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Caught In A Storm - II - basched
Caught In A Storm - II
Title: Weather Warning
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Thor, Thor/Fandral, Loki, Tony, Jarvis, mentions of Thor/Jane
Words: 3,235
Rating: PG13
Summary: Reminiscing and shawarma
Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers, or any of the characters here. I also did not write the screenplay for the film, so the excerpt is not mine!
Author's Note: Chapter two of my Caught in a storm story. I would just like to point out here that when I first saw the movie Thor, I loved Josh Dallas as Fandral and I am deeply upset that he isn't in the second movie. I have extreme doubts about Zach Levi being this character (but I shall wait and see) however for my story I like to think of Josh Dalla's Fandral with Chris Hemsworth's Thor. (happy place) Though Steve is still number one in my opinion! Anyways, this has been beta'd by the lovely celeste9 but any mistakes are all mine. Do enjoy.

The treadmill was doing nothing, as he suspected. The physical exertion he was putting himself through was only making his need worse, it was making him harder and all he could think of was returning to his room to claim more of the human man lying in his bed.


Thor swiped a fist angrily in defiance, succeeding only in snapping the treadmill in two and breaking it completely. Frustrated even more,
Thor stepped out of the treadmill remains and began to pace in frantic circles in the gym.  After two hours of trying everything, nothing had worked.

“Have you finished your work out, sir?” JARVIS politely interrupted and caused Thor to stop in mid pace.

Some of Thor’s hair had come loose from the tie and was now plastered by his sweat against his face and neck; Thor pushed the strands out of the way and looked up, again as if the AI was somehow situated in the ceiling.

“Apologies again, but if you have finished? I can assess the damage.”

There was damage?

Thor groaned in dismay.

Tony Stark’s gym looked like a war zone. All the equipment lay in ruins and the punching bags—Steve’s punching bags—were scattered about in such tiny remains over the floor, that if he didn’t know, he wouldn’t have been able to tell they’d been punching bags in the first place. It was a good thing Thor didn’t punch the walls for his Asgardian strength would have surely knocked down half the tower.

Thor felt the guilt and regret pang in his chest and he shook his head in dismay.

“It is I who should be sorry, JARVIS.  I shall of course help with replacing the broken apparatus.”

“No need, Thor.  Mr Stark will have it all in hand. Forgive me for asking, but are you okay?”

“You are most perceptive.”

“The destruction of the gym is a big clue, sir.”

Thor smiled weakly.

“I am not myself, JARVIS, and nothing I do seems to be able to return me to normal.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

Thor shook his head and plonked himself down on a piece of furniture that wasn’t broken.

“No, there is nothing, unless there is a mission to test a warrior’s mettle?  Might there be a worthy opponent with whom I could do battle with, yet not physically injure? Too much?”

There was a brief pause, as the AI thought about possible answers to Thor’s question.

“Doctor Banner is away on a mission of his own, Mr Stark I am certain will not wish to get up at this time of morning and I believe Captain Rogers is still…out for the count?”

Thor smiled at the AI. Of course this system was designed to keep tags on all the Avengers in the tower and the eleven hour storm wasn’t exactly subtle.

“There is no one else who can provide me a challenge?”

“None at present. Is there a way you can return to Asgard, sir? Surely one of your people can assist you with any medical problem you have?”

Medical problem?

Thor tried to keep himself from laughing, but failed. The laugh wasn’t a happy one.

This was not a mere medical problem, this was his AEsir physiology at work on a world that couldn’t keep up with it. To return to Asgard would be a very simple solution, he could go back and carry out the bonding Allfather had arranged for him, or he could ask one of his friends to help.

The bonding would make things difficult. It would mean he would not be able to commit himself to the Avengers and to the people of Midgard as much as he liked, for his duties would be solely to Asgard.  It would mean cutting Jane completely out of his life and already the situation they held was heart wrenching enough. The bonding would take him away from this realm that he’d come to love and the new friends he had made.  

Thor didn’t want to leave.  


He threw his fist, aiming it directly for the wall, but he stopped himself just in time.  Broken equipment could be quickly and easily replaced, a building…not so much.

