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A Fire Won't Do III - basched
A Fire Won't Do III
Title: Turning Up The Heat (3/?)
Characters/Pairings: Gwaine/Percival, Arthur/Gwen, Leon/OC,  Merlin, Elyan, Giaus
Genre: Humour, slash
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: Percival tries to get some answers from Gwaine.
Author's Note: Here is the next chapter, again not beta'd and not as originally smutty as I intended. Thanks for those who are still reading! Appreciate it a lot! 

"What on earth did you do, Gwaine?"

Giaus never stopped with the questions as he treated the knight's broken toe.Gwaine's foot was plastered and wrapped well and tight to prevent any more damage to his toe, but Giaus didn't stop there. He examined, poked and prodded him and gave him a full physical as if there was something seriously wrong. He pulled at Gwaine's eye lids and held a candle up to examine his pupils.

"I kicked a tree." The knight moaned.

"You kicked a tree?" exclaimed Merlin, poking his head round his bedroom door. "What did the tree ever do to you?"

Thankfully Gwaine didn't need to reply to that as a few moments later Merlin rushed out of the tower with Arthur's washed and aired clothes, all prepared for tonight. When the door slammed, Giaus stood peering down at Gwaine with a look a father would give his son, waiting for an explanation.

"I have had reports, from Merlin and your peers that you've not been yourself since the party returned with the Lady Asgre." said Giaus when he got no explanation. "Have you eaten anything out of the ordinary, drunk something peculiar?"


"Do you feel ill?"


"What caused you to kick the tree?""I don't know, Giaus. I just…I'm a little frustrated. That's all. Can a man be in a foul mood for no apparent reason?"

"Of course, but this is not like you. Have you eaten any herb or plant that made you feel queasy?"


"Have you brought something new from King Celyddon's kingdom? Weapons,clothes or any kind of trinket?"

Gwaine sighed angrily.


"Were you given anything? Did you meet anyone untoward?"

"No! I didn't buy anything except some mead from one of the taverns."

"That could be something…I will need to conduct some tests and for that to happen I will require the usual samples from you."

Gwaine groaned and ran his hands through his hair, tearing more than a few black strands with his fingers.

"Samples? For a broken toe?"

Giaus waved off that comment and began to put some sample containers into a satchel. "Also…tell me, Gwaine…when was the last time you had sexual intercourse?"

"WHAT? What do you need to know that for?"

Giaus raised an eyebrow. Gwaine's shock at being asked that question was again out of the ordinary. Gwaine would normally boast about the attractive young ladies he wooed and took to his bed…such affront at a question was peculiar.

"It is a perfectly reasonable question."

"I…I…!" He didn't know. He honestly didn't know. Less than a week ago? More?

His lack of reply spoke volumes to the physician.

"It has been that long? Well…if you hadn't have broken your toe, I would suggest you avail yourself to a young lady as soon as possible. But you must and I will insist upon it, rest! I'm sure you can ease any further frustration…by yourself?"

Gwaine had never felt so embarrassed; it wasn't even the good kind he had experienced with Percival. He knew he shouldn't have gone to Giaus for help and now the old man was talking about matters Gwaine didn't want to discuss or bring up.

"Are you having problems ejaculating? Too soon or not at all?"

"Giaus!" Gwaine shot to his feet, his injured foot unbalanced him but he managed to catch himself on the edge of the table. The old man scowled at him and then handed him two wooden crutches. "I do not have problems with that!"

"Then what caused you to kick a tree and break your toe? What has caused your foul mood?"

"I'm not having problems with that! Never with that!"

"Well? What are you having problems with?"

"It's who I'm thinking of when…" Gwaine ground his teeth and looked everywhere except directly at Giaus. "I'm doing that!"

"Oh. So you've met someone you can't stop thinking about?" Giaus finally understood. "I see. Do you love her? Because if you do, it would be best to court the lady and try to settle down with her instead of..."

"I'm not in love, Giaus! Love is not for me. I can never settle down or stay in one place for too long!"

"So you're saying that you're planning to leave Arthur's service and Camelot?"

