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Where A Fire Won't Do IV - basched
Where A Fire Won't Do IV

Title: Feel the burn (4/?) 
Characters/Pairings: Gwaine/Percival, Aurther, Merlin, Giaus, Elyan, Gwen.
Genre: Humour, slash, 
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The spell begins to work. 
Author's note: The fourth part of my story, a little more explicit. I hope it is okay as I always am with writing this. Again not beta'd but I should have someone to do it for me soon! Enjoy Perwaine! :) 


“You bastard!”

                Large strong hands massaged over his back and rubbed an oily ointment deep into his skin. Gwaine lay sprawled over his bed, bunching a pillow up beneath his arms as his teeth bit sharply at his bottom lip and his naked body twitched at the feel of palms and fingers slathering over him. He scrunched his eyes shut and groaned…he shouldn’t be loving this.     

                Broken angry curses and words of denial murmured and stuttered from his mouth when those hands slipped down his spine and squeezed at his tensed buttocks. The words choked in his throat and drooled from his mouth when he felt the pry of his cheeks followed by a couple of fingers running along his crack and a gentle probe. They continued, testing how supple he was by pushing just that little bit harder and slipping inside.  

                The penetration of one, then two fingers pushed against his tension for a few deep hard thrusts, before they slipped out and were replaced with a mouth.   A tongue then lapped hungrily at his anus, interrupted only by some vicious but pleasurable bites on his cheeks. Gwaine was shaking and he couldn’t control it, his body was having a fit with this being done to him.  

          “Fuck!”  Gwaine was pulled sharply to his knees, but he leant on the pillow, groaning harder into it as his entire back was suddenly covered with a thick muscled torso. He felt the graze of a cock at his arse and the strong hands wound round to his chest and clasped tightly. 

                The fit his body was having felt like convulsions now when the mouth kissed at his shoulder and the hands slipped down his lathered body and grabbed hold of his stiffened cock. He couldn’t curse or swear, or say anything at all, only salivate and gasp uncontrollably when the strokes gliding over his hardness quickened.  Behind his eyes, Gwaine felt a burn. His vision blurred as his body screamed and shook with pleasure, and he frantically tried to get back some control by pushing himself up from the bed, but now only his shaking hands and knees were holding him up.

                You should not be liking this, this isn’t right….

                A slap across his arse was the only warning he got, before one hand pulled hard on the ponytail his hair had been scrunched up into and then the wet soaked tip of a cock pressed against his arse. Gwaine never even had time to brace himself, he screamed as the cock jammed right into him and buried deep within. His hands gave out and Gwaine crashed down to the pillow, only to have another sharp jerk on his hair pull back his head.  

                He felt the burn, he felt the heat scorch his skin red and the rawness of his throat from his screams.

                “Is this what it’s supposed to be like? Is this supposed to be better?”  That groaning voice in his ear whispered as both hands now tried to keep their bodies together, huge arms locking across Gwaine’s chest.   “Am I doing this right?”

                “Yes…oh god yes.”  Gwaine wrapped one of his arms over the two holding him, and hooked his hand around the neck of his partner. He turned his head round to look.

Percival had his eyes closed and his teeth were clenched, grinding as he tried to endure the tightness of Gwaine squeezing him. Gwaine pulled Percival’s head down and began to furiously kiss him.

When Percival began to push with his hips, grinding deeper and slapping skin against skin, not even the kiss with their mouths locked together could keep Gwaine silent.             

“Bad dreams?”

 Something hard and leathery hit him in the back of the head which caused Gwaine to bolt up from the bed.

He had been lying in sweat drenched sheets, still with his trousers on and suffering from a splitting headache that only too much wine, mead and other assorted alcoholic beverages could cause. Now he was very much awake and feeling like crap.

Something else then hit him in the face and it was only after a few moments of disorientation—he scratched his knotted hair and wiped the drool still seeping through his beard—that he found it was one of his boots.

He looked in the direction he knew his door to be and saw two blurred figures standing there.

“Er…” Gwaine blinked a couple of times and then tried to focus on one of the blurs. “Yes?”

“Sir Gwaine, was it not enough for you to have caused a scene at Lady Asgre’s banquet last night? Was it not enough for you to have all my sentries gossiping and laughing at me? I have also been trying to wake you up for the last ten minutes!  That’s ten minutes of my time, of my life that I am never getting back. Merlin…take that grin off your face, this is serious.”