Midgard certainly had its problems. These mortals were so fragile in comparison to his own kind that it hurt he could not love Jane in the way he wished. However Steven Rogers was different, very different from the others. Thor realised that things had become complicated now that he’d lain with him and he wasn’t sure it was a good thing.

Thunder boomed outside and the rain, and this time hail, began to pelt on the windows. Thor sighed.

He was not in tune with himself, the new brewing storm was evidence enough that he was losing grip.  It wasn’t as pleasant as before, the clouds were bringing down everything, synching with Thor’s confusion and matching his mood. The winds howled outside and rattled the glass in the windows.

Was Steve just a convenience for him? Was Captain America just there for Thor’s use whenever he needed to vent? It was difficult to tell as he was puzzled by the myriad emotions bombarding him like pounding fists. He didn’t know what his feelings were for the Avengers’ leader, but he knew that it wasn’t love like he felt towards Jane nor did he feel nothing...this was not a casual happenstance…was it?

Was Steve just like Fandral, handy and in the right place at the right time?

Thor closed his eyes and remembered his Asgardian friend.

They had been teens then, just 115 and 118 years old, but very reckless and impatient. Thor and the slightly older Fandral were separated from the hunting party in the woods and as a result had nearly been trampled by a stampede of Bilgesnipe.

Because of those creatures, Thor fell into a most foul mood, which worsened as they were stranded for several days, cut off from the city and any kind of communication. It was during this time, fuelled by a rage—and a seething hatred for the Bilgesnipe--that Thor underwent his change.  It was extremely bad timing.

There was only one way Fandral could have helped him.

“I can’t say that was completely unexpected.” Fandral pulled on his clothes and helped an unsteady Thor to his feet. He gripped his shoulders and patted Thor’s smooth jaw with robust affection. “Nor that I disliked it.”

“Nor I…but…?” Thor struggled to get himself dressed, he staggered each time he tried to put a foot in the leg of his pants. “But…”

“It’s not uncommon, you know this!” Fandral picked up his sword and sheathed it. “You’ve changed now, you needed help and I was here. We fought, we did the deed, you are well and I was more than pleased to assist you! Thor, it was perfectly normal to have behaved like that and besides, you did well, very well for your first time.”

“Is it always like that?”

“Not always as intense as your first, unless you have a much more emotional bond with the other person.”

“If you love them, you mean?”

Fandral sighed and cupped the younger AEsir’s face with his hand. He looked Thor intently in the eyes, bringing their faces closer so their foreheads would touch.

“Do you have feelings for me and wish me to return them? Do you wish me to be bonded to you?”

Thor shook his head, laughed and shoved the other teen away. “No! You are my friend, Fandral!”

“Then it was what it was! You are the heir to the throne of Asgard; I am…and always shall be in your service, Thor. We don’t need be husbands or lovers, we don’t wish to be. You are a man now and I was honoured to be the one to help you.”

“I am honoured too, my friend. It was…most enjoyable. Thank you.” Thor beamed happily.

“Let us remember it being as such. Yes?”


“And be grateful it was I who you were stranded with and not Volstagg or Hogun!”

Thor roared with laughter and punched his friend on the arm. He looked at the tattered remains of his shirt and at the circle of felled trees around them. The two in their entanglements appeared to have done far more damage than those wretched Bilgesnipe could ever do.    
It had been wonderful. Despite them having been so intimate, so physical, Thor felt nothing more than gratitude and pride for the other AEsir. It had been a shock when their fight had turned the way it did but Thor was pleased that he hadn’t rejected his friend.

“So?” Fandral smirked and wrapped an arm around Thor’s bare shoulder. “Now you’re back to your normal annoying self, what are we going to do?”

“We go back to the palace.” Thor slapped a hand heavily on Fandral’s chest and grinned. “There we shall feast…I have quite an appetite!”

“I’ve always known that, Thor…but after today it shall be deemed as an understatement.”

They had laughed about it a lot afterwards.

