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Caught In A Storm - III - basched
Caught In A Storm - III
Title: The Calm Before...
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Thor, Loki, Tony, Nick, Bruce, Natasha, Clint
Words: 5,221
Rating: 18, NC17
Summary: Introductions, a name for a shield and drinking fat.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers or any of the characters used in this story. I'm just using them for my own perverted little mind.
Author's Note:  This has been beta'd by the ever lovely celeste9 she has helped me with my Americanisms and the alternatives to Pot Noodles! This also has some scenes or references to the Avengers film, with my own interpretation.. i.e a lot of Steve/Thor, which there should be any way. I do hope you likes it.

The flight back to the helicarrier was long and uncomfortable. He could have flown back on his own, following the jet at a reasonable distance, but Thor’s mind was still reeling as to how that shield had withstood Mjölnir.

It was silent except for the engines. The woman was piloting quite steadily in this storm, and the man with the metal suit was standing behind her, arms folded across his chest. He kept his back to the others and looked over his shoulder at Thor every so often, assessing him, no doubt. Thor wasn’t interested in him; he was of no consequence or importance and so instead concentrated on the other, the one sitting opposite him, holding that shield of red, white and blue.

“Is it annoying you, brother?” Loki whispered quietly so only Thor could hear. “A puny little human stopped you. You must be so ashamed.”

“Silence, Loki.”  Thor ground his teeth hard and hissed back, “I will hear no more from your tongue.”

“It’s bad enough that the other one nearly thrashed you, but to have your beloved hammer foiled by,” Loki tutted and shook his head, “by that? A boy? A nothing? How humiliated are you?”

“I become more so with every word that you speak, Loki.” Thor felt the growl rise from his chest and up into his mouth. “Be quiet!”

Thankfully Loki did so for the rest of the journey, but it was the way he sat back, crossed his legs and smiled so smugly that worried Thor.   

Yet Thor was still infuriated with that shield. Nothing could stand against Mjölnir or Thor’s will, so why had that shield done so?

The human sitting opposite him was looking at him as well. Stern but curious blue eyes gazed from behind that mask, youthful but old as well…or rather, old for his kind. He was a warrior, a soldier, Thor could tell by his posture, he was prepared and ready to fight, which was commendable, but the tension of his smooth jaw and his tightened pursed lips showed a clear irritation.

“Do you have a problem?” the young human asked after several minutes of the two of them staring intently at each other.

Thor said nothing. He averted his eyes away from the man’s glare and looked to the shield resting on his lap. There wasn’t a single dent in it, no scuff or mark…the thing was perfect, glinting in the light and mocking Thor.

“I said, do you have a problem?” the man asked again, his tone a little harsher.

“Whoa, back off there, gramps!” The metal man turned around and stood himself between the two of them. “Let’s not start a fight way up here.”

“He’s staring at me.”

“Well maybe he thinks you’re cute, in a kinky kind of way, I don’t know! Just don’t provoke the guy, okay?” The metal man then turned to face Thor and smiled—though Thor didn’t think it fully genuine. “Blondie, you need to relax. We’re getting there and when your brother is locked up, things are going to be just peachy.”

“You are certain of this?” Thor replied, immediately disliking the name he had been called.

That less than genuine smile widened.

“Sure. Why wouldn’t it be?”

Somehow Thor didn’t think the man agreed with his own statement.

While Thor had no doubt at all that his brother would cause trouble, he did have some doubts about the soldier sitting across from him.


All it took was a simple roll and Steve was beneath him. His muscled and toned body, bare and hot, felt deliciously dangerous to touch. Thor traced his hands over smooth and unblemished skin, gently massaging over the bulk of his muscles, before scraping his fingertips down Steve’s spine and squeezing hard at the flesh of his buttocks. Steve jerked with every touch and before long a slight film of sweat began to cover and drip from his back. Thor licked his lips and followed one trail of sweat with a finger, all the way down to between Steve’s cheeks where he gently toyed between them.

Steve was still tender, still raw and aching; he hissed sharply and bit his bottom lip when Thor’s other hand lightly brushed across one of his nipples. Thor felt it harden as his hand ran along the defined line of Steve’s pec, he pinched it, rubbed his thumb back and forth over the nub, mimicking the motion he was doing to his ass. It took but a little slip of Thor’s finger up into him and Steve bucked hard. The gasp of pleasure and surprise made Thor smile, his quivering made him grin wider, and he couldn’t help himself.