“Sorry, sire.” giggled a familiar voice.

Gwaine briefly looked to the blur standing a few paces behind the King Arthur blur and deduced that it was indeed Merlin, because of the hue of blue and the little patch of red from his neckerchief.

“You…” Gwaine scowled, for his mouth was caked dry and there was a foul fuzz on his tongue. “You tried to wake me, sire? I….I think I blacked out.”

“You think?”

The blurs began to take on a more solid shape, but the hangover wasn’t improved by the returning vision, and nor did the sudden remembrance of what he had been dreaming in his passed out stupor.  In fact, the dream…the very real dream, caused him to slap his hands across his face and fall back down onto the bed.

He smelt cinnamon wafting from his palms and a pleasant hot tingle ran down his back and across his rear. It was all too vivid in his mind and his body wasn’t letting him forget; it was remembering the feel of Percival behind him, on him and in him…he was remembering the pull on his hair, the rough biting kiss that had drawn blood and the pain in his balls from a vicious tight grasp. His body was certainly remembering that hold Percival had on him, one that even now was making him damned hard.

“You are one of my Elite.”  Gwaine brought his hands away from his face when he realised that his King was still talking and addressing him. He sat up, bundled his sheets over his morning glory and tried his damned hardest to be attentive and respectful whilst Arthur told him off.  “You’re a Knight of Camelot and the best swordsman in my service. Your drunken behaviour at that banquet was not befitting of someone with your title. It was frankly embarrassing and a disgrace. You have to set an example! Gwaine, there are people in court who still believe I should not have made you a Knight and doing what you did last night will certainly have strengthened their arguments. In the future, don’t you dare show me up in front of them or the Lady Asgre again. Don’t you dare make me doubt my decision and my faith in you. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sire. I’m sorry.” 

Gwaine was already feeling physically awful, but now after the chiding from Arthur, he felt worse. His stupid tantrum and childish behaviour had caused him to offend the king. He should never have done that, he should never have failed Arthur.

“You look like crap.”  Arthur strode over to the bed, and scowled at the state of the sheets and his knight. Gwaine expected to be berated some more, but was extremely startled to see a look of genuine concern cross the younger man’s face.  “Gwaine…you are not just a knight to me. You’re my friend. So speaking as your friend, what’s wrong? This is not like you….well the drinking is but…this attitude, this behaviour is beyond extreme. I cannot stand or sit idly by and allow one of my closest friends to suffer. Talk to me, tell me what ails you and let me help.”

 “I make no excuses, Arthur.”  Gwaine should have known that this was what he would do. “But nor can I speak to you about this personal matter…I would not feel…comfortable. I will say this, I will never disgrace you like that again. You have my word.”

“I’ll hold you to that word.” Arthur said, seeming satisfied with Gwaine’s response. “I will also hold you to your word that you will speak to someone.  Seek Giaus’ aid. He will keep every confidence.”

“Thank you. I will not let you down again.”

Arthur smiled widely.

“Good. I don’t mind who you talk to, as long as you do. Merlin might even be able to help you!” Arthur chuckled thinking that last statement impossible. “But then again it might just be wise to let him help you get dressed. Think you can manage that without messing up, Merlin?”

“What?” Gwaine felt a sudden bout of sobriety smack him in the face. “I don’t need help to get dressed…I don’t….”

“Yes…you do.” Arthur waved Merlin forward into the room. The servant man was holding the two wooden crutches Giaus had given Gwaine before, but that grin he had been sporting earlier was no longer there. “I need your presence in the talks with Asgre. Merlin will assist you in your morning wash and help you put on some appropriate and clean attire.”

“You…you want me in on the talks, sire?”

“Well of course. It seems Sir Leon is a little….distracted with her ladyship. Smittened might be the word. He will be of no use to me if he’s like that…so I thought you could help.”

Both Gwaine and Merlin looked to Arthur with “Are you really serious?” expressions on their faces, but Arthur was adamant.

 “There’s not much else you can do with your broken toe, Gwaine.  You being cooped up in the castle with nothing to do will only aggravate you more and we don’t want that.  So you can help me in the treaty amendments.”

“Sire, Leon or even Elyan would be far better suited…”

Arthur wasn’t listening. He turned away and strode towards the door.

