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Past/Present/Future Chapter Seven - basched — LiveJournal
Past/Present/Future Chapter Seven

Title: Descent Into Madness
Pairing/Characters:  mentions of Matt/Becker and Matt/Emily, pre-Becker/Emily  Connor/Abby, Edward (OC) 
Genre: drama, angst, slash  
Rating:    Gonna up this to a 18 for the swearages and adulty things.
Spoilers: Takes place after season 5.    
Summary:   Back in the year 1932,  Matt's mental state slowly deteriorates.
A/N:.  Basically, this is my take on what happens after season 5. This beta'd by the always ecxcellent fredbassett   Mistakes, blame me, not her. Ta muchly and enjoy.

                They didn’t know where they were being taken, but Abby and Connor remained silent as they were transported away from King’s Cross. The world of 1932 outside the truck did little to stir excitement in either of them.

                They’d all known that someone would be guarding the anomaly, which was why Becker went through first. It could have gone a lot better than it did, if the young lad had been able to help them,  yet none of them reckoned on Matt knowing the man called Ackley and there being such bad blood between them.

                Abby watched Matt muttering to himself, running hands through his hair in frustration and tearing some strands out as he cursed some more in his Irish tongue.  He was angry and sad and it hurt Abby to see him like that. To her, Matt was a strong and confident man, he was a leader who reminded her very much of Cutter. She often thought if Cutter was alive the two of them would have got on well-- but now, Matt was anything but the leader they knew. He was shaken up.

                Ever since his earlier outburst in the car, Abby had been worried about him. His behaviour had seemed odd at first, but it was only after Becker had had words with him did Matt regain control and become more like himself. It pained Abby to see her friend like this and if there was any hope in getting themselves, the passengers and the train back to 2011, then Matt had to be at his best. 

                “Who was that man?” she asked. Abby didn’t flinch at the sudden glare she got from Matt, but inside, she felt her heart almost stop at the sight of his paleness and red eyes. For a brief second, it seemed he hated her for asking that question, but he knew Abby too well.

                “He’s a man responsible for millions of deaths.”

                “Like… like Philip and I could have been?” Connor nervously said. Matt shook his head.

                “No. Philip was misguided, Helen saw to that… but with Ackley, once he knew the dangers and what happened because of him, he just carried on. I saw what little remorse he had over his actions. Nathan Ackley is a monster. I was told he was dead! People I trusted and knew had told me he was gone.”

                “But they were wrong.” Abby stated solemnly. 

                “Clearly!”   Matt rubbed anxiously at his face. “Abby… Connor, this is far more serious than anything we’ve come across.”

                “What has he done, Matt?” asked Connor.

                Matt looked at Connor and the younger man saw the fear behind his eyes. Abby saw him hold his breath and felt his hand clasp on to hers.

                Matt wasn’t telling. Abby saw him lift up his wrist and activate the hologram on his watch.  The all too familiar vision of future London appeared in the middle of nowhere and in that desolate hell-hole, Abby made out two very familiar shapes scrambling over some of the debris.

                “Predators,” she gasped.

                “No one knew where they came from,” Matt said, struggling to speak as his eyes fixated on the hologram. “We only knew that they existed. Some said they evolved in the future, beyond my time, whilst others said they were engineered. All we knew was that they were everywhere, just like the Burrowers and the bug swarms.  It was like a plague. No one knew anything until my father and I moved to London because of his research into the anomalies. I was taken along to be another recruit for the so called army, a soldier to protect the others… I was fifteen.

                “When I was sixteen, my dad was the one who found the place. It was also the time I saw my first anomaly.  We went through and what we found was an era unlike any other. All there was… as far as the eye could see, were anomalies. It was a never-ending sea of them, they were everywhere. My father and a few others took it upon themselves to study them. Teams or rather what men we could spare, were sent back to various times to see where they went and it was by pure luck that we found him.”


                “Right.  We found Ackley in our past and he was operating experiments.  He said he had been trying to find a way for people to survive on the surface, a way for us to be able to breathe the air and not choke or suffer from the poison. It sounded great, but it soon became clear what he was doing. He was making the predators, creating a new life form to try to withstand the toxic air.  He had no idea just how screwed he was.”

                “What…what did you do?” asked Connor.

