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Past/Present/Future Chapter Thirteen - The Man Behind It All - basched — LiveJournal
Past/Present/Future Chapter Thirteen - The Man Behind It All

Title: The Man Behind It All. 
Pairings/Characters: Matt/Becker/Emily, Connor, Ackley (OC), Edward Lester (OC), Abby, Ryan, Greaves (OC), ??.  
Genre: angst, 
Rating: NC 17 
Spoilers/Warnings: Heads up for some violence/gore.  
Summary:  Nathan Ackley tells Emily his side of the story, whilst Becker tries to save Matt.  
A/N: I'm getting near the end of this story...I can't actually believe that I will actually finish it! Anyhows, again thanks to my constant beta through all this      and enjoy the chapter. It's getting a little bit out there, but in a good way I hope. Enjoy.  

“Connor! Where are they?!”

“They were right behind me! I swear! They were right behind me!”

“Oh god….the anomaly is closing!”

So, Matt Anderson was finally suffering for what he had done. Nathan smiled to himself and leaned back in his chair.  Matt had seen his father’s slow painful decline and witnessed his death, now he was descending into the very depths of insanity, just in time to be killed by the very things he and his father tried to destroy. Anderson really didn’t realise how the universe worked, even after their discoveries and fantastic accomplishments.

It was news of the woman’s arrival that pulled Nathan away from the control room. He had hoped that the stupid fools of this era could carry out a simple task of killing the other two, but irritation gnawed inside his head when he heard that she lived and was now here with the Lester boy.

If she was alive, then so was the other man.

Nathan Ackley would have loved to have stayed and watched Anderson be torn to shreds, but another thought came to mind. 

When he reached the small guardroom where they were being held, Nathan smiled as if today was his birthday and he was being given the best present ever.

“My Lady!” He walked up to her and hugged her, clutching her tightly and squeezing her as she tried to resist. He released her and there was that detest, that scowl and loathing upon her face. “It’s surprising to see that you’re still alive… and here! But I should never rely on others to do what must be done.  You never could be apart from Matt for too long, if I recall. He couldn’t bear it, he followed you around everywhere, he clung to you like a child to its favourite toy and I can see that even now, he still does!  Also where is that delightful soldier of yours? Hmm? The gruff-looking man, who seriously needs to lighten up?”

The woman said nothing. Her jaw was clenched, those pretty little lips were pouting with determined defiance and she looked as if she wanted to fight back. She was feisty.  He could see why Anderson loved her so much.  There were not many perfect specimens of womanhood such as her, it would be a shame to have to kill her. 

Ackley reached out his hand to touch one of the long curls of her hair. She flinched but then his hand snapped up and grabbed her face, dragging her closer to him.  He angled his head and nestled his face into the mass of curls. He took in a deep breath and inhaled her scent.

“Delicious… simply delicious.” 

Of course she reacted harshly to that, she jerked and tried to kick him, but he pulled so hard on her hair that she went down to her knees.  He fell down next to her and kept a firm tight hold.  The woman, the lady of refined dignity and composure struggled and cracked her head sharply into his face with a ferocious head butt. Nathan felt the blood trickling down his nose and the laughter spilling from his lips.

“My! Such spunk! Where did you get it from?”  Nathan wiped the blood from his face and laughed at the woman struggling in his grasp. “Listen. Let us get down to business. Your presence here, though wonderful reunion it is, is most tiresome. You do like to meddle don’t you? You’ve got those boys wrapped around your thumb, but I can’t have you stopping me from what needs to be done.  I have important work, my Lady. It’s vital that I be allowed to finish it and put the world to rights.”

“Who are you?”

She didn’t know him!

Of course she didn’t! She was still so young. How stupid was he being?  His memory wasn’t as sharp as it used to be and Nathan was starting to hate it. Old age really was so cruel.

Lady Emily had no inkling of what was going to happen. Perhaps he should explain.

“Forgive my rudeness, m’ Lady… Merchant, is it still? You haven’t married that dolt yet?”  Her defiant scowl made him smile. Nathan bowed. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nathan Ackley. I come from the future, not as far as Matthew but it’s far enough.  Where I came from, there was a horrible plague. It was an epidemic so terrible that I had to do something about it.  People depended on me, they looked to me for guidance, for hope and I would have succeeded. Matt and his father came through the anomaly and ruined everything! They made me into the bad guy! They made people I had known for years turn against me and in the end Gideon Anderson and his so called peers thought it best if I was dead.”

“I don’t believe you,” the woman replied, so defiantly that it made Nathan sigh. The poor thing, she was utterly clueless. “Matt would never--!”