"NO!" That suggestion horrified Gwaine. "I swore an oath to Arthur and I would never go back on that oath. I meant…with…love. That slush is for everyone else except me, you know this, Merlin and Arthur know it too. I just want a good time, but I'm having thoughts of someone that I shouldn't that's all! I'm reacting to someone I don't want to react to!"

"Oh. Who is it? Not Gwen is it? Arthur will..."


"Heavens...not Morgana?"

"Giaus! No! It's not any of them! It's just..." Gwaine slammed his hand down on the table as a thought suddenly occurred to him. "Sorcery! Could it be sorcery or some kind of magic that's making me like this?"

There was a look of pleading hope in his eyes.

The court physician paused for a moment, thinking about that possibility. He nodded his head and carried on putting some more containers in the satchel.

"It is a possibility, all the more reason for me to take some samples from you. I have some sleeping draughts that may make your nights more restful, but in the meantime I can't do much for your thoughts on this woman, except advise you talk to her...or her husband? She's not married...is she?"

Woman? Oh god Giaus…if you knew who it really was…if you knew it was Percival.

"I shouldn't have come here."

"Well, you should have done, fool of a Knight! As soon as you got back! Your toe could take a while to heal and your walking and running on it might have made it worse! So you're off duty until that time. Rest; use the crutches and no fighting or part-taking in strenuous activities. Is that understood?"

Gwaine muttered a reluctant yes and got to his feet. Using the crutches and his good foot, he began to hobble across the room to the door. This day was getting worse by the second.

"Don't forget the samples, Gwaine." Giaus caught him and hooked the bag over his head. The bag rattled with glass containers. "Use the cups and I'll send Merlin round to fetch them later. I will need the following; blood, saliva,urine, stool and…if you can, seaman."

Gwaine scowled.

"All of them?"

"If you want me to find out if magic was used on you…yes!"

There was laughing. Gwaine shoved open the door, smashing it into whoever was standing behind it. There was an utterance of "ow!" and the sound of metal clanging on the floor. Angrily Gwaine looked round the wooden door and saw Merlin lying on the slabs of stone surrounded by Arthur's armour.

"If you can?" sniggered the apprentice.

Merlin's comment was met with a sharp poke of Gwaine's crutch and he immediately stopped laughing. Merlin said nothing further, and it was a good thing he didn't. Gwaine was able to walk away with what little dignity he had been left with.

Which wasn't much.

Merlin had better not mention any of this to the others.


The great hall was filled and packed with, courtiers, knights, lords and ladies, all sitting close together before a glorious spread of food. Arthur was at the head table, with his uncle on one side and Asgre on the other. The fire behind them was roaring vast and strong and candle light lit the hall with friendly warmth.

The four of Arthur's best knights sat closest to him, and amongst them a fifth chair remained empty, but the plate in its setting and the goblet before the chair was kept full. Those passing the chair always paid it respect with a bow or curtsey. The four friends and Arthur were the only people who no one minded or objected to taking the goblet from this place and drinking the contents. It was their show of respect for their lost friend.

The goblet was always refilled and was never left empty for more than a few seconds. Merlin and Gwen made sure of it. Lancelot was greatly missed and at banquets he was always honoured.

Percival rose from his chair and went to pick up Lancelot's cup. He bowed in respect to the empty chair and then drained the cup with a single gulp. He hoped that the wine inside it would have quashed some of the unease and discomfort of the spar he had with Gwaine, but it did nothing, except make his head swim. A slight drunken dizziness caused him to sway and he had to sit back in his own chair and eat some more. As Gwen filled Lancelot's cup, Percival looked over at Gwaine. The guy was miserable as sin and the guilt tightened in Percival's chest.

Percival hadn't meant to do what he did to Gwaine in his sleep, or at all, but he was the cause for his foul mood. He was the cause for the awkwardness between them and he felt that because of it, he was losing his friend.

The two of them were probably the most miserable people in the hall. The music the band played did nothing for them, even the laughs and cheerful buzz of conversation from all the others prevented the two of them from joining in.

Their gloomy dispositions didn't go un-noticed.

Percival saw the disapproving looks from Arthur. He saw the King whispering "bloody well sort the pair of them out, now!" to Merlin, and Percival knew that if he could, Arthur would have lobbed his bread rolls at him and Gwaine. From then on Percival did his best to be more sociable and grinned sheepishly.