                “We did what we could. We told Ackley what his experiments would do, we even took him to our time to show him his creations. My father thought—we all thought—that we had succeeded in getting through to him because Ackley agreed to destroy his research. He seemed genuinely appalled at what he had done at the time, but nothing changed.  In fact it got worse, and no matter what the others tried to do, those things remained. Always.  Then we discovered that Ackley hadn’t  given up on his work, and soon it was pretty clear he wasn’t all there in the head.  He is mentally unstable. So when he killed a group of my friends… when he did what he did to my…” Matt shook his head.  “He should be dead. He deserves to be dead for what he did.”

                His voice trailed off and that was all Abby could get from him. So Ackley was the man who had made the predators and whilst that was criminal enough, Abby suspected that there was much more to Ackley’s crimes than Matt was letting on. There was something far more personal involved, because Matt wasn’t the kind of man to want people dead.

                “So… what are we going to do?” asked Connor.

                There was only one thing they could do and that was to continue this mission. Abby had no idea how many people were stranded here, but for her… they were the priority. They had to get them home.    

                “We will get them back through, Abby.” 

                She was startled when Matt looked back round to her. It was if he had read her mind, or he was the man she always thought he was. Matt has some serious issues with this Ackley man, but he wasn’t going to sacrifice innocent people because of it.

                “We’ll get them back and then… I’ll deal with Ackley.”

                She didn’t like the sound of Matt’s voice when he said that, nor did she like the cold, hard look in his eyes. 

                The truck halted and Abby looked out of the window to see they had stopped in front of a white house that reminded her of a posh hotel. It looked nice, pristine and upper-class, especially with the white marble pillars standing either side of the front door.

                The two men standing in front of those pillars made the place a little less homely, for which Abby was glad for because she wasn’t going to forget that they were prisoners. Not with ‘guards’ standing there. The three of them were dragged from the transport and ushered up the path to the house.

                As they were forced to accept the best luxury the 1930’s could offer; comfortable rooms with large beds and a hot dinner served only half an hour later, Abby couldn’t shake off the feeling that Matt would do something crazy.


                He managed to lift his hand and wave the annoying sound of Matt’s voice away. Or he thought the gesture would do that.  Instead, Becker got a kick in the side.

                “You bastard…I’m awake! You don’t need to kick me!”

                Becker turned over onto his back and rubbed at his eyes so he could see Matt more clearly. The man hadn’t got up himself, so why was he insisting they get up so damned early? He was lying at the bottom of the bed with the sheets barely covering his nudity, surely Matt could just stop whining for a few seconds and get some sleep?

                Becker lazily thumped his arm on the bed space next to him and smiled.

                “Come on, we’ve got hours yet before we have to get up. Sleep!”

                “I’m not tired.” Matt climbed up onto knees and gave Becker a glimpse of his glorious entirety. Becker grinned and rolled onto his back to get a better view. Surely no one looked this good in the morning with ruffled hair and hard on.  

                “You damned well should be tired after what we just did.”

                “We stopped New Dawn. We saved the world, Becker. It’s no easy thing.”

                “I meant the sex.”

                “You’re so full of yourself aren’t you?”

                “Can I point out to you, future boy… that you nearly blacked out, twice!”

                He laughed. Becker loved to hear him laugh, for Matt very rarely did it.

                “Don’t call me that. It pisses me off,” Matt replied with a smirk.

                Which was the reason Becker called him it.

                “How are you going to stop me?”

               Another scrap was indeed tempting for both of them. Their last one had left new marks on Matt’s body, and from the pain Becker was feeling, he gathered he had a few of his own. He recalled how he made each and every one of Matt’s marks and when Matt settled down next to him, Becker wasn’t feeling tired any more. He rolled over until he was up against Matt, touching his still hot wet skin. He trailed his hand up Matt’s legs and across his groin to feel and squeeze his dick. 
              The immediate response was a combination of a laugh and a moan, a sound that made Becker press his mouth against Matt’s throat to feel it. He encouraged Matt to do it again with a bite and another squeeze and the tight-fisted grip in Becker’s hair, turned him on something chronic. He badly wanted to flip Matt over and take him right here, but that was against the rules. He hadn’t earned the right to do that yet. So instead he just kicked him back. 

              “Why did you do that?” 

