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Past/Present/Future Chapter Eleven
Title: Fusion
Pairing/Characters:  Matt/Emily/Becker ,Abby, Ryan, Lester, Connor, Ackley (OC), Edward Lester (OC) 
Genre: drama, angst, 
Rating:    Rated 15 for swearages.
Spoilers: Takes place after season 5.    
Summary:. Abby, Connor, Becker and Emily begin their rescue of Matt 
Author's Note: Yay! I got another chapter done! This is moving things towards the end for sure! Major thanks for doing the beta go to [info]fredbassett 


            She wasn’t going to have any of it. Abby folded her arms and knew instantly that Lester wouldn’t go through with it and nor would the other man. She scowled at them with all her might, not budging an inch because she knew she was right. They had to allow her to go back.

            “Fine.” Lester heaved a frustrated sigh and sat down in his chair rubbing at the bridge of his nose. “You can go back to the anomaly site once we’ve completed this briefing, but you’re not going through. No one is, especially if what you say is true.”

            “You don’t believe me?” Abby leaned forward in her chair and pointed a finger at the man leaning against the door. “Captain Tom Ryan was killed by a future predator four years ago. I know it, I remember when Cutter came back alone, how struck with grief he was. I remember the funeral held for him, despite the fact that his body had been left back in the past. I remember!”

            “You’re referring to the predator that nearly killed me in the Permian desert?” Ryan asked, clearly momentarily startled by her outburst. When Abby nodded the colonel smiled. “I would have died, that predator would have killed me for sure if I hadn’t emptied my entire magazine into the damned thing instead of using one bullet like I originally intended. It took me a split second to change my mind and that decision saved my life. Are you saying that the others in the past did something that would make me do this?”

            “I don’t know!” Abby retorted sharply. “I’m not exactly an expert in temporal mechanics now am I? All I know is that you’re alive when I remember you dying…. but now…”

            Her thoughts recalled Ackley’s cold announcement about Becker and Emily and instantly the stinging in her eyes and the burning in her chest threatened to overwhelm her again. Her friends were dead despite the fact that another had been somehow brought back to life. It hurt just thinking about it, but all that mattered to her was getting Connor and Matt back safely.

            For the time being, she would do as Lester suggests and keep a vigil at the anomaly site. However, if there was an opportunity to find Connor and Matt, she wasn’t going to hesitate.  She had to be strong, so Abby took a deep breath and calmed her raging emotions as much as she could.         

“Okay, whatever… how is the anomaly holding?” asked Abby, looking out over at Ops to see if anything else had changed. There was no sign of Jess at the main Hub controls, but Lester had informed her that she was off helping Becker’s family… oh gods, his family.  Who was going to tell them that he was dead? Who was going to tell Jess?  She would be devastated!

            “It’s holding out fine.” said Lester. “It’s still strong and showing no sign whatsoever of closing. However, I’m sure you are aware that it could at any second.”

            “Keeping it locked helps,” Abby said getting up from her chair. “The longer it’s locked, the better chance we have of it remaining. It will give more time for Connor and Matt to get back.”

            “We need to know more about this Nathan Ackley and what his plans are.” Lester beckoned with his hand, obviously thinking that she was going to walk off without filling him on the rest of the situation. Abby sighed.

             “I’ll tell Ryan what I know...on our way to the anomaly.”

            She knew that he wanted to protest, to say that it was all improper and a full debrief should be done there at the ARC, but Abby wasn’t going to waste any more time. She had to get back to Connor, she had to see him safe.

            “Are you coming or what?”  Abby asked Ryan, when he just stood there clutching at the gun strapped to his chest. 

The colonel looked to Lester, who waved him off with a dismissive gesture of his hand, and then Ryan shrugged his shoulders and followed Abby out of the office. 



            He couldn’t do anything. Connor felt the presence of the gun without even turning his head. He knew it was pointed at him and that the man holding it wouldn’t hesitate to pull that trigger.

            Connor had been dragged away from Abby and brought here to one of the guard’s rooms, which was choked full of small black and white crudely constructed televisions, along with some computer tech that could only have come from the future and not his own time. If it had been any other situation, if he hadn’t lost two of his friends and was about to witness the death of another, Connor would have been as giddy as a fan at their first sci-fi convention at such a sight. He would have talked endlessly about how such future tech looked so right and at home in 1932, with the flickering pictures and crackly sounds; he would’ve marvelled at the chunky controls that were in the places of keyboards. He would’ve been absolutely hysterical about the televisions even being there in the first place, especially since they hadn’t been invented. 

