the store room at arm’s length.


                No damned piggyback rides and definitely no hugs!



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6 comments or Leave a comment
kuryakingirl From: kuryakingirl Date: May 9th, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
I know we've talked about this particular plot bunny before...

And OMGeeeee, I'm so glad it finally came to fruition! KITTY! I freakin' *love* Monster's Inc., it's probably my favorite Pixar film to date. And Casey is most definitely Kitty!

Eagerly off to the next part!

LOVE this, A. LOVE this.

basched From: basched Date: May 10th, 2011 03:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks E!! XD

Monsters Inc is one of my favourites as well! Boo is adorable and well, who else could be Kitty is real life? It has to be Casey!

From: raevon0206 Date: May 10th, 2011 10:44 am (UTC) (Link)
LOVE IT! Thank you for my present.

I'll give you a right proper hug in Vegas BABY!

Is it wrong that I want to be the girl Casey picks up and carries around?? ;-)
basched From: basched Date: May 10th, 2011 01:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
You are more than welcome Amy! Only nine more days to go! Well...nine for me when I fly on the plane!


A big hug for sure when we meet!

No...its not wrong to be picked up and carried by Casey. Those strong arms.......hmmmmm!
night_lotus From: night_lotus Date: May 10th, 2011 09:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ooohhh, this turned me into a melted puddle of goo on the floor!!

Casey and a teeny weeny toddler? Beyond precious. What is it about big, strong, tough guys holding little kids that is so sexy and precious at the same time?

I am already loving this and am off to read part two.

basched From: basched Date: May 11th, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm not sure what it is, but you are right! The image of Casey holding up a laughing toddler like that is just hilarious and precious!

Glad you're liking it so far! Cheers always for the comment.
6 comments or Leave a comment