              “You did it to me.”
             “Becker…we can’t stay here. We have to leave.” 
              “Damn it! if you’re going to kick me, at least do it like you mean it!” Becker released his hold on Matt and spread his arms across the bed, beckoning him to do it. “Why the hell do you want to leave any way? Make up your bloody mind!”

                “It’s dangerous, here.”  

                “It’s always dangerous when we’re like this! So stop complaining and lets… fuck!”  Becker grinned fiendishly. 

                “I don’t know you well enough to do that.”

                “What are you talking about? We’ve done it more than once, you daft pillock!”

                “Becker, you’re such a charmer, but you have to wake up… please.”

                Something heavy impacted hard with his stomach. Becker recoiled from the pain and gasped, spitting and coughing with every attempt to breathe and then he felt an even harder jolt to his back.

                Matt was screaming. No… not him…. Emily.

                Becker managed to open his eyes. He wasn’t in his bed, next to the man he… had feelings for. Instead he was in the back of a military transport and Emily was by his side. She was red in face, screaming obscenities at a man who was standing above them both. One of Ackley’s men. 

                “Leave him alone!” 

                Becker saw that she had been hit, a bruise now shone on her left cheekbone.

                The man didn’t listen to her. He kicked Becker again and the force of the boot into his stomach coupled with a sudden sharp turn made by their  transport caused Becker to slide on the floor and crash into the side. He thought he saw and tasted blood.
Then to Becker’s horror, he saw the man grab Emily by her hair and he wrenched her off her knees and jerked her to the other side of the vehicle. She screamed again, but it wasn’t a helpless terrified one. Through the dizzying pain, as he tried to regain his strength to move, Becker saw the anger on Emily’s face, he saw her fingers claw and grab onto the man’s arm. This woman knew how to act with men who treated her like this.

                He’d seen how she stood up to that husband of hers. She was no pushover. 

                “Let go of me!” she seethed.

                “Shut your mouth, bitch!”

                “Don’t you ever call me that!”

                Becker managed to get onto his knees just as Emily scrambled to her feet and swung her fist directly at the man’s jaw. The man stopped it and started to laugh, but he received a knee in the testicles and it was him who fell to the ground in agony. When the man was down, he received another kick from a stiletto shoe to his face and he passed out.

              “Becker…” Emily turned to him and helped Becker to stand more steadily on his feet. With the vehicle still moving, it wasn’t easy, especially as he felt blood trickling down his face and the dizziness throbbing in his head.  “Are you all right?” 

               “I think so.”

               “Good. We have to get to the others as soon as possible.”
                 “Where’s Matt?” Becker had to blink for a moment and catch his breath, before holding onto the side of the vehicle. “Where is he?”

                “Not where you thought he was.” Emily slyly smiled. Becker turned away from her, to hide his obvious embarrassment, because he realised that everything he thought he had said to Matt, he had been muttering it to Emily.  “Becker… what I said before about you and Matt… there’s nothing for you to feel bad about. I don’t want you to feel as if you should…”

                “But I do feel bad. Emily, this is not something that I’m comfortable discussing at the moment. Can we talk about this later?”

                Emily nodded and kicked the man at her feet as he groggily tried to get back up. Becker and Emily both hung on together as the transport continued speeding to their destination. Where, Becker didn’t know, but right now Matt, Connor and Abby needed them. 

                “Ackley wanted us dead,” Emily said. “I heard him order it after you became unconscious. The idiot behind the wheel is taking us somewhere, hoping to dump our bodies, I shouldn’t wonder. He’s going to have a bit of a surprise when he stops and finds us alive.”

                In fact the driver had a surprise right there and then. The truck suddenly veered to the right, causing Becker and Emily to stagger and fall. They were tossed around as the truck continued to swerve drastically and the sound of a scream was followed by the squeal of brakes. Becker felt his back impact with the cabin of the truck and then there was an all too familiar sound.

                Something landed on the top of the vehicle, denting the roof. A scrape of claws scratched on the metal top and there was a loud snort before the chilling call of a raptor.

                “Shit! I don’t have a gun. I don’t even have my EMD!” he whispered. A second later a revolver was slapped into his hand. “Excellent! Thanks.”

                “You’re welcome.”

