basched (basched) wrote,

December Drabble Day 10

Title: Facial Hair
Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby
Words: 100
Genre: Humour/Romanceish 
Rating: 15 
Summary: Connor thinks about shaving off his beard...
Author's Note:  Day 10! wowza!  This is another favourite of mine, because not only do I LOVE Connor with a beard (he's tres hot with it!) but beards in general! Do enjoy this one!  

It was grown because there had been no means to shave it off in the Cretaceous period. Well, there was, it just wasn’t feasible to do when you were up a tree or running for your life.

Now that they were back and now they had the luxuries Connor often took for granted, it felt like a good idea to get rid of it.

“No, you don’t! The beard stays!”

Connor had no idea why Abby insisted that, until he heard her reaction when he put his skills to work down below.

Oh hell yeah! The beard was definitely staying!

Day 9 Day 11

Tags: 2012, abby maitland, connor temple, december drabble series, drabble, primeval
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