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Casey's Delicate Problem - basched — LiveJournal
Casey's Delicate Problem

Title: Casey's Delicate Problem
Author: Me. 
Genre:  humour
Characters: Casey, Devon Woodcombe.
Summary:  John has a problem and he has to go and see a doctor about it. He's not happy when it turns out to be a doctor he knows.
Rating: I would put this a a PG-13 or something. Nothing really bad.
A/N:  Another one of my wake up and a brilliant idea pops into my head! It took me the entire day to write it...and I am so proud of myself. Although Ellie doesn't actually appear in this, this does have good ole Jellie mentions. Please enjoy.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5755024/1/Caseys_Delicate_Problem

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