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Past/Present/Future Chapter Ten - basched
Past/Present/Future Chapter Ten
Title: Weight Of The World 
Pairing/Characters:  Ackley (OC), Becker/Emily, Edward Lester (OC), Fiona Lester (OC), Matt/Emily, Becker/Emily/Matt
Genre: drama, angst, slash, smut
Rating:    Rated 18/NC17 for sex stuff.
Spoilers: Takes place after season 5.    
Summary:   Matt gets a glimpse of the past...or the future? 
A/N:.  Basically, this is my take on what happens after season 5. This beta'd by the always excellent fredbassett   Mistakes, blame me, not her. Ta muchly and enjoy. Also the PM here is the actual PM from the 1930's but its only supposed to be for accuracy's sake.  y'know? 


                He was tired. He was getting old and his country was failing. Too many people were out of work and there seemed to be no end in sight to the suffering they endured. He looked at the intelligence from abroad, especially of this movement in Germany… but how could anything like that compare to what he was presented with?

                He had read reports of monsters, of foul beasts terrorising Britain… he read about the sightings of numerous and mysterious glowing phenomenon. He saw the proof… he saw the bodies and the threat was too much to ignore.

Ever since he had become Prime Minister, James Ramsey McDonald had been given reports about these strange occurrences, he’d read everything that happened even before he’d come into office. The small group of agents who were supposed to be experts in this… were getting nowhere.

“Why do you think you can succeed where so many top scientists and agents have failed?” he asked, pushing the folder across his desk.  “Everything I know about these strange rifts is that they have been occurring long before my time. I suspect a lot longer.”

“Prime Minister, these anomalies are natural occurrences. They have existed as long as the earth has. You ask me why I can succeed where your people have failed?  I’ve been studying them for years. I have technology that can control them, I can show your people how to detect them. I have walked through the anomalies and returned.”

“You have been through them?” McDonald gasped in disbelief. “But the few expeditions where people were sent through… they never returned.  How…?”

“That’s not important right now, Prime Minister. Suffice to say, I can help. I can prevent the majority of creatures from coming through. I can save lives.”

McDonald liked that idea a lot. Here, at last, was someone who knew what these things were, he could do something about the killings and disappearances. There was a glimmer of hope. The Prime Minister picked up the folder and handed it over to the other man, smiling with affirmation.

“Tell me, Doctor… what can I do to help you? What can my office do to help you?”

Nathan Ackley smiled and picked up the folder. He opened it and looked at the old black and white blurred pictures of sighted dinosaurs and creatures.  It had always amazed him how no one had figured any of this out.  Cutter and Temple had always been the names associated with the founding of the ARC… they were the ones who unravelled the first pieces of the puzzle.

Now things were going to change.



The cold water poured all over him, and his body shivered in protest. Becker scrubbed himself down as much as he could with the flaky bar of soap, but it didn’t lather as well as modern soaps, nor did it smell as nice though it certainly made him cleaner. He washed the blood from his hair and face and had one last chilling douse, which sent him gasping against the stone wall.

His teeth uncontrollably chattered, every part of his body was shivering with the cold but as soon as he grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist, he felt strangely better.  Using one arm, he steadied himself as much he could against the wall, trying in vain to stop the shakes.

It had been an hour since he’d shot the raptor and to him they had already wasted too much time. Matt could be dying or dead and just thinking that angered him, but he had to be patient. He had to find him first and he couldn’t do that without Edward’s help.

Becker ran a hand through his hair and turned to lean properly against the wall. The air was cold, even for this time of year and now his shaking wouldn’t stop.

“Get inside, Captain! You’ll catch a cold for sure!”

Becker turned round and smiled weakly at the young woman running out of the house to usher him in. It was still going to take a bit of getting used to, seeing and talking to Lester’s grandparents, but he had to be careful. He couldn’t say anything about the future… not too much so that it would be altered. 

The pretty young blonde woman, about twenty years old, waved her arms like a frantic and worried mother to get him inside and Becker obediently complied, grinning with amusement at her antics. He allowed her to wrap another towel around him and push him in the direction of the stairs. The woman was still quite flummoxed about the house, she and Edward were not used to such luxury, according to her.

