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Past/Present/Future Chapter Three - basched
Past/Present/Future Chapter Three

Title: So Tell Me..Future Boy Part III

Pairing/Characters: Becker/Matt, Lester

Genre: smut, humour, friendship/romance...ish.   

Rating:    18/ NC-17

Spoilers: Takes place in between episode four and five of Season 5.   

Summary:   Sex, coffee and breakfast.   

A/N:. Part three of my trilogy, again beta'd by the most awesome fredbassett  any mistakes or errors are completely mine. I have also added some bits that isn't beta'd. This is end of the trilogy, but I am writing a sequel to it at the moment, so the story isn't finished yet. :) Please enjoy and lemme know what you think. 

              It was bliss to hear Becker beg like that and Matt was having great fun making him beg for more. He took his hand away and gave himself some much-needed massaging, before bending down and positioning himself at Becker’s entrance. His fingers rubbed again at Becker’s tightness, which made Becker curse at him again. It was like music to his ears. 

              Matt then pushed his hands underneath Becker’s cheeks to raise him level with his face. He took a few deep bites at his buttocks and rolled his tongue around inside his mouth, smiling mischievously as he did so. 

              Much to Becker’s surprise, warm wet spit shot over his arse. Matt felt him twitch and heard his sudden deep intake of breath so he spat against him again, stroking in the wetness before moving up to lie over him.  Matt allowed another kiss, a more meaningful and tender kiss before placing himself and pushing hard.  

              Becker didn’t scream, but his face and the sudden red flush on his body showed that he wanted to. Matt could feel him constricting around him and whilst Matt grabbed on to Becker’s legs and continued to fill him up, Becker hands were digging into the sheets so much his knuckles were going white. Sweat was pouring off him, his breathing was so ragged and broken with pain, so Matt released his hold on Becker’s hair and gently stroked at his swollen cock as he continued to push. 

              Becker began to call him just about every name under the sun. Every rude name he could think of, combined with some inventive swear words, came from Becker’s mouth and they were directed at Matt and Matt took every word as Becker intended, as compliments. Of a sort. 

              He smiled back down at Becker, but because he wasn’t relaxed the smile came out more as a pained grimace. Being inside Becker and pushing deeper was making Matt’s eyes water, but it felt so damned good. Combined with the stinging sweat now dripping from his hair, Matt couldn’t focus on anything except the contours of Becker beneath him and the sounds he was making. 

              “Oh God!”


                Matt grabbed hold of Becker’s legs for support and used his hips to force and guide him in and when he finally felt all of  his cock enveloped, Matt dropped forward, roughly ran his hands up and over Becker’s body and kissed him roughly with bites.
                 Becker was burning up. He was moaning for more as they kissed, his nails clawed up Matt’s sides and across his arse, leaving long red bloody marks as he enticed Matt to do it, to finally take him over the edge. 

                “Oh God, Becker… what are you doing to me?” 

                “Becker…” Matt whispered into his mouth, sucking his tongue as his groin slowly worked up a thrusting rhythm. It was all he could manage for he’d lost the ability to speak as Becker met each and every one of Matt’s forceful thrusts with his own. 

                  Unlike their first time, this was harder and rougher. It was a frenzy, another fight as they pushed against each other, lost of all control. Becker was making Matt crazy. 

                  The furious kiss broke apart and as they gasped for air,  Matt couldn’t keep his head up. He rested his forehead into the crook of Becker’s neck and gnawed at his skin, leaving red teeth marks beside some old scars. He kept up his pounding rate, loving it as Becker finally began to stretch and loosen around him, just a little bit. 

                  The cry in his ear forced Matt to lift his head back up. Becker had screwed his eyes shut, his strength was waning somewhat as his own thrusts felt different. He wasn’t pushing up on purpose, he wasn’t fighting, in fact his whole body was beginning to spasm in small uncontrollable jerks. Then Becker tensed up again, very suddenly.  

                  Matt was tiring himself. The pressure and the heat flushing over his skin was causing him to slow, and it was not what either of them wanted. A hand clasped the back of Matt’s neck and he was taken back down for another rough kiss, whilst Becker’s other clawed down his spine. 

                  “Don’t…” Becker moaned. “Matt… don’t you dare fucking stop… not now!”    

                  Matt had no intention of doing so. He pulled away and out, the suddenness of his extraction caused Becker to yell and again the wonderful sound of profanity spewed from his lips. 

                “Don’t be such a wuss.” Matt briefly put a stop to Becker’s wonderful insults with another kiss and then forced him to roll onto his front. Matt heard Becker laugh, he even struggled under Matt’s hold, before he got to his knees and allowed him to carry on. 

