basched (basched) wrote,

December Drabble Day 3

Title: He Loves Her Really
Characters/Pairings: Lester/Jess
Words: 100
Genre: Romance/Humour
Rating: U
Summary: Lester has a decision to make.
Author's Note: It's day three folks! I'm posting this up early as I've got work all day today. But I hope this cute little one will make you smile. Enjoy! 

Lester didn’t know what to say.

He was dumbstruck. His mouth dropped open and it took all his might to close it again. Why on Earth was he being asked this? He didn’t care, he didn’t want to care, why would he ever want to?

She wasn’t leaving. She still stood there, grinning and hopping eagerly from foot to foot, awaiting his answer.

“Fine! The blue ones! They bring out your eyes!”

Jess squealed with delight and slipped on the blue shoes, before rushing up to him and kissing him on the cheek.

Oh yes. That was why he cared.

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Tags: 2012, december drabble series, drabble, humour, james lester, jess parker, romance
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