“Get him dressed, Merlin!” ordered Arthur. “Get him down to the main hall within half an hour. No excuses!”

“Yes….”  The door to Gwaine’s room slammed before Merlin could finish. “Sire.”             

Gwaine fell onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. He heard the sounds of Merlin preparing his wash stand and some new clothes, he heard his voice talking about something but he wasn’t really listening.

He had a horrible feeling that today wasn’t going to be a good one.


“No!! Stop! Wait!”

Elyan’s cries came a little too late.  His feet lifted up off the snow and he was flung a fair distance across the courtyard before landing in a cold wet crumpled heap.  He heard the worried calls of his friends and lifted a wearied arm to show them he was okay, or at least he thought he was.  The landing twisted his ankle a bit, but Elyan didn’t reckon there was anything else, other than his pride, which was wounded.

“I’m sorry!”  The same hands that had thrown him now hefted him out of the snow and onto his feet.  Elyan swayed and almost crumpled to the ground again but Percival kept him steady.  “Elyan…I am so sorry!”

“I’m okay!”  Elyan smiled and patted at Percival’s arm. Even in this cold weather, the man still wore his sleeveless mail shirt, but his skin felt hot and flushed from this afternoon’s workout. “You didn’t break anything.  What about you though? What’s got you so riled up? You’re not usually so heavy handed…well you are, but not like that!”


“Went a little over the top, didn’t you?” 

“I got carried away, I know.” Percival bowed his head. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I guess I wasn’t concentrating.”

“Lack of concentration is dangerous, Perce, especially with what we do.”  Elyan winced a little at his ankle but with Percival’s help, managed to hobble a little way and sit down on a cold stone bench by the archway.  “What’s got you all in a twist?”

“I…I didn’t sleep well last night…that’s all.”

“Are you sure?” Elyan smiled.  “You’re not coming down with some sickness are you?”

“Am I?”

“I don’t know! Are you?”

Percival wasn’t sure. It was a simple question, but he was struggling to answer.

He was distracted, it was clear enough in their sparring, but now he thought more about Elyan’s question, checking his pulse and touching at his face, he became embarrassed and shy. Elyan saw him turn away, breaking the eye contact, his hands began nervously cracking at their knuckles and his skin reddened even more.  Elyan knew this look, he knew what Percival was suffering from.

Elyan looked over his shoulder and sure enough Leon had gone back to sparring with Sir Branis and he had this same dazed look upon his face. The Captain of the Guard was also making a lot of mistakes that he wouldn’t normally do. His balance was all wrong, his sword swipes were weak and messy which allowed Branis to catch him off guard again and again. Leon fell to the floor numerous times and kept getting up, only to fall back down again a few seconds later.  He wasn’t concentrating either.

“Who is it?”  Elyan asked.  Percival tried to act as if he didn’t know what was going on, but the guilt was plain and evident on his face.  “Who is she? No! Let me guess! It’s the Lady Angharad! She’s the one who has you all in a tizzy! The woman you danced with last night has cast a spell on you, hasn’t she?”

“What?” Percival’s head turned round so quickly that Elyan heard the crack in his neck. His eyes were wide with horror.

“Angharad! You’re all screwed up because of a woman, my friend! But don’t you worry, she’s very pretty and when she stood next to you…she looked so tiny and adorable!”

“Elyan, I don’t…! Hey!”

“You’re in love! Just like Leon! The both of you are a pair of love sick puppies! “ Elyan laughed and clapped his hands, forgetting about the aches and pains he received from landing on the ground.  “Leon might not have much chance with Asgre if her father ever finds out, but you… Percival…Angharad is beautiful! I thought you got on very well! So! What do you plan to do?”

Was it possible for Percival to be even more confused? His mouth opened and closed, his head shook from side to side and he stumbled back against the wall. A part of the old stone crumbled away.

 Percival was utterly lost at what to do; Elyan saw his fear and knew that he had to help him.

“You have two options, Perce.” Elyan grinned and held up two fingers. “One, court her. Spend some time with her, during which you can romance her with some more dancing, lovely dinners, or some rides in the forest, you know! The usual romantic things a man does to win a woman’s heart. Or two …forgo all of that and in a single day, with the help of your unflappable charm, maybe the two of you can….”

“We can?”

