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Where A Fire Won't Do II - basched
Where A Fire Won't Do II

Title: Feed The Flame (2/?)
Characters/Pairings: Percival/Gwaine, Arthur/Gwen, Leon/OC, Merlin, Elyan, Giaus  
Genre:  Humour, slash  
Rating: 15 for swearages.
Author's Note: This is the second part of my story. Nothing really heavy here...probably more funny than anything. But again enjoy. Yay! Thanks Google Chrome for allowing my cuts to work!  Not beta'd.

Gwaine came back a little while later with a boar and they ate heartily before setting off. The journey was tough for the snow was thick and deceiving, some of the time they had to walk, leading the horses through the deep drifts, slow and cautious. One idiotic group of bandits tried to ambush them but Gwaine despatched all of them before the others could get a look in.

Even singlehandedly killing the bandits didn't alter Gwaine's grouchiness. He really was in a strange mood. He said little and kept ahead or trailed behind the group instead of with them. He didn't sing or babble, or make any jokes like he used to and it bothered his companions a lot, though they wisely said nothing. Percival on the other hand tried to talk to him but Gwaine avoided all conversation. He wouldn't even look at him.

Being ignored like this was beginning to frustrate Percival. He was going to have words for sure when they got back, even if it meant banging the cocky bugger's head against a wall.

The moment the horses cantered through the arch and into the courtyard, when they met Arthur at the bottom of the steps, Gwaine didn't wait around. He dismounted his horse, pulled off his cloak and shoved it into the arms of his poor bewildered squire. Gwaine briefly acknowledged Arthur and disappeared into the castle, limping.

"Okay Merlin…what did you do to my Knight?" asked the King shaking his head in disapproval at his servant.

"I…I didn't do anything." Merlin wasn't sure about that, he looked a little guilty and Arthur noticed it.

"Of course you didn't." was Arthur's only reply. Instead of pressing the matter and teasing Merlin further, he greeted Asgre and her maid, welcoming and offering them all of his and Camelot's hospitality. Arthur led their new guests up the stairs. "I'm glad all of you made it back safe. We have a banquet being prepared for you Lady Asgre, in your honour."

"It sounds wonderful, sire."

Percival felt his stomach growl. He was hungry, but for him food and banquets were not his priority. He hadn't noticed that Gwaine had been injured and he was quite angry with himself for not spotting his limp earlier, in fact, judging by the looks on Leon and Elyan's faces, they hadn't either until now.

"We should go and look for him." Leon watched as Merlin and the other squires took the horses around the back to the stables, then he and Elyan followed as Percival began to march off into the castle. It was tough to keep up with his long strides.

It was most strange when after several minutes of searching, they couldn't find their injured friend. Surely he couldn't have gotten far.

"I'll search on my own." Percival finally stopped, turned and rested a hand on both Leon and Elyan's shoulders, holding them still in their tracks. He wasn't going to let them sort out a problem he had caused. "You don't need to, you aren't responsible."

"Don't be stupid, Percival. It's not your fault Gwaine's like he is." Elyan said. "He's injured himself and we all know what he's like when he's injured."

"He's like a sulking teenager." agreed Leon scratching at the back of his head. "But it is our duty to see that he's all right. We can check on him and if he doesn't start a fight, we can assume that he's probably not okay."

No. This was more than just an injury and 'checking up' on their fellow knight wasn't going to solve Gwaine's problems or Percival's. He had to talk to him.

"We should go to Giaus." Percival said. The other two shook their heads.

"He never goes to Giaus unless he has to, you know this." Leon said as they began to follow Percival up more stairs and through the corridors of the castle. "I seriously doubt he would be there. We could try the kitchen or one of the training rooms, though if he's in the training room and armed, it might be wise to leave him be."

"What about the tavern?" Elyan suggested. "could he have slipped out the side entrance and gone into town?"

It was possible, especially if Gwaine was wanting to tussle. Percival was expecting some kind of fight if he was to confront his friend. It was inevitable when he was like this. Despite his roguish brashness and his cocky arrogance, Gwaine was the better swordsman out of the group and the three other knights learnt quickly that you didn't get into a fight with Gwaine unless you were an exceptional swordsman or you actually wanted to be injured. It was a shame not many other people knew that about him.

"No…he won't be in the tavern, not when a banquet is being prepared."

"So it has to be the kitchens then." Elyan shook his head immediately disagreeing with his own statement. "No. He would go back to his chambers, change and then do some weapons training."

