basched (basched) wrote,

Soldier Boys: Thirteen

Title This Man's Army
Characters/Pairings Ryan, OC, mentions of Ryan/Matt
Words: 100 
Genre: Slash, angst
Rating U
Summary A colonel makes life very hard for Ryan.
Author's Note: I definitely didn't make any changes to this one, this time! Eek! XD  But still enjoy anyways! Usual word up to  fififolle  and to  deinonychus_1  Much thanks. 

Tom was being watched

Colonel Langridge wasn’t the most subtle of men, nor were those under his direct command.  Ryan knew that they more than frowned upon gays in the military and he had heard accounts of what was done to those who had been open about their homosexuality.

While Tom had never considered himself to be gay, the affair with the young Irish Royal Marine had certainly changed things. They obviously hadn’t been as covert as he thought.  Had Matt said something, was that the reason why he left

Ryan didn’t believe that.

Not even when he was transferred.

Twelve  Fourteen

Tags: 2013, drabble, primeval, ryan/matt, soldier boys, tom ryan
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