“Well you’re wrong! Just as they were!” he snapped angrily, causing her and the Lester boy to fall back in shock.  “They tried to destroy me and my work, and failed! So in return I gave Gideon Anderson a slow and agonising death and I know Matt was there to see him in the end!”

It was in her eyes. Nathan saw the sadness on her face and knew without her saying a word that she had been there too. She had been there when that old man had died and she had seen his son’s grief.  Nathan smiled.

“I wish I had been with you.” he said, whispering it in her ear. “Did he cry, my lady? Did Matthew weep and break like a baby?”

“You… you killed his father?” she gasped.

“Oh yes. A simple injection, a toxin I designed to eat the body’s internal organs over the years.”

“Why? Why would you do that?”

“Because he tried to kill me! Didn’t you listen? Gideon Anderson had that damned morality pole shoved up so far up his backside that he was blinded by what I could have achieved! He said I was a monster and I had to be stopped. Well I stopped him first! It was such a shame that Matthew believed his lies… Matthew could have stayed with me, he could have been great!”

“So you made Gideon suffer? You’re crazy!”

That was the wrong thing to say. With his spare hand, Nathan whipped a knife from the inside of his jacket and jabbed the pointed end right against her throat. A little knick was all he gave her and a trickle of blood ran down her skin.

“You bastard!”  Edward Lester got a punch in the stomach for his outburst and he dropped to the floor, coughing his lungs up. Nathan’s man, Beeks, gave him a kick to the back for extra measure.

“I am a genius, you depraved whore,” Nathan hissed, dribbling some spit down Lady Emily’s face. “I am not crazy… no one calls me that! No one!  I could have saved them… Gideon took me to his own time and showed me how I could have saved them all! He said that my predators, the creatures that I made, would destroy everything! Ignorant fool! He didn’t understand so he tried to kill me and those who followed me. I used their knowledge of the anomalies, I used their technology to come back here and carry on. I came here to make sure that I would succeed. I came here because I need to! I am not crazy… do you understand?”

He jerked her hair again, causing her to cry out.

“I understand!” she snapped.

“Good!”  Nathan dropped the knife and let go of Lady Emily’s hair, but only after kissing her gently on the cheek. “You are lovely. If I knew for sure that you would understand me, I would let you live. But like the vast majority of people on this earth, you don’t.”

“So you are going to kill us?”  The Lester boy sat up, holding his stomach and immediately Emily shuffled over to help him. 

“For certain, eventually.” said Nathan, getting to his feet and plucking another cigar from his inside jacket pocket.  He lit the thing up and smoked it… feeling a little more soothed. “It doesn’t matter what you or the colonel do, or try. I have loyal followers everywhere, in different times and they are dedicated to helping me.  Matt is of no use to you now because do you know why? He is crazy! Bless him… I think he’s starting to see things!”

“What… what have you done to him?” asked Emily jumping to her feet. The sudden movement made Beeks grab her arms.

“Me? I’ve done nothing! Matthew has a serious mental illness. I could have him locked up… ha! In a place like this probably, but I think it would be better if he was put out of his misery. We don’t want him to suffer… no, wait! Yes we do!”

Nathan puffed the smoke straight into Emily’s face and watched her recoil in disgust.  She may well be strong and hard, but she will break when she sees Matt.

“As for you, Lester.”  Nathan addressed the young man and helped him to his feet. “I am deeply hurt that you turned against me as well.  I had hoped that I could groom you to become my successor! I had hoped that you would follow in my footsteps, but instead you chose to help them. After everything I did for you, Edward. I gave you a job, a house and future prospects in these dire times! You could have prospered instead of wallowed in with the masses of the poor!”

“Erm… no thanks, guv,” said Edward, folding his arms and pulling a face. “I’ll take my own chances.”

Nathan sighed.

“Ah… then the most logical and sensible thing to do would be to kill you too, but I would be so loathe to rid the world of a man like James Lester. Your grandson… from what I’ve learnt about him… could be someone I’d like to have around. He is a fine man and actually, that does sound good.  I have to get someone to retrieve him! Might you like that, boy?”

Edward looked confused, then there was an excitement in his eyes as for a brief moment the idea appealed to him, but Nathan was disappointed once again as the man scowled back at him.

“Oh. So I’m going to have to kill you as well and then... sadly… James Lester will not have existed.”


The back of his hand struck the woman across her face. She cried out but did not fall. She didn’t start sobbing or begging and of course she wouldn’t. Not ever.

Lady Emily Merchant spat at his feet.