Elyan was a little worried about this reaction. He scratched at the back of his head and gave the giant of a man a scrutinizing glare.

“Make with the love?”

Percival shook his head, pushed himself away from the wall and began to storm out of the courtyard.  Elyan ran after him, his twisted ankle didn’t even hinder him one bit. He grabbed hold of Percival’s arm and thankfully his friend stopped. If he had carried on, Elyan would have surely been dragged along behind him.

“Percival! Hey! What’s the matter, I’m trying to help!”

“Option two is…not an option!” Percival hissed. Elyan finally let go of his arm and waited for a further explanation.  “I can’t do that. I’m not…!”


It finally dawned on Elyan and the change in his expression, the look of utter surprise only made Percival even more flustered. The man backed away from his friend and stormed off towards the main castle.

Elyan was left standing in the snow utterly bewildered at the notion but when a gust of icy wind whipped his cloak up into his face, he dragged it away and ran after his friend. It didn’t take him long to catch up with Percival, for in his hurry he had knocked into everyone else coming the other way, and he was apologising profusely to each and every one of them.

Elyan quickly helped pick a basket of clothes up for a maid Percival had knocked into and apologised for his friend, and stopped him before he could escape. Elyan gently eased Percival to a small alcove in the wall and lowered his voice.

“Perce…first off, calm the hell down!”  Percival didn’t appear to be doing so. “Okay…look, am I right in thinking…that you haven’t actually….I mean you haven’t…done it?”

“No. I mean yes!” Percival hissed back, keeping his voice low so none of the people passing by could hear their conversation. Elyan heard his knuckles crack again.

“Not at all?” Crack.

“No!”  Crack.

“Er forgive me for asking but women have wanted to…with you, right? They’ve asked you or tried to?” Crack.

Percival nodded. Crack.

“What did you do?”  Crack. Crack. Crack.

“The honourable thing I could do. I said no.”

“Perce, why the hell did you say that?”  Crack. Crack.

There was an angry glint in Percival’s eyes and Elyan thought he heard the big man growl.

“From the age of fifteen till now, I have been in love with only five women.” He said, holding up his hand and fingers to indicate the number. “I courted each and every one of them appropriately and as honourably as my parents taught me. I have kissed and been kissed. I have known affections from women but never actually have I…as you so delicately put it…’made with the love.’”

Percival’s face scrunched up as if that phrase somehow felt wrong to say. It was more a thing Leon would come out with rather than the ex-blacksmith, but Elyan didn’t dwell on it too much as he observed his friend more closely. He may have just admitted something huge, but to say he was troubled was a grave understatement.  About what Elyan couldn’t tell.

“Percival…you need not be ashamed for being…”

“I’m not ashamed.” Percival said, calmly and with a slight smile on his face. “I have no qualms about my choices. If I wish to lie with a woman I shall make sure it is with the right one. It will be with the woman I love and who loves me in return. It will be with the woman I marry.”

“Sorry.” Elyan still wasn’t convinced by what Percival said.  Indeed the man wasn’t ashamed about his choice, but he was worried by something. Maybe he had done something that had gone against those morals? Had he been tempted and strayed? “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Percival patted a grateful hand on Elyan’s shoulder.

“You didn’t offend me. Not many understand why I made the decision to remain as I am and it definitely hasn’t been easy, but I cannot…”

“Say no more my friend, I will gladly help you to court the Lady!” Elyan whacked a hand on Percival’s back in response but hitting the solid brick wall of a back only hurt his hand.

“You would help me?”  There was a curious tone of surprise in Percival’s voice, mixed with a little fear.  Unlike Leon, Percival was never afraid of women, he could quite happy chat to them and be comfortable around them, so why would he be afraid now?

“Who would you much rather help you?” asked Elyan. “Leon? Who, let’s face it, is barely able to say more than a few words to Asgre or any woman that isn’t my sister, without blushing like a girl? Or would you prefer to have Gwaine?”

Elyan was left a little bewildered when Percival shot out of the alcove and ran as if actual hounds of hell were at his heels. A few moments later, there was a scream that sounded very familiar to Elyan.

By the time he reached her, Percival was already gone, so Elyan helped his sister up off the floor.

“What did you say to him?” Guinevere scowled at her brother, brushing at her dress. Her mood fouled even more so when the slush soaked into the material, ruining it. “Don’t tell me it’s not your fault, I know you’ve said something to upset him!”