Allfather had expressed his own pride that his son had come of age and there was a feast to celebrate which lasted for several long weeks. Thor remembered how proud and happy Loki had been for him as well, and during the celebration he and his brother had drunk and laughed together.  It was a truly happy time for them, before things went wrong.

“We shall have a great feast when your time comes, brother!” Thor yelled, downing his mug of ale and smashing it on the floor. “It will be glorious!”

Loki took a single gulp of his own ale and held in an impending burp, before mimicking sheepishly his brother’s grin.

“I know it will,” he said, burping. “I just wish my time would hurry up!”

“It will come, brother. Have patience.”

“Seriously? You’re telling me to be patient? You say the most amusing things, Thor.”

“HA! Drink more with me, Loki!”

Thor thought everything was going to be glorious when he was that age. He thought that his future as king of Asgard was assured. He thought that his bonding with Sif would go ahead and he would have a family of his own, but that never happened.
He felt no connection with Sif other than the same friendship he held for Fandral…he did not love her as he should have.

Both agreed to not go ahead with the bonding because they both knew Thor was too much of a warrior. There was glory and honour to be had in battle and he found little time for love. Or rather it had little time for him.

Love never affected him, though Thor had plenty of entanglements when the time demanded, but when he was banished to Midgard it was there where he was hit—several times—by it. Actually it was a van, but Jane Foster certainly made an impact.

Thor didn’t realise how much of an impact Jane had on him until he had returned to Asgard. With his powers returned to him, it appeared that every other part of his AEsir makeup was returned as well. The destruction of the Bifrost prevented him from going back to Jane, it prevented him from holding her and kissing her again and it hurt him so much.

It was difficult to be apart from her, it was agonising, as if he had lost a part of himself. Things weren’t made any better when at the same time he had to mourn for Loki. Grief and agony for his brother and for Jane ate him up.

When Allfather was able to send him back to this world, Thor never got the chance to see Jane. He couldn’t risk it, not with Loki’s return.
He tried to stay focused, to stop Loki and the Chitauri, to save the world he had grown more than fond of but instead something else ended up happening. Something he never expected.

Thor rose from the bench and walked out of the gym.

He tried to keep away from his room, he forced himself to avoid going back to Steve and so ended up spending an hour roaming aimlessly around Stark’s tower, stopping off to grab some food from the kitchen in the process.

He ate vigorously at the snacks he had bundled up into his arms, devouring with ravenous hunger whilst he wandered through the games rooms, lounges and even the labs where Banner and Stark had various projects under way. The consummation of the earth foodstuffs wasn’t a great help, all the sugar and other additives he knew were in them made him feel even more hyped.

 It was 7.30 am and there was no sign of anyone else, not even Pepper Potts, who was often around at these early times, but that could have been due to the storm. It was chaotic out there and he knew for as long as he was like this, it would continue to be so.

Thor had said that his storm would stop, but then again he knew he shouldn’t have made such assurances when he was in turmoil like this.

As he expected, Thor found himself back at his room and when he opened the door, it was in darkness and the rain was battering hard against the window. The slight illumination through the window outlined Steve’s naked form on the bed, asleep on his front with his arms and legs stretched wide, a perfect vision.

Thor stood at the end of the bed, listening to those little snores Steve made and watched every miniscule movement he made, completely enraptured and fascinated… completely aroused with every part of him.

Thor was in such a trance, he didn’t know how long he was watching the human sleep, so he was caught completely by surprise when Steve suddenly jerked awake and sat bolt upright.

Mjölnir shot into Thor’s hand and the darkness of the room was lit up by bolts of small white silvery crackles of lightning snaking around him and the weapon. The whole room became suddenly charged and several of the light bulbs exploded.

“Whoa!” Steve held out his hands in defence, one also guarding his eyes against the sudden brightness. “Thor! Put the hammer down! It’s just me!”

It took Thor a couple of seconds before he gently placed Mjölnir down on the floor, realising his mistake and when he did, the brightness of the lightning simmered down to just sparks that ignited off them both. He slumped himself on the edge of the bed and chuckled before proceeding to take huge tearing bites out of the last of his food.

He couldn’t help but remember.

