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Past/Present/Future Chapter Nine

Title: Talking To Yourself
Pairing/Characters:  Lester, ??, Matt/Emily/Becker, Matt/Emily, Matt/Becker, Connor, Abby, Greaves (Oc)
Genre: drama, angst, slash
Rating:    Rated 18/NC17 for sex stuff.
Spoilers: Takes place after season 5.    
Summary:   Matt has a lovely conversation.
A/N:.  Basically, this is my take on what happens after season 5. This beta'd by the always excellent fredbassett   Mistakes, blame me, not her. Ta muchly and enjoy


                  He couldn’t say anything.  Even if he could, how would he explain it?  How could he tell Cutter that the anomalies were already known to him and that he had requested a bodyguard, who also had to pretend he didn’t know about these rifts into the past?

                  The group of civilians were now sitting round a table and they did not like being kept here, or kept in the dark about what was going on. 

                  “So is Cutter the one then?” 

                  Lester stood staring through the glass window at the misfit group. Lester shook his head.

                  “But those two…” he pointed with a finger to the two youngest. “The blonde and the computer nerd are.” Lester heaved a frustrated sigh. “Look, go along with them, do what you do best. Let them think that ARC is something new and don’t let anything happen to Maitland and Temple, it’s imperative that they’re kept safe.” 

                 “It’s my primary mission, I take it?”

                “Of course.”

                “What about Cutter and the tall dark and brooding?”  The man nodded to the other two men sitting around the table.

                “Their safety is in your hands of course. I expect you do your best for all of them, but Cutter and Hart are not paramount.”


                It was now his job to keep them all safe, until the other captain came along.
                Lester had waited a long time for this. 



                The restaurant was on the posh side, all the men were in tuxes and the women were dolled up to the nines in elaborate low-backed dresses with wraps of fur around their bare shoulders and hats with so many flourishes of feathers that made the place feel like a Royal Ascot meeting.  Music was playing, a man was singing up on the stage and everyone was having an absolute ball. 

                The last course had finished hours ago, so now the two were sipping on brandies and smoking cigars. Everyone else was smoking as well and the air was thick with it along with the high spirits, laughter and music. 

                The women were watching them. Smouldering eyes with obvious intentions glanced at them. Lustful smiles and little waves of fingers were done for them as the women showed off their desires along with glimpses of bare leg and cleavage.

                But that all stopped when the woman in green sat between the men.  Every other woman in the restaurant had their hopes dashed when they saw the men’s clear attraction for her, but then disapproval and disgust took over as the woman in green led them on.

                Lady Emily Merchant allowed the two of them to huddle closely and she allowed their hands to touch her bare silky shoulders, stroke against her hips and caress her face. She loved the attention and the feeling they gave her.  Even in their dark secluded corner people could still see this bizarreness, but if they stopped judging and hiding their jealousy, they might have seen more.

                They might have seen the gentle grazes and strokes turn to tough clawing and tugs, they might have seen the soft light kisses turn to hungry bites on and around her neck; if they had looked closer, they would have seen that it was not all about her.

                Matt couldn’t help it. What they were doing was taboo enough, but the brandy was clouding his judgement. His inhibitions were lowered and everything he wanted to do, right here and right now was damned near tempting. He could see the same desire in Becker’s eyes. He was getting riled up and in response to Becker’s light brush against his side, Matt dug his nails into Emily’s leg so sharply he got shoved away.

                “Bloody men! Get out of here, the pair of you!” Emily pushed Matt and Becker away from her and reached for her drink. “You’re obviously so pent up you can’t control yourselves. Go before you both end up wrecking this entire establishment, and I know you will if we carry on.”

                Matt wasn’t going to ask if she meant it, because she wouldn’t have said it otherwise. He grinned and leaned forward to plant a firm and sensual ‘thank you’ kiss on her lips. It seemed she could barely control herself as she pulled him harder into the kiss. Her moan in his mouth and the intensity of her tug on his shirt almost made Matt collapse on top of her, and he knew that if he did, public indecency or not, he would have taken her right there. Emily’s smile and the soft pat of her palm against his cheek, along with the nudge of her knee against his groin, convinced him otherwise.

                “Go. I’m not what you need.”  

                “She’s far too good for us,” Becker said, taking hold of Emily’s chin to make her face him. She nodded and accepted an equally sensual kiss from him.

                Matt shook the brandy haze temporarily from his mind and looked to Becker as he rose to his feet and loosened his bow tie with a couple of hard tugs. Becker grinned at both of them, planted the still-smoking cigar between his teeth and turned to face the rest of the crowded restaurant. 