"He won't rest that's for sure."

The two of them nodded and continued to follow Percival who had starting walking again and when they realised they were still heading for Giaus' tower, both Leon and Elyan tried to coax Percival away.

"You don't have to come with me." Percival said ducking through a doorway and blocking the other two with his arms. He turned round and looked down at his friends. "I can manage Gwaine. Besides, I only want to talk to him. Ask him what's wrong."

"He won't want to talk, Perce." Eylan warned. "You're asking for a fight."

"A fight he will win if he's armed." Leon added.

"I'm not going to be armed." Percival unsheathed his sword and handed it to Elyan.

Percival didn't need weapons, for his hands were just as deadly as any blade. The other two realised what he planned and concluded that it was a good one. They accepted his decision by smiling and nodding in understanding, before turning around and walking back along the corridor, Elyan teasing Leon about Asgre in the process.

When they had gone, Elyan's laugh echoing back allong the passage, Percival carried onto Giaus' tower. The old physician would surely know of something to help Gwaine, so it would pay to be prepared when confronting him.

The little door was slightly a jar and Percival could hear Giaus moving things around. He heard bottles of glass tinkle against each other and the shuffle of papers, he even heard Giaus complain about the cold.

"Merlin? Is that you?"

Percival gently pushed the door open further and ducked so he could poke his head into the room. Giaus smiled and looked genuinely surprised to see the tall knight instead of his apprentice.

"Sir Percival! What a pleasant surprise!" Giaus put down a pile of old parchments next to a box of bottles and clapped his hands. "What brings you to my humble abode? It's very rare I see you unless it's a battle injury."

"I am fine, Master Giaus." Percival entered the room and bowed courteously.

"Your shoulder wound is not causing you problems at all? I do still have some ointment if the joint is paining you."

"Really, I am most fine, thank you, Giaus."

"Good! Good! The Lady Asgre and the rest of the party are well? You had no trouble?"

"There was one group of bandits who tried to attack us, but Gwaine saw to them. On his own."

"Ah." Giaus paused, seeming to know instantly what was wrong just by hearing Percival's tone. He turned and walked to the numerous shelves of tinctures, tonics and potions and climbed the ladder to one of the shelves in the middle. He moved a few bottles aside and then brought down one blue bottle that had a faded label on it. "If he is willing, give him this."

Percival looked at the bottle when Giaus handed it to him. The label had Gwaine's name on it.

"This is his?"

"He is injured, yes?"

Percival nodded.

"I thought as much. I'm sure that he should be resting whatever state he's in, but Gwaine has never been one to do that. If you can, give this to him. It might help calm him down and get him to rest." Giaus then held up a finger as if he remembered something. He went over to the table and picked up a pot from which smelled something very familiar. "Also this might come in handy if he has any swollen joints or muscles. You know what it is."

The scent of the cinnamon gooey paste made Percival smile. He had stank of the stuff for days after his own injury, but it had worked. Giaus had put something else into the mixture for sure, but he gathered that the cinnamon was to make it smell better.

"I will see to it personally." Percival bowed again and ducked to leave the room.

"Percival." Giaus made him halt. "If he gets worse, then you must do your best to bring him to me. An ailing knight will do very little service for the King."

"I shall. Thank you."

Percival turned and for a second time went to leave, but walked straight into the tiny bulk of Merlin, who dropped to the floor along with some large thick bags.

"Sorry!" Percival only meant to help ease Merlin to his feet, but with just one hand, he ended up lifting Merlin off the ground and nearly banged his head on the doorframe. "Sorry!"

"No worries, Percival." The King's servant grinned and rubbed the top of his head for good measure. He then spied the bottle and pot clasped in his other hand. "Going to see Gwaine huh? Good luck with that! See you later at the banquet?"


Percival stepped aside and allowed Merlin to pick up his bags. Just as Percival was walking away, he heard Giaus greet the young apprentice.

"Welcome back. So? Tell me…what happened."

"I'm not sure, but something has gone wrong…when it shouldn't have!"

Percival would have stayed to hear more, but he had to go and make amends to Gwaine first.

"I've done the spell before, Giaus." Merlin looked confused and astounded as he clutched at a mug of warm tea. "It's a simple one, one that puts all into a deep sleep but for some unknown reason, it didn't work on Gwaine! He was awake before the first morning light and that shouldn't have been possible if the spell worked."

