basched (basched) wrote,

Soldier Boys: Thirty Three

Title Elsewhere
Characters/Pairing Matt/Becker
Words 100
Genre Slash, hurt/comfort, angst
Rating 18
Summary Matt knows its not him Becker is thinking of.
Author's Note Day 33. Nothing changed on this one, so fififolle  can relax! Enjoy! Thanks to Fifi and to  deinonychus_1

Matt curled his limbs around Becker. He dropped his head on his shoulder and pleaded into his neck as Becker moved inside him with gentle thrusts.

He tried to speak but Becker silenced him with a kiss and several jolts broke Matt’s words into gasps.

He knew what was going through Becker’s mind. He could feel it in the tender movements of his body and by the sad loving moans he made. He was elsewhere.

Becker’s hand brought him to a release. Matt came hard, but when Becker nestled beside him, Matt couldn’t allow it.

"Becker, please...I'm not him."

Thirty Two  Thirty Four   
Tags: 2013, angst, becker, drabble, hurt/comfort, matt anderson, mecker, primeval, slash, soldier boys
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