                Becker stood at the top of the stairs over looking the dance floor and other tables and dug one hand into his pockets whilst he flicked at the lid of his Zippo lighter with the other. His foot tapped in time with the music and Matt noticed all the eyes of the customers and waitresses turning to him.   

                “Do what you two must, but don’t you dare leave me to pick up the bill!”  Emily warned them with a smile. She then took a sip of her own brandy.  Matt got up next to Becker and slapped him heartily on the back.

                “Would we EVER do that to you?” Becker feigned innocence as he looped his black tie around his hand. 

                 Emily nodded.   “And you know what will happen if you do.”

                Matt laughed, they knew very well what would happen. He undid his own tie and unbuttoned a couple of shirt buttons before he and Becker respectfully bowed to their lady, each  kissing the back of her hand sincerely before slowly walking away.

                It was only when Matt and Becker were out of her sight, did they quicken their pace.

                When she was right, she was right. As much as they both loved her… Matt and Becker could never share with Emily what they had together. She understood far too well their different needs, especially the one for physical brutality, but she wasn’t (always) inclined to join in.     

                The fighting was their time.

                The fight at the back of the club might have been started by Becker. It might have been because he sniggered at a joke Matt made towards a group of disagreeable men (or arseholes as Becker called them.) who were perfect for starting a brawl with. The lame idiots with loud mouths and no brains made it far too easy and it was a fight that got the blood pumping. It was just what Becker and Matt needed and thankfully they timed their departure just right when the police came along and hauled away virtually everyone.   

                Moments later, with the blood still racing through their veins, Matt was crammed into the back of an Invicta, unable to stop his grimacing or moaning as Becker filled him completely with two hard and painful thrusts. The car was far from roomy, it was cramped and Matt was pinned to the back seat on his knees with Becker’s body slamming hard against his back, his cock ramming deep with in him.
Becker’s forcefulness shook his entire body as well as the car. Matt dropped his head into the crook of his arms and braced himself for each hard thrust . The jolts deep inside made Matt scream with pleasured agony but his outbursts were muffled as Becker’s tie tightly gagged  his mouth.

                Matt heard Becker’s grunting voice in his ear, egging him on, yelling at him to keep in time with his pummelling jerks and when Matt tried to yell back, he was quickly reduced to weakened grunts and pleading Gaelic murmurs through the tie gag when Becker ran his mouth around the back of his neck. 

                “God… scream for me!” Becker snarled against Matt’s throat, grabbed hold of his cock and started to wank him off, squeezing and pulling.

                What seemed liked ages passed, spasms convulsed Matt’s body and his shirt was now drenched with sweat sticking to his back and to Becker. His eyes were beginning to water, the tie gag prevented him from being able to stop the saliva from seeping out the sides of his mouth, the Invicta jerked wildly and then Matt entire body tensed.  He came and came hard. As his watering eyes screwed shut, he bellowed loudly as the tie would allow, spouting wet sprays of spit before his body began to uncontrollably shake.  

                At that same moment, Matt heard the sound of the car door being opened and there was a gasp and the sound of a gun being cocked. Then a cold breeze wafted over his body and dowsed some of the hot flushes of orgasm. Matt barely managed to open his eyes, but when he did, and angled his head, he saw Becker pointing his gun directly at the intruder.

                Matt had no idea where Becker had managed to hide that. 

                But that was nothing compared to who had actually interrupted them.

                “Guns don’t deter me, Becker. But what you’re doing looks like fun. Can I join in?”  

                No… no!  Matt rubbed at his eyes.

                Instead of seeing the Invicta’s interior and having Becker draped over his back and still buried deep within him, there was darkness. It was cold and damp and from somewhere in the distance he heard echoing clangs of heavy metal doors.  His body wasn’t shaking from the aftermath of sex, Matt felt sore from beatings and all around his mouth was sore as well, but the gag was gone. He didn’t taste cigars and brandy… there was only the coppery bitterness of blood on his tongue.

                Matt made out a small glimpse of light from a small hole in the wall in front of him and because of that, Matt could vaguely make out a person sitting next to him. He had hoped he would be alone, but the headache told him otherwise and so did the sound of his own voice.

                “That was some dream. Such a pity it’s not real… for you, but you’ll get there.”

                Of course it was a dream. Just like his other self was.

                “I’m not a dream.” 

                Matt knew that he was mad. He had to be, for he was talking literally to himself, to the Matt Anderson who had told him to come back here in the first place. Becker was right, Matt should never have come on this mission.

                “You can’t think like that,” said the second Matt. “They need you to be here.”