“That is such a disgusting habit for a lady like you!”

“Becker! You’re alive! Becker! You’re alive!”

Nathan grinned when he heard that voice over the tannoy.

This was going to be truly momentous.

Nathan turned to two other men standing nearby.

“Take her Ladyship and Mr Lester to the main atrium. Then go into lockdown and evacuate other personnel still present.”

“But sir, what about Anderson and the others? Don’t you want to make sure that they…?”

Nathan continued to puff on his cigar as the prisoners were dragged away.

“The only thing that’s important now is the continuation of my work. I’ve had enough of the 1930s, it’s time we moved on.”

The sultry, soothing tones of the trumpet played over the distant wireless. The crackles from the speakers only added to the lulling feel of it and when Ella’s distinctive voice began to sing, Matt smiled. He had always liked her voice, it put him at peace.

The restaurant they normally frequented here was empty. Chairs were upturned on the tables, the stage was bare except the abandoned instruments, but Matt could still feel the vibe and energy of when this joint was fully packed. It felt like there were still people here, laughing, dancing and enjoying themselves as the band played on. Yet it was dark… all the lights were off, save one spotlight pointing towards the back rooms.

That was where the music was coming from.  Matt pushed his fedora slightly to an angle, draped his coat over his forearm, and loosened his tie before he followed the sound of Ella’s voice. He walked through the door and along the small cramped corridor. It was a little eerie to not see this place teeming with waitresses and staff running around like mad flies, but he didn’t dwell as he began to ascend the stairs.

The music was getting louder. Matt felt the new tempo of the song beginning to sway him, he wanted to dance but when he reached the top, there was another sound.

There was laughter, not the loud boisterous jovial type of laughter, but mischievous… sexual. Feminine.  Intrigued, Matt walked to the room and pushed open the door.

Ella’s voice went silent. The music stopped.

This room was not supposed to be here. It was cold and hard, a small cramped prison cell. There was a metal frame of a bed attached to the wall and a drab mattress; there was very little light coming from a small and tiny window with bars on it. He was back in the prison.

But to Matt, it was the sight of the naked couple, locked in a maddened embrace on the bed, that gained his attention. They were laughing as well as yelling with a crazed ecstasy and Matt felt embarrassed that he had barged in on them like this. 

He was about to apologise, but then Matt saw her face, leaning over the man’s shoulder as he pummelled again and again into her with fierce jolts. Matt was shocked when he recognised them both.

“Emily? Becker?”

“Get lost, Anderson!” Becker panted breathlessly into Emily’s neck as he shoved hard, slamming himself into Emily with such force that she cried out and her head flopped against his shoulder. Her hands dropped away from his back, hung lifelessly at Becker’s side and her legs slipped from the position around his waist. Becker pulled them back around and continued to thrust, making her whimper. He tilted her head back and when she smiled and giggled, they kissed as if they were starving animals.

“It looks like they don’t need you.”

Matt Two stood next to him, smirking and looking so turned on as he watched them. Matt scowled, but then as he too continued to look, he couldn’t help but feel just as aroused, watching as Becker’s legs gave out beneath him and they collapsed to the bed, heaving with exhausted breath.  Matt watched as they continued on, despite their fatigue and Matt couldn’t stop himself from looking closely as Becker’s mouth kissed over Emily’s chest, as Emily clawed her nails sharply into his buttocks, her legs hanging half way in the air.

Oh god, he badly wanted to join them…

To stride across Becker’s back, to bury himself deep inside… to slip beneath Emily, to hold her… to share what they were having.

“They don’t need you.”

Matt Two approached the bed and stroked at the flesh of Becker’s arse. The couple were completely oblivious to him.

“This is what is really going to happen, Matt. You think you love either one of them? That they love you back, or even want anything to do with you?” Matt Two stroked a hand down Becker’s back. Becker briefly stopped and looked round to Matt Two, scowling with disgust.

“Fuck off! We don’t want you here!”

“See?” Matt Two held his hand out in a gesture but it really didn’t deter Becker at all. Matt saw him turn back around to Emily and smile before slowly starting again.

They were looking at each other, still with a lot of lust in their eyes, but the way Becker massaged Emily’s breasts, the way Emily responded in kind to his thrusts… they didn’t even care that Matt existed.

“Let’s change that… shall we?” 

The blade appeared from nowhere and ripped Becker’s neck open. Blood spewed everywhere and he collapsed on top of Emily, drenching her with red.  She screamed hysterically, she tried to push him off her but she couldn’t.

