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Past/Present/Future Chapter Four - basched
Past/Present/Future Chapter Four

Title: New Dawn 
Pairing/Characters: Becker/Matt, Becker/Emily, Matt/Emily, Jess, Lester, Connor, Abby
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort, friendship/romance.   
Rating:    Tis fine. Nothing to worry about.
Spoilers: This first part of the trilogy is my take on Season 5's last episode. So spoilers for that.    
Summary:   As the ARC team prepare to stop New Dawn, Emily finally finds her place.
A/N:. . This chapter is basically my idea of what Season 5's last episode would be like and its starting off in a --hopefully--wonderful new direction. This beta'd by the always ecxcellent fredbassett   Mistakes, blame me, not her. Ta muchly and enjoy.


  It was just past 9am. Connor and Abby were late, probably having difficulty in getting up so early, or rather Connor was having difficulty.

              Emily came into the ARC with Jess after spending the night at her apartment.  The evening had been pleasant enough at first; they’d had some takeaway and watched a film but in the end, the conversation about the two men in their lives had to be brought up.  
Emily hadn’t minded listening to Jess air her feelings and worries about Becker last night, in fact she felt the two of them had become closer because of it, but it was painful at the same time. Both of them were hurting.

              “I’m being silly, aren’t I?”

              Emily turned suddenly and realised that she hadn’t been listening to Jess. Standing a few feet away from the ‘couple’ in question, Emily had been in some kind of trance, staring at the men as they conversed with some members of Becker’s team.

              “Not at all,” she said smiling at Jess and taking hold of her hand. “It’s not the slightest bit silly. How could we not feel like that when the people we…. when they don’t feel the same way?  But he does care for you, Jess. Becker loves you a great deal.”

              Jess shyly bobbed her head.

              “I know, but he loves me like a big brother loves a sister and that’s not exactly what I was hoping for.”  Jess sighed and turned back in her chair to read the overnight reports on one of her many consoles. “Nor was I quite expecting Matt to be his type… I just never…”

              Her voice trailed off but a lovely happy Jess smile beamed across her face.
               “It’s Matt… when I see them together, it makes sense… I see how happy both of them are and despite how agonising it is, knowing that Becker doesn’t feel like that for me… I sincerely hope it works out for both of them. I really do.” Jess flicked a few buttons and activated some consoles before sneaking another look at Becker over her shoulder.  
               Emily followed Jess’ gaze and as soon as she locked her eyes on the pair of them, Matt and Becker shared some kind of joke that had not only them but the other soldiers laughing out loud.

          They did look happy.  Matt certainly appeared more confident, his posture wasn’t slouched as if the world’s heaviest burden was weighing down upon him. The night he had spent with Becker had obviously helped—she knew what they had done together—but Emily couldn’t help but feel a little like Jess right now. Matt had chosen Becker, plain and simple and that rejection made her insides twist and ache.

          However, the kiss Matt had given her had felt like he wanted her. It wasn’t the empty and soul destroying kisses she’d experienced with her husband and it meant much more than those she had ‘connected’ with when she journeyed through the anomalies.  God knows she found Matt attractive, but his genuine kindness and his humour, everything about him made him different from all the others.

          He was sincere even when he was teasing… the childish and mischievous glint in his eyes, combined with his beautiful accent certainly captivated people’s attention. She thought him to be a man who—despite the having lied about where or when he had come from—wasn’t the kind to lie purposely for his own selfish reasons. She didn’t believe that he had faked that kiss in the panic room… Matt couldn’t have been faking it, could he? Emily thought she might actually be falling apart, or losing the plot by going this crazy over a man from the future.

          The kiss and everything that Matt Anderson had said had Emily spinning round in circles. She had abandoned the life she could have had in the 1800s for him… she had abandoned everything she knew, her home, for what?  It appeared she had nothing now that Matt had chosen another man.

          Becker. The soldier who was more like Matt than either of them cared to admit. Becker had difficulty in saying what he felt, because he didn’t want to show just how much he was hurting or how vulnerable he really was. A soldier wasn’t supposed to show their emotions… they weren’t supposed to show they had weaknesses.
        Emily had heard from Abby that he had lost someone he cared for, someone he had loved, and now as a result of that death, he was fiercely protective of this team, his friends and now Matt. 