The insatiable drive and urge for Steve Rogers took over any common sense or reason he had and so Thor laid himself down upon him, pinned Steve’s arms above his head and latched his mouth into the crook of Steve’s neck, purposely scraping the bristles of his beard against Steve’s skin. Steve bucked harder.

The crack of thunder shook the windows.

Steve pushed against Thor, he said something too but the words were broken by his stammering moans. The whines and even the rumbles of Steve’s hunger resonated against Thor’s palms as they ran across his chest and instinctively he grabbed harder, sliding his hands down to Steve’s hips and dragging him roughly up onto all fours.

He heard a laugh, a little chuckle of amusement, as if this action was expected; he also saw Steve buckle slightly, his hands and knees weren’t quite stable so Thor steadied him as best he could, easing his mouth away from Steve’s neck and snaking one hand off a hip, sliding it around to enclose around Steve’s already hardening cock.

Putting all his weight on his knees, Thor ground himself, rubbing his hardness teasingly over Steve’s ass before bending down over his back and grazing his teeth along that perfect skin, biting and smiling as Steve heaved in his grasp. Thor lapped his tongue lavishly across Steve’s back, making his moans pitch higher in ecstasy—such delectably dirty sounds—Thor grinned and licked the drips of sweat now pouring off of the human whilst at the same time keeping his hand working a tight and steady rhythm on Steve’s cock, producing more shudders and moans from his mouth.

A deep growling moan escaped Thor’s own, vocalising his approval of the reactions he was getting. He continued to kiss and gnaw along Steve’s back; he quickened his pumping hand, feeling Steve getting closer and closer to release, noting the shakes in his body increase.

Nearly there…you’re nearly there.

“No! No!”

 Thor bolted away from Steve  immediately upon hearing that word and he fell back onto his rear, confused and dazed.  He watched Steve fall flat on his front and scramble feebly away from him and a searing burning pain ached in his chest.

“Thor, I’m sorry…no….oh god…not again, not now.”

The storm outside screamed.

“I…I do not understand. You do not want me?” It felt as if someone else had said the words, Thor turned his head to look and see who else was with him.  There was only him.

Steve had refused him? No one had ever turned this down  from him.  A slight pang of self-loathing at his stupidity made his face crease up in disgust and as Thor looked over himself, he began to shake.

So did the building.

“Captain Rogers? There is a slight problem of the building shaking.”

“JARVIS…it’s okay, I’ve got this. I know what to do.”

“As you wish, Captain.”

Thor felt fingers, gentle in touch, glide over his bicep, then they rested against his face, a thumb stroking his beard.

“Ssh! Thor, you have got to calm down. You’ve got to let me help you or else Tony is not going to be pleased that we’ve destroyed his tower.”

The kiss placed upon his mouth did more than help.


“Thor…welcome to Earth. I am Director Nick Fury. On behalf of all…”
Thor didn’t care for the ceremonial greetings these SHIELD people had prepared for him. The ebony man with one eye was supposed to be a big deal, but now was not the time for ceremony and pleasantries. Loki had to be secured away aboard this craft, safe and away from doing any kind of harm.

There were humans in uniform, soldiers armed to the teeth with primitive weapons, weapons that would do absolutely nothing to Loki or Thor. How could they possibly keep Loki under guard, or anyone else safe, armed with those things? They might as well have been holding sticks and stones.

“Where do you plan on holding my brother?” Thor asked, looking around at his new surroundings. “What assurances can you give me that it is secure and that it will keep Loki secure?”

“You have my word that it is.”

“May I see this containment area for myself?”

The one-eyed leader appeared to accept the request. In fact any good leader would expect it, so Nick Fury nodded and began to lead Thor inside the flying fortress, but Thor didn’t move.

“Is there a problem?” Fury asked.

“I request that your little tin man stay with my brother until I am satisfied with his holding cell.”

There were a few little snickers of laughter from some of the other soldiers and the man in question stepped forward.

“Little tin man? This suit is made up of a composite of different materials, including single crystal titanium! Did the Blondie remark hurt your feelings, Goldilocks?”

“Stark…” Fury’s voice warned. “Just do as he asks.”

“Er, not to sound childish or anything, but why me?”

Thor turned and faced the Stark man, stepping closer into his space, intending to be more imposing.

“Because you, in your metal shell, are the only human being on this vessel who can even come close to stopping Loki, if he tries something.”

