basched (basched) wrote,

Reflection series: Twenty two

Title: Ride
Fandom: Primeval
Song Artist: Heather Nova
Characters/Pairings: Claudia/Ryan
Words: 100
Genre: Romance, comfort
Rating: U
Summary: Ryan gives Claudia a way out from a loveless relationship. 
Author's Note: Part 22 of my Reflection series.  Should have posted it this morning but I was way too knackered! I hope you like this one folks. Cheers to celeste9 for the beta!

Claudia didn’t know where it went wrong.  They’d been together for years but she wasn’t in love with him.

They hadn’t had sex in two years and she felt dry, unloved. They didn’t even touch.

She longed for the warmth of another body against hers, to touch her and ignite the fire inside that had long gone out.

When Captain Tom Ryan told her one day, she was beautiful, something inside her exploded with joy.

When he asked her out for dinner, Claudia went along for the ride.                               

After all, she had nothing to hold onto anymore, except Tom Ryan.

Twenty One Twenty Three
Tags: 2013, claudia brown, claudia/ryan, drabble, primeval, reflection series, romance, tom ryan
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