            But the fusion of technology wasn’t the most important thing on his mind now. He was worried for Abby, for himself and now for the man he had to watch on one of those crude flickering screens, the man standing face to face with a predator.

            “Why are you doing this?” Connor growled through his teeth. “What has Matt Anderson done to you?”

            Nathan Ackley sat down next to him, and propped his feet up onto the console. In his hand he was closely observing a thick cigar, rolling it occasionally through his fingers. He was fascinated by it, sniffed in the aroma packed within the roll and then glanced at the screen.

            “Matthew Anderson.  A fine young boy… he had such potential. He failed to live up to it.”

            “You’re wrong!” Connor retorted. “Matt has saved this entire world! He’s changed the future… he’s done what you failed to do.”

            The click of the gun made Connor jerk in his chair and when he angled his head, the disapproval on Ackley’s face made him shrink back down again. The older man’s glare seemed to burrow beneath Connor’s skin and it made him shiver…. it made him turn away and look back to Matt. 

            “I would watch your mouth, son,” Ackley warned. “Matt has stopped nothing. I should know. My people tell me the future is still as it is, worse even, and with Matt’s help, I’m going to be the one who’ll make it habitable again.  If his old man hadn’t filled his head with lies, history would have turned out a lot different!”

            “So because you had a beef with Matt’s dad, you’re going to kill him? You’re nuts, do you know that?”

            The hand was around his throat in an instant. Fingers squeezed his wind pipe, cutting off his air supply and insane angry eyes glared down at Connor. Yet the voice that responded was strangely calm and devoid of any malice, which was far more menacing. 

            “I said to watch your mouth, so it would be wise to take heed of those words, Temple.”  Thankfully Ackley loosened his grip and enabled Connor to drag back air into his lungs. “I’m not going to kill Matt.  I could never do such a thing. He’s special and I need to see what he can do because Matt can redeem himself and help me make the future a better place. Here, in this time, he can help me to perfect my achievements.”

            What was he trying to achieve? Connor decided to do what the man said and kept his mouth shut, opting also to keep his thoughts to himself as well and find a way to help Matt somehow.  He couldn’t fathom what Ackley was up to. Matt had mentioned that he had created the predators as a means to find a way for them to survive the toxic air of the future.

            But there was no need. They had stopped New Dawn.

             Or had they? Again the old man’s words, his confidence, worried Connor. He had said that the future was worse than before…. his people had told him? How? Connor had so many questions and he was determined to find out the answers, but beforehand he was going to find a way to save Matt and there was only one option left open for him.

            It resided in a small device Ackley kept in his hand. The device was certainly not from this time, nor Connor’s own, but it was instantly recognisable as some kind of remote for the neural clamp, the only thing that was controlling the predator standing in front of Matt.

            Connor pushed the thought about the gun to the back of his mind and leaned forward in his chair to look at one of the screens. 

            “Please, Matt. Don’t die. Please don’t… we’ve lost Becker and Emily… please, we don’t want to lose you too.”

            He had to think of something.

            “This is going to be very interesting!” Ackley smiled and propped his feet back up on the console. He lit up the cigar and puffed serenely as his hand toyed with the remote. “I do hope that he won’t die.”

            “You said you wouldn’t kill him!” Connor cried.

            The click of the gun and the cold harsh metal digging into the back of Connor’s head made him clamp his mouth shut.

            Ackley grinned and puffed a billow of smoke into his face.

            “I won’t kill him! Oh good heavens, boy! I told you already that I could never do that! The predator on the other hand might well do. You see, the ones he’s going to face here in this prison are my first batches of prototypes and the neural clamp has only been successful… well, actually it hasn’t yet.  I’m sure he can manage to dispatch this one before I release the others.”

            Oh god… .Matt.


            The predator wasn’t making a move.

Despite Matt yelling and making himself such an easy target, it did nothing. The horrid sniffing gurgled and snorted, inhaling Matt’s scent, puffs of putrid breath wafted from between its teeth and long tendrils of drool dangled and dripped to the floor. It twitched, its head jerked as the neural clamp sent it signals contrary to its instincts to kill.

Matt could see it was resisting. It was fighting against the controls of the clamp, as it clearly and desperately wanted to rip him to shreds.

But how long would that last?

“It’s different.”  Matt circled the creature, or rather the other Matt circled it. “Not at all like the ones back home.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Matt replied.

He didn’t like this. He hated that there were predators here, that Ackley was alive and starting up his experiments again, he hated that he was talking to himself, seeing an alternate version of himself. Please! It’s impossible!  How could the anomaly fuse two people together? Anger jolted and shook at his body, his fist clenched tightly around the knife.