"Could the other spell you cast have counteracted it, Merlin?" asked Giaus stoking the fire in the fireplace. The young man shook his head.

"If it did, the others would have woken as well. I placed a basic sleep enchantment on them and a warmth spell. Those were the only things keeping us alive during the journey. I got the fire started but it wasn't enough in those temperatures. Why did Gwaine wake up? I know it did it right."

Giaus came and sat at the opposite side of the table and Merlin saw that worried concern in his wizened features. Merlin sipped at the thick warm liquid in his mug, wiped the trails that escaped down his chin and scowled back at his mentor.


"You are certain that you did the incantations correctly?"

"I'm 100% positive, Giaus! The warmth and sleep spells were some of the first spells I could do when I was little!"

"I believe you. You have grown powerful over these last two years Merlin and I do not think you would err so with basic spells. The only way I can think of the spells malfunctioning is if another were interacting with it."

"What are you saying, Giaus? That Gwaine is enchanted by someone else, other than myself? But who?"

"I know not who. You should start with telling me everything about meeting Lady Asgre. Although Arthur and I have not seen her since they were children, I need to know! Tell me what you think of her!"

They were no match for him. Surely they would know this.

Gwaine laughed as the sword flew out of his opponent's hand and landed with ease in his own. He laughed some more and began to twirl the blades in fast arching circles, cutting the air and missing his sparring partner by mere inches.

"I yield!" cried the knight, when his back hit the marble pillar behind him. He ducked just as one of the swords embedded into the pillar above his head…or where his head would have been if he hadn't have ducked. "I yield!"

"Who else wants to challenge me?" cried Gwaine, grinning as he wrenched the sword free and made it twirl again in his hand. The ten other knights, who were still in the training room, shook their heads. The place was a mess and those five foolish enough to have taken up Gwaine's challenge were already heading for the door. "No one? No one at all?"

Gwaine was severely disappointed. He had always known he was good, but when there weren't any challenges, any real contenders, it was no fun. Right now he badly wanted to work off the frustration and energy he had inside him, right now he wanted to think of anything but what had happened out in the forest. He needed to forget about Percival and the still almost unbearable throbbing pain in his foot.

"Come on! We're knights of Camelot! We need to push ourselves harder! Do you not want to be at your best for your King?"

The smiles on their faces gave Gwaine some hope, but he realised that it wasn't because of his rallying speech that they were looking pleased.

"You should ask yourself that same question, Gwaine."

Percival had entered the room. Gwaine turned round and saw that the man still hadn't changed out of the clothes he'd worn on the journey. The chain mail and the thick Pendragon tunic were covered in dirt and was a little worn and frayed from travel. Dirt still smudged across Percival's face, he was how Gwaine had last seen him and it began to rile up the discomfort again.

"You come to fight…pick a sword." Gwaine said sneering and turning his back on his friend.

"I didn't come to fight with you. We need to talk. I've done something to offend you. Haven't I?"

Offended me? Really? You think so? Whatever gave you that idea?

"You don't want to fight? You're in the wrong place. Pick a sword, if not…leave."

"I don't need one to fight with you. Why should I when I'm at my best unarmed?" Gwaine muttered a few choice swear words under his breath. "Are you going to desist because of an unfair advantage?"

Of course it would be Percival who that thought it was an advantage to be empty handed. Gwaine snarled and spun on his heels, bringing both of his swords to aim at the six foot five knight before him.

"Have it your way."

In myriad motions, blurred and fast, Gwaine attacked; hoping that this fight with Percival would rid those thoughts of him. Surely the pent up aggression and lust could be released with the spar, it would make him feel better?

With each swipe Gwaine made, Percival ducked, turned, jumped and avoided being hit with quick reflexes not normally associated with someone of his size. The other knights watching, who weren't familiar with his fighting style, were impressed. They were agog watching the two of them.

Gwaine knew Percival was like this, quick and deceptive when he needed to be, but Gwaine also knew that he would try to—and probably could—grab the sharp ends of the swords and rip them out of his hands. He'd seen him do it on numerous occasions and so Gwaine tried to vary his attacks. It was no use, Percival was able to predict where the swords would hit and step aside or back away; he dodged every effort Gwaine did with ease and struck back with a swipe of his fists. Percival did try to wrench the weapons from Gwaine, several times, but Gwaine was much quicker.

It was like a dance, the attacks came close to hitting but they never actually made impact. Only a few shoves with arms and shoulders connected, a couple of kicks nearly tripped but all their real efforts did was come close, very close. The training room's assorted apparatus were destroyed instead, the on-lookers got shoved and were used as shields, but the two elite still never got a hit in.