        They argued and fought, they bickered and teased like rivals but they were really the best of friends. Now it seemed that they were more than that. It was an unusual relationship, not love exactly but it was beautifully unconventional. Emily had seen other men bond like this and they were almost inseparable because of it. So Matt hadn’t completely surprised her by choosing Becker. It didn’t stop Emily from feeling the disappointment as overwhelmed her. 

        “I hope they’ll be happy too.” She meant it, but somehow the words didn’t sound sincere enough to her ears. 

           As soon as those words came out of her mouth, Matt looked her way and immediately the confidence and happiness Becker had brought out in him disappeared. There was sadness, guilt and shame in his eyes and Emily hated it. She didn’t want him to feel like that because of her.  What made it even worse was she saw the same look in Becker.

           Emily had to look away so she turned her back on both of them, pretending that she was interested with Jess’ work.  The two men had finally found something and she wasn’t going to get in the way of that. She didn’t need to turn round to know that they were looking at her, but when the sound of Connor’s voice came from behind, she did and sure enough, Matt and Becker were trying their best to pretend they had been looking anywhere else but at her. 

          “Okay, people,” Lester called from his office. “It’s time to give me the bad news… as if the reports on my desk haven’t told me already, but hearing it all from you lot will make me feel so much better!”

          Matt bowed his head, let Lester’s sarcasm pass over him, and led the other members of his team into the office. Emily trailed behind, hoping not to catch his eye or his further attention towards her. She didn’t want to see his sadness, or sap anymore of that confidence he had achieved. 

          However it was Becker who caught her elbow and whilst the others were blissfully unaware, he pulled her away from the door.

          “I feel like a right prat.” Emily turned round and looked up into dark brown apologetic eyes.  “I behaved like a complete and total utter one, yesterday…over Matt and me. I’m sorry.”

         “Becker, you have nothing to apologise for.” Emily touched lightly on his arm, noting an already fading bite mark in his skin, that wasn’t creature related. She couldn’t help but smile even though the sight of it pained her. “Like I said… he surprised us both.”


          “Becker...” Emily took hold of his hand and interlaced her fingers with his. Her thumb lightly stroked over the back of his knuckles and afterwards her palm squeezed his hand as she smiled the strongest smile she could muster. “It’s all right. Really, it is. He made his choice and he has you now, so it’s all right.”

          “No, it’s not.”

          Becker responded in kind to her comforting by grazing his thumb over her wrist. He let go quickly when he saw her startled reaction and strode into the office, leaving her in the doorway.

          “You are still a part of this team, Ms Merchant.” Lester said, beckoning her in with an impatient wave. “So that means I can yell at you as well.  Come inside.”

         Emily walked in and took a position behind Matt, though she didn’t actually remember doing so, or closing the door behind her.  As she clasped her hands on the back of Matt’s chair she couldn’t shake off the effects of Becker’s caress. She hadn’t always seen eye to eye with Becker, but now he seemed different to her and it was probably because of Matt.

        That man from the future was still a mystery to her, despite what she knew and how she felt about him. Whatever had happened between the two of them had certainly changed Becker. 

        Emily wasn’t really sure on what she was supposed to do or feel about it.

                “So… I leave you for a matter of days and in that time, you nearly destroy the ARC and you turn out to be either a visitor from the future or, in fact and I think this it’s the more likely option, clinically mad.”

                Lester was not happy.

                “The former.”  Matt replied, a tiny smile curling his lips. “But then I would say that if I was clinically mad, right?”

                Lester scowled at Becker as he casually leant against the glass wall.

                “Do you have security checks for this sort of thing?”

                “Sorry, sir,” Becker said. “The machine that checks whether people are from the future was out of order.”

                Matt had to cover his mouth to prevent the laughter from bursting out.

                “I’ll do the sarcasm, if you don’t mind!” 

                That little comment from Becker made all the difference to Matt. Emily noticed he was a lot more confident having that support and now as Lester seemed lost for an alternative plan to stop Philip, Matt gave him an option.

                “I’ll go to New Dawn to shut it down,” he stated. Connor went to stand by his side.

                “I gave him the security codes,” Connor said. “He’s got the schematics for the whole building. If he can make it to the machine, he should be able to sabotage it.”  

                They made it sound as if there wasn’t really much else to the problem. The men were going to wing their way through anything they come up against, because the premise was quite simple.

                Shut down Burton’s machine.