                Matt ran his hands down Becker’s sweat-covered back, trailing his mouth after his fingers and he did so with agonizingly slow motions, purposely making Becker more impatient. He grinned when he kissed over the crevice of Becker’s arse and then bit into the flesh of his buttock. 

                “I am going to kill you!”  He knew Becker was trying not to smile. Matt nipped a couple more times at his arse, rubbing in the sweat that was pouring off his skin. Matt grabbed Becker’s hips and helped to supple things up with a couple more spits. “Damn it, Matt I’m really going to kill you now!” 

                Matt could have responded to that  threat with a witty remark or an insult of his own, it was what Becker expected, instead Matt steadied his shaking body with one hand and with his other, positioned himself where he needed. 

                Matt pushed his dick hard into Becker’s arse and felt him shake beneath. Becker grabbed at a pillow and tried to muffle his pleasured yells, but it did no good. Matt slowly pushed again, steadying Becker as he quivered from the force and when he was once more fully within him, he leaned forward, draping himself over Becker’s back. His hands toyed across Becker’s chest, rubbing at his nipples and feeling the trails of sweat running over his smooth skin, before bringing them down and grabbing hold of his cock. 

                He kissed lightly at Becker’s back, and then began to finish him off. Matt had found some last remnants of strength and so he began to pound deep and hard, at the same time he wanked Becker’s cock. 

               The swearing and insults he heard had never sounded sweeter in his ears. The grunts and bellows reverberated through Becker’s body and into Matt’s, the rumble of Becker’s voice fluctuated through him and it turned him on even more. 

              Matt didn’t recall how long they carried on, only that it was glorious as Becker fought beneath him, that it was the best he had ever felt in his entire life. Through the hell that had been his childhood and the loneliness he had endured during his time in this century, he had never felt this connected or this alive. 

               Then Becker finally went over the edge. His body tensed, and after hearing some loud orgasmic cries, Matt felt Becker release into his hand. Breathless, Becker finally collapsed, dragging Matt with down with him. He was still in the midst of his orgasm, jerking and gasping, holding his hands over Matt’s and feeling him spill, when Matt felt his own impending release.  
                Matt wanted to stay within him, he wanted to have Becker feel him empty but he pulled out and rolled off to the side. Matt landed on his back and now it was his turn to utter the profanities as he brought himself to climax.  His head felt like it was spinning, the rush of ecstasy soared through his entire body and then it was followed by an amazing calm, a pleasured ripple all over his skin leaving him gasping with a huge smile on his face.

                “You shit….. you son-of-a-bitch… .you fucking….” 

                Becker couldn’t say any more names he wanted to call Matt so instead he slapped a damp hand across Matt’s chest, disturbing his moment of reverie as he attempted to calm his breathing. Matt turned his head and saw Becker’s wearied face — half-smooched into the pillow — gazing back at him. 

                Matt smiled.
                “It wasn’t to your liking?” he asked running both of his hands through his hair and resting them behind his head. “Because if it wasn’t, I could always do you again.”  

                “It’s not your turn,” Becker growled back, again the pillow muffling most of his words.

                Matt sniggered. “We’re taking turns?”  

                “Just give me a few minutes and I’ll bloody show you.” 

                Matt’s smile broke in to a grin. He rolled over onto his front and draped his arm over Becker’s back. 

                “I’ll look forward to it.” 

                The response was a dismissive and grumpy groan into the pillow. 

                 A few minutes later, as both of them slowly drifted off into a half-slumber, Matt felt soft, loving fingers stroking over his back.

                 “Yeah, you’d better.”

                Becker was woken by the sound of someone in his apartment.  In an instant, he shot up from the bed and retrieved a handgun from his bedside cabinet.  Ignoring the severe ache all over his body, he checked his gun was loaded and then proceeded cautiously to the next room.
                Someone was…. tidying? 


                Becker rounded the corner and sure enough Anderson was tidying up their wreckage, dressed only in his Klines. There was also the strong smell of coffee and to Becker’s delight… breakfast.  Matt turned round and raised an eyebrow in amused astonishment. 

                “Now that’s a sight for sore eyes,” he said looking at Becker with a wanting glare. “Though if I were an intruder I don’t know what would startle me more, the gun or the fact that you’re naked.”

                “Are you tidying my flat?” Becker put his gun away in another — secure and hidden — safe. “Are you cleaning?” 

                “I’m also doing breakfast.” Matt jabbed a thumb towards the kitchen and then carefully placed some pictures back where they belonged. “You don’t mind… do you?” 