“Go me!” Stark wasn’t at all intimidated, that smug smile appeared on his face and he stuck two thumbs up.  “Fine. I’ll babysit, but only because you asked so nicely.”

Thor eventually backed away, appreciating that gesture. He bobbed his head in gratitude and followed Director Fury inside.

As he walked through the corridors he received looks from everyone he passed, looks that were startled, afraid, curious and suspicious as well as intrigued and excited. None of them had met an Asgardian and it was something new for them, so naturally they would be staring. He towered above most of them, making them look so small and tiny but Thor didn’t worry much about what they might be thinking of him.

However one of these humans caused him to stop.

The man in the lab sitting behind his desk took off his glasses and smiled politely at Thor. He even waved.

Looks were deceiving and now as the seemingly innocent and benign dark haired man smiled at him, Thor felt something odd tingle in the back of his head, the same tingle that warned him of danger. Behind those eyes, Thor could sense a brewing malice; on the brink of boiling over the edge…it was being held back…barely.

He smiled back and carried on following Fury. He would need to be wary of that man.

The containment they had set up for Loki was more than adequate. Thor checked it over numerous times, feeling his hands over the transparent casing and inspecting the controls as Fury explained how it all worked.

“He cannot get through this?” Thor asked.

“Hell no. You couldn’t get through this.”

The snort of laughter wasn’t intentional, but the thought of something like this stopping him was ridiculous. So was the thought that a single lone human armed with nothing but a round piece of metal could stop him, but it had happened and it annoyed him greatly. 

“Nothing can stand against Mjölnir,” he said, trying to convince himself rather than Fury. “This cage would not hold me yet you are fortunate that Loki no longer possesses his staff or any such weapon of renown and power.  Bring him here, I’m satisfied he will be contained.”

“Good. I’m glad you’re pleased.” There was a slight touch of insincerity in the dark man’s voice, Darcy had called it sarcasm. Thor supposed it was deserved for his arrogant comment.

He had learnt a lot from his exile here on Earth, he had learnt humility most of all, yet why was he behaving like this? 

Fury held a hand out towards the exit.

“Would you like to observe him being brought in here or do you wish to wait with Captain Rogers and the others?”

Thor looked to one of the soldiers standing on guard and pointed a finger at him.

“That is Captain Rogers?”

Fury smiled and shook his head.

“No. Captain Rogers is on the bridge. You’ve met him already, he’s the guy who wears the blue uniform…has the round shield?”

Thor’s jaw tightened. His fist clenched so tightly, his nails broke through his skin.

He knew why he was behaving like he was.

“I will have words with this Captain Rogers.”


He couldn’t say a word.

The kiss was soft, tender and strangely comforting. It didn’t—couldn’t—put an end to the insanity his body was raging, but it at least put an end to the storm, for a moment.  He opened his eyes when the kiss broke, he saw glimmers of sun trying to pierce through the black clouds outside the window and once again there was the charged static clinging in the air, which was ready to ignite at any moment.

This was the calm before…before he lost control again.

Thor rubbed the sweat from his face; his fingers lingered over his lips and he tasted the remnants of shawarma and Steve on his tongue.

The crackle of power skittered over Thor’s skin, it wanted to be released, he needed it to or this craving wouldn’t stop, yet that kiss…different from the first they had shared and the others…had made him stop.

Thor looked to Steve and saw for the first time how tired he really was as he lay on his back, dragging the wet, soaked sheets over his lap, panting for breath. Thor had to remember that he needed rest…he needed time to recover. Steve was no Asgardian and couldn’t keep going, but Thor couldn’t stay still. A selfish desire to keep active, to keep playing and give into his body’s demands wasn’t about to let Steve Rogers fall asleep now.

“Do you regret this?”  Steve’s wearied voice spoke and Thor realised he had been staring again.

“Do you, Steve Rogers?”

“Do I?” He laughed, which only made him take more deep breaths. He seemed to zone out for a moment, his head lolled from side to side, his hands lightly traced over his chest and down between his legs. He fondled himself for a moment, hissing at the pleasured discomfort he was no doubt feeling and then looked up at Thor through sleepy eyes. “You sound like you’re proposing marriage!”

“That is not what I….”

“I know what you meant and no…” Steve slapped a wearied hand against Thor’s leg. “I don’t regret any of this.”

