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Past/Present/Future Chapter Twelve - Far From Okay
Title: Far From Okay
Pairing/Characters:  Jess, Beckers (OCs), Becker, Matt, Connor, Ackley (OC) 
Genre: drama, angst, 
Rating:    Rated 18 for swearages.
Spoilers: Takes place after season 5.    
Summary:   Whilst Jess confront Becker's family in the present, Matt's insanity reaches new levels.  
A/N:.  This beta'd by the always excellent fredbassett   Mistakes, blame me, not her. Ta muchly and enjoy.  




Her phone had died.

Jess was normally very good at keeping her phone charged. In fact it was virtually impossible for her phone to die like this as she was meticulous in keeping it charged. How it had happened was bugging her horribly, but it wasn’t her main concern and nor were the reporters roaming the corridors of the hospital trying to get witness statements about Convergence. Right now the important thing was how to confront the people she’d come to see.

“I wish we knew what to say,” said the nurse who showed Jess to the ward she needed. Jess wished the same, but she daren’t mention that she worked for the very people who knew everything. She thanked the older woman and stood by the doorway, trying not to invade the family in their moment of grief.

Becker should be here. He should be back with his family, not risking his life stuck in 1932. Jess clenched both her fists and tried to calm herself with deep heavy breaths.  She had only heard stories of his family, but seeing them now, Jess couldn’t help but feel a connection to them, as if she had known them all her life.

Carys Becker, the only sister amongst four brothers and the eldest, lay unconscious in a bed covered in white sheets and dressed in dire hospital attire. Her face was bruised and cut from broken glass, her arms were in plaster casts and there were numerous bandages covering up wounds all over her body. There was mask covering her face, feeding her oxygen, and a tube ran from her hand to a bag of saline, and numerous other tubes supplied medication to her pale form. 

She was a mother of three yet still in the Army. Becker had told Jess that his “sis” was a woman of wit, a joker and at times a rotten tease to her brothers, but always protective.  She looked like Snow White lying in that bed with her long ebony hair splayed out over the pillow and Jess could see that beneath all her injuries, she was beautiful.

The whole family seemed to be blessed with good looks.

His mum and dad were both tall and their dark hair was smattered with silver grey. His father was a proud soldier in his pristine uniform and with his stern rigid posture. The man was also trying hard not to cry, but just like Becker, it was obvious in his eyes… those same deep emotional eyes that couldn’t hide what every other part of them could.

His mother never tried to hide her feelings at all. She was crying, worried for her daughter and for the little boy that Jess could now see was clinging to her leg. The devoted grandmother, the dutiful soldier’s wife… Jess had heard Becker talk of his mother, how commanding and how devoted to her family she was. She was a woman who had no objections to be being the housewife, the one who stayed at home, cooked in the kitchen and looked after her children. The way the two other men looked to her, the way they all circled her… meant this woman was worshiped for being just who she was. 

The other two men were Becker’s brothers. Both were in their thirties and looked to be prime rugby players, bulkier and broader in build than Becker and much taller. The men were about 6ft 2, Jess would need to crane her neck back further if she had to address them, and they looked pretty intimidating. One was in the RAF and the other was a school teacher.  They too had that same Becker compassion in their eyes, but they were like statues next to their parents.

Jess tried to remember their names.  Adam, the fly boy.  Justin, the rugby coach and…

“Can I help you, miss?”

Jess was startled so much that she jumped and her dead phone dropped out of her hands. Another hand caught it, but she was still in shock at the sight of Becker standing right next to her.

No. Not Captain Hilary Becker, but someone who looked more like him than the rest of his family. Daniel.

He was not that much older than Becker but he had similar breathtaking good looks. He was not as well built, his hair was a little longer than Becker’s, slickened back with a little gel, and he was wearing a suit that seemed to accent his form very well. Behind his glasses, again Jess noted the redness of worry around his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m Jess Parker I….”

“You work with my brother!”  The man smiled softly and held out his hand. Jess took back her phone and then shook it. “I’m Daniel. Becker has told me all about you.”

“You call your brother Becker?” she asked in surprise. Daniel grinned.

“No one except our mum and Carys call him by his first name. It’s family law and always has been. He’s not here?”

