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Past/Present/Future Chapter Two - basched
Past/Present/Future Chapter Two

Title: So Tell Me..Future Boy Part II

Pairing/Characters: Becker/Matt

Genre: smut, humour, friendship/romance...ish.   

Rating:    18/ NC-17

Spoilers: Takes place in between episode four and five of Season 5.   

Summary:   A fight breaks out. The good kind.   

A/N:. Chapter two of my P/P/F story. Beta'd by the most awesome fredbassett  any mistakes or errors are completely mine. Do enjoy and I appreciate any comments.


 With his head pulled back by Becker’s hand, Matt stared up at him and willed him to continue. Becker wanted to, Matt could tell by the way his jaw and fist were clenching with frustration, he could tell by the look in his eyes. He wanted to, but something was holding him back.  

                “I don’t need sympathy.”  Becker released his hold and stepped aside, looking anywhere except at Matt. “Just go.”

                Eejit! You complete and utter eejit!

                Matt got to his feet and faced up to Becker, he stood toe to toe, heaving out his chest and barging it against him to goad him into reacting. Becker actually thought he was doing this as some last, sympathetic send off? Matt shook his head.

                Then he cracked a fist to Becker’s face.

                Becker took a couple of paces back, stunned as he watched a little blood trickle from his nose and in doing so, it left him unable to block Matt’s second blow to his stomach. Matt watched him bend over, clutching his belly and coughing before he planted both of his hands on his back and shoved him across the room.

                Becker landed straight into the back of his sofa and crumpled down to the ground. Matt heard him swearing as he tried to get up, but Becker had to be shown. Matt needed to show him that this wasn’t just last a send-off. It wasn’t one last fight.

                Becker slowly got to his feet, but he stumbled and had to support himself on the back of the sofa. Matt wasn’t going to wait for him. He too hauled himself upright, and adopted a fighting stance, with fists raised. Matt goaded Becker on. 

                After the revelation of him being from the future and his fascination with a certain person from the past, this fight was desperately needed.

                A right hook to Becker’s shoulder and a shocking left to his face wasn’t returned. Becker blocked all the attempts by Matt and he even managed to push him back a couple of times, but he didn’t hit back. Again Matt could see that he wanted to but Becker was still unsure and angry. He wasn’t in the fight and it wasn’t the same.

                Matt upped the pace. He quickened his attacks, but still all Becker did was block them.  

                Matt was already pumped up, a slight sweat from the effort was beginning to bead on his forehead and dampness already formed down his spine, sticking to his shirt. Matt was ready, he could take Becker right here right now if he wanted, he was that confident… but he didn’t. Not yet. 
                Becker continued to block, no matter how Matt tried to improvise his punches and soon arms were beginning to tire.  It carried on as a one-sided fight, Matt attacking and Becker refusing to strike back. As they manoeuvred around the furniture, knocking a few of Becker’s pictures to the floor — the glass frames smashing — Matt noticed that Becker was getting more and more irate. 
                He was resisting the fight and resisting him was something that Becker had never done before in their tussles. Usually the two of them put everything they could into it — the destruction of the men’s toilets was proof enough — but Becker wasn’t having it.   
                Well, Matt wasn’t going to let him resist any more. Matt feigned a few punches and then surprised Becker by striking out with his leg. His foot sent Becker back down to the floor, where it was obviously the last straw. 
                 “Right! That’s it you Irish git!” 
                 “Resorting to racial name calling?” Matt chuckled. “That’s low, Becker.” 
                 What came next was even lower. 

                Becker got back up and slowly walked up to Matt.  He wanted to say something that much was clear, but all Becker did was stand in front of him, huffing and puffing like some big bad wolf. 

                Then Matt felt it. 

                Becker grabbed him, his fingers curled round his erection and squeezed hard through his jeans. Matt nearly collapsed. His hands grabbed onto Becker’s shoulders and his legs began to shake as Becker’s squeeze began to massage and stroke up and down his crotch.
Everything was too tight…  Matt had to undo his jeans for he was far too hard. It was hurting so much but he liked it. Becker prevented him by pushing him back until he impacted with the front door. He brought his face closer to Matt’s, his deep panting breath was struggling to restrain what he wanted and Matt was going to help him give in. 

                It was only a light scrape. Matt placed both his hands on the back of Becker’s head and pulled him to his mouth, where he trailed his teeth lightly over Becker’s jaw and up to his ear. Matt’s light stubble grazed over Becker’s smooth skin, leaving a red mark on his cheek, and when he was sufficiently marked, Matt bit down on Becker’s ear. 

                The result was Becker releasing his grip on his crotch and shoving him again and again into the door. 

