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Past/Present/Future Chapter Eight

Title: Plan Ahead
Pairing/Characters:  Jess, Lester, pre-Becker/Emily, Connor/Abby, mentions of Matt/Becker,  Edward (OC) 
Genre: drama, angst, 
Rating:    Rated only PG13 or some such..
Spoilers: Takes place after season 5.    
Summary:   Ackley begins his plans for Matt.
A/N:.  Basically, this is my take on what happens after season 5. This beta'd by the always excellent fredbassett   Mistakes, blame me, not her. Ta muchly and enjoy.


They expected her to be here.  Jess had finished her shift and didn’t feel like going home. Instead she went to the anomaly site and sat by herself watching the small silver globe spin slowly round in the air. Becker’s men didn’t speak to her, they didn’t try to comfort her and she was grateful for that. She didn’t need sympathy right now, she wanted him to come back.

 So when the time came for Greaves to unlock the anomaly, Jess watched with huge anticipation, but when no train came through, when Becker and the others didn’t come back within the allotted time, Jess was hugely disappointed. She tried not to show it as Greaves locked the anomaly, but it was difficult to hide the emotions swelling up inside of her.

She wished she could have gone through, not just to see the past, but because she would be with her friends, her teammates to give them technical support… but being here, Jess felt so useless. It would be another two hours before Greaves would open the anomaly again, to give them the chance of getting back, so all Jess could do was wait some more.

“Sir! I was not expecting you to be here!”

“Oh really?” Lester gasped and mimicked Greave’s startled look but then became deadpan. “Who were you expecting? The Spanish Inquisition?” 

Jess turned round in her chair and saw Lester hobbling towards her. She should have heard the sound of his cane tapping on the platform but Jess knew her focus on Becker and the others had blocked everything out. She rose to her feet and went over to Lester, for his slow painful steps would have taken him a lot longer to approach.


“I know what you’re doing here, Parker,” he said gruffly shaking her away as Jess tried to help support him. “This won’t do you any good.”

“I’m not doing this for me.”

“No, I can see that.”  Lester leaned forward on his cane and again, for the second time this day, she saw the look of compassion on his face. Lester didn’t show this side of him to just anyone. “Jess, they will be fine. I know it.”

“You do?”

“I’m certain. So let’s not mope about waiting for them to come back. Greaves will inform us if they do.”   Greaves waved and beamed a smile at Jess but it just made Lester tut and roll his eyes. “Jess…” Lester’s voice trailed off for a moment and he looked deadly serious and worried.

“What the matter? Is everything all right?”

 “No. I came here because I’ve just received a call. I would handle the situation myself but I thought it might be better coming from you. If you want to do this…”

Now Jess began to worry. What was it she could do that he could not?

“The Minister has given me the reports of casualties and accidents occurred during Convergence. It was mostly generalised but… a name popped up. Jess… it appears Carys Becker was involved in a car accident.”

“Becker’s sister?”   Jess gasped. “She’s…? Is she all right?”

“She’s not looking good… she’s…” Lester clearly saw Jess’ distress and gently rested his hand on her shoulder. “She’s in a critical condition and the family are asking for her brother. With Becker back in 1932… would you mind going to…?”

Jess didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Yes. I’ll go.”

Jess had never met any of Becker’s family.  He had told her about them, she had seen photos, but that was about it. He was very close to them, but his work at the ARC kept him busy. For Becker, she would go and give them the ARC’s support, and it wouldn’t be an easy job.
“Will you…?”

“I’ll keep you apprised of the situation here and call you the second they get back.” 
Jess knew that he would. 

Despite that he had chastised her for remaining here, saying that such vigil wasn’t good for her or any help to the others in the past, Lester sat down in the chair Jess had been occupying. She couldn’t help but smile slightly at that.

“You waiting here won’t do you any good.”  Jess said. “Especially with your injuries.”

“I shall be fine.”

As a foot stool and some cushions were carried past by some staff, Jess’s smile widened.

“You’ll be fine because officially and unofficially, you’re not actually here.”

“Good girl!” Lester propped his feet up on the footstool and allowed his PA to adjust the cushions in his chair. “You do catch on quick!”

Jess watched as he began to work, using his mobile phone and making his PA run around complying with his orders.  Jess took one last look at the anomaly and uttered a prayer for Becker and her friends, before heading out of the station.




