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Happy (Belated) Birthday Raven_40 - basched
Happy (Belated) Birthday Raven_40
Title: Horses
Music Artist: Jay Semko
Characters/Pairings: Rayne
Words: 1,207
Rating: T
Summary: Running wild and free on Shadow
Author's Note:  Another late birthday fic for another Rafia sister. Beloved raven_40 I admit I was a little stuck as to what to write for you. Then I heard the piece of music called Horses from the Due South soundtrack, by Jay Semko. It then inspired me to write this. I hope you like it. Thanks to kuryakingirl for checking it over. Though all errors and wotnot are mine! :)

The heat was high and so was the humidity. The sweat pouring off of her body made the light red summer dress cling to her skin, it soaked the material of her garments and dripped from the long tresses of her hair, and the sun was already dipping low behind the horizon.

She kept on running though. The grass was soft beneath her bare feet, but as she had tried to keep up with the horses in the distance, she could feel the sore tingles on her soles, but River continued to smile. She laughed as she kept running after them, caring not that she had no horse to help her like the others, but when the ground began to incline, she slowed, watching the creatures until they disappeared out of sight.

When River reached the top of the hill, she didn’t need to follow the horses anymore. She stopped to catch her breath, but she was unable to as she saw the display in green valley below.  River allowed herself a brief look over her shoulder and in the distance, alongside Serenity, silhouetted against the orange and red sky, was the Reynolds’ ranch.  The evening’s dinner was being prepared there, everything was being set up for the big meal out in the open, but she didn’t want to be there with the other womenfolk. Here was where she felt at ease.

When River looked back, the men were rounding up the horses and he was helping them too.  They had stripped off their tops, they was half naked and dripping with sweat just like she was, but he caught her attention right away, wearing the shorts and boots and his outback hat. She could hear his voice calling out above the rest, she could hear his thoughts too, his euphoria and comfortable sense of home being here.

This was Shadow, not his home, but it could well have been. This was what he was used to, and what he had loved doing before everything was taken away and he had leave.  He looked strangely captivating in the saddle of that horse, strong and proud, like a true Cowboy.

River watched him some more. Mal and the others were doing just as well with their tasks, but the way he kept bringing back the strays, making his own mount work that little bit harder to catch them, the effort…the look of his muscles…River’s heart was racing. She was enraptured by him as he worked.  She was entranced and felt a curious yearning clench in her abdomen, followed by a flutter of pleasant warmth.

“This is home. You don’t want to leave.” She muttered under her breath, her head tilting to one side as she lost herself in the emotions that were now billowing over her like the wind.

River wasn’t sure if she was picking that up from him or the horses, all their minds still felt wild and untamed, even though Mal and the Reynolds’ staff thought they had them under control.  River shook her head and smiled.

“Always free."

She laughed and felt a joyful surge within her to start running again. She jumped and began to pelt down the side of the hill, her arms flaying around as she tried to keep her balance.  Somehow she didn’t fall or trip, but River felt the horse before she saw it.

The dark chocolate brown mare had escaped from the main pack and was now lightly trotting along at its own pace.  It was a majestic, beautiful thing, regal almost. The mare was a prime specimen, so River ran towards it, calling out to it with her thoughts before leaping up onto its back. It was a little startled, but River reassured the horse with light caresses to its mane. Then it accepted her.

“HEY! What are you doin’?”  She heard him calling out, she felt his anger as the ‘crazy girl’ was ‘messin’ things up again’.

River leaned down close to the horse’s ear and lovingly stroked its neck.

“We’re the last! Catch us if they can!”

With no saddle and no reins, River held on ever so lightly to the horse as he took off at galloping speed. She felt the beast’s joy as it ran, it combined with hers as the wind whipped up at her hair and at its mane. She had never felt so free or so happy and River found herself laughing again.

Then she felt him, heard his yells once more and when River looked back, there he was, chasing after her.  His anger and frustration was increasing and it only made her laugh more.  She urged her mare on: ‘Faster! Faster!’  Her laughter turned to giggles as the chase took them further and further away from the Reynolds’ land. Then his anger quickly turned to something else.
He began to enjoy the chase too.
He no longer called for her to stop, he had ceased to be angry at her for playing around as something else took over. The thrill of the chase, the rush of the horses running…he was loving it now.
He was wanting this. He was craving this chase.
River’s horse came to an abrupt stop. She nearly fell off, not because of the horse.
The waves were crashing again, but this time it was stronger…this time it was directed at her.

She was swept away from the sheer intensity of his emotions and stunned, shaken, at the images of what was going through his mind.

She could barely breathe…even the mare beneath her appeared to be unsteady.

“Moonbrain…what…are you doin’?”

River couldn’t respond.

The two horses circled each other, the larger black was snorting and sniffing at her mare, in much the same manner he was looking at her.

When River finally managed to look at the large Merc, she was affronted with even more images, of being pinned down by that muscled wet body, of skin against skin…his hands gripping her arms and his mouth…tasting her, lapping her… and when he approached, the horse siding up beside her, River inadvertently licked her lips and his eyes went dark with lust.

Such thoughts from Jayne Cobb were not normally of her. They were for the other women, the whores and older women. They were the kind of thoughts River didn’t like, but now as the waves were getting stronger, as what he wanted to do with her became that much more intense, she found herself being more and more turned on.

The mare beneath her wasn’t in heat, but it was now behaving as if she was. River was projecting, the two horses and their riders were connecting…this wasn’t…it couldn’t happen.

She closed her eyes and felt the hearts beat rapidly together. She felt the sensations of Jayne’s mouth slipping down her neck, across the heaving slickness of her chest and of his tongue dipping deep inside…

She gasped.

When she opened her eyes, she felt the wall go up, she felt the fear and saw the shock in his eyes. River smiled.

“Race you home! Catch me if you can!”

The mare sped off in another gallop, the stallion quickly followed.

The wall came crashing down.

“Oh hell yeah!”

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raven_40 From: raven_40 Date: May 27th, 2013 05:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow! This amazing little gem left me as breathless as its protagonists (in a good, no, in a VERY good way). I love it. BSHs and thank you, thank you, thank you, Amazing Amy!

Edited at 2013-05-27 05:43 pm (UTC)
basched From: basched Date: May 27th, 2013 05:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

You are most welcome! *BSH* I'm sorry it wasn't there for you on the day, but I get there in the end!

I'm so pleased you liked this one. This fic is definitely one of my favourites, it was so fun to write!

Xxx MWAH Loves ya gal!
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