 Jess only opened her mouth when she realised that all the family were looking at her. She choked on her reply and it came out as a nervous cough. Only Daniel, Becker’s mum and the little boy still clinging to her legs looked kindly at her. The General approached her and looked down at her in such a manner that Jess felt her feet shaking in her red boots.

“You work with my boy?” His voice sounded deep and gruff from behind his beard.

Jess nodded.

“He’s on assignment right now. Is that why he isn’t here?”

Again Jess could only nod.

“Tell me… my boy has something to do with what happened today. He deals with these rifts and the creatures somehow. For the past four years I have not known anything about what he’s been doing and now I must.”

“I’m afraid it’s… classified, sir,” she said, smiling as sincerely as she could.

“He’s told me enough times himself, but now that the world has witnessed these strange portals and beasts, now that my daughter has been injured because of it, I should know what my son is doing! He was out there… wasn’t he? He was in the thick of all that chaos, with those… those things?”

Jess didn’t exactly blame the old man for being so abrupt, she understood, but she was biting her tongue from snapping back in defence of herself. She wanted to explain what the ARC was and how the team had saved all their lives in the past but it would only anger Lester and get herself into trouble. Jess didn’t feel any better when the other two brothers stood either side of their father.   

“I can only confirm at this moment that Captain Becker is currently on assignment. He cannot be reached and I’ve been sent to let you know he is not able to return as of yet and to pass along our sentiments and best wishes for your daughter’s recovery.”

Ugh. It sounded so hollow and insincere. Jess noticed that Becker’s mum nodded in thanks. Daniel appreciated it as well, and even one of the others, Justin probably, smiled.  The two military men were still suspicious.

“Does my brother know Carys is here?”  Adam sounded eerily like Becker as well. Such familiarity was unnerving for her. “Is he aware she’s been injured?”

No. He’s stuck in the past in 1932. He hasn’t a clue.  

“Adam… leave her alone.” Daniel stepped between them. “She’s not military, and certainly not one of your lackeys you can bully. She’s Becker’s friend so can we treat her as such?”

“Danny is right. You’re being extremely rude to the young woman.” Becker’s mum shoved her husband and sons aside and ushered Jess to her daughter’s bed. The woman smiled and took up Jess’ hand. “He’s told me about you, dear. It’s nice to finally meet you…”

“I wish it was under different circumstances,” Jess replied, giving the woman a comforting squeeze of her hand. As she did so, the men stepped back into their protective circle around the woman and the bed. Daniel took the little boy round the other side and lifted him up into his arms.

“So do I.” Becker’s mum sniffed and gently wiped her nose with a handkerchief. “But my Hilary… he is all right… whatever he’s doing?”

Jess nodded. “He is and he’ll be back very soon.”  I hope.

“You seem like a nice girl, Jess.” The woman squeezed her hand. “From everything he’s told me about you, I’m pleased you’re his friend. Are you… are you and he close?”

Jess briefly looked away and bowed her head. She didn’t want to discuss something like that now. She didn’t want to tell the woman that she was still madly in love with her son, yet it hurt to know that he considered them just friends. She didn’t want to tell her that it was Matt Anderson who her son liked instead of her.

Becker’s mum mistook her reaction to the question as affirmative. She smiled happily. “I thought as much by the way he kept talking about you. Are you keeping Hilary out of trouble? He can be just as stubborn and pig-headed as this lot.”

No. That’s Matt’s responsibility now.

“I… I try my best, but he doesn’t always listen.”

“Ah. It’s his father’s trait. All my boys have it. Though Hilary is the worst, he seems to think that everything is his responsibility.”  The general was about to make an argument against that but his wife shot him a scornful look and he backed off. The woman then dabbed at tearful eyes when she looked back to her daughter. “I do wish he was here. Carys means the world to him and his brothers… it’s… not right that he’s not here with us. The doctors aren’t sure when she’ll come out of this coma, or if she even will. The accident was quite horrendous. The paramedics said that one of the portals opened directly in front of her car, a creature, this huge cat like thing came out of it and collided with her and forced the car off the road. It rolled several times before stopping. She’s broken a lot of bones and… and… the paramedics said she was barely alive, that she’s lucky to be alive… even then she’s not fully….”

