basched (basched) wrote,

Reflection series: Nineteen

Title: One Step Beyond
Fandom: Due South
Song Artist: Madness
Characters/Pairings: Ray Kawolski, Benton Fraser, David (OC)
Words: 100
Genre: Gen, humour
Rating: U
Summary: A criminal can't seem to shake his pursuers.
Author's Notes: Part Nineteen of my reflection series. Posted on the proper day!  This one I heard the music and instantly thought of a funny chase scene for this fandom. Do enjoy!  Again beta'd by groovy celeste9

Surely the Mountie was tired?

David leapt at the fire escape and climbed up until he reached the roof. The blur of red was still following, so he ran to the edge.

He took one step beyond and leapt across the gap.

The Mountie didn’t give up.

Safe on the other side, David looked to see how close that idiot was getting, but when he turned to run there was the cop with the long coat and glasses, waiting.

The punch knocked him down and he lay dazed as the Mountie caught up.

“Thank you kindly, Ray.”

“No problem, Fraser.”

Eighteen Twenty
Tags: 2013, benton fraser, drabble, due south, humour, original characters, ray kawolski, reflection series
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