basched (basched) wrote,

Soldier Boys: Twelve

Title Respect
Characters/Pairings Ryan, OC
Words 100
Genre Gen 
Rating U
Summary Ryan's respectful reputation is at risk.
Author's Note: Day Twelve. It's going along nicely me thinks. Enjoy this next little installment of the story. Cheers to  fififolle  as always, don't worry I haven't changed anything this time!  deinonychus_1  I have to keep mentioning you, because that really is a pretty nifty icon, I loves it so much. :) 

Most under his command, his peers respected and liked him, even though he could be strict.

They said that they were honoured to serve with their Captain, and Ryan of course wasn’t modest, he appreciated such respect of his men, and he always maintained that he had their backs, but he wasn’t their friend.

Ryan stopped going out drinking with them, he maintained a distance he should have kept before and his superiors noticed that.

The SOs commended and honoured Ryan for his unwavering duty, all but one.

“I know what you are. One word from me and you’re finished."

Eleven  Thirteen

Tags: 2013, drabble, primeval, soldier boys, tom ryan
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