                Becker didn’t mind at all. His stomach was rumbling… a good English cooked breakfast was just what he needed right now.  

                “What time is it?” he asked, breathing in deep the lush smell of bacon, eggs and mushrooms.

                “Six am.”

               “Bit early isn’t it?”  

                Matt didn’t really say anything and when he turned away and headed for the kitchen, Becker didn’t need an explanation. Today was when Matt needed his help to change the future.  Becker felt as if his stomach was doing a somersault inside, for the reality of it all was starting to sink in. 
                They were both too caught up in last night, in the rawness of what they really were to each other.  Becker knew now of where Matt had come from and what his life had been like growing up, but he’d been too wrapped up in his own feelings. He’d been angry about Emily and what she and Matt shared and he was angry that he could have been rejected. He hadn’t been at all considerate of what Matt had been through.

                  Becker went back into the bedroom and saw the wreckage they had left.  It appeared that both of them had needed to unleash. He pulled on some boxers and slowly traipsed into the kitchen where Matt was pouring him a coffee. 

                  “I’m not doing this for you all the time,” Matt said. “Don’t get used to it.” 

                  “It’s appreciated… thanks.” They exchanged brief smiles and as Becker sipped at his coffee, Matt tended to the breakfast.  “So… what time are we going to the ARC and letting the others know?”

                  “I called Abby and Lester and the team is convening at 9am,” Matt replied. “With everyone else in the loop, the chances we have of stopping Philip will be greater.”

                “Good. We’re up this early… because?” 

                “You have questions.” 

                “I do?” 

                Matt nodded. “You want to ask about me, about the mission. I have answers and they may take a while to explain. So I thought we could talk over breakfast.”  
                That sounded like a good idea. Becker’s stomach rumbled again and he left to allow Matt finish cooking. He walked straight to his recliner and slumped down into it.

              When breakfast was finally served, Becker asked his questions and listened to everything Matt had to say. Matt also showed him a few more images he had stored in his watch.  It wasn’t easy to hear or look at most of it, especially when Matt recalled his past with an agonized expression on his face. He spoke of losing his mother and his friends, he explained how they were constantly kept on alert; of having to make the toxic vile water drinkable with so little resources.  Matt told of a life that was void of any kind of comfort that people now took for granted.  

              "I don't envy you one bit growing up in that hell." Becker had said, staring at the empty greasy plate of his breakfast instead of Matt. 

            “Most people refused to have children. It was like a miracle and damning at the same time when a child came into the world,” Matt replied “Families were small, I don't have siblings...hardly anyone did as most new-borns died because of the Burrowers. Some were never even brought into the world because when we had to flee our shelters, their mothers weren’t as quick as everyone else. There were so few of us because people didn’t want to risk bringing a child into this hell. It’s not a way to live… no amount of tech we had could stop the creatures or keep them from finding us.” 

           Becker didn’t want to even imagine living and growing up in that time because it wasn’t living. He wanted to help Matt and that meant stopping Philip. 

          Maybe we can shoot him? 

          “I’m hoping we won’t have to actually shoot him, Becker.” 

          “You what?” Becker was certain he hadn’t said anything. Matt smiled weakly and pointed a finger at his own eyes. 

          “You get this glassy hopeful look in your eyes when you think about guns.”

          “I do? So?”

          “I’m just saying, Becker… that’s all.”

          “Okay, so tell me Future Boy… when did the trigger happy Matt Anderson not want to shoot people?”  
          The little in-joke greatly amused Matt. Seeing him smile was wonderful and Becker hoped that he would see it more after his mission was completed, once the future was saved.

        Or would he? Becker had to ask, altering the time line wasn’t exactly his area of expertise. 

         “When this is done… what will happen? How will you know if we succeed in changing the future?” 

         Matt didn’t answer. 

         “Matt?”  Becker followed him to the kitchen and when he still didn’t get a reply, he grabbed hold of Matt’s arm and turned him around. “What will happen?” 

        “I don’t know.”

        “You don’t know?” Becker slammed a fist against the door of his fridge, which he instantly regretted as the pain throbbed through his hand. “You don’t know? What if nothing changes when we stop Philip? What if whatever we do doesn’t affect a thing and the world and all of us still die? What if you do change it and… the future is so different that you aren’t even born? That you, your family or any of your people cease to exist? Have you considered any of this?”

