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Happy (Belated) Birthday Kerry_Louise & MysteriousAliWz

Title: The Girl In The Blue Dress
Characters/Pairings: Danny Quinn (Primeval)  River Tam (Firefly)
Words: 488
Rating: U
Summary: Danny meet a girl in the Pliocene era.
Author's Notes: This is a joint birthday fic for kerry_louise and mysteriousaliwz .  I don't know if you know of Firefly, Kerry but I hope this okay. If not, just lemme know.  Beta'd by fredbassett but any mistakes or errors are all me.  Enjoy.

He had been alone for a long time now.

There was no one else in this era that he could hold a descent conversation with, except maybe the stick.

It was a good stick. It was thick, sturdy and very useful, not just as a weapon, but for all kinds of things.  Now, at this very moment, it was a very handy thing to talk to.


He must be going mad.

He was talking to his stick.

“She’s called Molly.”

Danny looked away from his stick and blinked as the rays of the sun nearly blinded him.  He really was going mad, because crouching down in front of him, smiling so sweetly, was a girl.  This was no Australopithecus like the others Helen Cutter had nearly wiped out.

She was human. She had long black hair, but it was all scraggly and tangled.  She was pale, not tanned or burnt like others, in fact she hardly looked as if she had spent any time in the sun at all. She certainly didn’t belong here because she was a wearing a flimsy light blue dress, its trails flowing around her legs like wisps of gossamer. She was also wearing thick black boots.

Danny smiled. She had come through the anomaly.  She must have.  Or at the very least another one.

“Molly. She wants to be called that.” The girl pointed to the stick and angled her head as she touched at the knobbled edges. “That’s her name.”

“Is it yours?” Danny asked.

She laughed. It was like music.

“No! This girl is the water…the pure clear water that brings life.”

Danny looked to where she pointed and understood instantly as he spotted the water just at the bottom of the slope.

“Stream? What kind of a name is that?”

The girl made a face. “You’re a boob.”

“Hey, I talk to my stick. I’ve been on my own. Go figure.”

The girl in the blue dress nodded in understanding and patted at his wild out grown hair.

“Molly really appreciates it, but you don’t have to be alone for long. You will see your friends again. You will find your brother.”

Who was this girl? Where did she come from?

She was more than odd, but she intrigued him. Danny wanted to know more, but before he could say a thing, again the River girl patted his head and gently shushed him, as if he was the child.

“Patrick and Danny will find each other, but not with me. You’ll find your own serenity. For now, Molly will suffice. She will be your rock.”

Then, just as quickly as she appeared, the girl in the blue dress vanished and Danny Quinn was left on his own. Quite why she had come to him, or talked to him, he didn’t know, but she had given him hope.

She had also given him Molly.

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