This was madness. He was in 1932, having hallucinations of himself, talking to himself and standing in front of a creature that surely should have killed him by now.  He had no help, there was no sign of Becker or Emily and Connor was being kept as leverage. One false move and Connor’s life would be forfeit.  The hate was swelling up inside him as he recalled everything that Nathan had done to his friends and to his father. He swore he wasn’t going to let anything happen to Connor. 

But could he ever rest? Will there ever be a single moment where he didn’t have to save the world or stop supposedly dead madmen?

“Do you know what might be a good idea?” asked the hallucination as it still circled the panting drooling creature. “Killing it. You’ve got a knife… the thing is not doing anything.”

            Trust a figment of his imagination to state what should have been bloody obvious.

            Instantly, he lashed out and instead of the blade digging directly into its skull, the red light of the neural clamp flickered and the predator was able to move. It turned its head but received a slicing deep cut across its face instead. It screamed, blood and spit spewed over Matt’s face and then a long claw tried to rip him apart. In that split second someone pulled him back, the claws ripped oat his shirt, but it made him trip over his own feet and fall to the floor.

            “Don’t thank me or anything!”

            Matt didn’t give his alternate self any heed at all. He scrambled on his backside, away from the predator as it then focused on trying to rip out the clamp from its head. It seemed the device was malfunctioning, coming on and shutting off, infuriating the predator that continued to scream with agony and fury whilst it flailed around. When its attempts to rid itself of the device only resulted in more pain for itself, the predator staggered back.   

            Matt got to his feet as quickly as he could and didn’t wait around. He ran back to confront the thing and took another shot, but still the predator managed to dodge him.  Matt tried again. This time he didn’t hold back, this time he put everything he could into the arching sweeps and hard, deep thrusts of his knife. Four or five attempts to strike the predator proved futile as he caught nothing but air, but there were moments when he got the hits in. Matt wasn’t quite sure how he managed it, only that he did.

Everything was a blur and all he heard were its screams, plus his own and Connor’s through the PA system. All he saw was the predator through the sweat and blood dripping into his eyes and when he received heavy the bouts sending him back to the floor, it was no use keeping still, he couldn’t. 

  Despite the fact every part of him was hurting, aching and protesting, Matt always got back to his feet and every time he did, more of his clothes were torn and a few more bloody claw marks appeared on his arms and on his chest. Even though he was taking a beating and dishing out hurt himself, Matt considered himself lucky because this predator wasn’t as fast or strong as the ones in his time. If it had been, he would be dead in seconds.

            Though was it slow? Or was he quicker? Matt knew he wasn’t the fittest of men at his age, but now it was strange.  He did feel more agile than he had in years, as the adrenalin, anger and fear surged through him and powered him on, though even that shouldn’t have been enough to last this long against the creature.

            He attributed that to the neural clamp. It was holding the predator back, some of the time.  Ackley was controlling it… Ackley was the one playing with him like a cat to a dead bird.

            “He wants you dead!” the other Matt said. “He wants to see you die!”

            “Then stop playing around!” Matt screamed up to the ceiling, hoping that Ackley could hear him. “Turn the neural clamp off and let the damn thing kill me!”

            The light went out.

The predator leapt up into the air, it used the walls, railings and upper levels to perch on, and it circled around Matt, seething with hatred as it gathered more strength. Then it jumped down and kicked out. It went to finish Matt off but then it screamed and howled with fury as the clamp activated and forced the predator to retreat.  

“Ackley, stop fucking me about!” Matt yelled.

The creature seemed to agree. The predator leapt behind Matt and screamed again, spraying fetid bile and blood back all over him. It kicked, using one of its long hind legs and it caught Matt so hard in the stomach that he was sent flying across the room.

How he managed to turn his landing into a roll and get back on his feet, he didn’t know, but Matt did, staggering and clutching onto the stairs gasping for breath. In that moment he would have given up, he felt like giving up… but he thought of Becker and Emily and how pissed off Becker would be for him giving up, so he straightened up and watched the thing do its leaping dance all around the prison hall. He watched and when it dropped down before him, Matt lifted his arm and lobbed his knife directly at it.

It was pure luck, surely.

The blade struck where its eye would have been. The high pitched screeching wail made Matt cringe, yet he hauled himself off the stairs and took the only opportunity left open to him. He rushed the predator and slammed into it with a rugby tackle, sending both of them skidding along the floor. The wall brought them quickly to a crushing halt the creature taking the full brunt against the stone. Before its teeth could gouge off Matt’s face, he seized the perfect opportunity, his hands grabbed its head and turned it viciously to the side. A crack sounded as its neck broke and the predator became limp.

