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Making Life Bound part two
Title: Bound part two
Characters/Pairings: Basch/Ashe, Fran, Penelo, Vaan, Balthier, Filo, Kytes, Tomaj, Llyud  Pala, Marlene, Maya  
Genre:  Humour, romance, 
Rating: NC17 - 18 
Summary: .A long month of not being able to touch at last comes to an end..
Author's Note: Oh hecks....I am so pleased that I have finally finished this chapter. It's been almost two years since I've worked on this fic and while I may not think its my best and it might be a bit dodgy in places, but it feels good to get back to my first fanfic fandom.  I shall try not forget it again. This chapter is a lot more explicit than previous ones and I'm also having to split it in two.  Not beta'd, but do enjoy. 

Filo went back regularly to wait with Penelo and Larsa. Pala came along too, and very soon into the month, the blind maid adopted a routine that involved sitting and waiting and helping with carrying food.  Filo decided to keep a log instead. She found a note book and kept a meticulous record of what was going on, especially as tempers and the tension within the room were rising.

                Ashe’s pregnancy was getting her moods all in a twist.  She shouted a lot, and Filo found it interesting as to what it was that got her so riled up. Even Basch himself raised his voice more than often, and that too was surprising…yet it wasn’t. Filo could only imagine how frustrated the couple were and how on edge being apart from each other would be. It would be fascinating to look back on later.

                Pala proved excellent company. Filo began to like her very much. Her bangle could sometimes let the maid know what was going behind those closed doors that was not evident by the raised voices, or silence. Sometimes in the long boring ‘nothing’s happening’ moments, she and Filo would press up against the door to listen and if they were lucky, the bangle leaked little pieces of information when it could.

                Other times it was Larsa and Penelo keeping them up to date.  Very rarely would the other members of the party acknowledge the waiting group of youngsters, but it didn’t deter them one bit.

                All the coming and goings, all the insight they’d gained just simply wouldn’t dispel their curiosity. So instead of returning home at the end of the day like Filo normally did, she waited until the boys had gone and stood by the door with her ear pressed to the door.

                It was midnight when the binding needed to be performed and it was vast approaching. Pala, Larsa and Penelo were watching her, knowing what was going through her scheming mind, for Filo was never subtle about her intentions.

                “Fi. Tell us what you’re thinking.”  Larsa said as he came up behind her and pressed his ear to the door. Basch was talking, about what he couldn’t make out, but it seemed important.

                “I want to see.” She said. “I want to see the binding ceremony. I’ve never been to a wedding before, let alone a Landis one. Do you think we could sneak in and stay hidden at the top…and watch, just for a bit? I don’t mean the sex stuff…just the binding ritual.”

                “We’re not allowed in during that bit.” said Penelo indicating to herself and Larsa. “You certainly aren’t! I don’t know how that Landisian woman will react.”

                “We won’t be seen!” Filo’s voice whined as she begged. “Honest! We can stay hidden, they won’t know! Please, Penny! Please!”

                Filo looked to her best friend with the most endearing and pleading expression she could muster and when Pala joined in—the maid’s white eyes eerily looking directly at the eldest teen—Penelo sighed. It seemed she wanted to see the binding ceremony as well. Filo knew she would.

                “Very well, but we have to be silent!”    

                “You just want to see Basch naked…don’t you?”  Larsa nudged Filo in the back. Her face went bright red.

                “Yes!” Filo gasped. “NO! I mean….gosh! I just…oh flipping hecks!”

                Larsa laughed and then patted Filo gently on the back. That didn’t exactly make Filo feel any better for the Dream Hares in her mind were going absolutely bonkers.  So she had a crush on Captain Fon Ronsenberg?! No matter how hard she tried to justify such a simple reaction, or make an excuse to the Emperor,  the bunnies weren’t leaving her alone. Filo still blushed a fiery red.

                “I’m sorry for my tease, Filo. I do it a lot…especially to Basch.” The young Emperor dug his hand into the pocket of his waist coat and pulled out a watch. “It’s almost time. If we’re going in, it has to be now.”

                “You’re just like Vaan when you behave like that, Larsa.”  scolded Penelo, wagging a finger at him but smirking anyway. “Behave!”

                Not many people could get away with telling the Emperor of Archadia to behave like that.