                “Is this is what you want?” asked Becker, thrusting himself up against Matt. “One more screw and then bugger off back to Emily?”

                Here we go! 

                Matt shook his head and smiled.    

                “Actually I was hoping for more than one screw and buggering here.” 


                “Becker… you are really are thick as shit aren’t you?” 

                Matt didn’t give him the chance to insult him back. He bit into Becker’s jaw and nipped hungrily along until he came to his mouth.  He kissed him briefly, before turning them both around and pushing Becker up against the door. Matt used his knee to part Becker’s legs and gave him a shove into the wood.  

                He grabbed the bottom of Becker’s t-shirt and pulled it up, scraping his fingers over his abdomen and chest before taking the shirt over his head. Becker was stunned for a few seconds and afterwards, Matt saw the realisation in his eyes. 

                “Caught up, have we?”  

                “I’m thick as shit?” 

                “It took you long enough to figure it out!” 

                “Oh shut the hell up!” 

                Becker’s hands were in his hair, a tight tugging hold that wrenched his head back again. Becker was never gentle and he certainly wasn’t when he bit a lot harder at Matt’s neck.  

                Matt bucked forward and into Becker, grabbing onto the edge of his jeans. He tried to bite him back, but he was caught by a crushing kiss and Matt ended up muttering cusses into Becker’s mouth.  

                Matt slammed Becker as hard as he could into the door, taking control of the kiss and ripping open the other man’s jeans with his hands. His fingers only lightly touched the tip of Becker’s cock through his boxers, but he felt it twitch and the low deep groan from Becker in the midst of the kiss spurred Matt on. He slammed him again at the door, his hands furiously pushing down Becker’s jeans in the process.
Becker began to undo Matt’s belt with one hand, though Matt wasn’t making it easy for him. The kiss was hard enough, accentuated with bites and interrupted with insults. Yet Matt wouldn’t let up.  

                Like macho teens trying to induce a playground scrap, they pushed each other back and forth, each shove getting harder and harder. It was only after a particularly hard push, when Matt crashed into the kitchen door, falling down to the ground and breaking the kiss that the fight started. 
                It was the best fight they had ever engaged in. It was great to have this much of a challenge and at the same time be completely turned on by his opponent.  

               They carried on, breaking and destroying everything around them, but filling both of them with adrenalin and surging testosterone. They were more alive than they had ever been and the rush increased with every move. Attack, counter-attack. Dodge, deflect. Insult, swear. Every tactic was used in the attempt to be the victor, to be the alpha, for there was still the primal instinct to prove who was the strongest.    
              The neighbours were certainly of no concern as Matt and Becker only cared for the buzz and outcome of their sparing. The ruckus may well have been annoying to the people living below and next door, but they didn’t care. No one else even existed.   

              In an attempt to trip him, Matt failed miserably as they ended up locked together in a wrestle, Becker squashing him against the wall. It was already too much, the close proximity of Becker, the feeling of him grinding into him was going to be his undoing and so the leverage he tried to use vanished. Instead of Becker being tripped up, Matt was flung over his shoulder. 

             He was not, however, dumped on the floor. Matt was instead left hanging over Becker’s shoulder, staring at his backside. This was not dignified and certainly not becoming of the alpha male in this partnership, which he thought he was. 

          “Looks like I’ve won again!” Becker laughed triumphantly as he carried Matt into his bedroom.  His hand slapped heavily on Matt’s rear.  “You lose, Future Boy!” 
          Future boy?  Damn, he’s going to be calling me that all the time.

          Matt was thrown from Becker’s shoulder and he landed heavily on the large bed. Something broke underneath. Thankfully it was only a few of the slats on the bed and not anything in his body. 

          Matt was, however, going to object to his new nickname, but he just opened his mouth, speechless, as Becker dropped his boxers onto the floor. 

          Bugger me!

          He was glorious. 

          Matt licked his lips at the sight of Becker’s well-toned body.  Matt had seen and been with him naked before, he’d been fucked senseless by him, but with the sight of Becker naked at the end of the bed, gently massaging his balls and slipping his palm up and over his cock, Matt wanted him even more. Matt had never found men attractive, but Becker seemed to be the exception.  

          Matt rose to his knees, pulled off the remainder of his clothes and watched longingly as Becker proceeded to move his hand up and down his erection with slow languid motions, accentuated with small gasping moans.
          As Becker was already out of breath from the fight, the tones of his moaning deepened with every stroke and the sight of him pleasuring himself made Matt edge closer to the end of the bed.  So the fight was over… they had aroused each other into such a state that the only thing that could happen was this. Matt wanted to do tend to himself, he was aching so much, but as he sat watching Becker… the more he began to crave him.