Mrs Becker—Jess didn’t know her name—couldn’t say anything more. She let her hand slip from Jess’ and she sunk down to a chair at her daughter’s bedside, trembling and choking with agonising sobs. The general stood behind her, offering Jess an abrupt nod of dismissal. 

Now wasn’t the time for Jess to be here. She had said as much as she could so Jess decided to leave the family alone. She turned and walked away. When she got to the door of the ward, Jess was stopped in her tracks by Daniel’s call.

“Miss Parker.” He halted beside her, still comforting Becker’s young nephew in his arms. “Thank you for keeping us informed about my brother… will he come here as soon as he’s able?”

“I have no doubt about that,” she said, “I’ll make sure he does.”

“Thank you. It was nice to meet you.”

Jess never really got to say anything more for she had to step aside rather suddenly when the ward door opened and a man followed by two young girls rushed through. The little boy in Daniel’s arms cried out “Daddy” and was handed over to him. Jess watched the distraught family follow Daniel back to the side room.

Jess went out into the corridor and found a lone seat by a window. There she watched the chaos around her and hoped that her friends and Becker would come back soon.

She prayed, but it did little to change her anxiety.

End of Intermission



Becker had gone a fair distance, and had to hide a few unconscious bodies, before he heard the commotion back at the car. Again he was proven wrong and he cursed himself as he retraced his steps back to where he had—so foolishly—left Emily and Edward Lester.

Keeping himself hidden behind some trees, Becker watched as the men tried to take Emily captive. Thinking she was nothing but a weak female, one man clearly believed it would be easy, however he didn’t know Lady Merchant.

Becker watched her fight them off and found himself admiring her skills and agility. He always knew she could handle herself, but watching her impressed him, she made him admire her more and Becker felt the tingle of attraction spark up in his chest at such aggression in her punches. Unfortunately Emily couldn’t do anything further when Edward had a gun pressed to his head. Becker couldn’t do anything either and his anger increased as he helplessly watched them being dragged away.  He could have used any of his guns, but he couldn’t guarantee that Emily or Edward would have come away unhurt.

The men were taking them to the prison, that much was certain so he followed them, keeping his distance to make sure he wasn’t seen and again dispatching the guards when needed. It was hard work to keep himself hidden, a brief lapse in concentration allowed one man to spot him and he split Becker’s lip with a hefty punch, but Becker was able to knock him out cold before he could signal or cry out for help. After making such a stupid mistake, he became more irritated, but Becker forced himself to keep calm. Any more mistakes would ruin his chances to get Emily, Matt and Connor out safely.

He was not going to fail them.  

They came to the prison quickly enough. Emily and Edward were taken inside and three more men took up position by the main entrance. There was no way he was going to get in that way, not without making his presence known. However, because Becker had been here before he knew there were other ways in, easier ways.  He shrugged off his jacket and laid it on the grass by one of the trees. He slipped his braces off his shoulders and rolled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows before heading towards the prison. As ever, the gun was ready in his hand.

Being in 1932 was not as fun or glorious as he had hoped.  Things were far from okay and if he hadn’t have been so impatient in trying to get to Matt and Connor, Emily and Lester would still be with him and his chances of success would be higher.  This was going to be tricky at best, but Becker was determined. He was going to get them all back to 2011 and Ackley would be held accountable.

Very accountable. 


“Matt? Matt! You’ve done it, Matt!”

Had he blacked out?

He wasn’t sure, though it was highly likely as now his eyes slowly fluttered open and the view of the prison, of the bloody mess he was sitting and covered by, formed a sickening blur. Every part of his body hurt, the pain of bruises and injuries intensified with the slightest movement he made and Matt had to do all he could from retching up the contents of his stomach.

“I didn’t do anything,”  he moaned after a few moments of letting his surroundings spin in dizzying circles. “Did I? Everything is a little hazy.”

That was an understatement. He felt like death. His head was pounding so hard he thought it was going to explode.

“You’ve killed the predator, I’d say that’s something. Matt… Emily’s not going to die here.”