If there were no special entertainment booked, the four elite knights were often the life of banquets. If Arthur wanted music, it would be Elyan who'd encourage the band to play and the others to dance, he'd even sing he had such a nice voice. No one was talking? Leon would spark off the first conversations, always bringing up interesting topics and keeping everyone interested. He would start friendly debates and even poise questions for discussion…Leon loved to talk around the dinner table.

If people weren't in the mood for talking but wanted interesting tales and stories, Percival was the one asked to recount the knight's deeds or speak of his amazing strength, for apparently he told them so well and with such passion. If the atmosphere wasn't as light or merry as Arthur wanted it—and the fool wasn't up to his usual standards—it was Gwaine who made the jokes and made people laugh. He showed off, impressing the men and captivating the ladies with his charm, but tonight he wasn't making any conversation.

Gwaine was off duty and confined to rest, it meant that he could no longer fight, train, ride or move much at all. He was practically grounded and a grounded Gwaine was known to be cranky and very unpredictable. Now, he was not caring at all what was going on around him. He was really miserable and it was only when he too noticed Arthur's disapproval that Gwaine tried to smile. The forced and false smile he gave all the ladies looking his way was dire and disturbing. Usually the women did their best to get round the table to talk to him, but there wasn't any spark or fiendish crafty glint in his eyes that would lure them. The beautiful women of the court lost interest when they knew he wasn't interested and Percival couldn't help but feel guilty.

"It must have been frightfully cold, my lady." Agravaine's voice lulled a slight hush over the hall. As he passed Asgre a platter of fruit, a lot of people took heed of the conversation. "How did you manage in such dreadful conditions?"

"It was difficult, sir. The tents were ruined and useless, but Hafwen and I were fortunate. We had the knights of Camelot to keep us safe." Asgre's eyes flickered over to Leon, who blushed and choked on a piece of meat he was chewing. "The only way we all survived was sleeping close for body warmth."

"A good idea in such circumstances," Arthur said, he and his uncle nodding in agreement. "This is one of the worst winters we've had. So…if you don't mind me asking, Lady Asgre…who was it that kept you warm?"

"Sir Leon."

There were smiles and knowing glances towards Leon, who then choked on his drink as well.

"It was Merlin's idea." said Leon, still spluttering and coughing as Elyan smacked him on the back. Arthur was beyond impressed, in fact he was very proud as he turned to Merlin behind him.

"Well done Merlin!"

"Thank you, sire." Merlin bowed appreciatively and filled the King's cup, grinning widely."What of the rest of the party?" Agravaine inquired. Asgre dabbed her mouth with a part of her napkin and smiled even more. "Who paired with whom?"

"Sir Elyan stayed with Hafwen…Merlin with Gwen…"

Percival hid a snigger behind his hand when that momentary smile Arthur gave his servant changed to a look of threatening rage. Merlin backed off, looking apologetic and fearful.

"And Gwaine slept with Percival."

Slept? Slept with Percival? Now why did she say it like that?

The room went silent. There were scrapes of chairs and all eyes fixated on Gwaine and Percival. Percival couldn't speak, his cup was poised at his lips but he couldn't take a sip or speak a word he was that shocked.


There were giggles coming from the women opposite them and those giggles started off amused chuckles and some snorts of revulsion in others, as their minds obviously thought it sexual. Gwaine seemed to withdraw more into himself. He drank his entire cup of wine and nonchalantly picked at some chicken still on his plate. Percival could see the anger behind those brown eyes.

"It wasn't like that! Don't be silly! We slept close for heat…survival!" Percival managed at last to speak and then he chuckled and laughed in the hope that everyone would stop their insinuating glares and sniggers. "Right Gwaine?"

"Right." Gwaine forced a smile and beckoned for his cup to be refilled. "Whatever."

"Of course…it was not a laughing matter." Arthur said, clearing his throat and shaking his head. He still managed to shoot Gwaine another disapproving look before smiling to Asgre. "You all got back to Camelot safely and that's what matters. Tomorrow, Lady Asgre we can begin to address the problems and threats to both our kingdoms…we have much to discuss. But now, everyone, please enjoy yourselves!"