The full weight of the predator collapsed on him and oozed its blood over him. The smell was atrocious, but now the pain began to register and his weariness was taking its toll.

“That was actually good work,” said Matt Two, sitting down next to him and leaning against the wall. “Well done.”

“Thanks… for nothing.” Matt sneered, spat out a mouth full of blood and shoved the body off of him. “You could’ve helped.”

“I’m in your head, remember? Besides you’ve killed the predator.”

“It’s not the first one.”

“I know, back in our own time we were young and stupid and actually went looking for confrontations with them!”

“We… I had more than a knife.”

“You do realise we’re getting slow in our old age?”

Matt didn’t want to have this conversation with himself. He just wanted to close his eyes and sleep. He also wanted a damned shower for the smell of predator on him was making his stomach churn.

“You can’t rest. Not now, Matt.”

“I’ve got time.”

“No. No you haven’t.”

Connor’s voice stated as much.

“Matt…. you’ve got five minutes before the next predator is released. Matt! You’ve got five minutes! Get up! Please, mate! Get up!”


            “Why have we stopped?”

Again Becker’s tone was a lot sharper than Edward liked. By the dark scowl on her face, it seemed that Emily disapproved of his harshness.  Lester pulled on the large handbrake and turned off the engine, which spluttered a bit before turning silent.

“We’ve stopped here, because it’s safer.” said Edward, pointing to where the prison could be seen just off in the distance. “This is Ackley’s most heavily guarded and secure facility in the whole country. We cannot just park outside the entrance and wave to the guards as we go in. We will be shot.  If we park here, we can make a more stealthy approach and avoid the guards all together. Well most of them I suppose but you never know.”

“Do you know where the guards are?”

“Er…. some of them.”  Edward grinned sheepishly, but he saw that it really didn’t impress Becker at all. The captain slipped out of the car and proceeded to load two Enfield revolvers. He placed one in a holster beneath his jacket and kept the other firmly in his hand.

“Well… I’m going to have to be careful.” Becker sighed heavily with frustration. “Emily, stay here with Edward, make sure nothing happens to him.”

Edward noted that she didn’t like that idea.

“You expect us to stay here why you go in and rescue Matt on your own?” Emily grabbed hold of his arm and forced Becker to turn round and look at her. “Do you know how dangerous and foolish that is? Besides, I am not incompetent, Becker!”

“I never said you were!” he snarled back. “I would gladly take you with me, Emily… you know that, but I….”

“If you’re going to say that you’re doing this to protect me, I will slap you.”  Becker smiled briefly at such a prospect. “Didn’t you listen to a word I said before? You can’t assume such responsibility! You’re not the only one who loves him!”

“I know that, god I know that! I meant for you to stay… to keep him safe.” Becker pointed a finger at Edward. “Because if anything happens to him, then you know what happens. He is just as important.”

Becker didn’t say anything more, he didn’t need to. Edward saw Emily finally understand and the two of them hugged tightly, parting with Becker kissing her forehead.

“I’ll bring them both back, Emily. Matt and Connor, I’ll get them both out of there and then we can go home.”

It wasn’t going to be as simple as that and they knew it. Edward watched their gentle exchange, the way their fingers grazed together, Emily’s longing to go with him and the squeeze of her hand Becker gave before he turned round and skulked away towards the prison.  

 When Becker was gone, there was an awkward silence in the car. Edward kept glancing over his shoulder at the lady and when she smiled he reverted his gaze to the wheel of the car.

He couldn’t believe how much his life had changed. He couldn’t believe that these people were from the future… well he could it was just so astounding and marvellous just like out of his favourite books.  It was an experience of a lifetime! Becker’s last word before he went off to rescue the other two men did make him think though. He had said he was important? Him?

Edward James Lester was no one important. His family was a working class family that had lived in London for generations. His father was a local butcher as had his father been before him and so on back to as far as they could remember. Only Edward was different. He had always wanted to do something different and whilst his father greatly disapproved, his mother was the one who allowed him to leave, because of Fiona.  His mother wanted them to have a good job with a good income for a new family and in the end his father accepted.

So Edward worked hard and got the job he wanted… it wasn’t much, nothing exciting, nothing important.

 “What did the captain mean, miss?”  Edward turned back round in his seat. “What did he mean when he said that I was important?”

Emily smiled and looked away to scout the area.

