basched (basched) wrote,

December Drabble Day 17

Title: Find Somebody New
Characters/Pairings:  Jenny/Nick, Jenny/Danny
Words: 100
Genre: Angst
Rating: U
Summary: Jenny contemplates leaving the ARC
Author's Note: It's day 17! Well you know that, but I'm just amazed at how quickly this month is going by! A little angst for today with a dash of hope. Thanks to the usual awesome peeps for their help and inspiration! Chars! 

The loss was too much for her to bear.

She hadn't thought she could carry on working here anymore, but for a while Jenny had coped. She'd held the team together for as long as she could but Jenny didn’t want to carry on.

They'd said that she'd find somebody new, but after Nick, she hadn't wanted anyone else.

Who knew that a chirpy, sarcastic and witty ex-policeman would come into her life?

Who knew that Danny would be lost to her as well?

The ARC was not for her.

Maybe she’ll find love elsewhere, but she really doubted it.

Day 16  Day 18

Tags: 2012, angst, december drabble series, drabble, primeval
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