It was Connor’s outcry that caused Ackley’s men to burst in the room and rip him and Abby away from Matt.  Even when he was thrown down to the floor in the corridor, Connor didn’t stop yelling for his friend.

When they had first opened the door, Connor and Abby were startled and shocked to see Matt acting like that. He was pretending to strangle someone who wasn’t actually there and, in Connor’s opinion, he looked really messed up. Matt had seriously lost it, he wasn’t responding to any of their calls and when they tried to help, he had pushed them away.  Now, three of Ackley’s grunts were restraining every part of him except for his own angry bellows.

“Get off him!” Abby yelled, her voice distraught as she tried to plead and order the men to stop.  “He doesn’t know what he’s doing!”

“Matt! Mate! It’s all right!” Connor knew that it wasn’t but anything that could calm the feverish man might help. Two men blocked their path to the room and they shoved Connor and Abby back with every attempt they made to get to their friend.  “Matt! MATT!”

Eventually Matt’s screams were silenced as they gagged him and Connor watched with seething resentment and horror as they tied him to the bed.  In pure rage, Connor tried to rush and push his way past, but he only got an elbow in the face and he fell flat on his arse. It didn’t stop him from getting back up again and when a backhand from a tall auburn haired git smacked Abby in the face, Connor lashed out with a punch of his own.  He felt the pain in his fist first and then in his jaw as the man retaliated.


The booming voice silenced everyone and Connor looked up from the floor to see Ackley standing at the end of the corridor.

“I told you to bring me these two, not cause a ruckus! If you people cannot follow my orders I will replace you!”

Connor gathered that the term ‘replace’ was not just a simple matter of sending the men away and getting others to stand in their stead. He saw the men’s fear, in fact he could feel it as they backed up against the walls to let their boss through. He saw their skin pale and their feet shift nervously as he walked past. They couldn’t even look the man in the eye for Ackley meant for their lives to be replaced.

 Cautiously, Connor got up on his feet and helped Abby in the process.

“Are you okay?” he asked, cupping her face and lightly brushing his thumb over the cut on her lip. She winced a little and licked at the blood before offering him a weak but appreciative smile.

“I’m fine. I’ve had worse.” Connor felt her grip around his arm squeeze, quite tightly. She then looked away from Connor and directed an icy stare at Ackley. “What do you want from us?”

“What do I want from you two?” Ackley gave them the briefest of looks and turned away, walking into the room where Matt was still struggling and screaming through his gag. “I want you for something important, but Matt? Matt is different. He’s special.”

“He’s in no condition to help anyone!” snapped Connor. “Can’t you see he’s not well? You’ve got to let us take him back to our time!”

“Now why would I do that?”  Ackley chuckled and shook his head. “No… Matt is exactly where I want him.”

“What?” Abby yelled. “How can he be of any use to you as he is?”

Ackley didn’t say a word. Connor saw him approach Matt and kneel down next to him. Such close proximity was only making Matt react more. Connor felt awful for him, he was now struggling so hard against his restraints that they were cutting into his skin. His eyes were wide and screaming with more intensity than his muffled voice could do and Connor could see the anger and rage in those eyes as well as his desperation.

“Matthew… you have no idea how happy I am that it was you who came and found me.”  Ackley reached out a hand and stroked it over Matt’s face.  “You were the best out of all of them and now you’re here to help me. It won’t be easy, but I have the upmost confidence in you.”
Connor didn’t see what Ackley did, but Matt’s jerking body stilled and his gagged vocalising became silent.

“Matt!” Abby never got a reply to her call. Ackley rose from the floor and Connor saw Matt’s unconscious body on the bed. “Matt!”

“He’s just sedated.”  Ackley grinned and turned to address the two of them.  “I have decided that I’m going to be fair in this matter, extremely fair and it’s not often I’m like this, so I would listen carefully. I am going to send one of you two back with the passengers and the train.  The other will stay and assist me with your friend.”

“And?” Connor asked.

“There is no and. That’s it. Accept it or you… your lovely young lady here and those people from the train will end up dead, just like Captain Becker and his woman. So make a choice.”

Dead? Becker and Emily were dead?  Connor couldn’t breathe. He felt a knot in his stomach and a hard lump in his throat. He vaguely registered Abby’s hands clinging to him, her head resting against his chest and the choking sounds from her mouth… he felt suddenly numb. 