          It was a craving he’d never felt before, one he never thought he’d want, even with Becker, but Matt was certain about something now, as his mouth began to salivate. He wanted a taste, he wanted to know. So Matt grabbed hold of Becker’s wrist, slipped his hand around his waist and grabbed a handful of arse.

         Becker was about to protest at his forcefulness, there was an expression, almost childish, on his face that seemed to say “But I beat you, fair and square, why are you taking control?”  

        Matt shook his head. “Don’t argue. Don’t say anything,” He took Becker’s hand away and pulled him closer. He grinned. “At least not yet.”

        Becker didn’t say a word. Matt looked up at him and Becker instantly knew what he was planning. There was no objection or fear in his eyes, so Becker dropped his hands by his sides and allowed Matt to take over. 

        Matt breathed in deep a couple of times before he reached out and gently ran his fingers through dark coarse hair. Matt looked up to Becker and met his gaze and with a gentle nod of acknowledgement, Matt took hold and began to work him up with a steady slow rhythm.
 Becker grabbed the back of Matt’s head to steady himself as Matt varied the strength of his hold, each stroke extracting different sounds from Becker. Although his own ache remained untouched, Matt felt more than pleasured with Becker’s.  It was great to know he was making him tremble like this, that he was torturing him in the best way possible.   

        There was no freaking out, no fears or doubts about being with another man. This was normal, it felt normal. 

        Matt had to grin at the sight of his partner’s eyes rolling to the back of his head, so he pulled hard and sharp just to hear Becker’ hiss and moan again. He was losing balance and Matt could feel Becker’s shaking increase, so he helped him prop his knee up onto the bed.
Matt slowly ran his hand up Becker’s leg, and resting it on his arse he guided Becker onto the bed before he could fall over. As the two of them slowly manoeuvred towards the headboard, Matt never let go of him and he didn’t stop his strokes. Becker’s shaft was slick within his palm, his throbbing skin so hot that it was scorching and it felt damned wonderful. He didn’t want to stop.  

        Matt turned Becker round, resting him into a sitting position against the headboard and then he straddled his legs and with his free hand pulled Becker closer to him. He needed to hear him up close as he quickened his pace. 

        “Matt!” Becker gasped directly into his ear and clung to him, purposely digging his nails into his back. “Shit! Matt!”

        His whispered name, the gasps of breath against his skin sent a pleasured jolt down Matt’s spine. He bowed down, his face pressing lightly against a solid sweating chest and Matt did all he could and wanted; he bit at Becker’s skin, marking him across his collar bone, his chest and down over his stomach. All of Becker clenched when Matt’s mouth crept lower over his abdomen, Becker’s legs coiled round just as a he murmured a delectable groan against the sensitive glans of Becker’s cock. 

        Matt’s lips brushed against the head, his tongue lapped up a quick taste and without even meaning to, his teeth followed with a bite that unleashed a bellowing yell and a knee to his chest. Matt pulled back at the impact and rubbed at the part of his chest where Becker had kneed him. It hurt, but it really didn’t matter when he saw the look upon Becker’s face.  
         “What the bloody hell?”  Becker snarled. “Are you trying to bite it off?” 
          Matt laughed. No, that wouldn’t be any fun. As Becker settled against the pillow, Matt waited for a few seconds before positioning himself once more. Without any kind of warning, Matt took him into his mouth. 
         Becker’s hands lifted up behind his head and grabbed the headboard which creaked under the strain. Matt didn’t care about that, not now that he was feeling Becker slide between his lips and graze the back of his throat.  In gradual slow movements, Matt took Becker’s cock and slid it in and out of his mouth, dragging long hungry sucks over the stiffened flesh and extracting more pleasured grunts and gasps from Becker. 
          Matt became lost in the moment. Hearing Becker’s panting, gasping breaths and feeling his body spasm beneath, spurred Matt on, because he knew how he was making Becker feel. In the past, women had done this to him and when it was done right, it was one of the best sensations he had ever felt in his entire life. The way Becker’s groin was arching up into him, forcing Matt to take in more, along with the orgasmic breaths and genuinely felt curses, was a definite sign that Becker liked it. 
        His pleasure was Matt’s pleasure. 

        That was until Becker grabbed hold of his hair. Matt couldn’t quite hear what Becker was saying in between his choking moans, but he thought that he couldn’t handle any more. As Matt’s head was pulled back, Becker’s cock slipped from his mouth. 

        “That’s it!”       

        Matt had to wipe his chin with the back of his hand as the sudden extraction caused drool from fall from his lips, but as he was doing so, he was pulled up and back onto Becker. He was flushed, his eyes could hardly stay open and Becker was trying so hard to keep control of his ragged breathing and his impatience. 

