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JC Carmicheal Chapters 35 & 36

Title: JC Carmicheal
Chapters: 35: "The Date"  36: "The First Mistake 
Characters:   35 & 36: Chuck, Casey, Barker, Walker, Milligan 
Genre:  Humour/action/romance.
Rating:  PG.  
Summary:     Chuck's date with Janet Milligan goes a little pear shaped. Then it goes REALLY pear shaped.  
Author's Note: It's been a while since I've posted these! But I wanted to for my readers. I am still going! lol This is unbeta'd so all mistooks are mine! Please enjoy. 

                It appeared to be going well. Janet turned up on time, looking extremely un-shrink like in her short clinging red dress. She was absolutely stunning. They sat where Morgan had planned, outside in the warm evening, and ate a pleasant meal. Barker and Casey were in the surveillance van and Sarah was pretending to be their waitress. It was after the dessert when things began to change.

The small shawl that Janet had been wearing slipped from around her shoulders. Chuck had tried his best, he really did, but his eyes were locked and the geekiest of grins spread across his face.

                “Chuck….you’re staring.”  He didn’t register Barker’s voice in his ear.

                “Bartowski! Quit looking at her cleavage!”

                Chuck jerked out of his trance when Casey barked angrily down the mic, and when he saw Sarah’s startled expression, Chuck’s knee knocked against the table and upset some of the crockery. As he frantically picked up spilt glasses and knocked over menus and condiments, there was sweet laughing. Janet was very amused.
               “I knew I should have worn a different, dress. I’m sorry Charles.”
              “No, she’s not.” Casey growled. “Be careful, Chuck.”

                “No! No…I’m sorry! I….didn’t mean to--!” Chuck waved a hand in dismissal and laughed nervously.

                Janet leaned across the table with a napkin to dab at some spilt wine down Chuck’s tie. For a brief moment, Chuck’s eyes widened in fear as those light and delicate dabs continued on for longer than necessary and crept lower down. This was not expected. Chuck noted Sarah was attempting to be subtle as she made some ‘Go on!’ faces, but it was anything but subtle.   

                “It seems our good Doctor has been waiting for this for a long time, Chuck.” Barker laughed.

                “Chuck!” Sarah’s voice joined in on the conversation in his ear. “It’s all right. Calm down and be Carmicheal. Be the suave sophisticated…seductive man she’s expecting. You keep shaking like a leaf and she’s going to catch on.”

                Chuck clenched his teeth together in an even bigger grin and as Janet edged herself closer to him, her hand was now clenched on his knee and was going further up towards his groin. It was all fine and well for Sarah to tell him to be calm, but Chuck wasn’t feeling it right now. He was trying so hard but another woman was touching him in intimate places.

                He hadn’t expected Janet Milligan to be as forward as this. This wasn’t like her at all.

                “Chuck…be Carmicheal or she will get suspicious.”

                It seemed unlikely as Janet crept closer, her chair shifting scraping on the paving stones. She was smiling, her breathing deep and longing and her grip on Chuck suddenly became more than he ever wanted or expected. He jumped again in his chair and pulled away.

                “Is something wrong, Mr Carmicheal?” asked Milligan, looking very disappointed

                “This is our first date, Janet.” Chuck took hold of her hands and held them away from his body.

                “Am I being too forward for you? I thought this was what you wanted.”

                “Chuck! Let her do this! If she’s being forward, you need to be!”  

                Barker was right. If they ever expected to get information about the Bringer from this woman, Chuck had to play his part. He swallowed hard and overcame the worry he was feeling, especially with Sarah close by. But she understands, he is Charles Carmicheal.

                “This has been wonderful.” Carmicheal crooned, taking hold of Janet’s hand and kissing the back of it.  “And don’t worry about being too forward…I like it. What say I pay the bill and we can get out of here?”

                “Ugh!”  Chuck ignored Casey’s disapproval. He was one to talk!