Matt flapped a hand with dismissal at his other self, which he regretted as a burning sensation shot along his arm.  He had barely survived that fight and weren’t there more of them? Hadn’t Connor mentioned there were three others as well?  Matt didn’t think he was in any condition to go up against more predators. He was bleeding, he was covered in the dead creature’s innards and blood and he was so weak. He thought a couple of his ribs might be broken as well.

Matt tried to move and he hissed when a searing pain in his chest made him stop.

Yup. He had broken some ribs.

“Do you know what this means?” Matt Two whispered.

“That I’m utterly screwed?”

Matt Two laughed and shook his head. “No.  Matt…. we can have the life we were meant to have!”

“You seem oddly sure about that. So you’re going to help me defeat the other predators how?”

Matt slowly angled his head and looked to his side. The other him appeared to be in much better shape than he did right now.  Through the blood dripping in Matt’s eyes, he could see there wasn’t a scratch on him. He looked refreshed, clean shaven and his clothes were spotless. In fact this new clean and healthy image of himself made him look several years younger.

That really wasn’t fair.  

“I can’t help you in that way, Matt. I’m just in your head. Remember?”

But he did help. Didn’t he?  When the predator took that first swipe at him, hadn’t Matt Two pulled him away in time? He had felt the tug on the back of his shirt, he had fallen back and avoided death because of him. Or was that just a fluke?

“Not a fluke. It was just a little mental nudge, which is about as much as I can do for you.  Matt, can you get up at all?”

He tried to. The pain was too much, so instead of being able to stand on his feet, he sank back down onto his bottom.  The pain increased as he landed and it almost made him pass out.

“That would be a no.” he groaned and grimaced at the taste of blood in his mouth.  “So that living thing you’re so pleased about? It’s not going to happen.”

“You reckon?”

“I’m not getting up unless I have actual physical help.” Matt leaned his head back so he could look up to the top of the main stairs. There was no one there, no sign of anyone who could help.  “You can’t do it because you’re in my head and that is getting annoying, by the way, and somehow I don’t think the cavalry is going to turn up.”

“What about Connor? Becker? Emily?”

That would be nice. It would be ideal, but unlikely. Matt didn’t even know what happened to them except that Ackley had them taken away, perhaps to be used as leverage like Connor. While the chance of Becker finding a way to escape was high they wouldn’t know to look here. Would they?

No. They might not even be alive.

His chest began to hurt even more with that thought, his eyes stung and a brewing anger boiled inside of him. If Ackley had killed them… Matt knew that he would never be able to contain himself.  All that control and discipline he had learnt in his youth would be meaningless.

His life would be meaningless.   

“You give up far too easily. Maybe you’re not as special as Ackley said you’d be.”


Matt again looked at the pristine hallucination of himself and immediately a stabbing pain dug and twisted in his head. Matt Two was smiling, grinning as if this was the best day ever to have happened but the more he smiled, the more the pain jabbed like needles into Matt’s head.  He screamed, or rather he thought he did, Matt couldn’t hear. His hands latched to the side of his head, but such an action did nothing.

“Stop screaming, you bloody eejit, it’s nothing! You cannot stay here! You have to get up!”

Hadn’t he said that enough times already? Why was he continuing to tell Matt what he already knew?

“I know!” he screamed, spitting blood and detest at his other self. “Stop telling me!”

“Okay, if you insist. How about a nice sing song? We’re Irish, Matt… we like a good sing song!”

“What the fuck?!” 

“A song? Might it make you feel better?”

“I don’t want to sing a bloody song! I want to get out of here!”

“Oh never, Oh never, Oh never again
               If I live to be a hundred or a hundred and ten
              I fell to the ground and I couldn't get up…”

The tune and the words seemed familiar but Matt couldn’t recall where he had heard it before and neither could his hallucination who began to whistle the tune instead of singing any more words. Along with the slightly off-key whistling, Matt began to hear ringing in his head. He yelled for it to stop but in the distance there was the sound of the prison’s heavy doors clanging and after a few more mumbled attempts to remember the words of the song, a voice other than his own—Connor’s— sounded in the distance.

“Please mate, get up.” 

Shut up! Stop talking! Stop yelling at me!