Matt thought he had screamed as well, but the sight of it all only made him choke in his throat. Tears streamed down his face as the rage overwhelmed him, Matt lunged towards Matt Two and went to grab him, but his other self punched him hard.

“They don’t want you! They never wanted you! It was never about you!  It was only ever going to be them! No third wheel, no pathetic and sorry excuse for a man called Matt Anderson!” 

Matt felt sick. He was going to vomit. Emily’s wails and frantic thrashes to get out from underneath Becker was horrible, Matt wanted to help her. He needed to. 

“She doesn’t give a fuck about us, mate! So you know what the best thing to do is? I say kill them both!”

Matt hurled. Vomit spewed from his mouth along with his cries of denial and he spun round, staggered away and fell through the door, painful searing spasms in his stomach and chest collapsing him to the floor.

Ella started to sing again.

“It’s okay, Matt. I know you loved him…and her…but this is for the best.”

Matt forced himself to look, he turned just as Matt Two pulled the bloody and naked Emily into his embrace. He cradled her in his arms, stroking Becker’s blood off her skin and just when her wails died down to little mewling sobs, Matt Two brought the knife to her throat.


Matt flung his arm up and there was a slash of a sharp blade against skin. There was a cry of agony. 

He blinked a couple of times and saw he was in the main atrium of the prison.  

He looked down at his hands and they were covered in blood and so was the knife. Matt began to shake, he couldn’t stop it and when he looked up again, he thought his heart stopped and he panicked.

“No! No!”

The blood was dripping down Becker’s face.  It oozed from a diagonal knife wound that ran across his brow, barely missing his left eye, to the top of his ear. Matt watched as Becker tried to suppress the pain, to stop the bleeding with his own hands, but it wasn’t working as the crimson fluid seeped through his fingers.

The blade had fallen from Matt’s grasp, but all he could do was watch Becker covering his face and listen to the sounds of pain he tried to suppress.  He was horrified, pleased and confused at the same time, Matt didn’t know what he needed or wanted to do, so he looked all around him, he looked for that other him.

“I’m not here. You have to face the consequences of your actions now, boyo!”

There was no sign of the other him, only his voice, his thoughts echoing in his mind. He had done this?

“No. No! No! No! No!” Matt began to shake his head, thinking it would help, thinking it would make all the blood and the horrid stench and sickened feeling in his stomach go away. He curled his legs up to his chest and began to rock, whispering over and over to himself. “This isn’t happening. This isn’t real. Da… da… tell me what to do.”

“Matt…”  Becker’s groan of his name didn’t register. 


He kept the finger on the button.

Connor heard the sounds of all the cell doors opening, followed by the screeches of the predators. The man, Andrews must have regained consciousness and did what Connor had feared. The things were now loose, but if he kept his finger on the button—assuming the remaining ones had clamps—then they might not attack. There could still be a chance he could get to the atrium in time, to Matt and Becker.

He turned a corner and stopped.

He had been down here before. 

“Oh great. You utter pillock, you’re lost.”  Connor gripped the gun in his free hand and turned back to the way he came. “How could you lose yourself in this place? You’ve been here before! You know this….!”

The laughter was a little bit out of place and when Connor turned, he caught a fleeting sight of a woman, long blonde hair trailing behind her.  At first, he thought he was hallucinating, but her laughter sounded again and Connor ran after her.

His brain was in chaos, wondering what the hell was this woman was doing here, who is she, but he had to help her, that much was certain. No one, even if they did work for Ackley, deserved to be killed by the predators.  

After turning several corners and navigating through more corridors of this damned maze of a prison, Connor was slowly getting out of breath. He had tried calling out for her to stop, that she was in danger…that they were both in danger—it didn’t click at first to Connor that he might run head first into a predator—but she didn’t respond. The woman kept laughing and running.

“Oh shit.”  Connor stopped, panting for breath. “It’s a bloody trap.”

“Couldn’t have put it better myself.” 

Connor looked up and walked towards the end of the corridor. The room opened out into the Atrium, the centre of the prison and down below was a horrible sight. Matt and Becker were down and they needed his help, but he couldn’t get there.

He turned behind him and there she was, standing there smiling and waving at him just like she had the first day he met her.

“You’re…you’re dead,” he gasped, lifting the gun up and pointing it at her. “Abby told me you were dead!”

“’fraid not, pumpkin.”  April Leonard grinned and walked slowly towards him.  “That was the real me. Dawn was far too insane to carry father’s work."

“Nathan Ackley… is your father?”  Connor’s face screwed up with disgust.

“Well not really. I’m just a clone. Constructed in a tank apparently and I turned out to be saner than my real counterpart.”