"Are you even trying?" yelled Gwaine, abandoning one sword as it was lodged into a wooden mannequin.

"I only want to talk!"

"Not going to happen, unless you put more effort in!"

Percival yelled and lunged towards him. Gwaine simply stepped aside and the tip of his sword caught the red tie of Percival's cloak. It dropped to the floor and nearly tangled in his feet, and seeing the taller man stumble so, was hilarious.

"Ha! Come on! You can do better than that!" Gwaine laughed and did another couple of swings with the weapon. "Hit me!"

Percival tried again. He lunged and Gwaine shook his head in mockery, for he simply stepped aside again. However, his smile vanished when he felt something rip and he looked a little dazed for a moment, starring at his now bare arm. The sleeve that had been attached to the rest of his shirt was how in Percival's hand.

"I don't need to hit you…nor do I want to. Give this up, Gwaine."

"Give up? Not me, mate. Admit it, you don't want to carry on because you'll be humiliated when you lose."

"Humiliated? Why of all the arrogant stuck up-!"

The fight commenced again but this time much faster. It was a blur of limbs, their grunts and yells of exertion intensified and finally, contact was made. A few swipes from Gwaine's blade caught Percival's back, the chainmail protected him from the initial hit, but the tunic covering it fell into a clump on the floor. Gwaine smiled smugly at the achievement but his injured foot prevented him from escaping Percival's retaliation. A fist caught Gwaine's shoulder and the searing pain made him drop his sword and stumble. He then completely lost his balance and landed clumsily on his rear.

Gwaine turned, picked up the sword and looked up in shock. He had enjoyed this fight, it was doing what he had hoped it would do, for he had forgotten—for a moment—about what had happened the previous night. But now as he watched Percival discard his chainmail and shirt, Gwaine began to regret it. Gwaine was the one who was going to be humiliated.

Large and well-toned muscles covered him, his arms bulged they were thick like tree trunks, the man was ripped to perfection. With the exception of a few scars on his skin, there wasn't anything abnormal about Percival's body at all. He had the body that every man strived to achieve, he was a weapon by himself. Gwaine kept his own trained and conditioned well enough, but now all he could do was gawp at the man standing over him.

He had seen Percival half naked before and then, Gwaine never batted an eye lid. He never made any compliment or expressed envy…but now it was different. He was looking at his friend like he looked at a well-crafted blade or a woman and Gwaine wanted him.

As Percival threw away the shreds of his top, as he rose his fists to prepare for another fight, Gwaine felt himself harden, as he thought to have one of those large clasping fists enclose around him. As he lowered his eyes, following the lines of Percvial's hips down to his groin, he lost all rational sense when he thought of the other muscle contained within his britches.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Even the searing agony of his foot did nothing to stop Gwaine getting up and venting his frustration. This was not like him, this was not how he saw his best friend. He yelled and with sloppy and careless moves, attacked Percival.

Gwaine fought like a rookie, a teen who had not yet mastered simple combat skills. He missed Percival so many times because of his clumsiness, he stumbled and received shoves and light blows to his back and sides, which only angered him even more. He couldn't disarm Percival because he had nothing to disarm, but in the end, after a few mocking laughs from the onlookers, which really pissed him off, he took a ridiculous lunge and quickly found himself swordless and pressed against the wall, his face mashed against the cold stone. Fingers scrunched a tight hold on some of Gwaine's hair and an arm pinned across his back.

"Are you going to talk now? Will you yield?"

Gwaine couldn't manoeuvre his way out of the hold. He tried, he thrashed angrily but in the end all his efforts proved futile because Percival's hold was far too tight and the friction of his body pressing against him was making his erection ache more. The struggle between the two of them continued for a moment, until there was a rip and Gwaine felt his shirt fall off him completely. He groaned.

It was that moan, that pleasured murmur escaping from Gwaine's lips, that made everything stop. He felt Percival tense and there was an "oh!" as he finally realised just what the hell was going on. Yet he didn't move or back away.

"Are we going to remain like this and explain to them what's going on?" Gwaine hissed through his teeth, his eyes indicating to the others still watching. Percival backed away and finally released him. Gwaine fell back to the floor and grabbed at his aching foot.

"Who's humiliated now?" called Sir Branis, sniggering with laughter.