“I’ll stay.”

“No!” Connor shook his head and grabbed Abby into a tight and crushing hug. “No! Abby… I’ll stay! If you go back with the others I’d feel better knowing you’re safe.”

As always, Abby was her usual stubborn self. She pushed him away and adopted her very real bad ass attitude.

“I’m staying,” she stated firmly to Ackley, with her arms crossed over her chest. “Take Connor and the others back to the anomaly and I’ll be here to help you with Matt.”


“I mean it, Connor! You have to take those people back, it’s all that matters!”
Connor didn’t like that.  Their friend mattered, Abby mattered. He wasn’t going to go through the anomaly and allow his friends andthe woman he loved, to stay here and die.

Becker… .Emily. Ackley had said they were dead and thinking about that made Connor’s chest tighten with anguish. He held back the overwhelming tears that threatened to fall from his eyes and clenched his jaw together.
“I’m not going to leave you,” he said, the determination in his voice unwavering. Abby smiled at such a gesture, and he knew that she thought it only as one.  But one she wasn’t going to accept it. 

“This is adorable.” Ackley forced a weak, eerie smile. “Two kids in love refuse to leave the other. It’s very touching… but I really don’t care. The boy stays, the girl goes back. Take her away.”

“No! Connor!”

Connor couldn’t do anything, his arms were held behind his back, nearly wrenched out of their sockets as two men dragged Abby away.  He got a clout on the back of his head for yelling her name and Connor finally slouched into the man’s grip and a couple of tears fell down his cheek.

At least she would be going back to 2011. He hoped she would.

Everything was a blur around him. He couldn’t feel anything except a painful numbness over his entire body. Connor felt so ridiculous now, before he’d thought the 1930’s was somewhere exciting and that this would be an adventure just like Captain Kirk’s. Now… two of his friends were dead… Matt had gone crazy, incensed by what this man had done to him in the past, or rather the future and Abby….

“Abby…”  Connor blinked back some more tears and reality came back to him. He was back in his room and Ackley was slouching against the doorframe, mocking him with a cold empty smile.  After a few deep breaths, Connor felt a little bit better for knowing that Abby was going back to the safety of the 21st century.  “How do I know you’ll keep your word and that’s she safe?”

“You don’t.”

Connor bit his bottom lip in frustration.

“And what happens to me and Matt?”

Ackley grinned and rubbed his hands together.

“You’ll have to wait and see! It’s a pity your two other friends aren’t around to witness this tremendous moment! It’s going to be fun!”

It was anything but fun to Connor as he slumped down on the edge of the bed and buried his face in his hands.


He let off three or four shots. The jaws were inches from Becker’s face when raptor blood and brains splattered over him and Emily. Becker stood panting against the side of the truck, his hand slightly shaking and he could feel his heart pounding furiously against his chest.
That had been extremely close and now he was covered in raptor blood. It stank. He stank.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” he uttered with contempt as he swiped a less bloodied hand over his face.  His stomach retched a couple of times as with each breath the stench of blood filled his nostrils. Emily wasn’t faring better.

She was looking at the mess covering her shaking hands, eyes widened with disgust rather than horror and her skin looked paler than usual beneath the blood spatter over her face. Her dress was ruined and as the seconds went by, it seemed she was more angry than scared. 

“Emily?” Becker held down a particularly sickening taste of bile in his throat and gently touched a bloody hand to her shoulder. She didn’t respond, nor did she look away from the Raptor’s body.  He brushed her hair back and gently shook her shoulder again. “Emily? Are you all right?”

Still she would not look away, but her brow furrowed with more anger and hatred at the body and her hands. Becker then took it upon himself to step in front of her, blocking her view of the raptor. He tried to wipe her face clean by cupping her face with one hand and stroking lightly with the other. It didn’t make much difference, but with his touch he felt her shaking calm.

“Emily. You’re okay… can you hear me?”

Her eyes finally blinked as she looked straight back at Becker. She clung hard onto his arms and Becker recognised her attempts to control her gagging at the stench.

“I’m covered in raptor.”

“But you’re still alive.”

Emily nodded and wrapped her arms around Becker’s body, giving him a crushing and relieving hug. Just as quickly as she hugged him, Emily pushed him away, turned round and emptied her stomach in the far corner of the truck.