As the conversation was steered away from that very awkward moment, with Asgre apologising for any misunderstanding, Percival tried his best to cheer up. Eventually, he found that talking to Leon and joining Elyan in teasing the knight about how Asgre kept making doe eyes at him, was fun.

When all the food was finished and the dancing started, Percival joined in after a lovely blonde woman—beautiful, charming and graceful—dragged him from his chair. She was a tiny thing, lively and very skilled with the complicated steps and her being partnered with someone of his height made things a little awkward but entertaining to them and others. However, despite all this merriment and tiring dancing…Percival didn't stop checking on Gwaine, looking at him with every opportunity he got.

Although Gwaine wasn't being as rumbustious or loud as the other knights, he did eventually make some effort. He never got up out of his chair, mainly because he was still drinking and was doing so a lot more than he usually did, but women-at last-approached him. Gwaine smiled and worked a little bit of his charm, but he wasn't trying enough, caring more for the drink than their company.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to keep filling his cup?" Percival stopped dancing and caught Merlin's attention as Gwaine drunkenly knocked a few trays off the table and nearly fell off his chair.

"I have you know that its Lancelot's cup I'm refilling." Merlin whispered as he poured some wine into Leon's goblet. "He's drinking from both cups and I've lost count how much he has actually consumed! Something is seriously bothering him, more than just the toe. Can you help him out of here? Before Arthur throws him out?"

Percival noticed Arthur scowling at Gwaine's drunken antics, but then Arthur himself appeared to have had a few. He was now frowning at the knife in his hand instead.

"Of course, I'm sorry for…"

"It's not your fault, Percival." Merlin said giving him a pat on the back.

"Gwaine's obviously got some problems weighing on his mind."

"You say it's not my fault but I know it is. So I shall make amends."

Percival drained his own goblet, let out an unfortunate belch that made Merlin take a few steps back, and went over to Gwaine.

The knight was slouched on the table, his long hair covered his face and arms and there was a faint murmuring from beneath. Percival took no heed at all from Elyan, who was trying to warn him, and knelt down to level himself with Gwaine. He then touched his shoulder and shook him.

"Gwaine…I think it is time you retired for the evening. You've had way too much."

He should have expected it.

One of the wooden crutches whipped out from nowhere and Gwaine struck it hard over Percival's head. The splintering of wood and Percival's outcry gained everyone's attention. There were gasps from the women, men drew their swords and chairs were thrown back as they expected of a fight. Percival was a little dazed from the hit, but it took more than just a bit of wood to knock him out.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Gwaine managed to sit up straight in his chair and he did look a mess. His hair was tangled and messy, his eyes looked achingly red. He looked at Percival and frowned. "Especially you!"

"What will you do if I don't?"

Gwaine sneered and picked up his other crutch.

"I'll fight you. I did it before and I'll do it again! You're the reason I'm stuck like this for the next god knows how many weeks! Now get lost and leave me in a peace! Merlin! Merlin! I need more wine!"

There was no sense in messing around with him. Percival had one option left and he was the only person who could do it, especially when resistance was inevitable. The last remaining crutch was still firmly held in Gwaine's hand and a new refilled goblet of wine was in the other. As he began to drink, everyone watched and waited for the moment when Gwaine would kick off.

Percival counted slowly up to five and then jerked Gwaine's chair away from the table. Instantly the wooden crutch flew round to catch Percival across his chest, however he caught it and threw it aside and hauled the drunken knight up into his arms.

The look of horror in Gwaine's red drunken eyes was accompanied by a loud exclamation of "you bastard!" from his alcohol fumed mouth and then he poured his wine all over Percival's head. Gwaine began to struggle to get out of his hold. He kicked with his good foot and punched with his fists, he banged his head, he did everything he could to get Percival to put him down, but it wasn't happening.

Percival endured the beatings and strode out of the great hall, thankful when the heavy doors shut behind him. He wasn't going to be embarrassed in front of the entire court by this anymore. He had the stairs to climb, so he adjusted Gwaine's position and carried the drunk knight, flung over his shoulder.

Gwaine was not happy. He was kicking and punching more and more, yelling at the top of his voice.