                 Penelo carefully opened the door. Filo took Pala’s hand and felt the maid squeeze it affectionately.

                “You don’t need t’ fret Fi,” Pala grinned. “I’m certain the Captain’s appearance won’t disappoint ya!”

                “But you’re blind…how…”

                “The bangle tells me things Fi.” Pala’s grin took on a dirtier look. “Very big things!”

                The Dream hares that were inside Filo’s innocent little mind, had now gone utterly insane.


                Hurry up and stop talking!

                Ashe had no idea what the woman was saying. The words in the Landis tongue were just gibberish to her ears, but she knew that they were supposed to be meaningful and special. The woman was reciting a lot and had been for the past few hours, but all Ashe could think of was that soon, after everything she had endured, she would finally be bound to Basch. She would be able to touch him and kiss him and the elation she was feeling was only inciting her irritation even more.

                Remember your blood pressure. Keep calm.

Ashe managed to break her gaze away from Basch to Healer Maya behind her. The old woman had been beyond patient this past month and helped Ashe a lot when it concerned her pregnancy. Ashe was nine weeks along now and the changes happening to the Queen were intense but manageable…but only barely. As she was expecting three and not just one baby, Maya had informed her that she needed to be extra vigilant about her health. Penelo had brought her special foods and plenty of fruits and Ashe was slowly getting hacked off with the herbs.

Too much stress could complicate things, but the raging hormones and her desire to have Basch in her arms was making her stressed. The bloody woman droning on in Basch’s complicated language wasn’t helping either.

                Being close to Basch, seeing Marlene touch his body all through those days and weeks, and with the added intoxication of the Rhosyn was stressing Ashe out more than she would have liked. She knelt in front of the fire and saw how Basch was looking at her. Ashe had to bite her tongue from yelling at the woman still rambling on in foreign babbles, because he appeared to be just as frustrated by how long this was going on.  

                It was an immense relief when the older woman began talking normally in the common tongue.

                “Despite a few mishaps, that were mainly the fault of others rather than yourselves,” All eyes turned to Vaan and Balthier briefly. Balthier winked back at her which seemed to foul her mood even more. “I find you worthy of binding. Your family agree also and consent to the continuation. So Marquis Ondore…Captain Garner, step forward.”

                Poor Garner. It had been a whole month and still the knight was not able to look in her direction. Ashe watched as he took up position next to Basch, focusing intently on one of the many floating illuminating crystals bobbing around the room. She understood why he could not look at her in the state she was in and remembered how Basch used to be just like that.  

                Her uncle took up position next to her and took hold of her hand. Ondore had been a little fazed—though he didn’t show it as bad as Garner—about his niece’s nakedness, and that of her betrothed, but he came to accept this and the ceremony and did his part proudly, as her father would have done. Ashe wished that her father could have been here, but wishes about changing what has past was just plain folly. Her father was dead and there was no one else who she would rather give blessing to her.

                The old man gave her a hug, caring not about the oily residue of the Rhosyn marking his green Bhujerban robes. In those wise and older eyes, Ondore seemed to know what Ashe was thinking and hugged her again, muttering some of the Bhujerban and Kilita’s prayers he favoured.

                When the hug broke, Ashe looked past Ondore to Basch, seeing him and Garner conversing between themselves, like she had so many times before. Yet this time Basch was very nervous and that didn’t happen very often. Garner’s hand on his shoulder was giving him reassurance, but it wasn’t enough to stop him from shaking like a fraught teen. It was a sight to see, endearing and she had to admit a little sexy.

Damn the bloody Rhosyn! Will that woman ever shut up and get on with the ceremony and let me touch him already?!

                “It is time.”  The Landisian woman announced suddenly.

Ashe sighed loudly, relieving frustration and everyone heard. The old woman gave the Queen a raised eyebrow glare and it made Ashe bow her head with embarrassment, though the smirk on Basch’s face, that amused upward curl of his mouth made Ashe smile in return.  

The woman shook her head in dismay and handed Ondore and Garner each a thin strip of black silk as she did so.  She then beckoned forth Arlene and Balthier who then proceeded to wash the remnants of the oil from the couple’s bodies, dousing them with warm water and soap. As the lather spilled down over her skin, Ashe felt the heightened effects begin to wear off and the smell of roses wafted up her nostrils.