“I only said I would help him court Angharad!”

“You did?!” Hope and joy spread upon Guinevere’s face. She hugged her brother tightly. “That is great news! Angharad has been talking about Percival ever since he danced with her at the banquet and now all the ladies are hoping he will start courting her! She will be pleased! Oh Elyan, do help Percival and help him well. Don’t mess it up!”

“Mess up? Sweet dearest sister, I never mess up.”

Guinevere laughed.

“Right! Of course you don’t!”  She scoffed sarcastically as she walked away. “And pigs will fly, Elyan! Pigs will fly!”

“We shall see about that.” Elyan muttered under his breath. He grinned mischievously and set about a new plan for his friend.  Sir Percival of Camelot deserved some happiness and to finally get his end away with a beautiful woman of the Court.  Elyan was going to do everything in his power to make it happen.


“Giaus! What’s wrong?”    

The old man looked so relieved when Merlin entered the room. He waved Merlin over to the table and hefted a huge spell book onto the table. He then put a few smaller ones on top.

“I’m glad you’re here. We have a problem. Well…we will if we don’t find Gwaine soon.”

This was not the news Merlin was hoping for, but it was at least news. He sat down at the table and looked at the pages Giaus had laid the books out on.

“We were right, Merlin.  Gwaine is under a spell, but which one, I cannot fathom.” said Giaus gravely. “I have narrowed everything down to these six, because of the result I got from his saliva sample you brought me. He’s under a lust spell.”

“Oh that sounds okay.”  Merlin grinned. “Gwaine under a lust spell shouldn’t be that bad. He acts as if he’s under one all the time!”

Merlin laughed, but when he saw that the joke was not impressing Giaus, he quickly stopped.

“Did you forget what happened when Arthur was under such an enchantment?” asked the elderly man.

Merlin did remember, for it nearly brought war to Camelot and nearly ruined everything for Arthur and Guinevere.  The King, or rather Prince at the time, acted like a right clot-pole.

“Right…lust spells are bad. How bad?”

Giaus pointed at a couple.

“If Gwaine is under these two, it is likely he will either end up killing the person he is in lust with and their family, or he’ll kill everyone who’s ever met them.  If it’s these two…” Giaus pointed to a couple more over the page. “He might end up fornicating with everyone he meets and one of the two enchantments does include anyone or anything!”


Merlin shuddered. Who thought up these spells?!   Giaus wasn’t looking like he wanted to explain that any further so he picked up one of the smaller books.

“These last two might be the more likely. He could focus on one random person, probably the first person he saw or came into contact with after the spell was cast, and he will be either physically or mentally connected to them for the rest of his life…or until he dies.”

“That doesn’t sound as terrible as the others.”

“There are downsides, for instance, loss of will….death if they are ever separated. Despair if the person does not love him back. There’s also mention of a nasty genital affliction if Gwaine does not have constant intercourse with his loved one. These are reasons why lust and love spells should not be messed with, Merlin! There are always consequences to sorcery of the Old Religion!”

“But…Giaus? Genital afflictions? What were they thinking?!”

“Consequences often mean great humiliation, hurt or death…you know this Merlin.”

“Well whoever made up these spells had sick senses of humour! Okay, so how do we know which one of these Gwaine’s under?”

 “I need him back here for more tests first. Also there are a few incantations we can use that will help us, but we have to be careful. We need to find him, Merlin. Quickly!”

“Don’t worry,” Merlin smiled proudly. “We don’t have to look far. Gwaine is in the great hall attending the treaty talks with Arthur and Asgre!”

“Good!” Giaus clapped his hands and slammed shut the books. “Let’s go!” 

Merlin shot to his feet and helped Giaus hide the books before running out of the tower.   They would find out who cast the spell after they cured…or rather if…they could cure Gwaine.


Percival stormed through the castle corridors, frantic and lost at what to do or even to think.  He never felt so helpless in his life. In his daze, he kept accidently barging into people, he knocked them over and he felt like an utter bumbling idiot as he stopped to help them, muttering apologies.

“You should learn to slow down!” yelled the elderly Librarian as Percival dropped all the scrolls and parchments back into his hands. “And look where you’re going!”

Percival hadn’t when he marched away from the old man and so he collided straight into a doorway, the brute force of his bulk breaking the wood.