“Hey! That's enough!” The man looked at him and scowled. “Now, I don't know what you plan on doing here…”

“I've come here to put an end to Loki's schemes!” Thor snarled back, clenching his fist and glaring at man in blue. Thor looked him up and down and he wasn’t that impressed by this human hiding his features behind the mask and uniform.

“Then prove it! Put the hammer down!”

“Um, yeah, no! Bad call!” The metal man shook his head. “He loves his hammer!”

It took but one slight tap from Mjölnir and it sent metal man flying through the air and crashing back down with a loud heavy thunk. Thor didn’t care much for that annoying man; he glared at the fool in blue and gripped harder on Mjölnir’s handle.

“You want me to put the hammer down?” he bellowed.

What happened after Mjölnir struck that shield was still a daze for him. The result had thrown all three of them back and felled the trees around them. Thor couldn’t believe anything could hold up against Mjölnir, but that night, he had been more than simply knocked back by the reverberations of that impact. He had been shocked, frustrated and angry at the man who owned the shield but thankfully Thor didn’t end up killing him.

Where they were now was much more pleasant, but confusing.

Thor wanted him but he couldn’t fathom why this attraction was happening or why it was so strong.

“Hey…Thor?”  He turned and saw Steve on his knees behind him, looking over his shoulder with longing and curiosity. “Is that shawarma you have there?”


“The shawarma Tony had left over from yesterday?”

“Did you want some?” Thor held up the wrap to Steve’s face and saw the famished desire in his eyes and the saliva slowly drooling from his mouth. Steve wiped the back of his hand across his chin. “You are hungry?”

“I’m starving! I have a much higher metabolism, remember? And after what we just did, I could eat everything!”

Thor smiled and held the shawarma wrap closer to Steve’s mouth.

Steve rested his hands on his shoulders and leaned forward. His mouth bit down and ripped a huge piece away. The sounds of his mastication, the salivating chews and groans of pleasure coming from Steve’s mouth made Thor watch him with his own growing hunger. He kept hold of the wrap and fed some more to Steve when he needed it.

“You have more?” Steve asked with his mouth full, devouring the rest of the shawarma before Thor could reply.

Thor shook his head and he was disappointed at that prospect. His hand was empty now, covered only in the sauce and small remains of the shawarma on his fingers. Steve grabbed hold of his hand and proceeded to lick it clean, taking each finger into his mouth and sucking them long and hard. Thor groaned.

When he finished, Steve looked to be upset about the lack of food and he wrapped his arms around his torso, hugging at his stomach before slumping down onto his back with a frown.

The sight of Steve’s glorious naked body, sprawled out like that before him, was far too tempting. He didn’t think he would be able to control himself, especially after feeling that mouth and tongue over his hand.

“Captain Rogers…” Thor gripped tightly at the bottom of his t-shirt, trying hard to keep himself from ripping it and the rest of his clothes off of his body. “You said that you wished to talk, about what has occurred between us? We can…we can talk. I can try and explain to you what…”

There was a loud rumbling noise and it wasn’t the storm.

Steve opened one weary eye to look at the puzzled frown on Thor’s face.

“We can talk and I want to, we need to…but right now? I could really do with some more shawarma,” he said.

Thor grinned happily.

“JARVIS!” his voice boomed loudly as he ripped off his t-shirt. “JARVIS!”

“Yes, Thor? How can I be of assistance to you and Captain Rogers this morning?”

“We would like some fresh shawarma,” Steve said, rubbing his belly as it rumbled again. “Lots!”

“Order some for delivery from Stark’s favourite place! At once, JARVIS!” Thor climbed upon the bed and crept up beside Steve, pulling
him up against his body as he did so. “Please! We have a mighty appetite!”

“As it has already been noted, sir. Of course, I shall order right away. Shall I also issue another weather warning for the city?”

“That might be best.”

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freddiejoey From: freddiejoey Date: April 20th, 2013 11:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
This is fabulous hon
basched From: basched Date: April 21st, 2013 11:42 am (UTC) (Link)

Thanks GAL, glad you think so! XD
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