“It came with his new job,” she said, wringing her hands out on her pinny and looking suddenly nervous as she glanced at Becker. “It’s more than generous! I can’t cope with so many rooms!  Edward said that soon we might even be able to have servants! In these troubled times we’re lucky to have the clothes on our back!  I never thought I would ever see the day where I lived in the place like this.”

“Fi! Stop pestering the man! We’ve got work to do!”  Edward appeared in the door of his study, both his hands filled with paper. “Right, Captain?”

“What have you got?”  Becker grabbed hold of the towel round his waist, keeping it secure as he used the other to dry his hair. He offered Edward’s wife an apologetic smile and walked into the office.

“At least let the poor man get some clothes on, Edward!” 

Becker wasn’t going to worry about that, or the fact that he was still shivering quite badly. Whatever Edward Lester could tell him was far more important.

Edward handed him the papers and Becker noted that on them were listings of several properties, in and around London, all owned by Nathan Ackley. How someone like Edward got hold of all this information, Becker didn’t know… but he supposed the kid was just as resourceful as his grandson would be.

“In just two years, since he took over a small—and may I add—secret branch of the government, Nathan Ackley has become somewhat of a… mixed blessing.” Edward yammered on as he searched the room for something. “He’s helped make some marvellous progress with technology but he’s also built up a reputation, to some, for being extremely ruthless. But, Ackley has friends in high places including the Prime Minister I’m told. Don’t know if that’s true or not… but Captain Becker, the fellow scares me.  I had but a simple desk job and now, thanks to Ackley, I’m here. He got me this job, he picked me out and I have no idea why I’m so special! So I’ve been researching him as much as possible. I never thought that I would end up helping people from the future!”

Becker listened as he skimmed through the places listed on the paper. Ackley had been very busy indeed, how he managed it, Becker didn’t have a clue.

“Where’s that ruddy whisky?!”   Edward grinned sheepishly when Becker looked at him with a mixture of confusion and vague familiarity. “Sometimes the whisky helps. Do you want a drop… when I find it?”

“No, thanks.”  Becker shivered again, but this time the Lester family resemblance was the cause. He went back to scouring through the entries. “Most of these are research laboratories. Do you have any idea what he’s up to?”

“No. I haven’t been able to get close enough to those operations to tell. Well they don’t let me, on the account of me being so young. The talking devices do allow me to eavesdrop on those teams dealing with your anomalies… but other than that I haven’t a clue.”

“There’s nothing here that will single out….” Becker’s voice trailed off. His eyes widened with surprise as they read the last name on last piece of paper.  “Damn it.”

“Have you found something, Captain?”

Becker didn’t give him an answer. His fist crumpled the paper up and he then shot out of study as quickly as his bare feet could carry him.

“EMILY!”  He yelled her name again and again as he ran up to the next level. He pushed past a bewildered Fiona Lester and he didn’t stop yelling until he threw open the door.

“This is where Matt is! He has to be!” he cried, running up to Emily.


“Look at the name! Tell me you don’t recognise it?”

Emily looked down at the crumpled piece of paper he had thrust beneath her face and Becker saw her have the same startled reaction. Her hand came up and clasped at her mouth.


“He’s there, Emily, I know he is! We have to go! How soon can you be ready?”  

He looked down and was momentarily startled.

In her nakedness she was beautiful. Unlike Matt’s body, Emily’s skin was perfectly flawless and smooth. No, Becker looked closer. There were some scars, some on her legs but there were three, pale white claw mark—barely noticeable—marking a trail from beneath her breasts and across her stomach and it looked quite vicious. It was the mark of a Raptor and surely the wound could have killed her; instead of finding the injuries impressive, a worried frown creased his brow and Becker traced three fingers along the lines.

“It got pretty close,” he murmured under his breath, his face creased with hurt.

Emily rested her hand over his and smiled.

“Too close.”  Emily placed her other hand against Becker’s chest, patting him with comfort. “Besides, I’m still here, so I know how to handle myself. You don’t need to worry.”

“Not sure I can help it.”

“Let’s start by helping, Matt.”  Emily brushed the long wet locks of her hair behind her shoulders and picked up the very clothes she was about to put on before Becker came rushing in. “Becker… don’t feel as if you should bear all the responsibility. I will help you we will get him back… safely.”

