basched (basched) wrote,

Soldier Boys: Twenty Six

Title Not The Whole Truth
Characters/Pairings Becker, Matt, Connor 
Words 100
Genre Angst, light humour
Rating PG
Summary The 'talk' doesn't go according to plan.
Author's Note Day 26 of my Soldier Boys drabble series. Thanks muchly and always to   fififolle   and to  deinonychus_1  Enjoy. 

It was difficult to talk when the others had invited themselves.

Hearing that they were going to the pub, Connor, Abby, Emily and Jess came too.

Connor and Abby told stories and funny anecdotes about Ryan, which allowed Becker to smile and to tell a few of his own.

“I knew him too. Great guy.”

Everyone looked at Matt, astonished.   


“Sure, back when I was in the Royal Marines. I was younger then. We met in a pub like this actually.”

Listening to Matt talk about Tom was too difficult.

Especially when he knew that Matt was hiding something.

Twenty Five  Twenty Seven

Tags: 2013, angst, becker, connor temple, drabble, matt anderson, primeval, soldier boys
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