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Happy (Belated) Birthday LuvConnor!

Title: Hat or no hat
Characters/Pairings: Connor/Abby
Genre: Humour
Words: 371
Rating: PG
Summary: He loves the hat a bit too much.
Author's Note: This is a little fic for  luvconnor for her birthday. Sorry I missed it, but I hope this makes you smile. Beta'd by fredbassett but any mistakes are all mine. Enjoy.

He had always liked it.

It was cool.  It made him look cool.

Some people thought it made him look geeky, but Connor always maintained the fact that geeky and cool were the same thing when it came to this hat.

He remembered where he’d brought it, a tiny stuffy charity shop that had this very strong smell of cats. He had originally found some sci-fi books and the hat was a last minute buy as he spotted it by the counter.  He had to have it. It was a bargain at just two pounds.

Connor remembered wearing it out of the shop, remembered wearing the hat every day from then on. He wore the hat so often that it left the all too familiar sweat ring around the band inside and no amount of Vanish or Cillit Bang, or any other miracle cleanser, could shift it. It was his mark.

How he managed to work at the ARC without losing it, he never knew, but he came close a lot of times and Connor didn’t want to lose it. It meant too much to him.

So… for a brief while, he didn’t wear it. He kept it on the bedside table, where he always knew it was safe.

Now, as he placed it on his head, an overwhelming surge of emotion made him bite his lip, and he tried to stop himself from grinning more than he already was.

He tilted it to the right and looked in the mirror as to how it sat.

“Yeah! I look cool.”  The laughter made Connor turn and pout.  “It’s not funny, Abby. You can’t laugh at this!”

No. She couldn’t.  Abby stifled her laughter and beckoned Connor over to her with a wiggle of her finger. Connor tipped the hat forward, so the brim shielded over his eyes and he did what he called his happy dance, before jumping on the bed.

 As he stripped off his clothes, Connor hoped that maybe she might just let him this time.  He lightly rolled on top of her and kissed around her neck.

She slapped him playfully and laughed.

“Fine! You can keep the hat on!”

Tags: 2013, abby maitland, birthday gifts, connor temple, humour, primeval
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