There was no regret. Thor could see, in those tired wearied blue eyes, there wasn’t a single glimmer of regret in them; confusion for sure and anxiety certainly, but no regret. The small goofy smile was still there, that lovely smile that he had made the first day they’d met.

“Monkeys? I do not understand.”

“I do! I understood that reference!”

There was a loud growling noise and Thor bolted up right suddenly.

“Hey! It’s okay!” said Steve, holding a hand up in a gesture to ease him. “That was just my stomach. I need food, Thor. Really. I need food now.”

The deep exhale of breath made Thor feel a lot better.

“Ah. Yes, of course. How foolish of me!” Thor shook his head to clear it. “But do not fret, food is on its way. Perhaps I should have gone, I would have been much quicker.”

“Erm…”  Steve turned away and grabbed at the little time device that had fallen to the floor. “Yeah, we only asked JARVIS ten minutes ago. It won’t be here yet.  We have to wait.”

 Thor wasn’t sure if either of them could do that. Lying still, not touching Steve, not doing something to end this urge wasn’t what he wanted or could even do. Yet Steve was already drifting off to sleep.

If there was no way they were going to carry on with their play, then Thor had to do something. Clambering to his knees, he scooped Steve up into his arms, jarring him awake. He lifted him up off the bed and sat him down in the chair close by.

Steve yawned.

“Er…Thor? What…what are you doing?”

“Put on some clothing. I am taking you down to the kitchen. You need food.”

“Couldn’t you go and fetch it?” he yawned again.

“I could, aye, but if you are there you can chose what you would prefer and consume it immediately.”

Thor grabbed the pants he had thrown on the floor previously and once he had slipped them on, he impatiently paced as Steve slowly pulled on some of his own.

“Is there any food in the kitchen after you raided it?”


Thor stopped pacing and tried to think what he had actually left. It wasn’t hopeful.

“Not really, but I’m sure there is something we can salvage for your immediate needs.”

“Great!” Steve reached out for a t-shirt but Thor grabbed his hand and prevented him from putting it on by pulling him up from the chair.

“Argh! Thor, stop! Painful…walking…hurts!”

“I am sorry, Steve! I shall carry you!” Thor bent down to throw Steve over his shoulder, but the human shook his head.

“No, thank you. I can walk…but slowly! Yeah?”

The thunder rumbled.

Thor could manage it.  


Thor was taken to the bridge which was a very dull and bland lot of grey and he saw the many little humans, dressed in uniforms, going about their business at computer terminals, flying the ship and seeming all very official and professional—except one man who appeared to be playing a game of some kind—but upon Thor’s entrance, the majority of them stopped. Even the hum and buzz of conversation filtered down to silence so they could get a glimpse of him.
Thor gave the whole bridge staff a brief look, a small little smile, before turning to the triangular smoked glass table nearby. The soldier who had led him here took him directly to this table, at which sat one woman, the woman who had piloted them back from the fight. The redhead rose graciously from her chair and held out her hand.

“I’m Agent Natasha Romanov. Honoured to make your acquaintance.”

Thor remembered the human custom of shaking hands and gently took the woman’s hand in his and carried out said custom. Agent Romanov was a striking woman indeed, there was a remarkable strength within her, but not the warrior kind, something far more sinister.

Those lush eyes had seen death, the hand he held had caused death…Thor felt the red.

He politely responded, bowing graciously. The bow made Romanov smile.

“Stark and Doctor Banner will be with us shortly.” She said, turning away and gesturing her hand towards another who had just walked onto the bridge. “This is Captain Steven Rogers…”


Thor saw him.

The blue mask no longer hid his face and features and Thor was stunned by his youth. He was stunned by the purity and goodness emanating from this human, mainly because he hadn’t seen it before…he was such a fool to have missed it. There were no stern or harsh feelings coming from him, no resentment or hostilities.  
Yes, this Captain Rogers had seen great evil…he had witnessed death just as the others had, but there was no malice or red coming from him. The man held out his hand and when Thor took hold of it, he felt a strength far beyond the capabilities of humans…who was he?

“Hi.” Rogers said, smiling sincerely and humbly at Thor. “I’m sorry about the misunderstanding on the jet…I guess we were all reeling a little from that scrap. So…you’re Thor…I’ve heard a lot…well, a little bit about you.”

“What manner of god or being are you?” Thor asked, keeping a firm grip on Steve’s hand and gently prodding at him with his other. The question caught Rogers off guard and Romanov as well.

“I’m sorry?”