"You bloody git! I can walk by myself! Put me down! "

"Will you shut the hell up, idiot?" Percival snapped, jarring Gwaine with the hand that held him in place.

"Put me down and I will!" Gwaine began to pound his fists against the solid back he was facing. "Don't carry me like this! Perce! Don't do this to me!"

"What's the matter with you? Do you know what an idiot you made yourself look in front of everyone? Do you know how much of an idiot you're still being?"

"No because I'm being perfectly rational!"

"You're drunk!"

There was a snigger followed by a highly amused laugh and Percival felt Gwaine sag against his shoulder.

"Why…why yes I am! Thank you for pointing that out! Well done that man!"

At the top of the stairs, the guards on duty, standing so vigilant by the stone pillars, smirked at the bizarre scene before them. Gwaine's voice had echoed loudly enough and their arguing probably carried down to some of the other sentries as well. The two here, were trying very hard not to laugh at the sight of one knight drenched and covered in wine, carrying another who was now laughing and singing, swaying his arms purposely trying to upset the balance.

"Will you stop that?" Percival hissed, striding past other guards as they neared the knight's wing of the castle. "Or I'll drop you in the city well!"

Gwaine only sung louder when they passed any of their fellow knights.

"He's the best way to travel!" he roared boisterously to the guards. "Onward,good sir knight! Take me home for I have had far too much to drink! Onward!" Gwaine pointed down the corridor where they had just been which amused him no end. "Are we going the right way?"

Percival didn't reply. He was getting angry, frustrated that Gwaine was behaving so childishly. Thankfully they quickly arrived at Gwaine's quarters and he opened the door with one hard kick from his booted foot. He carried Gwaine over to his bed and flung him down upon the mattress, not caring at all for his broken toe. Gwaine bounced a couple of times on his front before lying there with his face firmly in the pillow, snorting and laughing.

"Sleep the wine off!" Percival grunted turning back to head out the door and hating that he was covered in wine himself. "Perhaps you might be in a better mood in the morning."

"Don't want to talk about it now?" The laughter had stopped and Gwaine's voice took on a frightening sober tone. Sure enough when Percival looked over his shoulder, he was sitting up, scowling and looking pissed off.

Gwaine tidied up his hair as best he could by threading his fingers through the tangles and brushed a hand across his beard. It seemed that he had been exaggerating just how pissed he really was. Percival didn't care, in this state Gwaine was never reasonable.

"I'm not talking to when you're drunk."

"Oh puh-lease! It takes a lot more to really impair me! I may be slightly pissed…at best! But why don't you talk to me now? You obviously want to! So come on! What do you have to say?"

Percival reckoned that he wasn't going to get another chance. If Gwaine was back to his usual stroppy self in the morning, avoiding him and ignoring him, then now was as good a time as any. He clenched his fists, counted to five again and turned round.

"Get over it."


"I said, get over it! What I did to you, I had no idea I was doing it! I was asleep! It wasn't like I intentionally thought…'oh let's grope Gwaine, give him an erection and confuse the hell out of him!' I tried to apologise, to say how sorry I am, but you've been nothing but an utter arsehole towards me. But then, you're not interested in actually being reasonable, are you? So why the hell are you angry when you know I didn't mean it?"

"I would have thought that was obvious." Gwaine used the bedpost to haul himself up onto his good foot but the drink he'd consumed affected his balance and so he swayed and nearly fell to the floor. "Did you have to keep watching me all the time during that banquet, because it didn't bloody help me feel any better!"

"Well excuse me for being concerned! I don't like hurting my friends!"

"Er…it's too late now, isn't it?"

"It's too late? You tell me that I'm making you horny, so what the hell am I supposed to do? Be pleased about it? Ignore you and avoid you whilst you beat yourself up over it, whilst you drink and alienate everyone else around you because you don't like what you're going through? It's not too late, Gwaine! We can be adults and work this out amicably."

"Amicably? Are you serious? You've been hanging around with Leon way too much!"

"Do you know, I forgot who I was talking to for a moment! You're a drunken bloody fool with all the traits of a spoilt brat!"

"Get lost!"