                “They need me to be a complete and utter fruitcake and talk to hallucinations of myself?” Matt sneered at the other him and shifted his position on the cold hard and wet floor.

                “You’re not mad.”

                Matt laughed, even though there was nothing about this situation that was remotely amusing.  He was telling himself he wasn’t mad, yet here he was, conversing with himself, the same self he had tried to kill.  The pain in his head was worsening from all this confusion. 

                “It won’t hurt if you listen to me.”

                “I’d much rather shove my head up a T-rex’s arse.”

                “I’m not a delusion!” 

                His arm was suddenly wrenched which caused Matt to fall flat to the floor.  The other Matt was touching him, he had his fingers wrapped around his arm, squeezing at his clothes and skin, Matt felt physical contact, just like he had at the station.

                “I’m very real… for you.” Matt Two stood and moved to where the light source shined upon his face. Nothing had changed about him, he still looked weak, beaten and on the verge of collapse. “I don’t know how exactly this happened, I’m not Connor, but the area where Philip’s anomaly was, is unstable. There was a moment, at the same time you brought the two anomalies together I was standing at the exact point you were. So when the anomalies merged, so did we. When New Dawn was stopped, I should have ceased to exist. Instead I am a part of you.”

                Matt really didn’t know what to expect from that. He was talking to a future version of himself who was now sharing his head? Anomalies weren’t capable of that!  No, he had gone insane. It was a far simpler explanation.  Though if he was imagining all this, why imagine himself?

                “You’re not imagining me!” The other Matt seemed a little frustrated with his. “I’m sorry I can’t give you a fucking jargon-filled lecture but you have to get used to me!”

                “Why couldn’t you have been someone else?”

                “You mean why couldn’t I have been Becker? Oh he would send you crazy if he was sharing your mind.” Matt heard his other self laugh. A sad but slightly bemused chuckle.   “If he was here, he would be giving you right earful. He would make you listen!” 

                Then Matt heard in the darkness a saddened sigh and the sound of rustling.  There was a long drawn out silence and Matt knew it all too well. His other/imagined self was deeply anxious about something and wasn’t anything to do with sharing a mind with him.

                “Matt… this isn’t about us or Becker. It’s never been about us. When I realised I was here, I had to warn you. I had to tell you. Matt, it’s Emily. We have to help Emily. Please.” 
                Emily. To see her smile and to hear her voice would be better than hearing his own, but his second self wasn’t messing around. He was serious and Matt heard the choking emotion in his voice. He rose up from the floor and leaned against the wall. 

                “It’s Ackley…. isn’t it?” he growled angrily as the hate began to swell up inside him, causing his fist to clench hard. “He’s got her.”

                “I haven’t forgotten what he did to dad or to us but that is nothing compared to what he’ll do to Emily! Matt, you don’t know what it’s like. You have no idea what we’ve been like without her.” 

                Without her?  Matt didn’t like the idea of being without Emily, but of course this was just his crazy mind playing tricks on him. No matter how hard he tried, Matt couldn’t shake the sickening and agonising thoughts of being without the one woman who had made a difference to his life. 

                Seconds later, there was sudden blast of light and it blinded Matt. It caused him to fall back and cover his eyes. Even after a few minutes, he could barely see, but he knew that the lights in the room had been turned on. Then, in the far distance, there was the sound of a door opening, metal scraping against metal.

                When his eyes finally adjusted to the light, he saw that he had been in a small cell barely the size of a broom closet. He walked over to the door and found that it opened in to a dark and barely light corridor. Just by his door was a knife, small and very much like one of the first knives he had ever held when he was a child.

                “Pick it up.”

                He didn’t need to tell himself that. Matt had already scooped it up into his hand, the blade barely visible within his huge palm. The other Matt… the other him, looked to be in no condition to fight or do anything. He was weak, pale and bloodied from all his injuries. He looked a mess. 

                “You should look in a mirror. You don’t look great either.”

                “Go screw yourself.”

                “I’m not even going to bother replying to that.”

                Matt took several steps out of the room and looked around at his surroundings.  He had been here before.

                The stone prison was unmistakable now that he could see it. It was where he had said goodbye to Emily, where Danny and Patrick had gone back to the Pliocene era.  Matt already associated this place with losing Emily and this time he wasn’t going to let it happen. His grip on the knife tightened and he walked out into the corridor, cautious but alert.  The lights in the prison weren’t working, they flickered on and off, giving very little comfort in this darkness.  

                Don’t call out. Don’t make a sound. Matt kept to the darkest sections by the prison walls, edging along step by step, watching for any other signs of movement.