“Idiot knight!”

Percival couldn’t help but agree. He was behaving like a teenager, flustered and completely bewildered and it was all because of Gwaine.

There were very few men like Percival in Albion. He had made a choice where others would or could not and he was going to stick by that decision. Well, he hoped he would, but Percival had never even pondered the possibility of a man making him stray, or even someone like Gwaine to weaken his resolve.

                  He never thought that kissing another man would scare and excite him so much. 

                Giaus! He would help! He had to.

                “Is there something wrong?”

                “Well clearly, he’s broken the door and he’s not listening to us!”

                “He needs help! He’s ill, sickened with a malady! Send for Giaus!”

                “Sir Percival, are you okay? Can you speak at all? Do you feel faint?”

                “Did he really break the door by walking into it?”

                The voices were just garbled noise, incoherent and unimportant. Percival didn’t register the questions directed at him as his feet began to walk him away. His intention had been to go directly to Giaus’ tower in the hope to have a confidential and helpful talk. Instead he found himself standing outside the one room in the entire castle he had tried to stay away from, with no idea how he had gotten here in the first place.

                   Percival felt his heart thudding against his chest like a sword clashing against a shield. He wet his lips and swallowed nervously and reached out to open the door. His hand lay flat against the wood for a moment as he watched his fingers shake—with excitement or fear?—and then he allowed his forehead to rest next to it. Somehow it seemed to lessen the overwhelming anxiety within him.   

                After a few moments of leaning against the door, he heard movement inside along with clashes and bangs as someone wrecked the interior. It was eventually the sound of something metal being kicked across the room, followed by a yell of ‘fucking bollocks!’ and a crash, that made him pull away from the door.

                Gwaine was angry, and for some unknown reason the prospect of confronting him in an angry mood urged Percival to finally walk in. When the door swung shut behind him, Percival looked to Gwaine and took a few moments to take in his appearance.

                The dark frowning glare staring back at him from behind tattered waves of hair contained fury and defiance.  The room was an utter mess as Gwaine had clearly tried to vent some of that fury on all his belongings and now, he stood by the bed, hanging on to the broken post putting all his weight on his good foot, seething angry breaths through his nose and grinding his teeth. 

 If it had been anyone else other than Percival who had come uninvited into his room, such a hateful stare, combined with the wreckage wrought about the once pristine room, would have been enough to drive them away, but Percival remained rooted to the spot, still uncertain as to what he should do.

                Stay or go? Talk to him again or approach Gwaine in the hope a punch across his face might get a better reaction? A fight would certainly rile things up and make this tension less awkward, heck it might even make Gwaine smile, as a good scrap usually did, but he rejected the idea.  It was mainly because Percival found himself focusing his attention on the sleek flawless lines of Gwaine’s body, upon the smattering of dark hair covering that bare chest. He found himself gawping at the straining bulge just below the waistline of Gwaine’s trousers, which barely stayed up as they hung from his hips.

                Oh shit…

                Percival took a step forward, drawn towards Gwaine like he was under a spell, pulled off his cape and let it drop to the floor.  In the seconds that followed, everything he believed in, everything he had thought he’d saved himself for was forgotten as he unfastened the remainder of his chainmail and peeled off all his layers until his own top was bare.

                “What the hell are we doing?” asked Gwaine, as he too found himself gawping at his friend.

Percival didn’t reply, because he didn’t know. They just stood in front of one another, hungrily drinking in the other with their eyes and feeling the burning insane want coursing through their bodies.

Feeling Gwaine’s heavy and heated breath against his skin was riling Percival up, it was boiling his blood and making every inch of him ache, so Percival simply stepped up against him, pressing their chests together.  He felt his breath quicken, and from just the grazing touch, it seemed as if all the blood in his body rushed straight to his groin. Percival hardened instantly and managed to barely stifle the groan as it tried to escape his mouth. But he wanted more.

Percival extended his hand and skimmed the pads of his fingers ever so lightly across Gwaine’s nipples and down over the defined muscles of his body, lingering at his abs. He felt him clench at his touch, he heard Gwaine inhale sharply, hissing through his teeth and then Gwaine’s hands were touching him, pulling and loosening the laces of his breeches.