"You couldn't make me! So why don't you just drop this and talk to me! Tell me plainly to my face what the hell is going through that thick Gwaine skull of yours!"

Gwaine shrugged his shoulders and didn't reply.

There was an awkward and silent moment when the two of them just stared at each other. Percival wanted to yell some more, he wanted to tell Gwaine what an idiot he was but the lack of angry retort and the sudden and odd shyness that overcame him, kept Percival from venting.

He really wasn't himself and it finally dawned on Percival. He had been drinking to forget, Gwaine had been trying to ignore Percival all evening, he had tried to deal with the problem in his own way, the only way he knew how, but it wasn't working. There was no anger, only desperation in his eyes now. Gwaine was clearly beyond confused and he was questioning their friendship because of a single mistake.

"Are….are you still thinking about what I did to you? Now?" Percival nervously asked.

The lack of the reply again said it all. Gwaine turned his head away to fact the far wall and it was enough to turn Percival's angry temper into a blustering shyness and embarrassment. He was actually at a loss for words. How could he console his friend when he was the cause of the problem? If Gwaine couldn't actually talk about it now, there was only one solution and he had already requested it of him. It made sense. Perhaps keeping away from each other would do some good and perhaps time will help Gwaine forget about what happened.

"I'll…I'm going to leave." he stuttered, jerking his thumb over his shoulder towards the door.

"Yeah…that would be good."

Percival said nothing more on the matter, he turned round and headed away. 

Just as he grabbed hold of the handle, he heard Gwaine trying to get to his feet again. There were a few shuffles, grunts of effort and hisses and then a thud. Some colourful and choice words were spoken and there was an utterance of "bollocks" as Gwaine attempted to pull himself up off the floor. 

Sure enough, when Percival looked over his shoulder, Gwaine had indeed gotten up from the bed and had tried to limp the length of his room without his crutches, probably to get to the wash basin by the mirror. No matter how fine he said he was, the smaller knight was definitely affected by the alcohol, for he had lost his balance halfway and dropped to the floor where there was nothing to
aid him back up. He sat in the middle of the room, scowling at the floor, as if it was the floor's fault he was like this. Percival sighed and went to assist him.

There was no resistance as Percival hooked one arm around Gwaine's back so he could haul the man upright. There was a momentary hiss of pain as Gwaine put his weight on his bad foot, but he accepted Percival as a crutch and held onto him as they walked back.

He was more unsteady and just as they reached the end of the bed, before Percival could let him go and leave him lying on the mattress, Gwaine stumbled and only the wooden post of his bed hitting him in the back prevented the both of them falling down. Percival saw the look of pain on his friend's face and slipped his arm away to hold him steady with his hands on each of his shoulders.

"Gwaine…are you all right? I could fetch Giaus."


Percival wasn't sure that was such a good idea to leave him alone like this, drunk and without aid. If he fell again, there wouldn't be anyone else around to help. Gwaine was grimacing because of the pain, breathing heavy deep breaths enduring it as much as he could. Percival actually wondered how he had managed to walk, fight bandits and traverse the castle with that broken toe. Gwaine'shand reached up and squeezed at one of Percival's biceps and bowed his head.

"Sod this!"

Percival was caught completely unaware.

One minute Gwaine's face was hidden beneath his long black hair as he held onto him for support, the next, Percival felt his hand grab the back of his neck and drag him down to his level.

Then a strong crushing kiss pressed against his mouth.

His first reaction was shock. Percival tensed, his eyes widened with utter terror as he looked and saw for real that it was Gwaine and he was actually kissing him. His brain then started to scream: What the hell? Get away! Get off! Stop! But his body refused to do what his brain was asking him to do.

Percival had kissed women before and had always been tender and loving with the few ladies he loved enough to kiss, but the rough motions of his friend's mouth moving over his was reeling his mind, driving him absolutely crazy, even though all he needed to do was; push him away! Protest! Punch him!

Percival's whole body was stiff with fear and was unable to carry out such things as the kiss continued and a tongue furiously tried to force his lips apart. Gwaine's other hand raked down his back tearing at his shirt and as the hairs of his beard scraped at Percival's jaw, a pleasurable burn shot down the entire length of Percival's body and pooled in his groin. He hardened and with his cock straining with protest, Percival didn't need to think any more. He acted.

