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This is where you can find all my Primeval fan fiction.   At the moment it is only a rough list, not all have been posted or  rated. If any of the links don't work, please lemme know. Chars!

PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE verse (Emily/Becker/Matt

This is my on going epic timey wimey fic that shows the progression of the relationship of my OT3. Also it does have a plot. ;)

PRESENT (one shots) Before 1932 to be read in order to make sense.


Getting Closer - The Present

Getting Closer - The Future

Getting Closer - The Past

A Captain's Confession

A Lady's Order

Did You Do All This?

A Leader's Decision

Two Birds With One Stone

Who Am I?

Two Of A Kind


So Tell Me Future Boy

So Tell Me Future Boy II

So Tell Me Future Boy III

New Dawn

Nothing Else Matters


Descent Into Madness

Plan Ahead

Talking To Yourself

Weight Of The World


Far From Okay

The Man Behind It All


Letters For Home

Back Even Further

PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE 1845 Part Two (In progress) Some titles may change.

Christmas In The Past


Monster Hunting

What Would Spock Do?

Prefered The Cretaeceous

My Clone Sleeps Alone

Falling In Slow Motion


Would I Lie To You?

Sparring Partner

Lady Emily Becker


Victorian Arc

Expecting The Unexpected

The Plague


A Changed Home

PRESENT (one shots) After & During 1845 Not in any particular order

In Between

Moments Of Pleasure (wip)

Proud To Call You Son/ Captain My Captain (wip)


A Brother's Love

PAST (one shots) 1845 Not in any particular order


Victorian Night (wip)

Owen (wip)

No Tech

FUTURE (one shots) .To be read in order

First Child

First Kill

First Sight

First Through

First Impressions


FUTURE (one shots)2032 Not in any order

Still Blood (wip)

Becker's Girl

Saving Matt

Da (wip)

DARKNESS & LIGHT (Hurt 'verse)

This is my Becker/Matt angst series where the two of them met years before joining the ARC.


Darkness II


Light II

Darkness & Light

Darkness & Light II

Darkness & Light III

Darkness & Light IV


This is a series of drabbles I wrote pretty much in one go. It was suggested to me to make it a December Drabble series, posting one for each day of the month. Various pairings and genres, all 100 words long

Only The Best Man   (Matt/Becker, Becker/Jess) U

Mission Gone Wrong (Matt, Abby) G

He Loves Her Really (Lester/Jess) U

Abandoned (Becker/Matt) PG

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Stephen/Ryan) PG

Run U

Home Nick/Claudia U

Men Do Love Shopping att/Emily U

It's Not Perfect   Matt/Becker 18/NC17

Facial Hair Connor/Abby 15

Dinosaurs 101 Connor, Becker

Ping   Abby, Lester, Connor U

If You've Done Six Impossible Things This Morning... Danny U

Facial Hair II Matt/Becker 18/NC17

A Night at The Opera Lester U

All Under Control Jess U

Find Somebody New Jenny/Nick, Jenny/Danny U

Knowing Love Emily/Becker U

Crowd Surfing Connor U

One Night Stand Ryan/Matt   PG

Tall Geeky Stranger   Connor U

A Longing For Wide Spaces Abby, Matt   U

Lost Becker/Ryan, Lester U

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Rex U

Merry Christmas Jess, Matt,  Matt/Becker 15

Overindulgance   Lester/Connor/Abby PG

Not Again Mikey, Mikey's mate, Becker U

Abandoned II Becker/Matt  PG

Pride   Lester, Abby, Cross, Weir   U

Have You Been Good This Year?   Ryan U

Happy New Year Becker/Emily/Matt PG


A drabble series about Matt, Ryan and Becker and the relationships they have together

Matt Anderson U
Sufficiently Trained U
Not Quite Right U
Lads & Ladies PG
Carry On U
The Special Guy U
A Helping Hand U
It Just Happened 18
For His Captain 18
Called Away PG
Tom Ryan PG
Respect U
This Man's Army U
Saving Captain Ryan U
Saviour PG
Tell Me About Him U
Best Night Ever PG
Resistance Is Futile PG
Taking It All In 18
Fate PG
In Loving Memory U
Hilary Becker U
Never Alone U
Git U
Too Much To Handle U
Not The Whole Truth PG
Fall Out PG
Make Up U
Saved The World U
Back To Life U
Tied Up Loose Ends U
Relief PG
Elsewhere 18
The Ghost PG
You Don't Know What You've Got PG
Placing The Blame U
Tied Hands PG
A Lot Of Trouble U
An Angel & A Ghost U
Tom's Story U
Explaining U
Unforgiven U
Unforgiven II U
With All Due Respect U
Saying The Words U
He's Back 18
Alpha PG
Soldier Boys U


As it says. One shot stories, in no particular order


In Sickness PG

Mrs Needham PG

Nervous Around Water 15

Not Getting Up   18/NC17

Sense Of Humour PG Sense Of Humour II  (Secret Santa 2011) 18/NC17

Surprise Visitors  / Who Is At Fault 18/NC17

Velociraptor   U

To The Land Down Under PG

Not Quite According To Plan Not Quite According To Plan II (Secret Santa 2012)   15

Overgrowth 18/NC17

My Little Tank PG

Oopsie  Poopsie (wip)


Being Unarmed Sucks   U


A Piece Of Meat PG


The Right Tool For The Right Job U

For The Want Of A Utensil U


The Bliss Of Having A Proper Bed Again U

Guitar Hero U

REFLECTION DRABBLES (Music inspired drabbles)

One Of These Days Connor U

I Got The Message Matt/Becker PG

Ride Claudia/Ryan U

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