Thor grabbed hold of Steve’s shoulder and squeezed it, he whacked it a couple of times and then patted at his smooth jaw.

“What manner of being are you, Captain Rogers? You differ from the others, you have a great power in your veins! Did you construct that weapon of yours? I will have you tell me, because never has any weapon or foe stood against Mjölnir.”

“Who, what, now?”

“Mjölnir…my hammer.”

“Your hammer has a name?”

“Does not your shield?”

“Uh….no. Not really. It’s just my shield.”

Well that wasn’t right.

Thor grimaced with disapproval at that comment and circled Steve, scrutinising him as he continued his inspection. Thor pulled at some of the blonde strands of his hair; he poked at his face and even rubbed at the material of his uniform. Well, he certainly looked human.

Captain Rogers was clearly uncomfortable with Thor’s prodding and poking, so he backed off, giving Thor a slight push.

“Could you not do that?” There was sternness in his voice, an authoritative tone that Thor really couldn’t ignore.

Thor sighed. He had unintentionally made the humans uncomfortable again with his behaviour. He moved away from Rogers, to the far side of the table, but he never took his eyes off of him.    
“A mighty piece such as that shield is worthy of one and should have a name! What is its construct? What is yours? Are you certain you are human?”

“He’s human all right,” said Romanov. “Just like the rest of us.”

“Hey guys…sorry I’m late.”

he dark haired man whom Thor had seen in the lab walked in, smiling as he polished his glasses on his shirt.

No. Not like them. Not at all.

“What’s going on?”
Bruce didn’t really need a response. As he edged around Clint and Natasha, he saw pretty much what they were staring at. Their half-naked—thankfully the top half—teammates had completely gutted the kitchen of every feasible food item and laid it out on the table.

The various bite marks and scratches on both men didn’t really leave much for the imagination and while it fascinated the only female in the room, for Bruce it was the array of food which was questionable, as everything there was what no one else really wanted to touch.

Steve downed what looked like grease and fat from a glass and handed it to Thor, who took one swig and screwed up his face in disgust.

“This is vile! How could you drink it?” He threw the glass down on to the ground, smashing it to bits.

“I don’t know but it helped!” Steve said, laughing as he wiped traces of fat from his mouth before consuming vile processed cheeses slices and tipping the powdered remains from the cereal boxes into his mouth. “I’m so hungry!”

“I shall wait for the shawarma. It tastes much better.”

“Amen to that.” Tony answered.

Thor turned and saw them all standing by the door, his face beamed brightly and, Bruce noticed, so too did the sun outside.

“My friends! Join us!”

They did. They approached the table and sat down on the chairs, watching curiously as Steve continued to eat. Bruce however, immediately scurried to grab the dust pan to sweep up the shards of glass. Thor and Rogers were both bare footed and it wouldn’t do to have them to be cut.

Bruce knew what Erskine’s serum did to Rogers, but when he finished sweeping up and actually saw Steve consume what would normally be inedible was fascinating and a bit repulsive at the same time.
“Is that Pepper’s potato salad? The one that’s been in the refrigerator for several days now?” asked Natasha, as Steve whipped up a bowl from the table and started spooning large quantities of it into his mouth. Steve nodded. “That’s gross.”
“It is…very.” Steve replied, choking back a gag reflex as he swallowed. “But it’s food! I need this! It stops the pain.”
“And it will most likely give you food poisoning instead.”
“I can’t believe you drank that fat,” Clint said, grimacing.
No one else did either.
“Sex brings on the munchies, you know it does,” Tony replied. “For Steve even more so, high metabolism and all that. So…you two…you all pretty spent then? Need some fuel to get you going again?  That storm lasted eleven hours and shook this building, pretty impressive stuff, fellas. ”
Bruce saw Steve blush. Their leader’s face went bright red at Tony’s comments and he immersed himself more in the food—cold baked beans from a tin and a blackened banana—avoiding eye contact with any of them. Bruce didn’t exactly blame him.  Instead all heads turned to Thor when it was clear that the Captain wasn’t going to say-or be able to say—anything.