His hand shot up from his side, grabbed a fist of Gwaine's long hair and shoved him hard against the bed post, making it crack under the pressure. He felt the sharp intake of breath from Gwaine because of the the impact, but Percival didn't give him a moment. He parted his lips and sucked in Gwaine's tongue, lifting him up off the floor with one arm and fighting back with a kiss equally as hard.

He felt Gwaine gasp again into his mouth and fight back. He felt his clawing fingers ripping off his shirt and then Gwaine dragged the kiss into a rough and desperate scrap in an attempt to infuriate him or scare him, but the more Gwaine shoved and pulled, it only urged Percival on.

Percival couldn't even begin to describe how he was feeling. It was all so confusing and the only thing he knew for sure was that this between them was powerful and his body was relishing the feel of Gwaine's up against him. The rough burn of Gwaine's beard against his face, the force and strength behind the kiss was just as intoxicating and fuelled as their fight had been.

He was burning up, sweating profusely and moaning as he tugged hard and sharply at the long black hair in his fists. Percival felt the anger in Gwaine, he could feel it in his bites and angry snarls, and then he felt it in his grip as his fingers squeezed hard at his cock. Gwaine was trying to piss him off, to make Percival punch him or get him really mad, but such forceful angry pulls andsqueezes to his hardness increased the pleasure building up inside of him.

Percival ached and encouraged more from Gwaine by jolting his hips forward and shoving him again at the bedpost. That push only made Gwaine squeeze harder and both the men cried out into each other's mouths.

The necessity to breathe finally pulled them apart and back to reality. Gwaine was dropped down onto the bed and Percival staggered back away, turning in confused circles before resting against the wall and cupping at his crotch. He felt raw and dazed but so aroused that even the air he tried to breathe in wasn't enough to calm him down. It took a few more moments before he could get his panting heavy breaths back to normal, but even then, Percival couldn't believe what had just occurred.

His eyes were stinging as sweat trailed down into them from his forehead. He kneaded his palms into the sockets but it only made the sting worse. His feet were unstable, his legs were wobbling, Percival simply couldn't stay steady. Using his hands to push himself round, he looked towards Gwaine, hoping for some kind of explanation but his friend was lying on his back, scowling angrily at the ceiling, as if it was the ceiling's fault he did what he did.

"Gwaine! What the hell Gwaine?"

He got no response no matter how many times he called Gwaine's name, so Percival decided to leave. Still in a daze from the wine, the kiss and his aching erection, Percival stumbled out of Gwaine's room and began to make his way back to his own.

Percival didn't notice the strange looks he got from passers-by or the other sentries on duty. His mind and body was in turmoil over what he and Gwaine had done, he was intoxicated and it was more than the wine that was responsible.

It took him a long time to get back to his quarters, mainly because he took a few wrong turns, but when he eventually arrived, Percival slammed the door shut and collapsed on his bed, looking up at the stone ceiling above him.


There was nothing left he could do tonight except work himself to release and think of the knight he'd totally screwed up.


It was late and Arthur Pendragon decided to retire for the night.

He had sent Merlin to go light a fire in the fireplace in his room and followed a few moments later after bidding goodnight to all his guests. He was a little tipsy, but he was happy for things were going well.

However, as he walked through the corridors, Arthur noticed something odd with his sentries. Every one he passed were trying really hard not to laugh and snigger and when he stopped and looked at a couple, they stood to attention and tried to keep straight faces. He scowled, but his knights couldn't respond without laughing again.

"What is wrong with people today?"

The king of Camelot would not like the answer to that question.


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freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: December 21st, 2011 12:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Wonderful dialogue and humour.

"Slept? Slept with Percival? Now why did she say it like that?"

And some very hot hotness as well.

Keep going please!
basched From: basched Date: December 21st, 2011 11:32 pm (UTC) (Link)

Why thank you! I am currently writing the next chapter at the moment. Well...I'm actually replying to this....but you know what I mean!

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Yowza that was some hot making out!!!!
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Thank you very much G! I had wanted to carry it further, but that's for the next chapter! XD
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