                Becker checked that it was loaded and thankfully it had the full complement of bullets. However, he wasn’t sure exactly how he was going to shoot this raptor. The safest option at the moment was to stay still, hope that the raptor wouldn’t detect them. It was a little bit late for the driver as he heard the sound of breaking glass, more screams and sounds of tearing flesh and breaking bone. Becker also heard the splatter of blood hitting the truck.

                Becker adopted a crouching position and with the gun nestled in one hand, he listened. The raptor called out, its voice making every part of Becker’s body chill, and then the creature began to clomp over the roof towards the back. Becker held out a hand and without looking away from the exit, he found Emily and kept a sturdy hold on her shoulder.

                They remained silent as the raptor screamed again, calling out but getting no reply. Even to Becker it was clear that the creature was missing its pack, the sadness and confusion clear in its screeching tones.  It got closer, then Becker saw its claws peeking over the edge of the roof, followed by a head and neck as it leaned over.

                It spotted them instantly and let out an angry howl, before jumping down into the back of the truck. It all happened in seconds, the raptor took only a few short strides and was suddenly upon them. At that same instant, Becker squeezed the trigger of the gun.

                Hearing the knock at the door, Matt sat up from the bed and hoped that Connor or Abby would walk in. It had been two hours since they were taken from the station and the other two were given a room separate from his, so he hadn’t seen them for a while.  But this time, it wasn’t either of his friends who came through the door.
                It was one person he didn’t want to see. His stomach churned with disgust, the pounding headache he had felt earlier was coming back ten times stronger and he slid back up the bed to the corner of the room, glaring with still red aching eyes at the man as he sat down next to him. With his knees propped up, Matt leant his arms on them and rested his face into the palms of his hands. Inside his skull it felt like a dozen pins were jabbing into his brain. He didn’t want this right now.

                He never wanted this.

                “Go away,” he moaned into his hands. “Go away before I kill you.”

                “You can’t kill me, Matt.”

                “Yes! I can!” Matt yelled and his head jerked up to face his tormentor. “God knows I  I can.” 

                “There is no God, Matt. You’ve lived in hell for most of your life so you know that’s true… we both do.  Killing me is an impossibility, but you know who you have really kill, don’t you? I could help.”

                “I don’t want your help! I don’t need anyone’s help!”

                Matt wanted to kick the guy away, he wanted to get as far away from him as possible but there was no room, and what little there was of it, felt as if it was getting smaller.

                “What about the military man? Becker? Don’t you want the man you love to help you?”

                “Love? I--!”

                “Sorry! Not love… have manly feelings for. Matt… as an enlightened 22nd century guy, you really don’t want to admit to loving another man, especially when it’s true? Why is that?”

                “Fuck off.”

                “So you don’t want him, or Emily to help?”

                “I…” Matt was suddenly lost for words. He glared at the git sitting on the end of the bed and shook his head. He raked his nails through the short crop of his hair and tried to make sense of what was going on.  “I don’t need their help…. because….”


                “You’re not here. You can’t be here.”

                “But I am, Matt. I am here because of you. Not sure how you’re going to get rid of me because murder is not an option. My death won’t change a thing and it won’t bring back father.”

               Father? My father!
                Matt leapt up from the bed and grabbed hold of the guy’s neck. He could quite easily snap it, but instead he began to squeeze and choke the life out of him. 

                He didn’t notice Connor and Abby standing in the doorway. He didn’t even know that he was strangling thin air.  

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freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: October 26th, 2011 07:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow - powerful stuff. I love the interweaving time frames.

And this was quite nice too: "“I’m not tired.” Matt climbed up onto knees and gave Becker a glimpse of his glorious entirety."
basched From: basched Date: October 26th, 2011 10:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
:) Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this. Diolch!
knitekat From: knitekat Date: October 26th, 2011 09:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ohh, intriguing. What's wrong with Matt?
basched From: basched Date: October 26th, 2011 10:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Matt might have gone bye bye! ???

fredbassett From: fredbassett Date: October 27th, 2011 05:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Matt is definitely not having an easy time of things!

This is all very intriguing :)
basched From: basched Date: October 28th, 2011 11:07 am (UTC) (Link)

I do seem to give him a hard time. I don't know why! lol

Thanks again for everything.
lsellersfic From: lsellersfic Date: November 16th, 2011 07:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's good to see this back again!
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