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New Years Ahead - Beautiful Star - basched — LiveJournal
New Years Ahead - Beautiful Star


Title: Beautiful Star
Characters/Pairings: River/Jayne, Mal, Inara, Zoe, Simon, Kaylee, Finn (OC), Badger, Green-Eyes (OC) Mei Xing (OC)  
Genre:  Drama/Romance/Humour 
Rating: 18. For smut and swearages.
Summary: A week after Christmas, River  Mal, Jayne and Simon are arrested during their attempt to get River back and find out who was really behind the Academy.  
Author's Note:
I cannot believe I forgot to post this up on my LJ It's been on my ff.net for a long time and I forgot that most of my peeps read my stuff here. So...here we go! Apologies. Big word up to the dude [info]bigbadjayne   who beta'd this for me. MWAH! Mistakes are mine not his. So enjoy.


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