                It didn’t seem so simple to her, and when she looked at Becker across the room, it appeared he thought exactly the same. Becker didn’t appear keen on this course of action, because there were too many risks involved.  
                Matt was so sure that stopping this machine was going to save the world from being destroyed. But what if he and Connor stopped this experiment and ended up killing the people they hoped to save?  Emily met Becker’s gaze. Perhaps he was thinking the same thing she was.

                As if on cue, the man at the centre of all this entered the office and brought with him an extremely awkward silence. Philip Burton grinned at the sudden halt in conversation. He knew they were talking about him and he had this smug, satisfied look upon his face as they all walked out of the room.

                Emily had to say something to Matt. A huge fear about this mission and what he planned to do compelled her to forget about her feelings towards him and speak up.

                “What if you’re not supposed to stop the machine? What if it’s actually your intervention that makes everything go wrong?” 

                “I deal with that every day,” he replied. “All I know is there’s something I have to do and I really think this is it.”

                “And if you’re wrong?”

                “Well then.” Matt offered up a little smile. “I’m responsible for the deaths of everything on this planet.”

                Matt had made a decision and it was one he had to stick with. He hadn’t told Emily everything about where he had come from and what kind of life he had endured, but she knew that it was a tough life and if a person had to make a decision, there were would be no changing their mind once they did.  

                Now, as Matt issued orders to the other members of the team, as a T-rex ran loose in London, Emily could see why he was a good leader.  He let nothing else matter except what he had to do and just when she thought that the T-rex was trouble enough…then came the multiple anomalies.

                All over the world, thousands, possibly millions of rifts in time opened up allowing creatures and people from different eras to spill into this time. To Emily and the others, this felt like the end of the world, the ARC teams couldn’t cope…. the world couldn’t cope with the incursions but Matt seemed to be fine with it. He knew what it was.

              He said it was something called Convergence. Apparently this was normal and the Earth had been through this before and will continue to do so. As he explained it to her in the car she saw the utter look of fascination and awe in his eyes.

              “Every million years or so, the magnetic poles of the earth reverse. Anomalies are part of this transition. In order to survive, life has to adapt to the new conditions and it can as long as Convergence is allowed to run its natural path, which it has done every time until now. Philip’s intervention is going to change that forever.”

              “Then you will stop him.”

              He seemed to agree. Matt nodded his head and started up the car. As Jess directed him through the grid-locked city, down streets only she knew were clear, Emily allowed him to concentrate.  After all, this was why he’d come to this time. 

              Emily wasn’t going to burden him with conversation. The drive was done in silence, and neither of them made mention of the rather unconventional situation they had going. Emily wanted to, she badly wanted to talk to Matt about Becker, about them and how mixed up and confused she was feeling, but now was not the time. They all had bigger things to worry about.

              So Emily did what she could to help him. She stayed by his side, fending off Pterosaurs and feeble security guards, making sure he could do what he needed. It all went by so quickly, Emily couldn’t keep track. She had taken a few beatings, and gave more than her fair share back at the guards.  Emily did everything she could for Matt but when the machine activated, when the largest anomaly she had ever seen finally opened up, she felt as if her heart had burst.

              They’d failed.


              Abby’s piercing scream was agonizing as she watched the man she loved be dragged through the anomaly. Emily grabbed onto Abby, wrapped her arms around her and tried to keep the distraught woman from running through after him. Tears were streaming down her face and she struggled to release herself, Abby was determined, frantic to follow him.

              Emily wished that she could of, but there was no telling where this anomaly led. She wasn’t going to let Abby get herself killed.

              “Let me go!” Abby cried. “I have to go after him! Let me go!”

              She pushed and kicked and tried to rip at Emily’s arms, but Emily tightened her grip and tried not to let Abby’s anguished cries affect her too much. Yet Abby’s screams only made it difficult. Connor was gone, possibly dead, how could Abby react any different? Losing a friend was bad enough for Emily, but to lose someone you love, she didn’t want to think on it so she tried to comfort Abby as much she could.

              Emily never wanted to go through that pain, but she didn’t know then, that she would.


                He was standing all alone, looking at the glowing anomaly with sad determination. Emily knew instantly what he was thinking of doing. He was going to drive the car straight into the anomaly.

                “No! Oh god, please… no! Matt!”

                Her entire chest tightened, Emily couldn’t breathe and her eyes began to sting with tears.