Becker chuckled, but the action only made him vomit as well.

“I have to get out of here.” He barely registered what Emily said as she scrambled as best she could over the body and out the back.

Though when he had finished and he could retch up no more, Becker followed her into the fresh air of the city.

Or what there was of it.

Becker blinked a few more times and saw that they weren’t in the best part of London. He didn’t see any streets signs or familiar buildings, but it was squalid, dark, smelly and not much of a change from the back of the truck.

He thought on the raptor.  It was not a fully grown adult and it had come through another anomaly, so that meant another problem added to their long list of problems.  An incursion from the past into 1932 was the last thing they needed, but it couldn’t be ignored.  He also needed a shower.

“Becker…”  Emily was turning slowly in a circle, trying to recognise where they were. “What… what do we do now?”

“We get out of here and locate this second anomaly,” he croaked, spitting in a worthless attempt to get the horrible taste out of his mouth.  “We can’t have any further incursions on this time. I don’t think most of the people here really have any clue on how to cope with raptors.”
“I wouldn’t worry about that.”
Becker cursed himself for letting his guard down. He turned at the sound, bringing up the gun and aiming it straight at the man standing by the head of the truck. Even when he cottoned on to who it was, Becker didn’t lower the gun.
“What are you doing here?”  Emily asked the question before he could.
“I followed you and then… then I saw the… the dinosaur. At least I think it’s….” the young man’s voice trailed off into nothing as he took in Becker and Emily’s appearance. The kid was frightened, and Becker certainly didn’t like the way the gun was shaking in his hand. 
Becker edged forward and managed to slip the weapon from the other man’s hand, he gave it to Emily and then shoved the boy up against the side of the truck, aiming the barrel of his revolver squarely at his head.  The youth screamed and began shaking harder than a plate of jelly.

“What are you doing here?” Becker demanded. “Are you here to make sure we’re dead?”
“No!” gasped Edward. “I don’t want you dead! I never wanted you dead! I’m new to all of this! I’ve been on this blasted job less than a week and I’m suddenly pulled away from my assignment to be on Ackley’s team.  The man is… he frightens me! He’s sick as hell! I’ve heard stories as to what he and his men get up to and I didn’t go to work for my government to be associated with things like that! Right now your friend… the Irish guy?”

“Matt! What about him?” Becker felt an anger surge within him and so he pressed the end of the gun just a little harder against the man’s skin. “Tell me! What has Ackley done with him?”

“Nothing! Yet! But he’s not looking well. Something is seriously wrong with him and I had to do something! ” Edward held up his hands.

“Please, let me help you find him!”

“You would really help us?” asked Emily. Edward nodded.  “But you don’t know who we are!”

“I may not know you… but I trust you a lot more than Ackley.”

Edward’s responses weren’t completely to Becker’s satisfaction, he didn’t trust this guy despite his good intentions but it was enough for him to lower the gun and let him stand up. The 21 year old jumped away from the truck, and then signalled for Becker and Emily to follow him.  Cautiously they did follow, and after a few minutes came to a parked Austin Ten-Four a little further down the street. 

“We need to find the other anomaly.” Becker gruffly stated, even though he was desperate to find Matt. He climbed into the front passenger seat whilst Edward began to start the car.

“What’s that? The portal you came through?”


“It’s all right. It’s been taken care of.” Edward dug into the pocket of his coat and brought out what looked to be a very sophisticated looking walkie-talkie.  It was not 1930’s technology. Edward held it out and instantly Becker heard a conversation going on, a conversation regarding the anomaly. 

“Nothing else will get through. We’ve got men on it.”

“Keep in contact. When you’ve cleared the mess and spun a little story for the public, come back to base. Be quick! We don’t want any more surprises.”     

If anything had happened to Matt, then they were going to get an extremely nasty surprise. Becker was going to make sure of it. 

He closed his eyes and clasped the gun with both his hands. This mission was a failure and it only proved yet again that going through the anomalies was dangerous. There had to be stricter rules. After Convergence, the ARC teams had to be more vigilant in keeping the public out as well, so no one had to go back. 

Matt.  The boy had said something was wrong with him. Matt knew he wasn’t 100% fit for this mission, but had insisted he come along. Becker had let him and now they were both paying the price for Becker’s mistake.