There were some more voices, many and all talking at once before the shrieks of the new predator screamed loudly and suddenly. Matt didn’t know that he had picked up the knife and was squeezing his hand tightly around the handle.

His delusion hadn’t stopped whistling. Connor was still begging and pleading for him to get up and the creature, having sensed the death of the other, howled with fury.

Shut up!! Please shut the fuck up, the lot of you!

They were shouting his name so much but he knew who he was and that he needed to get up. He knew that he would die if he didn’t.  

 “Around the ragged rock, the ragged rascal ran!”

“MATT!! The predator is out! You have to act! You have to get to your feet! Please mate! MATT!”

“Tell them I’m not crazy! Tell them I’m not mad! Twas only six pints of that cider I had!” 
Shut up! Shut up! Shutupshutupshutup! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

“I’m not crazy!”  With a strength he didn’t realise he had, Matt leapt to his feet and lunged towards his other self. The knife went straight through the singing grinning delusion and caused Matt to lose his balance and stumble. He slammed into the other wall, crashing down to the floor and smearing the wall with more blood.  Again, even with the injuries he had, Matt managed to get up and confront his singing other self. Matt could barely keep still… swaying from the dizziness

“There we go then! You made it!” Matt Two applauded happily and then became serious, cold and menacing. “And what are you going to do now that you’re on your feet?”

“I’m not crazy! I’m not!”

“Course not,” Matt Two sneered back with sarcasm. “I’m a real live boy.”

“You know something? I don’t believe you’re me from an alternate future.” Matt held the knife up to Matt Two’s face, hating how much better he looked.

“Oh? Really?”

“An anomaly can’t do that, not even Connor’s artificial one can do that.”

“So you are crazy then aren’t you?” Matt Two smirked and carried on whistling.


“Matthew, you’re talking to a hallucination of yourself… when a very real genetically created superior predator is coming to kill you. Do you really think it’s a good idea to be having a go at me?”

Matt lowered the knife. His feet staggered, his head swam as the confusion and doubt added to the pain he was already experiencing. Sweat and blood stained his eyes as he strained to look about him.

             “Oh never, Oh never, Oh never again
               If I live to be a hundred or a hundred and ten
              I fell to the ground and I couldn't get up…”

The second predator didn’t like his singing. 


Connor watched the skirmish between his friend and the predator in horror. That quickly changed into surprise as Matt survived more than a few seconds against the thing.  He forgot about the six foot whatever ruffian with the gun to his back and instead focused on the fight. Every so often his eyes would turn away from the monitors to look to Ackley.

The man was loving it far too much.  The way his eyes gleamed with joy when the creature got in a hit, the smile or laugh when Matt was knocked to the ground… it sickened him.

He noticed that Ackley was controlling the clamp, but only when it suited him. Ackley was allowing the predator get in devastating hits but he held it back, teasing Matt with small glimmers of hope as he gained some precious seconds of recovery. Ackley smoked a cigar all throughout, the disgusting smoke filled the room and Connor found it more difficult to breathe.

It was only when Matt tackled the predator that Connor saw the surprise flinch on Ackley’s face. Yet the smile widened when the predator’s neck was so swiftly broken.

“Atta boy.”

Connor was confused. What was Ackley doing? On one hand he wanted Matt dead then he was pleased that he wasn’t?

Then a few moments later, Connor was more worried about something else.  Matt was talking, conversing with thin air.

“This is interesting.” Ackley stubbed out his cigar and rose from his seat. He looked at Matt with wicked amusement. “It seems she’s done her job far better than I ever expected. Clever girl. Mr Andrews, stay here and keep an eye on Connor… I have a meeting with my wonderful sponsors. If he tries to do anything, you can shoot him.”

“Are you sure? You said the boy can…”

“I’m not a boy!” Connor turned round and got a poke in the nose by the gun for doing so.

Mr Andrews’ snarled at him. “You said this boy was important to you.”

“True, to a sense. I have all of his journals that survived New Dawn and they’ve been more than useful. Connor Temple is a legend in my time, he is the man who made my work possible. Only kill him if you have to.”

Ackley patted Connor on the back and winked at him, as if this was all just some kind of joke.  He got up from his chair and handed the clamp remote to Andrews. He whispered something into the other man’s ear, something that Connor couldn’t quite make out and took one last brief look at the screens before walking out.  The nozzle of the gun pressed harder against Connor’s face and after a sneer of utter contempt, Connor turned away.