                “You know what I have to do. It’s all about this.”

                She knew, but she didn’t want it to be true. Matt didn’t need to go and sacrifice himself for the rest of the world, he didn’t need to end his life… there already was a plan to close this artificial portal. He could stay here.

                Emily felt like shouting. She wanted to yell to gain Becker’s attention, she wanted the captain to come over and stop Matt from doing this suicidal stunt. If Becker knew what he was about to do, there would be nothing to get in his way. He would drag Matt clear from this place, he’d probably even hit him if he thought it would do any good, but she knew that Becker would do something. Anything.

                But Emily couldn’t find her voice to call him. She could barely breathe, the words were breaking up in her throat as she tried to speak. Then as she slowly forced herself to inhale and exhale, different words came out and Becker never heard her.

                “If you fail, you die.”  Her fingers clenched tightly at the leather of Matt’s jacket. “If you succeed, if you change the future, you might never have even existed. You could just… disappear.”
                 Matt placed a single finger on her lips, and whispered softly that it was going to be okay, but it wasn’t.  Nothing would ever be okay if he was gone.  He kissed her briefly on her mouth, turned away and headed back towards the car.
                 She felt so numb. Emily couldn’t move because every part of her was hurting. It pained her more when she heard Becker mentioning about the steering wheel and seatbelt… he hadn’t a clue that his partner, his friend, was about to go and kill himself.  Emily closed her eyes.

                “Stop him, Becker… please. Don’t let him do this.”

                It was too late.

                “What are you doing?” Becker’s distressed voice yelled above the roar of the car’s engine. “MATT! No! No! Stop!”

                Becker was screaming now, louder than Connor and Abby and it was beyond agony. For the first time since she had met him, the usually stoic and controlled captain of the ARC was falling apart. He was breaking into pieces, bellowing his voice raw and all for nothing as the car disappeared. 


                Becker’s tortured yell was the most painful thing Emily ever heard for it gave voice to her own pain, it was just what she wanted to express but could not. Then as the two anomalies came together, the air around them roared and whipped up a fury that drowned their voices.

                They were standing in the midst of a storm, unable to move as the force of the anomaly held them in place. The light grew brighter and the howling of the winds filled her ears. Emily couldn’t see or hear anything and then there was a crushing wave of air, a gush of wind that nearly knocked her off her feet.

                Then there was nothing.

                When Emily opened her eyes, there was no anomaly, no ruins of Philip’s factory and no sign of the car or Matt. Smoke and dust billowed around her, there was only desolation.

                Her tears began to fall. Her body was shaking as she sobbed and she would have collapsed to the ground had Becker not taken her in his arms and clung her tightly to his chest. Becker kissed the top of her head and as his face gently rested in her hair, Emily felt him shaking against her. As he was keeping her from crashing to the dirt, Emily coiled her arms around him and did the same for Becker… giving him the strength he needed in his grief. 

                It was barely enough for either of them.   
                When the smoke cleared, the shock and joy of seeing Matt alive and well was almost as agonising as losing him.

                There was no walk back home, thankfully.

                Becker had called for two cars from one of the other teams to collect them, so as Abby and Connor slumped into rear seat of one, Emily, Matt and Becker got into the second.

                The ride back seemed to last for ages, not that Emily minded. The city and the chaos Convergence had left behind flew past the windows as she lay in Matt’s embrace and as she nestled against his body, feeling the comfort of his arm around her shoulder, she’d never felt happier. Of course no one knew if they changed the future for the better yet, all that mattered was that Matt was alive and the anomaly was closed.

              She wasn’t the only one who was happy. Becker wasn’t listening to a single word his men in the front were saying for he was leaning his head back against the seat and resting his eyes. He was really happy. He grabbed at Emily’s hand suddenly, opened his eyes and quite surprisingly kissed the back of her hand.

              It startled her, for she felt that same excited shiver jolt through her arm just like it did at Lester’s office. She tensed for a moment, but seeing the goofy grin on Becker’s face finally made Emily kiss his hand in response and smile. He was relieved Matt was okay, and so was she.

              After a few more minutes of watching the blurred scenery go past, Emily felt her own eyes begin to flutter closed. She hazarded a guess that it would be another ten minutes before they got back to ARC…. a rest would be perfect.

              “You owe me a truck, Matt.”