The car’s engine spluttered into life and a few seconds later the car drove off at speed, or rather the top speed that it could manage.
“We need to be prepared.” said Edward once they came to streets more vaguely familiar. “Ackley has several facilities, any of which he could be at right now and all are heavily guarded.”

“So?” Becker scoffed. “Just take us to where they’re holding Matt and I’ll get him out.”

“Becker, you can’t.” said Emily from the backseat. “How does Edward know where Matt is being held? Besides, you would never allow the others on your team to undertake such a thing without planning! May I also point out that we’re covered in raptor? Surely we can change first?”

“We can get what we need, but do we really need to risk Matt’s life just because of a desire to bathe?”  Becker turned round in his seat and gave Emily the most disapproving look he could. She claimed to love the man, yet she was willing to waste time having a wash before going to his aid?

“Don’t you dare look at me like that!” Emily jabbed a finger at him. “You know I’m right! Becker… if we’re to get to Matt and see him safe, we have to do this properly. ” 

 “Fine! We can get what we need, but nothing else. I won’t risk my…” Becker stumbled on the word, lost as he tried to think what Matt really was to him. “I won’t risk my best friend’s life just because I have raptor in my hair.” 

Best friend? Emily’s slight grin at that comment only frustrated him more. Seeing his frustration, Emily sat forward on the edge of her seat and rubbed a hand against his arm.

“Connor and Abby are with him.” She said, “They won’t let anything happen to him. I know what Matt means to you but we can do this, we can and will get him back. Running headlong into this without thinking will end up getting Matt hurt or killed. Think about it, please… Hilary. ”

She had never used his first name before. Becker didn’t think that she knew it. No one except his family used his first name. Hearing it from her seemed to have an effect and it wasn’t one he was expecting. Instead of threatening her or angrily lashing back at her for speaking it, Becker found himself gently bobbing his head with affirmation.  

Emily made sense, now that he calmed down and thought about it. He did need and want a shower, but more than anything he wanted to get this mission over and done with and take Matt home. Becker relaxed a little and gave her a curt little nod. He turned to Edward.

“Take us to your place then.”

“It’s not that far.” Edward replied, tooting hard on the horn when another car wouldn’t get out of his way. 

“Just get us there and be quick about it.”

“You…. you could say please.” Edward stammered, worried that his reply might anger Becker more. It wasn’t his fault, he was new to all of this.   

“Sorry.” Becker had to give the guy some slack, after all he had just had a gun pressed against his head. “Thank you for helping, we really appreciate it.”

“It’s no problem… really.”

“I’m Becker… this is Emily.”

The young man smiled.

“You’re military, aren’t you?”

Becker nodded. “Captain.”

“I should have known. Also… you’re not aliens, you’re from the future aren’t you?”

Becker and Emily said nothing, but Edward nodded and grinned at their lack of confirmation or denial. At least he wasn’t thinking they were aliens.

 “By the way… I’m Edward Lester.”

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nietie From: nietie Date: October 28th, 2011 05:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
Eeee! A Lester!

This is great. Angst in overdrive. Love it.
basched From: basched Date: October 28th, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC) (Link)

:) A Lester! Most certainly....

As for all the angst, I can't help putting my favourite guys in such angsty situations.

Glad you're liking it. :)
freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: October 28th, 2011 06:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yes, I'm loving this. Excitement and angst and emotion to burn.

Looking forward to the next part very much.
basched From: basched Date: October 29th, 2011 05:33 am (UTC) (Link)

Thanks for the lovely reply! I hope to get the next bit up before I trundle off to work.

Cheers muchly! XD
knitekat From: knitekat Date: October 28th, 2011 10:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Eek for Matt and grr for Ackley. Hee, Edward Lester?
basched From: basched Date: October 29th, 2011 05:34 am (UTC) (Link)

Edward Lester. Yup indeedie.

Thanks again for reading. Means a lot.
lsellersfic From: lsellersfic Date: November 18th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh dear! I can't help thinking Abby would cope much better in the past with Matt, but that's probably why Ackley picked her to send back. And a Lester!
basched From: basched Date: November 18th, 2011 10:35 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hi, and thanks for still reading!

Yeah, there is that reason, but there's another for why Connor has been kept behind. ;)

And a Lester! Yes! Of course! XD
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