basched (basched) wrote,

December Drabble Day 9

Title: It's Not Perfect
Characters/Pairing: Matt/Becker
Words: 100
Genre: Humour
Rating: 18/NC17  
Summary:  Things can be a little awkward the first time.
Author's Note: Hey hey hey! It's day 9 already! This drabble was  the result from one of the Sunday Chats in primeval_denial a little while back, about how people wrote sex in fanfiction. It was mentioned that it shouldn't always be so perfect and wonderful, because in real life it's not always so. Here it is! Enjoy! 

So they both laughed when they first saw each other naked.

Big deal.

So it felt really awkward when they touched each other’s cocks, but they got past that.

Their laughing snorts as they kissed seemed childish. So?

First penetration for them both felt like a team building exercise, each of them yelling at each other what they thought was best.

They swore and cursed at each other.

Matt came too soon. Becker didn’t come at all.

The bed broke.  The neighbours complained.

It wasn’t perfect. It never was the first time, but it didn’t stop them from trying again. 

Day 8  Day 10

Tags: 2012, becker, december drabble series, drabble, matt anderson, mecker, primeval, slash, smut
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