It took Becker a few moments before he snapped out of his trance and edged towards the door. He felt a flush heat his face as he took one more look at the woman, realising in that moment, as she gracefully strolled to the bed just why Matt was so smitten with her. She was breathtaking.

“Have you finished looking now, Captain?” she asked turning round and holding out her arms for him to get a clearer view. Becker slapped a hand over his eyes, but peeked through the gaps between his fingers. Emily grinned. “Get a move on!”

“You’re very bossy… do you know that?” he smirked. 

“So Matt has already told me. Now go! I’ll meet you downstairs.”

He nodded a brisk and curt response and then rushed to a room across the hall where Fiona had laid out some clothes for him. Becker began to get dressed and as he felt the warmth come creeping back into his skin, Becker realised that  no matter what Emily said, the responsibility was  and always would be, his.

It was his duty. It was his burden to bear. It would be all down to him whether they lived or died.

So, that was why he was here.

Matt crept down the stairs, as quietly as he could until he found a relatively safe and defensive position to remain in. He listened for any slight sound the predators would make, but he knew that it would be extremely unlikely.  If they were anything like the ones he knew of, he wouldn’t hear or see them until it was too late.

All he was armed with was a knife, one lone and not very sharp knife. Sure Matt had killed a predator with one very much like it when he was little but he didn’t know how he had managed it. He had killed others later in his teenage years, but he was armed a lot better than this. Matt’s confidence wasn’t great right now and it certainly wasn’t helped as Connor’s voice kept reminding him of the time over the tannoy. Ackley was making the young man do it, he could tell by the quiver in Connor’s voice. 

“Ten minutes, Matt. You’ve got ten minutes before the first predator is released.”

“Thanks, Connor.”  Matt knew that Connor couldn’t hear him. He crouched down into the corner and ran a sweaty and grubby hand through his hair. He was afraid, Matt felt the thumping of his heart in his chest and his mouth was suddenly very dry. “Well, at least you’re not talking.”

Matt looked to the empty space next to him. The other him who had followed him out of the cell was gone now, the man who said he was actually a different version of him inside his head, was no longer at his side. The silence felt strangely discomforting.

  He grew up with silence, he was used to it… now it was really unnerving him.

She pressed up against him, soft flesh and breasts squashed to his chest and fingers delicately stroked down across his abdomen and up along his length. He jerked with pleasure at her touch and meant to quieten his gasp by kissing her on the mouth. Emily offered her neck instead, allowing his hunger to bite over her throat and down across each of her breasts. He felt her laughter rise from her chest and through his lips moments before she broke away, pushing him and falling back down onto the bed.

She was in an extremely vivacious mood, her smile was fiendish and wicked whilst she bit at one of her fingers. Emily arched her hips and kicked Matt playfully to get him to move down between her legs. Her excited breaths and light laughter made him smile as well and then he reached out to feel how ready she was with his fingers. She was more than ready and so Matt gently began to stroke her, watching her face and listening to her moans so he knew how to proceed.  Emily licked at her bottom lip and Matt instantly replaced his fingers were replaced with his tongue.

Instantly Emily’s legs wrapped around his shoulders and her hands pushed at the back of Matt’s head.  Her excitement made her taste sweet and he longed to push deeper and taste more, but instead Matt pulled away and grinned wickedly at the sound of her whining moan. She was pouting when he rested on top of her, she hadn’t wanted him to stop, but that pout soon vanished after he gave her a taste of herself with kiss.

Her arms again near throttled him as she lapped every bit of herself from his mouth but her rare fierceness grew even more when the tip of his hard cock brushed at her entrance. She laughed when it was him who moaned, but she stroked lovingly at his sweating face and aided Matt to push up inside her. 

Matt dropped his face into the crook of her neck, unable to stop himself from trembling as he slipped inside of her. When he couldn’t go further, he took a few moments to steady his breaths and then began to slowly thrust with his hips.

He loved each murmur from her lips as he moved. Already sweat began to slicken their bodies, a light douse in their aroused state; but it wasn’t enough. Slow wasn’t right for how they were feeling right now. Matt lifted his head and brushed some of her hair away from her face. He cupped a hand at her check and looked down lovingly into her eyes.  Emily returned that gaze, her hand stroking tenderly at his stubbled cheek, and then she dragged him down for another kiss.