                Janet smiled.

                “I would love that.”

                Then to Chuck’s further surprise, she practically leaned over into his lap and planted a firm and deep kiss on his mouth. He felt her tongue force its way inside and he had to respond. The guilt inside was killing him, but when at last Janet pulled away…something happened.

                She sat there, with her eyes closed and a very pleasured smiled drifted across her face as she touched lightly at her chest.

                “Oh James…..”

                Chuck nearly fell of his chair. Over the comms, it sounded like Casey actually did. 


   Barker laughed.

                “Did she just say what I thought she said?” He slyly smiled at Casey, who was showing mild surprise at Milligan’s slip. After that very sensual kiss she had given Bartowski, she had said the wrong name…she had said ‘James’ not ‘Charles’ which meant that she had been thinking of Casey.

                “Yeah, she did say what you thought she said. Quiet, Barker…I want to see how Chuck gets through this.”

                Casey watched the screens and listened carefully in the earphones to what Chuck was saying. As Chuck wasn’t saying anything and looking quite dumbfounded, the situation was a little tense. Even Sarah was hovering at a nearby table, wondering if he was going to say anything.

                “That has got to hurt.” Barker continued, leaning back in his chair and propping his hands behind his head. “Kiss a girl and have her say another man’s name? Not good. Hell if you really were his dad, that would…that would be so humiliating.”

                “Chuck! Say something!” Casey growled into the microphone.

                “Huh? What did you say?” Chuck was still very bewildered and gobsmacked. ``What?”

                “I said Charles.”  Milligan was obviously pretending that she hadn’t said the wrong name and she was hoping that Chuck hadn’t heard her. Actually Casey and Barker weren’t sure that Chuck did hear. Perhaps the kiss from Janet affected his hearing. “Was…was the kiss okay?”


                “I was all right to kiss you like that….yeah?”


                “I would try extending your vocabulary, mate.” Barker said. Casey nodded in agreement.

                “Chuck, remember the rest of the mission. You’ve gotten this far, proceed to the next step.”  Walker’s voice calmly spoke over the comms and Casey watched her gently place the bill on their table.  It was a little tense for a moment as still Chuck said nothing. Milligan was more than worried.

                “Dammit, Chuck, say something!” said Casey. “Don’t let her know that you heard her slip and say something! Preferably not anything moronic!”

                The rest of the team all sighed with relief when Chuck broke from his dazed trance and found his composure once again. Almost.

                He smiled and quickly dealt with the bill, not taking his eyes off Milligan as they small talked. Casey, pleased that Chuck was back in his cover mode, but not pleased about the sickening words of seduction he was spouting, took off his head phones and adopted the same posture as Barker. Let the Englishman and Walker listen to that drivel.


                Casey didn’t quite understand Barker’s question and scowled.

                “How do you feel knowing about Milligan’s obvious attraction to you?”

                Casey grunted a number 34 grunt and turned his attention back to the screens. Chuck was being too good at his cover now. Walker had given him back the card and gave Chuck a slight disapproving look before walking off.

                “Doesn’t any guy like it when women are attracted to them? Or now that you’re with Agent Bartowski’s sister, does none of that matter?”

                Casey wasn’t going to say a word. Though Barker was right, if other women found him attractive then so what? Ellie was the only one who really mattered.  Barker grinned as his question was already answered by Casey’s lack of verbal response.

                “Is she just a little bit on the side? Or is she the one, the one who you could try and have a normal life with?”

                Casey stiffened in his chair and then pretended to look busy by adjusting something on the computers before him.  He then put on the headphones again, because he wasn’t going to discuss his feelings about Ellie with the Beefcake.

                As soon as he did…Casey heard Chuck say something really stupid.

                “Yeah…my sister is a doctor. Ellie is the best!”

                “Your sister’s name is Ellie?”

                In that instant, a month and two weeks of Cover prep had been instantly crapped down the toilet. 


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