"All of you…leave us!" Percival demanded. They were going to protest, but it took but a simple crack of his knuckles and a really menacing glare to disperse the other knights. When it was only the two of them left in the training room, Percival knelt down beside Gwaine, with the most apologetic and guilty face he could muster. "Gwaine…I…I had no idea! None at all!"

Solemnly he handed Gwaine the remedies from Giaus. Gwaine snatched them both and began to unlace his boot. As his foot was searing with pain, his face was burning from the embarrassment, but when he saw the clearly disfigured and broken toe, he snarled. If Giaus and Arthur found out, he would be off duty for weeks whilst this healed and rest would only make this situation between him and Percival worse.

"Had no idea what?" Gwaine snapped, prying the top of the blue bottle off and swigging back the contents. It was as foul as it always had been.

"I didn't have a clue that you felt…like…that…towards me." Percival was genuinely agog, lost for words, he was stammering like a fool. "You never once mentioned that you were…"

"I didn't feel like that about you, not until the whole groping incident last night!"

"Groping? I—groped you?"

"Pretty much, yeah! Of course you were asleep and wouldn't wake up even with me elbowing you in the chest! Merlin couldn't rouse you! Percival…you had a pretty strong grip on my…and well, now I can't stop thinking about what you did! It's hard to forget when one of your best friends is the cause of an erection!"

Percival blinked in shock. His mouth opened and closed a couple of times and he sank back on his rear, looking just as embarrassed. Then he looked down at Gwaine's bare foot.

"You've…you've got a broken toe."

"Really? No shit! That and a damned stiff one! Perce…I like women! I've always liked them, and always will. I love being around them and with them! This…you doing this to me…this is weird and so not me! I'm going to leave now. Maybe if we ask Arthur if we don't train or patrol together for a while. Yeah?"

"I can help you get to Giaus…you really shouldn't be walking on it." Percival grabbed Gwaine's arms and helped him to his good foot, providing support with one of his arms.

"I'm fine! Fine! Just please…let me have some dignity, right?"

"Well…have you got something to cover your…" Percival found the tattered remains of his shirt and sheepishly offered them to his friend.

"Yeah…thanks. Thanks a lot."

Those were the last words they spoke. Gwaine shoved Percival away and hobbled out of the wrecked training room, just as Arthur came in, ready for a session.

The King of Camelot looked at the state of his two knights, watched one limping away and muttering under his breath and one who looked as if he had been told his puppy had died.

"Percival…what have you done to Gwaine? And what the hell have both of you done to my training room?"


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freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: December 18th, 2011 03:10 am (UTC) (Link)
Yay more!

This is great. Really made me smile.

And now I eagerly anticipate part 3.
basched From: basched Date: December 18th, 2011 10:39 am (UTC) (Link)

why thank you very much!! :) I'm pleased that you're enjoying it! I just have to finish part 3 off properly and then it shouldn't be too long. :) much appreciated.
goddessofbirth From: goddessofbirth Date: December 18th, 2011 03:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh dear! I think Percival needs to rub some of that ointment on all of poor Gwaine's bumps and bruises. Just sayin'...
basched From: basched Date: December 18th, 2011 11:04 am (UTC) (Link)

Oooh, I think that might be happening! :) Thanks again G for reading, even though you don't know the fandom.

Here's a little something from a tumblr account. Her drawing of the Leon, Gwaine and Percival is adorable and made me laugh! But you just take a look at the pictures below! Helllo! :)


freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: December 18th, 2011 03:12 am (UTC) (Link)
And don't stress about the cut thing. LJ has been very frustrating of late. I spent a few hours making icons for the fandom stocking thing this morning and then found I couldn't work out how to insert them as there's no clear instructions I can find at all. Gave up and gave in.
basched From: basched Date: December 18th, 2011 11:53 am (UTC) (Link)
I do stress a little. My chapters tend to be quite long mostly, and well I guess I'm fussy for wanting the LJ cut to smegging work! LOL

It will get there eventually. :)
freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: December 18th, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
No not fussy at all. The bloody things should bloody work. It's infuriating.
basched From: basched Date: December 18th, 2011 12:12 pm (UTC) (Link)

Yeah...it should work...especially when it took me ages to check through and edit! (but then my editing isn't great) lol
freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: December 18th, 2011 12:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
Your editing is just fine. Love the userpic too.
basched From: basched Date: December 18th, 2011 12:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

I didn't do it...but it is wonderful! Cheers!
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