                Then there was the screeching sound of feedback coming over the PA system. It halted Matt in his tracks.

                “Matt? Mate… .it’s me. It’s Connor.” 

                Temple’s voice did not sound at all comforting over the PA. He sounded nervous, afraid. 

                “Er… Matt… Ackley has told me I’ve got to say this and you’re not going to like it.” Connor gulped nervously and there was another screech of feedback. “You’re not on your own in there, Matt. Ackley has told me there are four of his prototype predators in there with you… they’re all in individual cells but in about one hour, one of them is going to be released. Ackley wants you to show him what you did before. He wants to show others how you were able to defeat them. He’ll release the others every hour after the first. I’m sorry, Matt. I can’t help but if you don’t do anything…. he’s gonna release them all at once.”



              Abby waited until everyone else went through the anomaly first. The train driver was able to get the train back, the tracks of both stations lined up perfectly,  and then everyone else followed on foot. She didn’t tell the forty people much, she could barely say anything as she thought upon Emily and Becker. Abby didn’t want to believe that they were dead, but her body and emotions had other plans.
Thankfully on the other side, there were teams of people trained in making up plausible stories. In fact they were people just like Jenny… with charm and charisma, so they could persuade them not to go spouting this bizarre story to the press.

              “Abby! Thank god you’re all right! Where are the others?”

              She turned and nearly fell to the floor. Her mouth dropped open and she was unable to breathe. She felt the blood and colour drain from her face as her hand flailed and eventually grabbed on to Greaves’ flak jacket.  Greaves saw how distraught she looked and turned round to bellow for some help.

              “Medics! Get some medics over here!”

              She didn’t need medics. Abby was looking at the ghost standing next to him, she was staring at a dead man, who was very much alive.

              “Abby… are you okay? Talk to me!”  The ghost asked.

              “I’m…. I’m fine! And you are too… it seems.” Abby turned to Greaves and forced a polite smile to the young soldier. “Kieron…I haven’t gone mad, have I? There is someone standing next to us, isn’t there?”

              Greaves nodded, though he wasn’t sure why she was asking the question.

              “Yeah. It’s the Colonel, Abby. You know him! He’s the Head of Security for ARC.”

              “No.” Abby shook her head, the shock still telling her to disbelieve what she was seeing with her own eyes. “Becker was in command, he…. you are supposed to be dead.”

              “Dead?” The colonel stepped forward and looked back at Abby, horrified as he gently took up her hand. His comforting warm and strong touch wasn’t stopping her shakes. “I’m very much alive… I’m real. Can’t you feel me?”


              Abby couldn’t contemplate it at first. Her mind was reeling with confusion as she remembered differently from what she was being confronted with. She clearly recalled how things had been five years ago, but her own eyes were telling her different. He was alive, she could feel the roughness of his skin, the squeeze of his fingers and the warmth he produced, but it wasn’t possible. Was it?

              They had gone back in time. They’d changed it somehow.

              “You’re real! You’re here!” The fear and shock eased and Abby allowed herself to smile just a little as she squeezed the colonel’s hand. They had changed the future and if this was a result of it, it couldn’t be that bad. Could it?


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freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: October 29th, 2011 08:37 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh.......another really exciting instalment!

I love the interweaving timeframes and that was some hot sex.

Looking forward to more.
basched From: basched Date: October 30th, 2011 11:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Why thank you!! XD I am writing some more at the moment, but I don't know when it will be ready. Thanks for sticking with the story!
fredbassett From: fredbassett Date: October 29th, 2011 07:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Fabulous ending!!!

I hope I'm right about who the colonel is. *g*
basched From: basched Date: October 30th, 2011 11:05 pm (UTC) (Link)

:) I think you might be right....but I dunno who you're thinking of! ;)
knitekat From: knitekat Date: October 29th, 2011 10:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Loved the conspiracy at the start and the intertwining timelines. Eek for Matt and ooh, if the colonel is who I think he is, yay. *paws crossed Abby's right*
basched From: basched Date: October 30th, 2011 11:10 pm (UTC) (Link)

Eek indeed for Matt...and things aren't going to get better. As for who the colonel is? Hmmm....I wonder. :)

Thanks for the comment and I'm pleased that you're still reading.
lsellersfic From: lsellersfic Date: November 20th, 2011 06:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ooh! The plot thickens! I'm looking forward to more of this.
basched From: basched Date: November 23rd, 2011 11:53 am (UTC) (Link)

The plot indeed thickens! :) Thank you. I'm still writing away...don't know when I'll finish it though! doh! XD

Cheers for the comments. Much appreciated.
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