 It spurred him on; Emily made him rage for her so much that Matt couldn’t restrain himself from quickening and hardening his thrusts into her.  The gentleness that was so often the norm for them became a ferocious and desperate embrace, the force he bore into her increased the pleasure beyond the pain and eventually he had her on her feet and half way backed up the wall with his hands planted on either side of her.

It was in that moment when she smiled and broke the kiss, that Matt felt his legs shaking, wanting to give out. As he tried to catch a moment to breathe but he saw Emily’s distant look over his shoulder and he groaned. He should have known why she was so feisty. 

“You started without me? Now that’s not fair.”          

Matt felt a rough pair of hands trail down his spine, catching the drops of sweat and then cup each cheek of his arse, giving it a nail digging squeeze, before he saw them snaking round to caress at Emily’s. A warm bare torso leaned into his back; a hardened erection still trapped within trousers jabbed at his arse and a fleeting mouth bit at Matt’s shoulder before Emily leaned forward and stole a kiss from the newcomer.

 Matt turned his head to the side and saw Becker hungrily devouring Emily’s mouth and tongue with his own. Matt reached up his hand, thread his fingers through Emily’s hair and grabbed hold of her head pushing her into the kiss. His other hand wound round—as best it could—Becker’s waist and he angled his head so he could bite and nip at Becker’s clean shaven jaw.  When Becker finally broke away from Emily, panting and grinning, he turned his attention to Matt. There was the fumble of trousers, a delectable hard smack on Matt’s rear and then a tongue forced its way into his mouth.

Matt slipped from Emily and finally his unstable legs gave out and he crashed down to his knees bringing Becker with him as they still hungrily kissed. It was obvious Becker had just come back from dealing with an incursion, for Matt could feel his aggression spurred on by the adrenalin still rushing through his veins. Now as they kissed, clawing against each other, it was going where it could only go.

Becker grabbed hold of Matt’s cock and Matt hissed into his mouth as he began to slide his hand up and down with painful tugs.          

“If you two have quite finished?”  A hand fisted in his hair and pulled him sharply back. “It’s not just the two of you here, you know! There is a lady present!” 

Emily was pouting again, like a spoilt little girl.

Matt smiled. He and Becker loved it when she was in the same mood as they were, so they eagerly allowed Emily to come between them. She faced Becker and allowed Matt to nestle in behind her. She leaned against Becker, clawing her nails and mouth over his smooth chest and smiled that lovely wicked smile as she pushed her bottom against Matt.  

Matt smiled. A pleasant warmth tingled over his body as it felt, or seemed to remember, a savage but satisfying and wonderful long night with the two people he cared about. He remembered passing out and waking dazed but pleasured, limbs entangled so much that he couldn’t tell which were his.

“Oh god…” 

Where had that come from?      

“No! Ackley! Please!” His voice was desperate, pleading “Please! Don’t do this I beg you, don’t do this!”

The old man just laughed and with one quick motion, he sliced the blade across her neck. Her blood sprayed over him and the grass, her eyes widened in horror and then she dropped to the ground.

Matt heard the shot and saw the bullet impact with Ackley’s skull. His head exploded and his body dropped to the floor in an unmoving heap. 

The shot had come too late.

The grief was more than his body could handle and Matt felt the scream tear at his throat. He went to run over to where her body was still twitching on the ground, but his legs gave out beneath him, dropping him to his knees. Matt tried to crawl towards her, with his tears stinging in his eyes and his lungs burning with every breath he tried to take.

When he eventually took Emily up into his arms, he held her to him, knowing there was no way she would survive, not like this.  The cut was deep, her whole throat was slit and she had already lost too much blood. He could barely look at her, for Emily’s eyes were staring up at him, scared and afraid, and as her blood continued to spill over him, Matt felt her gurgling attempts to speak, to say something, anything.

“Emily? Emily!”   

When she stopped stirring, when the light disappeared from her eyes and her shaking hand that clung to his became limp, he cried. The tight searing pain in his lungs and stomach didn’t make him stop and when he felt arms pulling him away from her, he protested. He roared and struck out.   

The retaliation didn’t happen. The punch he expected, the different pain he wanted didn’t come. He flayed outwards, hitting at the person who had dared to pry him away from Emily, but again instead of the physical blows he wanted in response, he was wrapped up in strong arms and cradled against an equally grieving body.