 A low guttural moan murmured against his chest when Gwaine leant into him. Percival couldn’t help but tremble slightly as Gwaine pulled open his trousers and slipped his hands down the back, palming tightly at his arse.  There was another moan mixed with a rude and dirty laugh, a much more typical Gwaine response, and that suggestive sexual laugh was curiously void of any anger.

Only a few seconds ago this man had angrily wrecked his room, he was ready to dish out hurt on anyone who got in his way. But now as Gwaine’s hands began to squeeze at the flesh of Percival’s buttocks, as he slowly pressed his lips to a twitching peck and began to move his mouth and tongue hungrily over Percival’s chest, there was only lust.

“Oh…sh--!” Percival couldn’t finish the word for it choked in his throat and came out as a stuttering gasp.   

“I know.” A tickling snort laughed into his Adam’s apple. “This is insane! We’re crazy for doing this, right?”

 Gwaine tilted his head back. Percival saw the wide crafty grin on his face and the mischievousness in his eyes. It was the very same look he’d reserve for women.  Percival tried not to grin back or to respond at all, but it proved futile when Gwaine licked his lips and run his tongue suggestively against the inside of his cheek. It was when he nestled his face into the crook of Percival’s neck, causing an ecstatic jerk all down his left side, that Percival finally stopped resisting.         

                 His hand shot up and grabbed a fistful of Gwaine’s hair, pushing his face harder into his neck. As the bristles of Gwaine’s beard caused another involuntary jerk, biting teeth gouged down into Percival’s skin, hard.  He hissed as he felt the teeth break his skin, but that pleasure from the pain again ripped through him, causing him to stagger.

                With teeth biting into and up around his neck, a bristled jaw scraping raw over his skin and hands clawing at his backside, Percival couldn’t stand it anymore. It was clear and obvious that his first time wasn’t going to be with any Lady and it wasn’t going to be the gentle and tender act his parents said a first time should be.  He had now gone beyond being worried about it, so he steered Gwaine to his mouth and the kiss commenced again.

Like the previous night, it was savage.  His hands ripped through Gwaine’s hair, pulling and pushing him in all directions, whilst Gwaine responded back with a startling stronger vigour. Gwaine clawed viciously at Percival’s back with one hand whilst the other fumbled to slip the remainders of his clothes off, he was hungry for this kiss, for Percival, and his broken toe was completely forgotten about as their mouths and hands tried to devour each other.       

                    Nothing else mattered. Nothing else was of consequence to either of them.  It didn’t register that the bed post snapped when Percival shoved Gwaine so hard against the wood, they didn’t hear or feel it shatter. They didn’t even realise how their boots and trousers had come off them, nor did they stop when they fell to the bed, which nearly broke beneath the impact. It was insane, it was out of control but they didn’t stop.

                He didn’t want to.  Percival loved the feel of Gwaine’s nails leaving bloody marks on his back. Having his body beneath him, hot and wet and hard, was driving him crazy, he couldn’t focus on anything except for the need to keep kissing him, to keep his hold on him and keep him pinned to the bed. The feel of Gwaine beneath him, of his hardened cock brushing against his own, of his moans and his—damned annoying—grins, the feel of this muscled body was maddening, yet Percival  wanted more than these insatiable acts. It wasn’t enough.

                For a moment, Percival feared that he wouldn’t be able to pull himself away from Gwaine, but he managed to. Pinning Gwaine down by his wrists, above head, Percival rose and to tried to get to his knees, but the gyration, the grinding of Gwaine up against his erection was making it difficult to have any kind of rational thought.

                “So…what are you planning on doing to me now?”  snarked Gwaine, as he attempted to gnash a bite to Percival’s already bleeding lip. “If you’re thinking of stopping, then I’d say it’s a bit late for that now.”

                Percival could only pant and shake his head, grunting again at the two of them rubbing together like this. He screwed his eyes shut, mainly so he didn’t have to look at that grin on Gwaine’s face or be tempted by that tongue that he knew was licking at smirking lips.

                “Come on! You started this! Finish it!”  

                Such a brusque order made Percival grab at the long trusses of Gwaine’s hair. His hand released Gwaine’s wrists and with small sharp tugs at the hair, he forced Gwaine to move, to turn on to his front. Gwaine was laughing as his face dropped into the pillow he was enjoying it immensely and was more than vivacious in his struggles. He was trying everything he could to entice Percival more, coaxing him with rough jerks and spouting colourful phrases that sounded more dirty than they were with Gwaine’s thick heavy accent.