“Saner?” Connor scoffed. “Really?”

He saw the twitch of annoyance in her eyes, brief as it was, and that smile of hers beamed wider.

“I’m glad you’ve come back, Connor. I’m glad you’re here to witness what will happen to your friends. Well, that’s if the predators don’t kill you first.”

Her finger pointed right and when Connor slowly turned his head, he froze in horror. His path to the only stairs down to Becker and Matt were now blocked as the last two remaining predators crept out into the open.

Oh shit.

“I shall send Abby your farewells when I see her again!”

He kept his finger on the button, his eyes flicked to look back at the predators still stationary at the top of the stairs and thankfully they hadn’t moved to strike. They hadn’t moved further, as he hoped it was the clamps and him keeping them from doing so.

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to go,”  April said, her voice sounding so soft and innocent… manipulative. “Nathan Ackley is a genius, he’s the man behind it all and he is the one who will put everything right. So New Dawn didn’t work, but he’s got lots of other ideas and the means to carry them out. The means being people like me.”

“It seems she’s done her job far better than I ever expected. Clever girl.”

Something clicked in Connor’s head.

“You… you did something to Matt, didn’t you?”

April nodded, proudly.

“I gave him a little something a while back, a nice little cocktail to put him on edge. Well, I think it’s made him utterly nuts, it could even get worse. I wasn’t exact with what I created.”

That smile made Connor’s gut wrench. That smug arrogant look on her face only reminded him of how he had let her fool him and of how he had been so close to losing his friends, and Abby.

He wasn’t going to let her get away with it now. He wasn’t going to allow April to win.

“Aw…I’m sorry I’ve upset you and ruined everything for you.” She said, sarcasm dripping from her lips. “But I really can’t stay here and chat. I’ve been asked to go back… to catch up with a stuffy little friend of yours!”


“No.” he said, aiming the gun directly at her. “You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to help us get out of this. You’re going to stop Ackley and put things right in this time.”

April held back her mirth with a gasp.

“You’re threatening to shoot me, Connor? I don’t think so. You wouldn’t dare and besides, your aim is terrible.”

She laughed and turned away and that sound grated in Connor’s ears.  He pulled the trigger.

His finger slipped.

As the bullet made its impact, the screams of the predators made Connor’s heart nearly explode in his chest. He spun back round and saw that his lapse and slip had allowed the two creatures to move.  One had leapt up to a level above, clinging to the side and twisting its eyeless head towards Connor. Even though it couldn’t actually see him, it felt as if it was looking directly at him.

The other had jumped down to the bottom of the steps.

Panic swelled up in his throat. Connor got a new grip on the device and pressed it firmly again. Just in time.

Before it could take a huge gouge out of Becker, the predator on the ground veered sharply back, screaming and howling, collapsing on the ground.  The other fell from its perch, smacking into the metal walk way opposite Connor.


Then there came another sound. A heavy thudding sounded, along with a klaxon, which was followed by successive loud bangs and that meant only one thing, lock down.

Oh shit. Shit! Bugger it!

There was no way out.

Connor turned back to April.

She had gone.


Abby didn’t like the look of things when she and Ryan got to the anomaly. 

“Report!” Ryan ordered.

Greaves sighed. “We have a problem sir. A big one.”

“What is it?” asked Abby.

“We can’t unlock the anomaly.”

“What?” Ryan snatched the device from the younger soldier’s hands and glared at it, hoping something would be evident. “Why can’t you?”

Abby knew.  It meant that it was locked, from the other side.

There was no way the others were going to get back now.


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From: sandyleepotts Date: June 26th, 2012 07:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
Super chapter. Had me on the edge of my seat.

Please update soon.

Otherwise I shall fall off!
basched From: basched Date: June 26th, 2012 08:22 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thank you very much! :) I've already started the next chapter, but it might be a little while yet. Cheers!
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You know I love this story arc. If it's out there, then I'm right out there with it.

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Thanks Freddie! I'm glad you liked it!

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Thank you for writing!!
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Eek. I think Ackley's proved he's mad *nods*

More (please).
basched From: basched Date: June 26th, 2012 08:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
yeah...pretty much. He is a little bit psycho. :)

I am writing some more. :)

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More awesome fic. This is an epic plot.
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More will be on its way! Thank you!
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Ackley's a scary guy!
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You really think so? I was hoping I was making him so. Cheers Fred! :)

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It's all getting very timey-wimey isn't it!!
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Just a tad bit timey-wimey yeah. :) Hope you're still enjoying it though!

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