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Reflection series: Thirteen - basched
Reflection series: Thirteen
Title: Kepplehall/25KTS
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Song Artist:  Capercaillie
Characters/Pairings: Basch/Ashe
Words: 100
Genre: Romance
Rating: U
Summary: It is just one dance.
Author's Note: Part 13 of my Reflection drabble series. Okay this is not a song but a truly wonderful piece of Scottish music that made me envision this drabble scene for this pairing yonks ago. Hear it here.   Thanks to celeste9 for the beta.

The lords and ladies were beyond stunned.

The Judge Magister took off his helm and without asking for permission, took the Queen onto the dance floor. His hand rested upon her rear—a severe breach in royal protocol-- and soon he took her spinning around the hall in a dance of grace and intimacy.

The guards and politicians wanted to stop this affront, but the closeness between the two of them, the way Ashe held him, smiled and laughed, kept them from doing so.

The kiss she gave Basch Fon Ronsenberg at the end kept them from interfering ever again.

Twelve Fourteen

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8 comments or Leave a comment
freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: March 14th, 2013 12:55 am (UTC) (Link)
basched From: basched Date: March 14th, 2013 11:44 am (UTC) (Link)

Thanks GAL! xx :)
besinfection From: besinfection Date: March 14th, 2013 03:04 am (UTC) (Link)

*Cheers* Go Basch!

Great job with this! I don't usually enjoy drabbles, but this was quite cheeky. Keep up the good work! It's always great to see that you've updated.
basched From: basched Date: March 14th, 2013 11:46 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: *Cheers* Go Basch!

Why thank you very much! I never really wrote drabbles before, but now I can't seem to stop. I do love this piece of music and fits well for the character.

Thank you for reading! :)
eriah211 From: eriah211 Date: March 14th, 2013 04:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww, how lovely! ^_^
basched From: basched Date: March 17th, 2013 01:03 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thanks! :)
celeste9 From: celeste9 Date: March 17th, 2013 04:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Such a lovely scene! I would love to see the looks on all their faces. *g*
basched From: basched Date: March 17th, 2013 01:03 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thank you! It would be great to see their faces, knowing that Basch was alive and well kissing their Queen! XD Sweet!
8 comments or Leave a comment