Such words would have been off putting, but instead Percival placed one hand firmly on Gwaine’s back, ran his fingers through the sweat dripping down Gwaine’s spine and relished the feel of his cock as it stroked along the crevice of Gwaine’s buttocks, which produced a gratuitous groan from the man. His legs were shaking again so Percival bent down, covering the entire of Gwaine’s back with his body and burrowed his face into his neck. His kissed across the skin and the chain around Gwaine’s neck and then pressed his mouth against his ear.

                “This is insane.” He said, feeling a sudden sense of clarity through the lust dazed fog clouding his mind. “Do we really want this? Do you want this?”

                Gwaine didn’t respond. Percival pulled lightly to tilt his head back and the smile was replaced by a real look of annoyance. It was how Gwaine had reacted to the whole thing in the beginning.  Percival waited for that ‘no.’ but instead his hand was snatched away from his back and then it was placed upon the hardened erection Gwaine was still sporting.

                With Gwaine’s hand guiding him, Percival slipped his own up and down in fluid and slow motions, each causing Gwaine to tremble and moan.

                “Do it.” Gwaine choked and pulled their hands away. “Do it!”

                Percival was pleased…relieved.  He rose up, keeping Gwaine’s face against the pillow by pressing his hand on the back of his head and again made his other palm over his friend’s back and arse. 

                Surprisingly, Percival wasn’t that scared any more. His first time wasn’t at all frightening, even if it was with a man, with his friend. He was not in the slightest bit doubtful as his fingers pried at Gwaine’s tensed cheeks and felt the twitching muscle.  Sir Percival had no fear for pressing himself against it and pushing.

                “Oh my god…..”


                It seemed that it wasn’t just himself and Giaus that were looking for Gwaine. Arthur was too, especially since Gwaine wasn’t in the great hall when the others returned for the talks.

                “It’s that important for him to be there?” asked Merlin when Arthur demanded he go and get Gwaine back. The King had thought about it for a moment and then shook his head.

                “He’ll be sorry for not being present though. He’ll have a lot of catching up to do. Find him.”

                “Of course, sire.” Giaus bowed and they had walked out of the hall to allow the proceedings to continue.  Now the two of them were looking for the lust stricken knight and the first few obvious places they looked proved useless. There was one last remaining place for Merlin to try and if he wasn’t there, then they would truly be at a loss.

                All this searching was taking its toll on Giaus, who was tiring a little, so Merlin helped him up the last set of stairs that lead to the knight’s wing. He offered him his arm for support and they walked slowly down the corridors to Gwaine’s room.   

                Even before they approached the door, it was clear something was going on. Merlin slipped Giaus’ hand off his arm and edge towards the room with caution. He could hear something going on inside and it didn’t take a genius to realise what, so when he knocked on the door and got no reply, he waited a little bit longer before trying again. The sounds were suddenly muffled and Merlin thought it best to try and knock again. There was still no reply.

                “Is everything all right Merlin?” asked Giaus, who was resting at the window and looking just as concerned as Merlin himself was feeling. Merlin grinned and nodded.

                He knocked one more time and then gently tried the door to see if it was locked. Unfortunately it wasn’t, but he slowly edged it open and carried on rapping his knuckles on the wood.

                “Gwaine? Hello? It’s just me…Merlin. I know this is not a great time to…..”

                Merlin’s voice choked in his throat as he peeked behind the door. Then he couldn’t look away, he couldn’t breathe from the shock at what he was seeing.

                His two friends were naked on the broken bed, wet and drenched with perspiration. They were on their knees, Gwaine beneath, screaming into a pillow as the taller knight covered his back and thrusted himself in hard, again and again. Merlin could only watch, completely gobsmacked as Percival pulled on Gwaine’s hair to lift him up off the pillow and up against his chest. He could only watch as the two men, completely oblivious to his presence, continued to pound furiously against each other in a lust induced frenzy.

                “Merlin…what is going on? Is it as we feared?!”

                The young man quickly backed away and closed the door, turning round and blocking the way with his body. He grinned as much as he could and replied back with a strange squeak of fear in his voice.

                "Yeah. Gwaine really isn't looking after his broken toe, Giaus." 

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