“You can’t say? Does it mean then it has something to do with my children or grandchildren? You being from the future it would have to be. Do you know what…?”

“I can’t say much… except that yes, you are important and we’re not going to let anything happen to you.”

Edward smiled proudly. He puffed up his chest and adjusted his hat to a more macho angle, slightly tilted to the side. He was important!

A few more minutes passed by. Emily had got out of the car and was circling it, keeping a careful eye out for signs of Becker or any other kind of trouble. The gun in her hand was steady and sure and seeing a woman…a lady…handle a weapon like that was strangely assuring. Weren’t a woman’s place to have such things, but for her it felt right.

“So…. Irish means a lot you then?” he said, suddenly.

“I beg your pardon?” Emily briefly stopped in her patrol around the car to look at Edward.

“Matt… the Irishman. He means a lot to you. You love him?”

“Do you really have to ask that question?” Emily smiled.

“You do then. He loves you back?”


“What about Becker? You seemed quite close with him as well.”

Emily wasn’t sure if she wanted to explain the rather bizarre relationship she had found herself in with both men, and what Matt and Becker shared. Somehow, she didn’t think that Edward would approve or even understand. She didn’t quite understand herself, especially with the new — yet not unwelcome — feelings for Becker.

“That was quite an impertinent question wasn’t it?” she asked, attempting to be angry at young boy, but he looked so like James Lester, adorably cute at this age, and she couldn’t keep a straight face. 

“Forgive me,” Edward said, jumping from the car and standing next to her. “You said to Becker that he was not the only one who loves Matt.  If you know that the captain does indeed…. then… it’s… I just don’t want you, clearly a fine lady of standing, to have your feelings and your heart broken over those two men, especially if they’re the queer sort.”

“Don’t fret, Edward. I don’t think any of us are going to have our hearts broken. It’s not like that.”

“Well then what is it... oh!”  The young man’s eyes went wide with shock. “You mean… you and them? Like… that? Bloody hell!”

Emily laughed and patted the bewildered and dumbfounded-looking young man on his cheek. She was so pleased that she didn’t live now or in an age where such closed minded thinking was in abundance. She grinned even more when she thought of Henry --such a homophobe he was -- and just what he would have thought about the two new men in her life. Men. Becker was certainly going to be a part of her life because if Matt loved him surely she could do the same? 

Emily stepped away from Edward, allowing him to muddle through the concept of what just came to him. She stepped away and someone grabbed her from behind.


Emily didn’t scream. Instead she jammed an elbow straight into the man’s side, forcing him to release her. Her foot slammed down on his and when he doubled over, Emily turned and sent a shocking punch to his face. Something cracked, there was blood.

Two more people tried to restrain her, but she was quicker. Another broken nose and severe genital pain after a knee in the groin dropped the two men to the floor and Emily kicked a well-placed booted toe into a third man’s knee, which sent him down to join the others.

“Enough! Stop it now woman or Lester here gets his head blow apart.”

Emily spun round and aimed the gun in the direction of the voice. 

She recognised the man. He had been there at the anomaly when they had first come through. Beeks.

He had a gun to Edward’s head.

“Did you just call me woman?” Emily sneered, striding up to Beeks and jabbing the barrel of her gun against his forehead. 

“I’d really put that gun down, Lady Merchant, or Edward Lester will die. Ackley knows how important he is to the future and I don’t think you would want to change it now… do you?”

Emily dropped the gun. She allowed the other men to bind her hands behind her back. She allowed the men to take her and Edward away from the car and bundle them into another.  She didn’t fight or resist.

Becker was going to be serious pissed off now.  Ackley was going to be in trouble.

Emily smiled. 

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knitekat From: knitekat Date: February 24th, 2012 07:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oooh, cliffhanger and cliffhangers. Eeek and meep.
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Cliffhangers for sure!! :)

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Thank you muchly for your gift too!! I love dragons! Xxxx
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I understand perfectly about plots having a mind of their own

And yes, dragons are awesome
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Oh in a sense the plot does have a mind of it's own...but I'm keeping it on a leash! For this story...yeah we're pretty much near the end, I'm thinking maybe three or four chapters at the most. (What I think and do are entirely different things) but this is what I hope for.

More plot will come for the story after. :)

Dragons are WAY awesome! Especially that one! It's looks so groovy dancing there! MWAH!
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Ooh! Not good at all. Ackley does seem to have most of the cards here!!
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No...it's not good. He definitely hold all the cards. In fact, things can and possibly will get worse.

Thank you so much for continuing to read my story. It means a lot to me and give me the motivation to carry on! It means a lot that you like it too.

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