              Emily smirked into Matt’s jacket. A kiss on the back of the hand was a gesture most men would give a woman to show their affection, but when it came to Matt and Becker… their affectionate gestures were vastly different from the norm.

              “I do not owe you a truck.” Matt sighed in frustration. “What you had was not a feckin’ truck, it was a large… car.”

              “Fine. You owe me a large ‘feckin’car.”  Becker sarcastically air-quoted with his fingers.
              “Er? Why?”

              “Did you not just drive said vehicle into the anomaly and let it get destroyed?”

              “It would have been destroyed if I’d driven it or not.  Wasn’t that the plan?”

              “Yes, well…. that’s beside the point! The point is that it was a stupid and idiotic plan.”

              “It was Connor’s idea, not mine, blame him.”

              Emily had to cover her mouth with her hand as there was a few brief moments of silence. Even though she couldn’t see him—Emily knew that Becker was pouting like a boy whose favourite toy had been lost or broken. She knew that Matt was trying hard not to laugh as well.

              There was a huge huff and a puffing sigh.  

              “Okay, Connor owes me a new car.”

              “You’re a bit touchy aren’t you? Were you really that worried about me?”

              “I liked that car.”  

              Emily then felt herself squashed as Becker leaned into her. It wasn’t a wholly unpleasant experience being between the pair of bickering men.
              Becker lowered his voice so the men in the front couldn’t hear.
              “You nearly died, Matt, because of that stunt you pulled.” Becker’s voice held a slightly threatening tone. “Do that to us again and I swear I will knock ten buckets of crap out of you. Is that clear?”  

              “Crystal.” Matt grinned. “No more heroic stunts.”


              “Well, maybe I can risk my life by saving the world just a few more times?”

              “Are you seriously asking for a kicking?”

              Matt chuckled.

              “I’m just messing with you,” he said. “Well…sort of.”

              For a moment, Becker wasn’t at all amused by Matt’s joke, in fact he looked angry and pissed off that Matt could even make light of such a situation, but a few seconds later Emily watched a crafty smile slowly play across his lips.  The smile broke into a grin and Becker took hold of Emily’s hand again.

            He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. 

            “You’re an idiot, Matt.”


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fredbassett From: fredbassett Date: September 30th, 2011 07:51 am (UTC) (Link)
“What you had was not a feckin’ truck, it was a large… car.”

*snerk* Poor Becker!

Great look at this episode in the context of your 'verse.
basched From: basched Date: September 30th, 2011 09:51 pm (UTC) (Link)

Poor Becker! I am so nasty to him, aren't I? Shame on me!

Thanks very much for everything and your lovely comments. Means a lot!
nietie From: nietie Date: September 30th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love this look at S5's last episode.

I feel sorry for Emily and Jess. They want the person they love to be happy, but that means not with one of them. That must be so hard.
basched From: basched Date: September 30th, 2011 09:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! :)

As for Jess and Emily....don't worry too much. :)
knitekat From: knitekat Date: September 30th, 2011 08:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
Great addition to your 'verse. Poor Jess and Emily.
basched From: basched Date: September 30th, 2011 09:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

Cheers muchly, I'm glad you liked.

I think things might work out for both the ladies...*scheme scheme*
knitekat From: knitekat Date: October 1st, 2011 10:11 am (UTC) (Link)
*feeds the scheming bunnies*
basched From: basched Date: October 1st, 2011 11:33 am (UTC) (Link)

Much thanks! I'll keep 'em well fed! ;)
deaniebtvs From: deaniebtvs Date: October 3rd, 2011 07:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
OMG. I thought I was the only one who was 'shipping Matt/Emily/Becker. That scene in S5, with Becker holding Emily after Matt's seemingly driven to his death -- totally made me want to 'ship them.

As for your story, it's a nice, slow start at an unconventional relationship. Good moments for all of the characters and nice insight into their states of mind.

basched From: basched Date: October 3rd, 2011 08:59 pm (UTC) (Link)

I thought I was the only one!! :)

I had always shipped Matt/Becker...my only slash love from this fandom. But I also love Matt/Emily and well it was the episode 3 that made me think of the three. It hasn't happened yet, but I will be striving for it!

I called Matt/Becker...Mecker. Unless someone else comes up for this three...I shall be calling them Memecker. Silly but what can I say?!

Glad you liked this story! Means a lot! Ta!
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