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The Knight & Queen Chapter Seven - basched
The Knight & Queen Chapter Seven

Title: The Way You Love Me 
Author: Me. 
Genre:  romance
Characters: Basch/Ashe
Summary:  At a banquet the Queen of Dalmasca can't keep her eyes or hands off her Knight.
A/N:  This is basically using a situation from one my own memories…tee hee. With a twist. I had to use this song because well, this was what was playing at THE time! It's a bubbly upbeat song all about wishing how your lover can experience or know just how in love with them you are. It is by Faith Hill and should only be the normal album version…not the popped up rubbish that was released as a single.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4151539/7/The_Knight_Queen

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