Her eyes fluttered closed for a moment to breathe in the floral scent but it was only after the wash that the fog which had been hazing her mind lifted. She could think more clearly.  

I’ll prove it to them…to Talven and Reion, I’ll show them all!

Ashe opened her eyes and smiled proudly at every single person in the room. She even held out her arms and welcomed Balthier’s strokes with the cloth as he washed off the soap.  There was a sudden hushed silence in the room, as all were puzzled by just how assured she was. It remained silent for a while except for the crackling of the fire and the faint buzz of the crystals that got too close to the flames. 

The Official took great heed of her new wave of calm  and appeared impressed. From up in the far seats, Ashe saw concern on the look of her councilman. Talven was worried…and the Kilitas priest, Reion…he was just as shocked as when this had first started. No doubt the Asian man was muttering about blasphemy or reciting his own prayers about forgiveness.

Ashe also saw some movement just by the entrance and her lips pursed tightly together so she didn’t show her sudden amusement. Filo really wasn’t very stealthy.   

Balthier was very reluctant to help the Queen back on with her red robes, but he did so after he had dried her body as best he could and he sighed heavily when he tied up the red sash around her waist. He leaned into her back just a little bit closer than she would have liked and whispered into her ear.  

“I will miss this.” He joked. Ashe scowled at him, but as he was so used to it, he smirked and stepped away. “It’s an experience I’ll never forget, Highness and nor will I ever stop thinking that it could have been me in your Knight’s place. It’s such a shame.”

“You keep thinking that, Balthier.” Ashe gently patted him on the arm. “But it would never have been you.”

“Don’t I know. It pains me, my Majesty…it pains me deep to know that.” The grin spread wider on his face and then he stepped away.  

“Quiet!” The Landisian sounded very frustrated by all this talking, probably because most Landis ceremonies she officiated at were more ordered and had people taking part who followed the rules and protocol. “Now, Basch…Ashelia…kneel before each other.”

Both now dressed back in their robes, the two of them walked to the side of the fire to where a neatly arranged pile of cushions and throws and been assembled. They knelt down on one cushion facing one another, they were close but not actually touching, Ashe felt the graze of Basch’s sleeve on her arm and it made goose pimples creep over her skin. The calm and patience she had asserted over her was fading when she looked into his eyes for being this close and not touching was still agony.  For him.

Oh by the gods…he’s so scared.

Ashe saw the glassy tearful glaze in his eyes and his broad, normally sturdy, shoulders shaking. He was scared, almost to the brink of tears. He was holding them back but barely. She saw his hand lift from his side and then drop, but his restraint, the effort he had to hold back those tears remained determined as ever as she noticed the clench of his jaw.  However, for Ashe, the tears fell despite her efforts. She had never seen Basch this close to breaking, not even when he collapsed to his knees that night nine weeks ago.

“Marquis Ondore…tie Ashelia to him.”

Ondore bowed to the woman and took up Ashelia’s hand. He then took Basch’s and joined them together.

Feeling his hand touch hers, the hotness of his skin and the rough callous of his fingertips stroking over her knuckles, made her gasp.  Ashe’s breath caught in her throat and choked her as every part of her realised that he was actually touching her….that it was real. It was just like the first time, just as potent as the kiss he had startled her with back at Giza and it was more powerful than any Rhosyn oil.  Excitement fluttered in her abdomen and there was an uncontrollable spasm before a warmth seeped down her legs. Her skin flushed with a pleasant burn and her breaths panted out in quick successive gasps.

She nearly toppled over and would have fallen to the ground if Basch’s grip hadn’t kept her steady.  How he managed it when he was trembling so much as well, Ashe didn’t know, yet every brush of his fingers, every slight movement of his hand in hers, the strength in his squeeze, excited her, even if he was as nervous as a boy on a first date. He made her heart race and when her uncle wound the black sash around their wrists, the excitement began to hum once again down below.

Ondore said something, Ashe didn’t hear what exactly, in fact she didn’t notice anything except Basch. Even when Garner tied a second sash around their wrists, she was oblivious.  Her attention was focused on him, the soft smile behind that beard, the wet strands of his hair clinging to his face, those eyes…those tearful but happy eyes, so blue like the waters of Ridona,  that she felt she was drowning in him.  