Thor had picked up a small bag and was shaking it against his ear, making the contents rattle inside. He didn’t realise until a few seconds later that they were all looking at him and—if it was ever possible—his smile widened. He slicked back his hair with one hand and put the bag down.
“I will not destroy this building, Tony Stark. Of that I can assure you.”
“I feel better all ready,”  said Stark. “But the weather…”
Thor bowed his head.
“Apologies. When my kind get like this it can take days before we finish.”
“Days?” gasped Romanov.
“Perhaps longer.”
Longer? You can go for longer?”
Steve bolted up from the chair and rushed back to the fridge. Bruce heard him frantically rummage around inside it, even though it was empty, whilst everyone else reeled from Thor’s revelation.
“It is perfectly normal.” Thor ripped a corner off of the bag and sniffed at the contents. “We have the stamina, our bodies are designed that way.”
“Oh…that’s nice,” said Bruce, taking off his glasses and cleaning them on his shirt, even though they didn’t need cleaning. “That’s….that’s really….”
“I am a little off balance with my powers as a result.”
“Really? No kidding?” Banner chewed on one of the ends of his glasses.
“I am not kidding. I am most serious.”
He loved how Thor didn’t always get sarcasm.
“Of course not.” Bruce placed his glasses back on his face. “Though I’d be interested to know more about Asgardian physiology sometime.”
“I’d say Steve is already finding out plenty, Doc,” said Stark.
Poor Rogers nearly collapsed to the floor at such a comment. 

Banner smirked, yet he did feel for the Captain.  While it was more than obvious what Steve and Thor had been up to,  it must be discomforting to have your friends and teammates—and your partner—being so casual about it. . Bruce could see that Steve wasn’t quite sure of what this new relationship with Thor was, despite the fun they were having and they were having fun. Steve was blushing a heck of a lot and even now, Bruce could see the goofy like grin he was trying to hide behind his hand.

“Well I think it’s great!” Stark said, winking at Steve. “Honestly, you two are adorable and so sweet that I’m welling up here…can you tell?”

“You may joke of this, Stark.” Thor rose from the chair and walked over to the window overlooking the city. The sun was shining, but just on the horizon, being kept at bay, was a mass of black. “If you are concerned that what we are doing will jeopardise the team and the Avenger’s mission…or your tower, it will not. You invited us all to stay here. We have lived in this place because we are a team and it benefits us all being close. If you’d like, the Captain and I can vacate somewhere else until I am back to myself again?”

Seeing him standing there, Bruce marvelled at how regal, majestic and god like Thor actually was, despite his current condition. He appeared to be so calm, he was comfortable in his situation, unfettered by everyone knowing and he was utterly unperturbed by the fact that the pants he was wearing were slipping and barely hanging onto his hips.

If Bruce hadn’t known that Thor was the cause of such a drastic change in the weather, he wouldn’t have thought there was anything wrong.
While Bruce had managed to keep a good handle on…the other guy…he couldn’t help but feel envious of the AEsir and how he was managing to keep calm.  Mostly.

  “Well, we can vacate after we have eaten more of that shawarma delicacy, when it gets here!” Thor raised the bag high above his head in cheer and there was the boyish grin again. “Shawarma is indeed food fit for warriors! Just like these…? Ramen noodles!”

Thor tilted his head back and tipped some of the contents of the bag into his wide open mouth. Bruce grimaced, he even saw Steve shake his head in disgust.

There was silence for a moment as everyone looked to the demi-god, who had just eaten  dried Ramen noodles straight, without any water.

Then Banner and everyone else jumped back as Thor spat the mulchy food stuff from his mouth in disgust.

“You people actually eat this foulness?” he roared, still spitting in an attempt to get rid of the taste from his mouth “You call this substance food?  You allow your people to be poisoned by this filth?”

“Hey…easy there, big fella. It’s just a bad snack food. That’s all.” Stark said. “Not quite sure how it came to be here though. I’ll have to look into it and possibly fire the person responsible.”

“Really, Stark?” Natasha scowled.

“Okay I was kidding…mostly.”

Thor was still spitting and Bruce looked around for something to wipe up the mess, or at least something to have the man spit into instead of on the floor.  It was Natasha who gave the man a glass of water, but that didn’t seem to do the trick, Thor really wasn’t happy.

“I think I am going vomit.”

“Let’s get you out of here then.” Steve walked over to him and when he placed his hand at the base of Thor’s spine, there was an immediate reaction. Bruce also thought he heard a growl that wasn’t anything to do with Steve’s stomach.

That boyish smile turned extremely wicked and it was only when the two of them were out of the room, that a dirty laugh boomed loudly.  

“He drank…the fat.”  Clint’s grimace was still there, his eyes glaring at the fat smeared floor. “That…is sick.”

Clearly he had other issues on his mind.

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