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Soldiers Boys: Forty Eight

Title: Soldier Boys
Characters/Pairings: Becker/Ryan/Matt,  Danny, Emily, Connor/Abby, Lester, Jess
Words: 100
Genre: (Until my tired brain can actually think of what genre this is...I dunno.) 
Rating: U
Summary: The team prepare to bring Patrick home.
Author's Note: The last in my Soldier Boys drabble series. :(  But not the last in this 'verse. I have planned out ten one shots to cover details of what happened that the drabbles did not, including what happens after this one. So it's not over yet! But for now, there is this, I hope you like. As always, thank you to all who have read and commented on this series and to fififolle for the beta.  For the lovely icon, thanks to deinonychus_1 you gals rock! 

“Hey! Aren’t you all pretty in black and armed to the teeth?”

Matt flipped Danny the finger. Becker tutted and rolled his eyes as he cocked his rifle single-handed.

Ryan grinned and propped his EMD against his shoulder.

“Thanks for the compliment, but this could be it.”

It could. They could finally bring Patrick home.

Danny looked at the team.

Connor and Abby were raring to go as always.

Emily was by his side, which gave him so much comfort.

Jess and Lester manned the fort.

But the three soldier boys—together—completed it.

They were the best after all.

Forty Seven  
Tags: 2013, abby maitland, becker, connor temple, danny quinn, drabble, emily merchant, james lester, matt anderson, matt/ryan/becker, primeval, soldier boys, tom ryan
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