        “Fine! You win!” Becker pulled Matt up into his lap, jerking him roughly and wincing when they brushed together. “Just hurry up will you?”

        Matt smiled and leaned forward so his mouth was close to kissing him. Becker wasn’t the most patient person when it came to this. He supported his weight by placing his hands either side of him and then rubbed his cock against Becker’s by motioning his hips, just to tease him more.  

        “Hurry up?” Matt asked, feigning innocence. “Hurry up and what?” 

       “You’re really not very funny, Matt.” Becker’s face screwed up at the friction between them. 

        Becker didn’t care for Matt’s smug grin. It was clear that he was frustrated, being on the edge of having an orgasm and Matt loved that it was so easy to rile him up. 

      “Becker, shut your gob… or put it to some good use will you?” 

       Becker’s eyes shot open.  
      “Can it, Future Boy!” He bit sharply at Matt’s lip, causing it to bleed again.  

      “Oh hell no… you do not call me that!” Matt licked the blood off his lip and shuffled so he could pull Becker’s legs around his waist. He made sure that he stroked himself, grazing against Becker’s inner thighs, before meshing his mouth back on to his. He coiled his fingers into his hair and felt Becker’s hands grab at his hips. “Don’t call me that… ever.” 
      “Try to stop me…. Future Boy,” he mumbled as their mouths still smacked together in a hungry and angry kiss.   

      Matt really didn’t like that name. 

      “You’re a git, you know that?” 

      Matt kissed him harder, thrusting his tongue deep inside as he then proceeded to rip at the strands of Becker’s hair. Their bodies ground together, and as the kiss intensified, becoming wilder, they rolled, making the already-broken bed creak and strain beneath them.

      Matt managed to remain on top and as he came back from the kiss for some air, his teeth bit Becker’s lower lip and pulled it sharply as he pushed Becker’s legs apart to gain access. When he released Becker’s lip, one hand kept his head back on the pillow, tugging every so often at his hair, whilst his other roamed over the scarred body, feeling excited twitches it made. For a brief moment, Matt groped hard at Becker’s cock again… just to see that pleasured and pained expression on his face and he gave him a couple of strokes, before taking up his palm and licking it. 

      His wet fingers touched at the hot skin of Becker’s arse, slapping it before rubbing and playing with the twitching muscle, making Becker squirm. He thought he heard the soldier whisper a begging “please” so Matt continued to toy with him, until he heard the proper words. 

      “Damn it, Matt! You bastard! Now!”

      Close enough.


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darkhorse_99 From: darkhorse_99 Date: September 15th, 2011 12:56 am (UTC) (Link)
Now we can haz fight!sex! *cheers them on*
basched From: basched Date: September 15th, 2011 03:08 pm (UTC) (Link)

:) I'll try to have the last bit up as soon as poss. Thanks for the cheering.
auntypam From: auntypam Date: September 15th, 2011 03:20 am (UTC) (Link)
I never thought violence could be this sexy!!!!*gulp* excellent chapter can't wait for next part*VEG*
basched From: basched Date: September 15th, 2011 03:11 pm (UTC) (Link)

Of course the violence for these two is sexy! So pleased that you liked it. fingers crossed I might get the next and last bit up tonight.
fififolle From: fififolle Date: September 15th, 2011 08:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Rwoar!!!! GUH
Love them knocking the shit out of each other and the house.
basched From: basched Date: September 15th, 2011 03:12 pm (UTC) (Link)

XD I love writing them like this! It really makes me happy that you like it! Thanks!
knitekat From: knitekat Date: September 15th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
The boys certainly get carried away when it comes to sex ;)
basched From: basched Date: September 16th, 2011 05:16 am (UTC) (Link)

Just a little bit! ;)
deinonychus_1 From: deinonychus_1 Date: September 16th, 2011 09:56 am (UTC) (Link)
Mmmm... very nice. The boys have an... interesting approach to foreplay!
basched From: basched Date: September 16th, 2011 10:45 pm (UTC) (Link)

Interesting but good! :) Thanks again for letting me know you liked. :)
fredbassett From: fredbassett Date: September 16th, 2011 10:08 am (UTC) (Link)
Mmmmm, lovely and hot!
basched From: basched Date: September 16th, 2011 10:47 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thank you, Fred. :) For everything.
lucifersphoenix From: lucifersphoenix Date: September 16th, 2011 05:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
My face is currently plastered to the screen and it wont come off.
Great piece, waiting very impatiently for the next one :)
basched From: basched Date: September 16th, 2011 10:53 pm (UTC) (Link)

XD Thank you. I'm so chuffed that you are liking this. I was supposed to have posted the last bit up last night, but RL got in the way. I might get round to doing so in a mo. :)
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