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Reflection series: One

Title: Distant Sun
Fandom: Avengers
Song Artist:  Lacuna Coil
Characters/Pairings: Thor/Captain America
Words: 100
Genre: Angst, slash
Rating: U
Summary:Thor lives on and remembers
Author's Note: This is my new drabble series. I decided to put my i-pod on shuffle and write drabbles to the songs that come up. Not an original idea I know, but I'm enjoying it so much! This will be multi-fandom stuff, so this is all over the place. What I write won't always be whatever the song is actually about, rather what my little brain came up with at the time. I hope you enjoy. Beta'd by a good friend celeste9 Thank you muchly and enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own the fandoms or the music! They really ain't mine. 

How many years had gone by?

Thousands? Millions?

Midgard had changed but he had not.

Now as he stood upon the mountain, the wind biting at his skin and tearing at his hair, Thor could feel his presence. He could feel him inside of himself and feel the warmth of his hand in his even though he was long dead.

Steve was still a part of him.  

Thor would live on for many more years, he would know the comfort of others, but he would never ever forget Steve.

Even when the distant sun died, Captain America would live on.
Tags: 2013, angst, avengers, drabble, reflection series, slash, steve/thor, thor odinson
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