Things only got worse. Connor watched as Matt began to have a conversation with himself, verbalising the two different sides, laughing and then seething and spitting with hatred. A signal on one of the controls indicated that the next predator had been released and Connor tried to warn Matt. Thankfully Andrews didn’t shoot him for simply yelling through the PA system, but his voice crumbled into nothing when Matt began to sing an old Irish drinking song, occasionally interrupting to tell himself to shut the hell up.

What had happened to him?  “It seems she’s done her job far better than I ever expected.”

Connor placed his hands over his ears. Matt’s insane yellings were horrible to hear.

“He’s flipped!” Andrews laughed. “He’s actually flipped! Not surprising with all that shit on him! Are you sure you want to save someone that fucked up?”

Matt wasn’t the only one who’d flipped. Connor didn’t know how he did it, but if he had thought about it, he wouldn’t have dared act. Connor’s arm shot up and his elbow impacted with Andrews’ arm, knocking the gun clean out of his grasp.  Connor followed through with startling speed, his other hand clenched in a fist struck up to the man’s jaw. It caught him completely by surprise, but what was even more surprising was that Andrews fell and his head knocked against the wall, rendering him unconscious when he hit the floor.

Connor was momentarily astounded at his achievement. He couldn’t believe that again he had managed to take down someone twice his size. His fist hurt badly, but he wasn’t going to quibble about it. Connor grabbed the clamp remote from Andrew’s hand and once more yelled into the mic, hoping that Matt would hear him.

If he had, Matt didn’t give him any indication to that effect. He stood at the end of the stairs, swaying and singing, interchanging between laughter and rage, and Connor saw the predator sneaking slowly round one of the corners, its foul vocalizing harmonizing horribly with Matt’s own crazed words.

In the heat of the moment, under pressure, was when Connor Temple was at his best. He wouldn’t have said so, but now as his friend and leader was close to being torn apart—again—Connor’s hands blurred over the controls, in an attempt to keep the other cells permanently locked. He then picked up the gun and went to the door. He knew how to get to Matt, but he only hoped he would get there in time to save him.

He kept his finger on the button, hoping that it was enough keep the predator at bay, but it wasn’t working to its full extent. The creature was resisting and Connor knew that he had pissed it off even more. The predator jumped down the entire flight of stairs and landed with a hefty thud in front of Matt.

“Oh no! No no no no no no!!”  Connor pressed the button again and again, desperately hoping it would keep the thing back. But he was only making it more mad.

The predator’s drooling mouth was inches away from ripping off Matt’s entire head.

Matt laughed and spat in its face, before carrying on singing.

The howl from the predator came again as Connor shocked it, but what happened next came as a surprise and great relief.

Connor’s focus had been on Matt and so had the predator’s, so none of them noticed until it was too late. The gun fired and a second lot of brains and guts exploded over Matt’s face.

The body dropped to the floor and Matt was about to fall as well, but Connor whooped for joy when he saw who had caught him.

“Becker! You’re alive!”  Connor rushed back to the mic and yelled through it with joy. “Becker! You’re alive!”

Somehow Connor suspected that Becker’s gesture of thumbs up and the grin upon his face wasn’t exactly sincere.

“Ah…. I really shouldn’t have shouted that out loud.


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knitekat From: knitekat Date: April 15th, 2012 07:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ohh great actiony part. Curiouser and curiuser - who is she? More?
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Why thank you!

SHE has kinda been revealed already, but it will be a lot more obvious in the next chapter. Which I should be working on! XD

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Oh sweet...yeah..this is a bit of an epic I've got going on. I call it my Past/Present/Future fic because it will be centering around Becker, Matt and Emily. The first bit almost finished and I have a big sequel planned.

It has one shots attached to it...starting of course with my fic "Spar."

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Oh lass! This is my Past/Present/Future story which is still on going but hopefully I will finish it..or this part soon! Although so far this one story has been mainly Matt/Becker...it's leading up to a very lovely OT3. Well I hope it will! We shall see how it turns out! XD

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