“I’m sorry. Oh god…Matt…I’m sorry .I wasn’t quick enough. I’msorrysorrysorry...”

Matt didn’t want to be held or comforted, he wanted to hurt, he wanted others to hurt, he wanted others to feel what he was feeling. He screamed, bellowed a raging cry of agony and lost complete control.

His fist swung out and all his anger cracked into the face of the one who tried to console him. 

The physical pain of his broken body, five minutes later, only intensified his grief. Knowing that the man lying next to him, beaten to a pulp and bleeding just as bad as he was, would never forgive him, he tried to crawl away.

“Don’t you dare fucking leave, Matt! Not now! Not like this! MATT!”

He wanted to die.

Matt fell over onto his side. The shock and grief took over him as he recalled memories, of Becker’s arms around him, of his choking sobs, the feel of Emily’s blood and each other’s on their hands. He remembered a fight of rage that left him and Becker in bloody pulps on the floor. He remembered it all, despite the fact that it never actually happened. He saw Emily’s death, he remembered the hell life became afterwards. He had become hollow…. nothing. 

It hurt so much. Matt felt his eyes stinging with tears and a stabbing pain cut deep into his chest.  His entire body was shaking uncontrollably, he couldn’t stop.

“Emily…” He scrambled up onto his bottom and rested his head in his hands, the blade of the knife scrapping dangerously close to his scalp. A hand pulled it away before it could nick his skin.

“They’re just memories,” Matt Two said, the pain cracking in his voice. “You’re remembering what I went through, but if you get through this then you can save Emily. Matt, here is where you can prevent her death.  Here, is where you can stop Ackley.”

Matt tried to focus through the many conflicting memories that were assaulting his brain, but seeing Emily die like that and seeing how distant he and Becker became afterwards, the hollowness of life… it only anguished him more. The tears streamed down his cheeks and the knife was teetering at the tips of his fingers, close to falling out of his grasp.

 “Matt! Time’s up!”

                Connor’s panicked yell wrenched Matt from the memory and everything was a cold and harsh blur. He scrambled to his feet and after rubbing his eyes, he looked up and saw the shadow at the top of the stairs moving. 

                Having been cooped up in a cell of its own had not favoured the predator. It was angry hungry and desperate, so it didn’t bother with stealth. Matt heard its rasping breath, the click-click-clicks, the screeching of his claws on the stone floor, he heard it sniffing the air. At first the sniffs were many, quick to get all the scents and make use of them, but then there was a long drawn out snort and Matt knew that the creature had picked up his scent.

                He saw it. It came out from one of the branching corridors above and it was not like the predators he knew. The one was smaller but it was no adolescent or child for the back ridges were fully formed. It was still eyeless, but its skin was a sickly brown colour instead of a grey and the biggest change of all, was the red clamp embedded into its skull.

                It was being controlled.

                So it wasn’t the predator he was fighting and it didn’t matter if the thing was blind. Matt got up onto his feet and strode out into the middle of the prison to confront it.

                “Come on! I’m right here!”

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fredbassett From: fredbassett Date: January 11th, 2012 07:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
This is all very intriguing!!

And scary, cliff-hangery ending as well.
basched From: basched Date: January 16th, 2012 01:47 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thank you! I hope that I the rest of the story...and my future plans for it, will live up to this intrigue. :)

Glad you enjoyed.
freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: January 11th, 2012 07:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh yes, so glad we're got another instalment from this world.

Terrific descriptions and tension.

Yay for timey-wimey!
basched From: basched Date: January 16th, 2012 01:48 pm (UTC) (Link)

Cheers. :)

I will be finishing this...but distractions are lots at the mo! XD
knitekat From: knitekat Date: January 11th, 2012 10:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ooh, motr timey-wimey and eek for that cliffhanger.
basched From: basched Date: January 16th, 2012 01:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
More timey-wimey! XD Glad you're enjoying! Cheers muchly
lsellersfic From: lsellersfic Date: January 18th, 2012 05:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
I can't help feeling that Matt's alter ego isn't being particularly helpful!!
basched From: basched Date: January 24th, 2012 01:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

I hadn't replied to this? Oh jeez.

Well...as for this alter ego...we shall have to see! Cheers again for reading!
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