Someone was coughing.  Ashe didn’t care. She responded to the squeeze of his hand with one of her own and smiled. The person coughed again, a little bit louder this time, still none of them looked away.

“Ahem!”  The tap on her shoulder made her finally break her stare with Basch and she slowly tilted her head towards her Uncle, who was highly amused at something.


“The part of ceremony has now officially started, my dear.”

“It has?” Ashe was drawn back to her betrothed when she noticed the red satin slipped off his shoulder and down his arm, revealing some of his chest.

“Yes, Ashelia. I think it might be okay to allow yourselves to…”

Ondore didn’t need to say anything more for Ashe grabbed hold of Basch’s other hand, the one that wasn’t tied to her own, and placed it against her belly. She then rested her fingers ever so lightly over his hand and leaned slowly forward against his chest.

Ahse could feel his heart beating so hard and fast against her cheek. She could feel the rush of his blood in his veins and hear the longing in his breaths. They remained knelt, with their free hands touching at Ashe’s stomach, for what must have been hours. Basch planted a few kisses to her forehead, but nothing more.  

“Won’t their knees hurt from being like that for so long?” whispered Penelo to Maya. The old woman shrugged her shoulders.

“I would imagine so, dear.”


It was surprising, for it was not at all how Ashe or the others had expected.  In her impatience, with the urges screaming within her over the weeks gone by, buried beneath the pressure from everyone else around her; Ashe herself thought she would throw herself and ravage him. She thought with the way he was barely able to hold himself back that Basch would too. But it wasn’t like that at all.

He broke his hand away from her belly and cupped her face. He stroked her cheek with light traces of his thumb before toying it slowly across her bottom lip and then, only after she nipped him playfully with her teeth, did Basch pull his thumb away and kiss her, slowly and tenderly.  Ashe instantly fell into him and the kiss, clinging her fist tightly into the material of his robe and moaning into his mouth. The tenderness, the gentle caresses of his tongue toying with hers, tasting him caused ripples of excitement and pleasure all over her; again she felt the flutter below, building and surging to the point where she thought she would burst…all from a kiss.

By the gods how is this possible?

His hand was on her back, following the curve of her spine to linger briefly on her bottom before breaking the kiss. Ashe gasped lightly for breath and looked up to Basch with dazed yet adoring eyes. The kiss was finished, but the flutter was still going, so she dragged up their bound hands and turned it so she could press her lips to his knuckles.

 “I can’t believe this is happening.” She whispered to his hand. “I had longed for something like this but I never thought it could actually happen. I’m a queen, responsible for my people and my country and not entitled to be as happy as I’m feeling right now. That night you came to me, I never felt happier in my life…then I was scared, so scared…terrified. Even after your pardon…of finding out about our children…I was still scared…but now…Basch. This is real…this is really us…together…”


He silenced her with his mouth. He pushed himself hard against her, strengthening the kiss and slowly tipping her back onto the cushions behind her. Careful so not to squash Ashe, he moved their bound hands to the side and lay close, pulling apart the folds of her robe. Ashe saw his longing and tempted stare at her chest and the lick of his lips, so she reached up towards him and gently eased him down.

  She felt him on each of her breasts, kissing them delicately, exciting and hardening her nipples. Again and always, the wonderful sensation of his beard teased tingles across her skin made her toes curl and her body arch up. Then all she could do was try to control the elation and the throbbing inside as Basch took his mouth further down.  She clenched her teeth and grabbed tightly into the cushions below her as his puffs of breath and wet lips traced over her skin.

Her toes curled closed when Basch kissed over her hips and the tops of her legs, her breathing become rapid, quick and shallow and then when Basch found her centre, Ashe let out a ecstatic gasp that echoed throughout the whole room.

“Oh flippin’ hecks!!”


The loud hissing sound of disgust and a clawed foot kicking to Basch’s side kind of spoilt the moment.


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freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: February 8th, 2012 07:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love fluttering Ashe and these fantastic descriptions.

Keep it up Basche.
basched From: basched Date: February 8th, 2012 08:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Again...much thanks Freddie. It means so much to me that someone is reading it and enjoying.

Diolch. xx
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