        “I don’t bloody know!” Matt snapped back at him. “And for your information I have thought about it! I’ve had fourteen years to think about it! Besides, it’s not as if I alter time on a regular basis! The only thing I do know now is that somehow Philip’s machine will kill this world and pretty much everything in it.  I have to stop him!” 
        Matt went to storm out of the kitchen, but Becker grabbed his arm and held him in place. Matt tried to struggle out of his hold, but it was useless as Becker kept a firm grip and lightly pushed him against the wall. The whole revelation of Matt being from the future was still way too overwhelming for Becker, but he wasn’t about to abandon him now.   

        “You will stop him.” Becker leaned into Matt and before he even realised what he was doing, Becker kissed a light and tender kiss to his mouth. It lingered only for a moment before Becker pulled away. “You’re not going to do this on your own. When you tell Lester everything… you’ll have all of our support. You won’t be alone in this, Matt. I promise.” 
      The look of surprise on Matt’s face caused Becker to frown.  

       “Did I say something funny?” 

       “Not at all.” Matt rested his hand on Becker’s shoulder and squeezed. “What you said, it really means a lot to me. Your support makes all the difference. Thank you.” 

      Matt kissed him back, softly at first but then it became harder and Becker reacted with eagerness and vigour. It didn’t last long — much to Becker’s dismay — Matt eventually pushed him away and after a few seconds of looking dazed and lightheaded, Matt smiled and walked out of the room. 

    “We’ve got an hour and a half before we have to be in ARC. I suggest we both get ready!” 

    Matt’s voice called from down the corridor a few seconds later.  

    “Get a move on, Becker!”

    Becker smiled when he heard water running from the bathroom. The washing up could be saved for later.


    It was a smooth and beautiful ride into the ARC. 

    Lester parked up his SK-8 and locked it, the alarm activating with a bleep. He stood beside it for a moment, gazing at its sleek beauty and marvelling at its perfection. She was the most beautiful thing — aside from his wife — in the entire world. The Jag had cost him a lot of money, but it was all worth it. 

    Whatever Anderson had to say in this meeting, it wasn’t going to ruin his day. 

    Nothing was going to go wrong. 

    Lester stroked a hand over the bonnet of his pride and joy and then walked to the lift. He whistled happily as he rode it to Ops. No one else was in yet, so he had some time to have a cup of coffee and check-up on what had been happening whilst he was away. 

    Nothing was going to go wrong. Nothing was going to surprise him. 

    Or so Lester thought.  
    The two of them didn’t see him, but he definitely saw them.  

    It seemed normal at first, Matt and Becker were friends that much he knew…so the sight of them whispering about something, down by Jess’ station, was not of any concern. He thought it nothing more than a simple case of Anderson giving the Head of Security a debrief about this meeting. Matt and Becker did this a lot anyway... so it was normal behaviour.   

    “Oh!”  Lester had to blink. 
    The touching was subtle but Lester couldn’t help but notice Matt’s hand sneaking a stroke against Becker’s shoulder and the captain grazing his leg against Matt’s in response.

   “Note to self,” Lester groaned and rubbed at his eyes. “You’d better go to Spec Savers.” 

    Until the rest of the team arrived, he locked himself in his office and tried to think about his beloved car.

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ebonyfeather From: ebonyfeather Date: September 17th, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
This trilogy is great. It's understandable that Becker would be pissed at being the last to know, but then his first thought was that Matt had been forced to live in that future hell... Awww.


basched From: basched Date: September 17th, 2011 06:22 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thank you. :) Pleased that you liked it.
fredbassett From: fredbassett Date: September 17th, 2011 06:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Great series! Thanks :) I loved the boys and their idea of foreplay, and the snuggles were very sweet.
basched From: basched Date: September 18th, 2011 10:33 am (UTC) (Link)

Thank you for reading and for all your help! I love this idea of foreplay for the guys..it's so much fun!
knitekat From: knitekat Date: September 17th, 2011 10:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Great end to a lovely series.
basched From: basched Date: September 18th, 2011 10:35 am (UTC) (Link)

Diolch! :) The trilogy maybe finished, but the story is still going on.
fififolle From: fififolle Date: September 18th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
LOL! Poor Lester.
Wow! Hot sexytimes and they were very adorable in the morning!
Great fic!!!!
basched From: basched Date: September 20th, 2011 11:30 am (UTC) (Link)

Thanks very much. :) Glad that you enjoyed reading it.
lsellersfic From: lsellersfic Date: September 20th, 2011 08:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
These two really need to learn to talk without completely destroying their surroundings!!! *g*
basched From: basched Date: September 21st, 2011 05:18 am (UTC) (Link)

They could do...but I think it probably won't be as fun for them! ;)

Thanks for the comment! :)

Oooh I lurve your icon!
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