basched (basched) wrote,

Soldier Boys: Eleven

Title Tom Ryan
Characters/Pairings Ryan/Matt
Words 100
Genre:Slash, angst. 
Rating PG
Summary Tom Ryan carries on without him.
Author's Note: ello all! Day Eleven and's not any happier. Apologies also to  fififolle  who did beta all of this series, but there was something that didn't quite feel right with this one, so I made some changes. Any mistakes or anything are my fault in this one! But thanks all the same Fi!  Not forgettin deinonychus_1  for the icon. I won't stop grinning at how awesome it is!  Well, despite the angst, do enjoy reading. 

Tom Ryan was one of the country’s best

He’d never been with another man before and the casual relationship he had with Matt—when they saw each other—gave him doubts. So they decided to keep to themselves, not to complicate matters. No strings attached.

However, finding the bed empty and learning of Matt’s departure, Ryan was greatly disheartened.

So Ryan lost himself in his work to forget about the Irishman. He steered clear of other men, but the few women he did sleep with left him feeling shallow.

Now, his only purpose was his service to his country

Ten  Twelve

Tags: 2013, angst, drabble, primeval, ryan/matt, slash, soldier boys, tom ryan
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